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Mike Hewit/Allsport

Coaches' Stand: Structure that holds 20 coaches, providing an unobstructed view of the first portion of the jumper's flight.

Flight: The time skiers spend in the air, usually for about 4 seconds to 5 seconds.

Inrun: The ramp skiers travel down before takeoff.

Judges Tower: Five compartments from which judges evaluate competitors' jumps. The compartments are separated by solid partitions and ascend upwards toward the takeoff according to the flight trajectory path of the jumper.

K Point: The distance of the jump that is equivalent to the height of the hill. The K point is 90 meters for the normal hill and 120 meters for the large hill. The K point is used to calculate the distance points.

Outrun: The flat area where skiers slow down and stop after landing.

Takeoff: The portion of the jump where jumpers take flight at the end of the inrun.

Technical Distance Devices: Video cameras used for measuring distance to an accuracy of .5 meters. The devices help determine the distance points.

Telemark: The position in which skiers land with one ski in front of the other while lunging forward.

V Position: The position in which the skis are touching or almost touching at the tail and spread apart at the tips to form a V.