Arrival in Vancouver (an introduction)

Everyone I talked to in New York before leaving for my first Olympics was adamant about two things: It would be an amazing experience, and there was no way in hell my flight was actually going to get out of the city on Thursday morning, in the aftermath of a blizzard on America’s Eastern seaboard that the slopes in Cypress and Whistler would’ve loved.

I pray that they’ll only be half wrong. The flight (which was carrying 2010 Russian figure skating champ Ksenia Makarova and her coach, Albertville gold medalist Viktor Petrenko) took off with only a 90-minute delay — a testament, I guess, to the fortitude of Air Canada. The airline also had a sick sense of humor that morning. It allowed all of the morning’s travelers entering the terminal to be greeted with the 100-percent-canceled departures board from the previous day:

Newark Airport

A highly depressing departures board at Newark airport. (Luke Winn/SI)

We arrived to find Vancouver on Thursday afternoon immersed in a drizzle, stuck in a fog, and beset (according to a newspaper poll) by ambivalence. As your official Olympics scene-and-culture blogger over the next 18 days, I promise not to be, in any way, ambivalent. The hope is to be prolific. Stay tuned.

The panorama off the deck of the Main Media Center in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon. (Luke Winn/SI)

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