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Schedules and Results Medal Tracker Writers Sports 2004 Olympics

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Baseball Baseball
Time Status Event
4:30 AM Upcoming Men's Team Semi Final 
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Team Semi Final 

Basketball Basketball
Time Status Event
2:00 AM Upcoming Women's Team Final 11-12 
4:15 AM Upcoming Women's Team Final 9-10 
7:30 AM Upcoming Men's Team Final 11-12 
9:45 AM Upcoming Men's Team Final 9-10 

Boxing Boxing
Time Status Event
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Light Flyweight Quarterfinal 
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Light Flyweight Quarterfinal 
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Light Flyweight Quarterfinal 
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Light Flyweight Quarterfinal 
1:31 PM Upcoming Men's Lightweight Quarterfinal 
1:31 PM Upcoming Men's Lightweight Quarterfinal 
1:31 PM Upcoming Men's Lightweight Quarterfinal 
1:31 PM Upcoming Men's Lightweight Quarterfinal 
2:31 PM Upcoming Men's Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal 
2:31 PM Upcoming Men's Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal 
2:31 PM Upcoming Men's Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal 
2:31 PM Upcoming Men's Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal 

Canoe/Kayak Canoe/Kayak  (Flatwater)
Time Status Event
1:30 AM Upcoming Men's K1 500m Heats
2:00 AM Upcoming Men's C1 500m Heats
2:20 AM Upcoming Women's K1 500m Heats
2:50 AM Upcoming Men's K2 500m Heats
3:20 AM Upcoming Men's C2 500m Heats
3:40 AM Upcoming Women's K2 500m Heats

Cycling Cycling  (Track)
Time Status Event
9:40 AM Upcoming Men's Sprint Semi Final
9:30 AM Upcoming Women's Sprint Semi Final
9:50 AM Upcoming Women's Sprint Classification 5-8
10:30 AM Upcoming Men's Points Race Final
10:15 AM Upcoming Men's Sprint Classification 9-12
11:35 AM Upcoming Men's Sprint Final 1-2
11:30 AM Upcoming Men's Sprint Final 3-4
11:40 AM Upcoming Men's Sprint Classification 5-8
11:25 AM Upcoming Women's Sprint Final 1-2
11:20 AM Upcoming Women's Sprint Final 3-4

Diving Diving
Time Status Event
5:00 AM Upcoming Men's 3m Springboard Semi Final
2:45 PM Upcoming Men's 3m Springboard Final

Equestrian Equestrian  (Jumping)
Time Status Event
2:00 AM Upcoming Individual Qualification
2:00 AM Upcoming Team Final Round 1
3:00 PM Upcoming Team Final Round 2

Field Hockey Field Hockey
Time Status Event
1:30 AM Upcoming Women's Team Classification 5-8 
4:00 AM Upcoming Women's Team Classification 5-8 
11:00 AM Upcoming Women's Team Semi Final 
1:30 PM Upcoming Women's Team Semi Final 

Handball Handball
Time Status Event
2:30 AM Upcoming Men's Team Final 11-12 
4:30 AM Upcoming Men's Team Final 9-10 
7:30 AM Upcoming Men's Team Quarterfinal 
9:30 AM Upcoming Men's Team Quarterfinal 
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Team Quarterfinal 
2:30 PM Upcoming Men's Team Quarterfinal 

Sailing Sailing
Time Status Event
6:40 AM Upcoming 49er Race 14
6:00 AM Upcoming 49er Race 13
7:20 AM Upcoming 49er Race 15

Soccer Soccer
Time Status Event
11:00 AM Upcoming Men's Team Semi Final 
2:00 PM Upcoming Men's Team Semi Final 

Synchronized Swimming Synchronized Swimming
Time Status Event
12:30 PM Upcoming Women's Duet Preliminary Round

