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3 a.m. ET, 5/15/07

Suns Stand Up For Themselves

Posted by Ian Thomsen
The game was all but over when Robert Horry sent Steve Nash careening into the press table.
SAN ANTONIO -- The hosts played Game 4 on their terms, and the visitors beat them at it. From the end of the first quarter to the middle of the fourth the Spurs were in control, and that's when this series grew suddenly and dramatically into a rivalry.

We're talking a 1980s-styled rivalry: Remember when NBA teams exhibited both skill and loathing? Kevin McHale's infamously memorable clotheslining of Kurt Rambis was recreated with 18.2 seconds remaining in the Suns' eventual 104-98 comeback win when Steve Nash tried to dribble away the clock and Robert Horry hip-checked him (with a bit of a forearm, for good measure) hard into the press table near the Suns' bench. This was Nash's reward for evening the league's keynote series at 2-2, with two of the remaining three to come at Phoenix.

"I was trying to skate between him and the boards and he got me with a hip check," said the Canadian, who with his stitched-up nose is looking more these days like a hockey winger than a point guard. "What can I say? It was a pretty nice check."

Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni leapt to Nash's aid along with Amare Stoudemire (a game-high 26 points to go with nine rebounds). The big question now is whether Stoudemire will be suspended from Game 5 for leaving the bench.

Stoudemire's story, and he did a fine job of keeping his face straight while sticking to it, was that he was approaching the scorer's table when an NHL game broke out. "I was just doing what the coach told me," Stoudemire said. "He told me to check in and I was going to the scorer's table to check in." Stoudemire admitted he was worried about his status and added, "I'll be saying my prayers tonight."

For the record, D'Antoni did not keep a straight face as he repeated what he no doubt told Stoudemire to say. He was too exhausted to lobby, reminding reporters that the league will review the tapes backward and forward regardless of any argument he can make.

"That would be terrible if that silly play at the end of the game -- when the game is really over -- if that causes a detriment to the rest of the series," said Nash. "That would be ridiculous. There wasn't a fight, so it wasn't like guys left the bench to enter a fight."

The other question is whether Horry will be punished beyond the ejection he was served after his violent foul. "Whatever will be will be, and I have nothing to do with it," said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. "Obviously it was a tough loss, but like any other game, win or lose, there are more games to play."

No punches were thrown, but this was more than your standard baseball skirmish in the infield. In the middle of it Nash jumped up and tried to get at Horry, but referee Steve Javie had him from behind with both arms wrapped around Nash's shoulders. "Don't worry, he's going!" Javie yelled in Nash's ear, telling him that Horry would be ejected. "Don't worry, he's going!"

As the officials sorted things out -- a technical was assessed to Raja Bell in addition to Horry's Flagrant 2 -- Stoudemire stood along the sideline expressing vindication for his recent complaints about the dirty play of Manu Ginobili and Bruce Bowen, who had been assessed a flagrant foul for kneeing Nash in the groin during Game 3. "Can we get a chant: Dirty!" he called out, and then he turned to the reporters along press row. "Was I lying when I said that? Dirty, dirty, dirty."

For all of the discussion this incident will create, it was merely a symptom of larger issues. The Spurs tried to bully Phoenix by controlling the pace and executing at a torrid 66.7 percent from the floor in the third quarter. But the Suns responded by working their way to the foul line and preventing their halftime deficit of five points (45-40) to creep past eight (80-72) entering the fourth quarter.

A crucial change in policy was registered by the stoicism of the Suns coaches. When Leandro Barbosa or Nash or their teammates tried to argue fouls, they would look over to the bench for help only to find D'Antoni looking up the scoreboard. His unspoken point was that he wasn't going to enable his players to be sidetracked and distracted by a few bad breaks here and there. This was the game they had to win and no excuses could be tolerated.

Whether it will ultimately lead to more basketball beyond Sunday's anticipated Game 7 remains in doubt, but the Suns elevated not only their own self-esteem but the entire plane of the series as they conquered the Spurs at their own game. Trailing by 11 early in the fourth and by 10 with nine minutes to go, Shawn Marion hit a big three from Nash to begin the slow climb back.

For most of the evening Nash had been hemmed in by Bruce Bowen and Ginobili like a scrambling quarterback held and battered within the pocket, and with four minutes to go he suffered his seventh and eighth turnovers of the game in succession. There would be no more of those. Nash (24 points, 15 assists) began to work the pick and roll with Stoudemire, either catching Duncan to swish a jumper over him or liberating Stoudemire to beat Duncan to the hole on a behind-the-back pass for his center's second straight layup that turned a one-point deficit into a three-point lead (100-97) with 44.9 seconds remaining. At the other end the Suns were going small, doubling Duncan (21 points, 11 rebounds, six turnovers) and riding a ubiquitous defensive performance from Marion (12 and 12) that held San Antonio to one field goal in the final five minutes. "Shawn Marion was unbelievable," said D'Antoni. "It seemed like he guarded the whole team the last two or three minutes."

The near-violent conclusion betrayed the Spurs' frustrations while suggesting for the first time that the Suns can be tough enough to put up a fight. They outrebounded San Antonio 42-32 and won with just 13 fast-break points. "You've got to stand up for yourself sometime," Nash said. "I know you've got to roll with the punches -- literally -- a lot of the time, but I thought that (Horry's foul) was a little uncalled for. It's hard to always take the high road all the time."

Isn't there a time when it's wrong to take the high road? The Suns have crossed that threshold.

"At what point is enough enough, and at what point are you supposed to take offense?" Nash said. "The league has made it very difficult to stand up for yourself: it's their job. But at the same time their opinion doesn't always coincide with yours. It's difficult and I don't always know the answer to that."

This time, at least, Phoenix got it right.
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Posted: 3:25 AM, May 15, 2007   by Chris of Gilbert, AZ
That play at the end of the game was unmistakably a product of the way San Antonio does things. They try to rough you up all night long, and heaven forbid you try to do the same to them, as they give the referees every sad droopy dog face ever invented.

