Captain Canada and the Evel Knievels

Hockey Fans

Some U.S.-Canadian camaraderie on a day when both hockey teams advanced. (Luke Winn/SI)

SI Cover

VANCOUVER — That headline might be a decent name for a band that does Rush and Styx covers, although I wouldn’t have any interest in seeing that band.

My latest cultural collision photo isn’t nearly as extreme as the “Vikings Meet Bikini Girls” shot from the Large Hill Ski Jump final, but it was nice to see two descendants of Sept. 2, 1974 cover boy Evel Knievel getting along with Captain Canada at today’s U.S.-Switzerland hockey game.

(Our director of stuntman-related verisimilitude notes that the Knievels are lacking the authentic “EK” belt buckles or cuffs, but all in all, their costumes aren’t bad.)

  • Published On Feb. 24, 2010 by lukewinn
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