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Volleyball Quiz

Latest: Tuesday September 19, 2000 10:37 AM

  Karch Kiraly Nicknamed "Pinky Hat" for his trademark headgear, this guy holds three olympic medals. Harry How/Allsport

1. Which of the following rules changes go into effect for Olympic Indoor Volleyball at the 2000 Games in Sydney?
a. The first four games of the best-of-five match are played to 25
b. Teams are awarded a point whether on service or not
c. Teams can freely substitute a defensive specialist known as a 'Libero'
d. All of the above

2. Which of the following is a legal act for the Libero?
a. Spike
b. Block
c. Set
d. Serve

3. Who was the first Olympian to win three gold medals in Volleyball?
a. Eduard Sibiryakov
b. Karch Kiraly
c. Craig Buck
d. Steven Timmons

4. Which nation won its only Olympic Volleyball medal in dramatic fashion, upsetting the powerful Soviets at the 1976 Montreal Games?
a. Poland
b. Argentina
c. Romania
d. Yugoslavia

5. What nation won the initial women's volleyball tournament with a team featuring 10 women that worked in the same company and a coach known for his draconian coaching methods?
a. Cuba
b. The Soviet Union
c. Romania
d. Japan

6. Which country nearly won its first gold medal 40 years at the 1988 Seoul Games before losing a dramatic final to the Soviet Union?
a. Korea
b. Morocco
c. Peru
d. Israel

7. Which nation has won the last two women's indoor volleyball championships?
a. China
b. Cuba
c. Japan
d. Brazil

8. Which rule in beach volleyball differs from indoor volleyball?
a. Preliminary matches are one game to 15
b. Medal-round matches are best of three to 12
c. Teams can only score when on service
d. All of the above

9. Which of the following volleyball legends did not reach the initial men's beach volleyball final?
a. Karch Kiraly
b. Kent Steffes
c. Sinjin Smith
d. Mike Whitmarsh

10. What did Brazilians Jackie Silva, Sandra Pires, Monica Rodrigues and Adriana Ramos Samuel do at the '96 Atlanta Games that no Brazilian women had done before?
a. Win medals in Olympic Volleyball
b. Play in a final in both beach and indoor volleyball
c. Not lose a point on serve throughout the Olympic tournament
d. All of the above

Score =

Correct answers:

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