Then when both of those fail, they resort to high school thuggery. Robert Horry's 'foul' of Steve Nash was no hip check, as that would be offensive to any hockey player, it was more the move of a high school bully trying to hold onto his intimidation of another student by one last ditch effort to push him down.

How sad. Robert Horry is sad. Bruce Bowen is sad, Manu Ginobli is sad. Tim Duncan is sad. Now they can all match their level of behavior to the faces they put forth all the time during games.

Heck, Tony Parker is the only one smiling, and that's because he has Eva to go home to.
The Spurs-Suns series really is the NBA Final. It's unfortunate that one of them has to exit after only the second round, as they are both champion-caliber teams.
Whoever wins this series will win the whole thing. Detroit (along with Cleveland) is a great team, but not at the level of the Spurs or Suns.
Both series in the West are a contrast in styles - you have the strong, structured teams like the Jazz and Spurs against the speedy, running teams like the Warriors and Suns. The Spurs are favored to come out on top, but as we've seen, you can't count out the Suns, mostly because of the energy and willpower of Nash.
- Jay L.
Posted: 5:20 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Bowen has always been, and will always be, a dirty player. But Horry, has been one of the few 'good' players until the body-check on Nash. It just shows that if you have a rotten apple together with good apples in a basket, it is bound to 'infect' the others. How about it Spurs, if you can beat 'em, BEAT THE HELL OUT OF 'EM.....
Posted: 5:42 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I find the Spurs' violent game disgusting. I like the Spurs, but now I can't see myself wanting them to win. They were one of my favorite teams, they no longer are.
Very good article.
It would be a major disservice to the league and the spectacle of this sport to suspend Phoenix Suns players due to an ongoing behavioral problem with the San Antonio Spurs.
An incitement of a fight was caused solely by Robert Horry. Though the Suns bench instinctively drew toward the commotion, they pulled back and remained professional. This cannot be said for the Spurs. The responsible thing to do would be to suspend Horry and no one else.
Posted: 6:01 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Those Spurs are a dirty bunch. Once one guy, Bowen, starts to use questionable tactics, it filters through to the rest of the players. It would be an absolute shame If Amare is suspended for the next game. It would show that the league encourages these kind of cheap hits and rewards the culprits. I could just see Poppovich and his bandits laughing with glee if their is a Phoenix suspension. It could be another sad moment for the league.
Posted: 6:12 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
That's great. I loved it tonight to see the Spurs get beat like that. Why do a bunch of grown men have to cry after every whistle is blown? After every whistle that is blown against the Spurs there is at least one player from the Spurs with their hands up like they didn't do anything wrong. Just play ball and don't worry about what the refs are calling. They're doing it both ways.
It would be a travesty if the league takes Amare out of Game 5.

If the Suns take the series - and I like our chances now - then Game 4 could be one of the biggest in franchise history. The Suns not only avoided a 3-1 hoel and took back home court advantage, they also proved that they won't be pushed around. Let no one say any longer that the Suns are soft!
Posted: 6:56 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
It is about time the SUNS stood up for themselves. I watched that game and thought "when are they going to get up in the Spurs face?". They answered my question in the fourth and I am proud of them. Now I want them to keep it going and get the "dirty" Spurs out of the playoffs
Posted: 6:57 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Bowen at it again - take a look at the two plays at the end of the game where Nash goes behind his back to Amare - on both plays Bowen kicks Nash's foot. That is just the way he plays. Suns showed that they can play defense too and now it is a three game series. It is too bad that this is the Western Conference Semis and not the finals because these are the two best teams in the playoffs.
Posted: 7:05 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
the spurs are dirty and the nba knows that. but if the spurs play dirty so does detroit and on and on. also duncan is not as honorable as people lead us to believe but the nba needs to put on a show. any dirty laundry is not aired and so what could be a great playoffs is a shoving match. if only the nba really stopped teams from behaving like this maybe we would have lakers celts action again...
Too bad a role player knocking out a two-time MVP will get the same suspension as a Suns starting player. With rules like that why wouldn't coaches send the bench out to beat on the starters.
Posted: 7:54 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The game itself was a good game, but the ref's let it get out of control late. I saw a lot of offensive foul,s committed by the Sun's that were not called, from Nash and Bell pushing off to double dribbling, hence to the hard hit by Horry late in the Game. You probably think that I am a S.A. fan, but I'am not, I used to be a fan of the game now I just watch just to past the time. The Ref's should never determined the outcome of a game, the players should. If the ref's had called the the game by the rules that hit would never have happened.
Horry - cheap shot trying to hurt or disable a player on the other team. Can't stand to lose so exhibits the behaviour of a 12 year old. Come on, grow up and and get professional. A suspension is in order.
Bill, New Zealand
Posted: 8:23 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
No doubt Horry should be suspended. That's just poor sportsmanship. Just because they got a little spanking from the Suns was no reason to get their panties in a bunch! That's the ONLY suspension i feel should be levied.
You ve no choice but to suspend Horry. The way he walked off after the hit, his gait and demeanour, said a lot. There are ways to 'set the tone' or 'send a message' as commentators like to say, but this was not it. It was a violent play, almost instigative in nature. You can't condone this kinda behaviour.

And who did he hit? Man.. I mean cmon. Nash is a classy dude.

And so was Horry. Sad.
Posted: 8:27 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Great job by the suns winning in a manner that is unconventional by their standards. They seemed to have grown up a little more with this win and get put themselves one step closer to being considered an elite team. Still 10 wins to go to recieve the trophy though.
Posted: 8:31 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Without a doubt, Nash is the MVP for the third straight time. Tough, talanted, and a real leader. To bad the powers that be who voted him unanimous for the first allstar team couldn't vote a Canadian a third straight MVP to equal those "American Greats".
Posted: 8:34 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
This is the best basketball I've seen in years. This is the championship series. I am torn to shreds trying to figure out which team to root for.

