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Gary M Prior/Allsport

Broom/Brush: Objects used to sweep the ice, commercially manufactured for curling and made of straw, synthetic or short-bristled brushes.

Bonspiels: Curling tournaments.

Curl: A twist of the stone's handle during its release that makes the stone curl. The curl is the direction of the twist.

End: An interval during the curling game, like an inning in baseball. A game usually has 10 ends, with 16 stones per end.

Hack: The starting line for throwing the stone; also called a foothold. The distance from the hack to the scoring area is about 126 feet.

Hog Lines: The line that stones must be delivered past. The hog lines are located 21 feet from each tee.

XHouse: The scoring area that has concentric circles of 12-feet, 8-feet and 4-feet diameters.

Sheet of Ice: The playing surface. Fifteen feet wide and 146 feet long, it accommodates play in both directions.

Stones: Also called rocks, the object each player delivers to score. They are made of a rare, polished granite quarried in Scotland. Each stone weighs 42 pounds (19 kg).

Tee: Center of the house where curlers try to aim the stone.