Track and Field Track and Field
Time Status Event
2:35 AM Upcoming Men's 110m Hurdles Heats
2:00 AM Upcoming Men's Decathlon 110m Hurdles
3:20 AM Upcoming Men's 200m Heats
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's Decathlon Discus Throw
6:00 AM Upcoming Men's Decathlon Pole Vault
12:30 PM Upcoming Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw
12:45 PM Upcoming Men's Long Jump Qualification
1:30 PM Upcoming Women's 1500m Heats
1:00 PM Upcoming Men's 200m Quarterfinal
1:55 PM Upcoming Women's Pole Vault Final
2:40 PM Upcoming Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final
2:05 PM Upcoming Men's 400m Hurdles Semi Final
3:30 PM Upcoming Women's 100m Hurdles Final
3:05 PM Upcoming Women's 200m Semi Final
3:50 PM Upcoming Women's 400m Final
4:40 PM Upcoming Men's 1500m Final
4:05 PM Upcoming Men's Decathlon 1500m

Volleyball Volleyball  (Indoor)
Time Status Event
7:00 AM Upcoming Women's Team Quarterfinal 
9:00 AM Upcoming Women's Team Quarterfinal 
12:30 PM Upcoming Women's Team Quarterfinal 
2:30 PM Upcoming Women's Team Quarterfinal 

Volleyball Volleyball  (Beach)
Time Status Event
12:30 PM Upcoming Women's Team Final 3-4 
2:00 PM Upcoming Women's Team Final 1-2 

Water Polo Water Polo
Time Status Event
3:45 AM Upcoming Women's Team Final 5-6 
10:00 AM Upcoming Women's Team Semi Final 
11:15 AM Upcoming Women's Team Semi Final 

Weightlifting Weightlifting
Time Status Event
9:30 AM Upcoming Men's 105kg Group B
1:00 PM Upcoming Men's 105kg Group A

Wrestling Wrestling  (Greco-Roman)
Time Status Event
2:36 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
2:45 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
2:52 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
3:12 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
3:18 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
3:40 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
3:46 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
3:52 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
4:00 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
4:06 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
4:12 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
4:18 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
5:26 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:00 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:01 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:02 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:19 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:27 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:30 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:36 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:42 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:48 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
11:54 AM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
12:00 PM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
12:06 PM Upcoming Men's 120kg 1st Round 
2:30 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
2:38 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
2:45 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
2:52 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
2:59 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
3:06 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
3:12 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
3:13 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
3:20 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
4:37 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
4:44 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
4:51 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
4:58 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
5:03 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
5:07 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
5:11 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
5:18 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
5:19 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
5:26 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
10:30 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
10:39 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
10:47 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
10:55 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
11:01 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
11:08 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
11:12 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
11:18 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
11:19 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
11:27 AM Upcoming Men's 66kg 1st Round 
2:30 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
2:40 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
2:52 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
2:59 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:06 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:13 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:20 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:27 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:47 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:54 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
4:01 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
4:08 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
4:15 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
4:22 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
4:29 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
4:36 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:30 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:30 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:37 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:45 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:47 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:52 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
10:55 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
11:03 AM Upcoming Men's 84kg 1st Round 
3:00 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
3:41 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
3:48 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
3:55 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:02 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:09 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:16 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:23 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:30 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:44 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:51 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
4:58 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
5:05 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
5:12 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
5:19 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
5:26 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
5:33 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
11:51 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
11:59 AM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:07 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:15 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:23 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:31 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:39 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:47 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg 1st Round 
12:43 PM Upcoming Men's 84kg Qualification 
12:51 PM Upcoming Men's 84kg Qualification 
12:55 PM Upcoming Men's 84kg Qualification 
1:11 PM Upcoming Men's 120kg Qualification 
1:19 PM Upcoming Men's 120kg Qualification 
1:25 PM Upcoming Men's 120kg Qualification 
1:35 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg Qualification 
1:40 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg Qualification 
1:43 PM Upcoming Men's 55kg Qualification 
1:03 PM Upcoming Men's 66kg Qualification 
1:11 PM Upcoming Men's 66kg Qualification 
1:19 PM Upcoming Men's 66kg Qualification 

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