Posted: 8:39 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Horry's actions are pathetic. He should be booted for the rest of the series and no punishment should be leveled against anyone else. He wants to act like a thug - then treat him like one! What a joke.
Very, very, very smart play by Nash. I hate the suns but you got to give him credit. He and everyone watching knew that Horry had to foul him. If you saw what I saw, you saw Nash accelerate as fast as he could between Horry and the sideline knowing that there was absolutely no way that Horry could "nicely" foul. Smart.
Posted: 8:46 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Dirty, Dirty Dirty! your eyes don't lie.
As a lifelong fan who has gotten sick of the product that the NBA has offered over the past years, I sure do hope the league gets this right. Last year it appeared that they finally got serious about cracking down on the thuggery. Last year, especially early in the season and during the playoffs it finally appeared that officials were rewarding players for making plays rather than for the groping, the hand checking and for generally mucking up the game. Game shows signs of opening up with teams like the Suns and Golden State producing some much needed excitement, and here we go again, the new improved NBA once again bogged down in San Antonio.
As a lifelong fan who has gotten sick of the product that the NBA has offered over the past years, I sure do hope the league gets this right. Last year it appeared that they finally got serious about cracking down on the thuggery. Last year, especially early in the season and during the playoffs it finally appeared that officials were rewarding players for making plays rather than for the groping, the hand checking and for generally mucking up the game. Game shows signs of opening up with teams like the Suns and Golden State producing some much needed excitement, and here we go again, the new improved NBA once again bogged down in San Antonio.
Posted: 9:08 AM, May 15, 2007   by A Former Spurs Fan
Robert Horry set a new standard for horrid sportsmanship. He's nothing more than a back alley street fighter. Popovich should not just shrug off this type of behavior from his players.
Posted: 9:20 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Back to officiating, if the officials controlled the game from the very beginning, events like this would very be unlikely to happen. Calls have to be made as they happen and toomany times officals do not make calls, so frustration sets in and the end result is not a pretty sight.
Who in their right mind would watch a Spurs and Pistons finals? Please. The two most BORING teams in the league. Go Suns!
Posted: 9:27 AM, May 15, 2007   by JayFig203
And to the dude that says there's no smart, nice way to foul a guy that's burning full speed downcourt from that angle...yes there is...you wrap him up! You see it all the time in games where MATURE, CLEAN players are trying to foul someone intentionally late in the game. There's no excuse for Horry's antics...I used to love Big Shot Bob...Whoever pointed out his gait and demeanor was right...he looked like a thug trying to be tough...not like a 6 time NBA champion...
Posted: 9:28 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
All of you are so easily swayed. The spurs are not a dirty team, never have been, and Horry has always been a class act.

In case you haven't ever watched the NBA playoffs, the intensity goes up a notch. The Suns have been whining all series, and the refs have finally started to listen.
Posted: 9:30 AM, May 15, 2007   by Jonathan
What's the big deal? Horry bumped into Nash, admittily he did it with more than a little force, and Nash acted like he was shot on the beaches at Normandy. Then predictably he did his, "oh, I get picked on so much" - but remember Nash thought Raja should not have been suspended for horsecollering Kobe last year & too Nash constantly bumps into defenders and then flops around (he is almost as bad as Manu is at that). Horry should be hit with a F1 foul, not a 2, and nobody should be suspended. Is this the NBA or church league? Remember the 1990s? The idea of Horry as a tough guy or enforcer is silly.
Posted: 9:31 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
"Though the Suns bench instinctively drew toward the commotion, they pulled back and remained professional"

That's untrue, they had to be restrained and pulled back by the assistant coaches.

"I find the Spurs' violent game disgusting. I like the Spurs, but now I can't see myself wanting them to win. They were one of my favorite teams, they no longer are. "

I find you comment hard to believe unless you are a fickle fan that jumps bandwagons. If they are your "favorite team", you stick with them, no matter what.
Posted: 9:38 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Quit your whining, Suns fans. This is a rough series that both teams are prepared to play. Reminds me of the Bulls vs Pistons series way back when. It's fun to watch and entertaining. And I like how the team that wins will be physical enough to take on Detroit in the finals.
Nash got his nose bloodied earlier
in the series when he attempted to head-butt Tony Parker. His foot slipped and he ended up bloodying his nose. Now, he provokes a hard foul on purpose. Stoudemire acts like a punk teenager. There is no honor to be found in all these incidents, and the fault is not solely on one team.
Posted: 9:42 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Love it. I don't like watching soft games with fouls called on every plays and BS like you poked my eye, you stared me scary or you told me i m Dirty player.
Nuff said. Horry is teriific gentleman and great basketball player. That was hard stop the clock playoff intensity foul. I can understand that i hope Nash too.
Man's game. But i'm definetely against Bruce Bowen. He is dirty , and the worst thing is he always gets away with his blatant intentional shots.
Horry is different though ......
Horry's surprise and unprofessional hard shoulder scheck should net him at least a 2 game suspension... But if the NBA higher ups want ANY of their rules to be followed, Stoudemire and Diaw have to be hit with one-game suspensions (that's the RULE) for leaving the bench. So, Horry gets 2 games, and Amare & Boris get 1 game each.
Posted: 9:48 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
It's amazing how a team like the Spurs can go from "Soft" and "Boring" to a Dirty team overnight. The SUNS called out the Spurs in order to get more calls from the Refs and they got them.

The Suns pushed and slapped,with no fouls called, all night long. Horry decided to push back. I don't agree with it, but that's what players do when they feel they're not getting the calls. I belive Horry got shoved, in the back, on his attempted rebound just before he fouled Nash.
Posted: 9:49 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Great move by Robert Horry. Who cares if he gets suspended, he's useless out there at this stage of his career.

But, if Amare gets suspended, it puts the Suns in real trouble.

That was nothing more than a frustration foul, yes, it was flagrant, but you see those kinds of fouls at least once a week during the regular season.

Now that emotions have slightly subsided, Horry should not be suspended for the foul, he should be suspended for the punch/forearm shiver he gave Bell during the scrum.

