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To properly pass a gate, competitors need to bring both their ski tips and feet across the gate line. The gate line is the imaginary shortest line between the two inner poles for the downhill, giant slalom and super-G, and the imaginary shortest line between the turning pole and outside pole in the slalom.

If an athlete loses a ski without committing a fault (straddling a slalom pole) then the tip of the remaining ski and both feet must pass the gate line. The same guidelines apply for when a skier has to climb back up to a gate.

If competitors remove a pole from its vertical position before both their ski tips and feet have passed the gate line, the ski tips and feet must still pass the line.

Gate judges evaluate whether a skier successfully passes through a gate. Skiers who miss a gate are disqualified. Particularly in the slalom, gate judges can signal the immediate disqualification by raising a colored flag or through a sound signal. They must fill out a card detailing the fault.

Finishing Requirements
Competitors must cross the finish line on both skis or on one ski. In case of a fall in the finish area, skiers must cross the line with both their feet.