For the first time in many years, I am actually excited to watch an NBA playoff series. Two great teams, two different styles and a whole lot of emotion. Enjoy it now cause there is nothing exciting about the other playoff series.
Posted: 10:04 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Nash provoked the foul, the game was already in the bag,the spurs did not get the calls from the officials, it was nothing but a frustration foul. The spurs will be ready for game 5.
I love how everyone jumps on the bandwagon of the Spurs being a dirty team simply because a player on the apposing team says so. This is simply rediculous. The Suns were throwing hard fouls the entire night, and the Spurs only got half the calls - they were frustrated and retaliated. Were you guys only watching half the game? Or do you guys just like to add to the melodramatics of the poor, defenseless Suns. It's the only way the have a chance to win this series - get the refs on their side.
Posted: 10:11 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Nobody is talking about the obvious: Horry body checked Nash PRACTICALLY INTO THE SUNS BENCH! If that play is on the other side of the floor like the Nuggets/Knicks brawl and Amare and Boris left the bench, then I can see them getting suspended for a game. But the NBA has GOT to use some judgment on this one. It happened in front of the Suns bench! Nash practically flew into D'Antoni! Please use some common sense, NBA. It will be a travesty if Stoudemire is unavailable for Game 5.
Posted: 10:27 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Spurs are not dirty... Bowen is just annoying on defense but not "dirty" like laimbeer... funny how Bell knocks down 3 spurs players and took off kobe's head last year and no one calls this tattooed thug dirty? Big shot Rob was just delivering a playoff foul. Period. Spurs in 6.
Posted: 10:28 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Nash provoked the foul? Are you blind or just stupid?

The NBA would do a great disservice to its fans to cripple the Suns by suspending Amare and Boris for naturally reacting to the actions of Cheap-Shot Bob.

If you see your two time (should be 3 time) MVP get body checked into the scorers table, your gonna wanna defend him. However, considering they both were able to restrain themselves, can you really suspend them for taking a couple steps out of their chairs??

No way.
Posted: 10:28 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Horry's body check has been so blown out of proportion simply because the media wants this to be hyped up as a slugfest. That foul wasn't half as bad or dangerous as Richardson's on Okur or even Baron Davis's on Fisher. But you'd think the Spurs were the Detroit Pistons of the late 80s based on the way everybody is spinning this. Give me a break. It was a good, hard foul - maybe a little old school, but not dangerous. Suns fans need to man up - it's not the 10 year-olds recreational league. By the way, you can't give 3 straight MVPs to a guy who can't guard his grandmother - no, Nash didn't deserve the award this year (or last, for that matter.)
Posted: 10:30 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Nash is not exempt from hard fouls. Parker was knocked to the floor several times along with Horry. Suspending Horry or Stoudemire would take away from one of the best series in a long time. If you watch the game closely you will find Nash pushing and throwing as many elbows as Bowen. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a part of the game.
Posted: 10:30 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Spurs have been accused of being soft. Now that they are playing hard, they are dirty? come on! The Joe Crawford ejection of Tim Duncan earlier in the season has come back to haunt the Spurs. Steve Javie hates the Spurs and took control. Established fact. If TD takes a triple team with multiple fouls with no help from the refs, what does that say? The refs took over the game and made the Spurs pay. Robert Horry's body check was nothing but a frustration foul. Did anybody see TD and Nash get into it under the basket earlier? Physical. This is the playoffs, get over it...I hope that Horry,Stoudemire, and Diaw get suspended. Stop whining! You left the bench and knew the rule!
Posted: 10:33 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Free throw attempts Phoenix 29, San Antonio 14. What David Stern and his merry band of thieves he calls referees did to the Spurs was atrocious. I don't know what he was trying to accomplish. He accomplished one thing and that is he lost my viewership. "Way to go David".
Posted: 10:34 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs are pretty good at what they do, which is to commit hard fouls and whine at every play there is. From Ginobili, Parker, Bowen to Duncan. Whine, whine, whiiiiiiiiiiine. It didn't work last game, so they got pissed. They get away with so much stuff that it's not even funny. I'm glad they didn't get a break this time.
Posted: 10:35 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
the Spurs have always been labeled a "soft" team for years. Duncan was soft, Robinson was soft, etc. Now all of a sudden, they are not soft? but dirty?? how soft are the suns then, to make the spurs look dirty? this is NOTHING compared to the 80s and 90s basketball days. stop crying!
Posted: 10:37 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Suns play the same way the Spurs do. Both teams play hard and do what they can to win. The only reason anyone is talking about the Spurs being dirty is because Amare can't take what he dishes out. Early in the the game someone, I think it was the big baby Amare tried to throw an elbow into the back of Bowen's head. Is that dirty? Watch Bell real close and you will see he plays alot like Bowen. It is sad to see the refs take the Suns side and not call the game fairly. Look at 3 of the charges/blocks they called. When it was Duncan it was a charge, when it was a Sun player in the same spot it was a block. The Suns got what they wanted. Everyone is thinking that the Spurs are dirty so the Suns can mug them at will and not get anything called.
Posted: 10:37 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
WOW!!! Robert Horry looked like Pac-man Jones in a strip club last night. But all joking aside what a series!! And to the dude who said Nash tried to head butt Parker. OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FOOL!!!!
All these comments are bloody ridiculous. It's like I was the only one watching the game or something. I am neither a Suns nor a Spurs fan. My team is already out of the playoffs so allow me to inject some objectivity. This is called gameanship, people. While this series is one of the most physical it isnt really that physical at all. Look, lets get something right. Both teams are full of foreign players. Therefore they are masters at the art of the FLOP. On the replay it clearly shows Horry hip checking Nash, but c'mon, really, Horry, you call that a hip check? If it was Mahorn, Nash would have gone ove the table and not FLOPPED and FLAYED his arms like the REPLAY clearly shows. Horry will get the suspension as Posey got his last year against the BULLS (that was more of a check than this one). The replay also shows Stoudemire and Diaw leaving the bench. I mean, Jesus, TNT replayed that sequence till I was blue in the face, and from different angles. According to the rules Stouddemire and Diaw should be benched for the next game. How can you enforce a rule sometimes and not all the time. Stu Jackson has tough one ahead of him today. The real question people should be asking is not if there will be suspensions but was Horry asked to do that knowing he would be suspended and was he trying to instigate so other players would be suspended, too. I mean its obvious he did it on purpose in front of the PHOENIX bench and not at half way or when he crossed the court. Pops seemed too relaxed in the post game interviews but not ignorant. The Spurs are not a dirty team, YOU CRYBABIES, they are an old-school team.
Posted: 10:38 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The NBA is supposed to set a good example for all the young kids playing basketball across the world. What example are they setting here?

Bowen, Horry and other Spurs players getting away with these unnecessary hard fouls, Bowen kneeing guys in the groin, kicking at their Achilles and putting his foot under shooters so they come down on it and break their ankles?

Ginoboli flopping and falling all over the place when he is not even touched. Sure, he is a nice example for students in drama class but this is basketball.

Saying that the Spurs are a dirty team is an understatement, but these are David Stern's current golden boys, what other team has the NBA coming down on the refs, heck even ending his career?

I watch this series hoping to see the Suns win, but in the back of my mind I know that Stern won’t allow it, he gets what he wants. 2000 Western Conference finals game 7 fourth quarter ring a bell?—if you have an objective bone in your body, you admit that that one was fixed.
Posted: 10:38 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The refs let that game get out of control. The numbers don't lie: Game 1 Spurs 33 FTA (win); Game 2 Spurs 16 FTA (lose); Game 3 Spurs 36 FTA (win); Game 4 Spurs 14 FTA (lose). The Suns FTA are about the same each game. The box score tells all. The game is not being played with that much disparity, it's being called that way. The league needs to figure out how to let the players decide who wins the games.
Posted: 10:40 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
NOTE TO THE NBA...Spurs-Suns Game 4 is over...Horry was ejected...let it go. Let the players play and decide this series. As for the Spurs, I lose more and more respect for them as time goes on. Timmy may have had a legitimate whine about being ejected by Joey Crawford, but what is he going to say about his team's questionable physical play...I think I hear crickets chirping!
Posted: 10:40 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
It's funny how everyone is calling the spurs dirty. Maybe it's karma for what Raja Bell did to Koby last year. Look everyone, it's the playoffs, there were far worse in the 70's and 80's. I hate the spurs and lakers, but you know what, they're playing playoff basketball, and are taking out their frustrations on the Suns after blowing a double digit 4th qtr lead, just like last year when the suns were down 3-1, Bell did a close line which he didn't have to do. Same thing, it's playoff basketball. Yes Horry should be suspended just like Bell, but don't start sounding out that the spurs are dirty players, and the suns aren't.
Posted: 10:40 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Horry's shot at Nash was cheap. He should be suspended for the rest of the series! Horry is the most over rated player in the league, he just happened to be at the right place at the right time when he collected his six rings. He' just an average player at best.
Posted: 10:41 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
What a series this has been, I just wish all this other extracircular activity was not going on. I hate to see all the trash talking, why can't you ever have a series with play and go to the next game. As far as suspensions I think Diaw, Stoudamire and D'Antoni should all be suspended for the rest of the series, D'Antoni for not being able to control his players. You have to keep your players in check when something like this happens. Once again the spurs will prevail in seven, and the sun will set in the valley of the sun.
Posted: 10:42 AM, May 15, 2007   by smong
Can the Spurs play with 2 days rest? Both PHX wins have come after 2-day layoffs. Next two games are 2 days apart with travel. Look for the Spurs to die on the vine. Horry is a chump with a nice jump shot. Who's ordering the hits on the Suns? Is Popovich beyond suspicion?
Posted: 10:42 AM, May 15, 2007   by sharkman
Horry is not a dirty player based on one play. Wake up people...life is more complicated than that. It was a stupid play and Horry regrets it. He walked away from the foul- he could have stood over Nash and been a jerk about it. Nash did flop a bit at the end. The officials got it right. Move on people. Go Suns!
Posted: 10:43 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The only way Amaré Stoudamire and Boris Diaw do not get suspended is if the NBA chooses to take this opportunity to revisit the rule and alter it before they make a judgement. Its cut and dry: unless that happens, both those players will be watching the game with the rest of us.

As for the Spurs being a dirty team, I don't think thats entirely true. They're just playing at playoff intensity... what they need to realize is that they are under a lot more scrutiny than is usual because of Bruce Bowens dirty play getting splattered on YouTube.
Posted: 10:43 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If the Suns players get benched for leaving that area then I think a new tactic is due for Basketball. The teams should get an "enforcer" and whenever they are in a playoff, just get the "enforcer" to do a really flagrant foul on the opposing team right near the opposing team bench and see if anyone jumps up and away. That way the enforcer can get a whole bunch of players from the other team suspended with only him having to pay the price. It will be interesting to see what the NBA does
Posted: 10:45 AM, May 15, 2007   by Canadian Kid, Lloyd
Just another big shot in the post season by big shot bob. hahaha. Sad to see a guy like Horry do something stupid like that. A game 5 suspension is definitely warranted. The Spurs better be careful to if its true Nash has been working on his guns as he revealed to TNT. Go suns!
It would be a travesty if Amare gets suspended for game 5. If that happens, the Suns should put Pat Burke in the starting lineup just to cold-cock Tim Duncan in the opening minutes. This would obviously trigger a brawl, and then maybe they could get some Spurs bench players suspended for game 6. If they're going to suspend Suns players for the "Dirty" actions of the Spurs, then the Suns should turn this around and start laying them out NHL-style.

GO SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 10:46 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
the refs on the the Sun's side! What idiot posted that. The Spurs have gone to the line twice as much as the Suns in this series. Pop is out coaching D'Antoni at this point. Pop has Bowen, Manu and Horry doing all the dirty work to get under the skin of the Suns super-stars and D'Antoni needs to get Raja, Jones and Thomas to start dishing out some dirt of their own againt the Spurs stars.
Posted: 10:47 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!
The whole Spurs team is foul!
Posted: 10:50 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
what game were you guys watching? Nash tried to create the contact and knew he was going to get hit. then he hit the table, and then flailed his arms backwards. definitely a little theatrics. But the rules are the rules. I saw Jalen Rose and the rest of the Suns restrain themselves. Only hotheads like Amare and Diaw couldn't keep their cool and they should pay the price by sitting out Game 5. And then Amare tried to lie and say he was checking into the game. gimme a break!!! if that isn't an admission of guilt right there, I don't know what is. I don't think Horry should be suspended either considering how the NBA has been ruling recently. Horry's foul was NOWHERE near as dangerous as when Jason Richardson took out Mehmet Okur in mid-air and Richardson didn't get a fine or suspension so neither should Horry.
Posted: 10:52 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The decline of theis Spurs team is pretty sad. They're better than this.

They're a very good team that can definitely challenge Phoenix cleanly. There's just no call for their conversion to thug play.
Posted: 10:52 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
As a person who really likes both teams I have a hard time seeing this so black and white as some here obviously do. The thing is that I saw TONS of cheap fouls by both teams. I'm a huge Nash fan and wish we still had him here in Dallas but I like Duncan too. Anyway, I saw at least one body check by the Suns that seemed as bad as the one in question here but it wasn't on the side of the court and wasn't against Nash so it went unnoticed. It was a screen that the suns used against the tall white long hair dude on Spurs (sorry, I don't know the teams well enough) in the 3rd if I'm correct. He completely flattened him by not only setting a hard pick but by throwing an extra forarm in along with it. I was amazed at the no call. Anyway, there were tons of non calls like this. The refs really let things get out of control. It will be bad to see ANYONE get suspended from what I saw unless they watch the whole game and start suspending multiple players, which they shouldn't. This is a rough series and one thing I've noticed is that the Suns whining about fouls and dirty plays has put the spot light on the Spurs while now I see the Suns playing the same kind of ball. Those thinking that this is a one sided dirty play series need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is going both ways. Anytime someone can draw extra contact without a call I see them doing it. That is for both teams.
I have no problems with the refs cleaning up this messy game but they don't need to do it due to the consistant whining of Suns fans and do so in favortism to anyone. Clean it ALL up or let them play.
Posted: 10:54 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
the travisty is not what the suns and spurs are doing to each other!!!it is what the nba is doing to the to the long suffering fan.trying to manufacture hype for the other series when there is none.who cares what happens when this series is done
Posted: 10:54 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I saw Horry´s takle on TNT Overtime and they talked some time about this.

Charles Barkley got it right: The letter of a law never should overrule its purpose. Now you have the stupid discussoin wheter or not it was a fight. And that Stoudemire wanted to go to the scorerstable to check into the game...

But that is the only way to argue on a rule like that. And now the NBA has to deal with the problem of making a proper decision. And it would be a joke if Stern hides himself behind this rule!

It should be possible to judge situations like this for what really happens and not in reward to a pretty stupid rule. The important fact is does a person engage in a brawl/fight or not! And there are more than enough cameras to find out.

Sebastian, Germany
(And man Dallas still hurts!!!)
Posted: 10:55 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Common Thomsen, if you're going to let everyone pile on Horry why don't you allow a little criticism of Duncan? There is a case to be made, after all, for him receiving preferrential treatment. You honestly don't think the offials have in the back of their mind his incident with Joey Crawford?
Posted: 10:57 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
"Nash provoked the foul, the game was already in the bag" - ARE YOU INSANE!!??? Suns were up by three with 18 seconds to go - that is never in the bag in the NBA. Robert Horry has always been a class act but he will have to be suspended for what he did. thomas said "Nash got his nose bloodied earlier
in the series when he attempted to head-butt Tony Parker" - why would Nash attempt to head-butt anyone? He reached in and hit his nose on Parker. Nash was concerned for Parker after he hit him which is much more than can be said for Horry. Horry should be out for at least 2 games.
Posted: 10:58 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I find the Spurs/Suns series what the NBA bills as FANTASTIC!! You gotta love the competitive play by both sides, although violent at times. I also find the series funny because the Suns and Spurs are not known for their "street credit" or "thugism"....think both teams are trying to show the East challenger that the WEST can be "thugish" too! GREAT SERIES!! GOOOOO SPURS!!!!!
Posted: 10:58 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
how funny that people now refer to the spurs as a dirty team. they have been the class of the league for two decades, since the robinson era. everybody knows that. i guess you start to look dirty when you win regardless of how clean you are. the entire team is class on and off the court (check bowen's community involvement and kids physical education program). you gotta be tough to win in the nba. if you don't like it you should stop watching and watch golf instead.
Posted: 10:58 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs are the whiniest team in the NBA. They have always acted above the rest of the league and have never, in their minds, committed a foul. Robert "towel throwing" Horry is a punk. A punk with 6 rings, yes. But a punk who "acts professional" when things go his way. When they don't go his way, you will always see his true colors. He has hit some big shots, but that makes him a shooter (like many High School players), not a gamer. That foul said it all; a cheap shot at the classiest player in the game. But it may have worked (Amare gone?), as usual for the Spurs: Bowen's consistent "dirty defense" tactics, Timmy's whiny, whiny looks EVERY time he is called for a foul and Coach Pop's terse and pompous answers in a post-game (loss) media interview.
Posted: 10:59 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I saw the comment that the name thomas posted and said that nash got a bloody nose for trying to head-butt parker...he was going for the ball, and nash is the one that got the bloody nose and parker is the one that fell down..nash is a tough player and a great team leader...all of that said Horry had a hard foul and he should have the consequences for it...thats my opinion.
Posted: 10:59 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Pleaze, that was just a hard foul. Horry had to take the foul he just added a little extra. Welcome to Playoff basketball!!!! I hope no one gets suspended.
Posted: 11:00 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I was at the game last night and I agree with several other posts. The officials decided that they were going to swallow their whistles for most of the game. I don't care which team you're for, there were A LOT of cheap shots made and uncalled. Raja Bell has gotten away with more off the ball fore arms, pushing and grabbing then I've ever seen. Steve Nash (everyone's innocent golden boy) does his share of setting nasty back picks, pushing off and running under people to get a charge. Jack Nies is possibly the worse official I've ever seen.

This is definitely a case of the Spurs frustration getting the best of them and the refs lack of control allowing it to happen.
Posted: 11:00 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Greatest play in nba history was McHale clotheslining Rambis. Finally starting to see some real basketball for the first time since the Pistons of the late 80's.
The Spurs aren't a dirty team, but Bowen is definitely a dirty player. I'm amazed that his shady plays haven't gotten the same scrutiny as Kobe's 'part of my shooting motion' elbow of death got earlier in the season. As for Horry, I've lost a lot of respect for him after seeing that replay. Especially how he quickly walks off after the body check, like Melo did after the punch he threw earlier in the season. Real tough guys. Give a cheap shot then run away like a 12-year old girl.
I think Horry should get a one-day, Bowen should have gotten one before, but the NBA will likely suspend Diaw and Stoudemire-then throw Horry in there just so it looks like they're being fair.
Posted: 11:03 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I know that the Spurs have one of the best floppers in the league in Manu G., but that flop last night at the end of the game by Nash was good enough to win an Academy Award...and don't forget Raja Bell's performance throughout his entire career. Raja takes home the Oscar for best supporting flopper.
No matter how much some of you think the Spurs play dirty, what would you do when its 5 vs. 8 almost every night (do the math y'all...hint: stripes). If the refs are going to go "high school" and call about a dozen travels on S.A., stay consistent with your "high school" ways and call 3 second lane violations on the Suns. How can you throw 3+ passes around the perimeter in less than 3 seconds until the ball finally works its way into Amare, who had already set up camp, tent and all, in the lane? Its impossible. Refs: Stop staring at Nash and do your job!
"During an altercation, all players not participating in the game must remain in the immediate vicinity of their bench. Violators will be suspended, without pay, for a minimum of one game and fined up to $35,000." - NBA Rule 12-A-VII-c

Seems clear to me. Amare and Diaw were on the court and past the coach's box during the "altercation".

Amare stated at the post game press conference, that he was "checking in" to the game, but it won't matter. I remember a 1997 Bulls/Pacers playoff game when Jalen Rose put one foot on the floor during a fight and later said he was "checking in". Result? One game suspension.
Posted: 11:05 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I onced loved the Spurs, felt that Tim Duncan was the best team player in basketball and that their class on and off the court made them worthy of them winning multiple championships. After watching this series [and I must say that I am not the biggest fan of PHX]... i am starting to feel that those were all just illusions [aside from Duncan being the best player of course]. The ugly side of San Antonio emerging in this series, and I beleive they are starting to lose some of their fans. Myself included. They do not play the right way [Bowen especially], and he is not man enough to own up to it. Although I cannot quite put my finger on it I do not feel they are the ambassadors of the game that I once felt them to be. Phoenix appears to be the team taking the high road. Go Suns!
Posted: 11:06 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Big Shot Bob is now CHEAP SHOT BOB!
Posted: 11:06 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Wow gotta love the Spurs fans accusing the suns of whinning, starting it. Especially the guy that claimed that Nash was responsible for Horry hip checking him into the boards errr scorers table.

Bowen without a doubt the ric flair of the nba. Hes the dirtiest player in the game. Which is sad because he is also one of the best defenders.

Horry may have been a classy player, that is until last night. Sorry but that was a true lack of respect.

Its funny how the announcers kept saying how much these 2 teams respect each other. Because all I have seen is a lack of respect. Especially from the Spurs.

As to the suspensions... If Amare & Diaw or both out for Game 5, well then you might as well just give the Spurs the game. And give Horry the playoff MVP for getting them suspended.

The Suns finally stand up for themselves and what do they get? Two of their best players, well Diaw was last season, suspended for a game. And you get a banged up Steve Nash who is constantly being attacked and trying to get injured by several Spurs players.
Posted: 11:07 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Can I remind everyone of Raja Bell's play in the past? If one or two plays by Spurs players make them dirty, then surely Phoenix is a dirty team, too. Everyone needs to get over this play -- it happened. It's not the first time and certainly won't be the last that a player on any team does something like this. One play does not define a team or a player. It's basketball, not ballet, people!
Posted: 11:08 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Hey Nash...stop trippin'...OVER YOUR OWN FEET. Your making it look like you're getting fouled, and the "bail out" is a pathetic tactic that is making the NBA annoying to watch.
Posted: 11:10 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I cannot believe the people on here who do not think that was a dirty move on Horry's part. I have never disliked the Spurs and have always thought they are a great team who play aggresively but there is a line between agressive and downright dirty, and the Spurs have definately crossed it. I am not saying the Suns are perfect and have not commited their fair share of fouls but none have been as violent and intentional as Horry's move last night. Basketball is meant to be exciting and competitive, not violent and classless. Hopefully this was just the push the Suns needed to blow past San Antonio into the next round.
I'm neither a big fans of the Spurs or the Suns; I'm just a big fan of basketball. With this said, if we want to call the Spurs dirty, the Suns are right there with them. Do we forget Raja Bell knocking Kobe to the floor last year? What about Marion scratching Ginobli's eye last game? When the Spurs do something like that, they're called "dirty," but when the Suns do it, they call it an accident?

All these babies make millions so let's stop the whining and just have them do what they're paid to do: Play Basketball!!
Posted: 11:11 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If Stat and Diaw are suspended for that, then D'Antoni should send Pat Burke into Game 5 and take out Duncan in front of the Spurs bench. See how they react.
Posted: 11:12 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
"if you saw Nash accelerate as fast as he could between Horry and the sideline knowing that there was absolutely no way that Horry could "nicely" foul. Smart." I agree 100% on that. Quit complaining...what did you guys spect?
These are the best two teams from the West. Now if you don't like the Spurs...don't watch them. Stoudemire should be suspended, the law is the law...if you leave the bench you should pay for it, that rule was made for that purpose, to prevent the whole bench players from entering the court and start throwing punches.
Horry is a great player, one foul should not ruin his reputation at all. I feel the Spurs are playing a bunch of little girls that won't stop complaining. And yeah, Stoudemire calling the Spurs dirty when he's #2 rank in the NBA with the most fouls! Go...SPURS...GO
Posted: 11:12 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Raja Bell is worse than Bowen. 'nough said.
Posted: 11:13 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
So, if I am to understand the reasoning, Clipping a guy and Kneeing a guy in the crotch are allowable parts of the game, but getting up an not starting a brawl are worthy of one game suspensions.

Maybe the NBA should spend a little time enforcing the rules of basketball during the game, and not their ticky-tack rules about crossing the sideline.
Posted: 11:15 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The fact is the Suns' played tougher defense than the Spurs and the Spurs succomed to the frustration that they put on other teams all the time. Looks like the Spurs are the whiners now. If the league suspends Amare and Diaw for game 5, the Suns will be on a major mission. Spurs fans forget that Pat Burke has 6 hard fouls to give each game.
Posted: 11:15 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Also for the league's consideration if it is going to nuance its decision regarding this fight as opposed to strictly enforcing the rules - Amare is 2 technicals short of a mandatory one game suspension.

Of course this has nothing to do with the game at hand, but you never know...
Posted: 11:16 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Big, BIG Spurs fan here (i.e. I woke up feeling sick this morning), but saying Nash instigated this by running fast is ridiculous. If that was the case then Horry should have got in front of him and made the refs make a tough call, not hit him with his elbows up.

But seriously, Phoenix fans, it's basketball. Horry got frustrated and did something stupid. How do you expect him to carry himself when Bell is grabbing him?

PS-Bruce Bowen has more rings than the entire city of Phoenix, in every major sport.
Posted: 11:16 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
They should suspend Pops for his comments ... we all know he is the one responsible for all the rough play.
Posted: 11:16 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I'm a long time and rabid Suns fan here, but I've always admired the Spurs for their normally disciplined and classy play. This year showed me what a persistently dirty player Bowen really is, but I still am totally surprised at Horry's actions last might. This might be his last year in the NBA and it would be a real shame if Bowen's legacy tarnishes Horry's.
How did Nash provoke the foul?! By getting his team to win a game?

There's no excuse for Horry's actions. Suspend him.
Posted: 11:17 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I once consider Robert Horry one of the greatest clutch shooter in NBA history. Now I would have to include Biggest Moron in NBA history as well. If the NBA suspends any of the Suns player, I will boycott the rest of the NBA playoffs. Give me a break, does anybody want to watch Utah and San Antonio play each other in the Western Conference finals? Frankly, I'd rather watch Phoenix and Golden State go at it...
Posted: 11:17 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I have to agree about the League using its officials to extend the series... this should have been a 4-0 Suns sweep.
Posted: 11:19 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Wah wah wah, suns players were holding the players and knocking the spurs fans down A LOT especially at the end of the game, and the refs never called anything. Bowen is a VERY physical player but I dont know about dirty, if he is too physical or dirty the 3 guys in stripe shirts should call it. The spurs have a LOT of character unlike the suns, i use to respect Nash for his politeness and his game but now all I can respect him for is his flopping and crying. GO SPURS GO!!!!!
Posted: 11:19 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
the whole game it was physical and was exciting. there were many cheap hits from both teams but mostly the spurs. yes nash might have know a hard foul was coming and might have ran to it, but that still doesn't mean horry should have done that. i think horry should get one game, but not amare because you see that happen to your star player and of course you get up.
Posted: 11:21 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The league reviewed Bowen's "actions" in game 3 and decided he could continue to play. They should use similar discretion when reviewing Amare's and Boris' actions in game 4. No one was hurt by what they did, and to suspend them would unfairly punish the Suns for something Horry started. Hey NBA, fair is fair. If you can use discretion in one case, you can do it again.
I am a true SPURS fan, but I was even shocked when I saw Horry. As far as the SUNS players who got off the bench they should be susspended at least one game. It is a rule and they know the rules. I am also sick of everyone calling the Spurs dirty. Did anyone see all the hard fouls committed by Raja Bell.
Posted: 11:25 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Amare & Diaw will NOT get suspended because they did NOT leave the bench during an "altercation." A foul is not an "altercation." The altercation did not commence until AFTER they had already left the bench. So NO rule was broken by Diaw or Amare, and they should NOT be suspended.
Posted: 11:26 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I just reviewed it again. THERE WAS NO "ALTERCATION" WHEN AMARE AND DIAW JUMPED UP!! Diaw was immediately pulled back. And look at Amare- He's walking towared NASH who was just slammed against the wall. He was obviously concerned about Nash. So he did not leave the bench area during an "altercation." Once the "altercation" began, he was pulled back. So it truly is a simple answer. No rules were broken by Amare or Diaw. No suspensions (except of course for Horry).
Posted: 11:27 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
blah blah blah...the suns got away with fouls last night...blah blah blah....HELLO! what DIDN'T the spurs get away with in game 3! i don't have hard feelings toward horry...i don't think he is a dirty player but rather just let the frustration of the suns comeback get to him. i like how nash is being a cry baby about it...he's just kind of said - yeah, it was a foul, but i understand the guy's frustration. nash is a good guy...too bad he didn't get MVP like he deserved.
Posted: 11:28 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Robert Horry's bodycheck was definitely out of character for him. But Bruce Bowen's dirty kicks, elbows, shoves and step-unders were just business as usual for him. Somebody in the league head office has got to review a tape of him and do something about it.

The Spurs are a travesty to the sport with Bowen on the team. Too bad, as Duncan is the best player on earth right now.

If the NBA penalizes Diaw and Stoudemire for Horry's violent bodycheck into a hard table, then it should become a standard NBA tactic to put a disposable goon on the floor in the dying seconds of a lost game, to try and provoke ejections from subsequent games.
Posted: 11:29 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
As someone who is watching this game as an objective observer (I care about neither the Suns nor Spurs), I can't express with words alone how disappointed I am with the NBA for allowing this sort of behavior on the part of the spurs without significant repercussions. These games should reviewed and every case of "knee in the groin" or any other dirty play should be penalized. Bowen should be out for the rest of the series.

I'm just trying to watch good basketball. What I'm seeing is a team playing good basketball and a bunch of bullies pushing them around and hitting them below the belt.
Posted: 11:29 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The suns were just a bunch of cry babies. When Raja Bell threw an elbow at Kobe last year, why wasn't Amare calling him a dirty player. Amare and Boris should both get suspended for coming onto the court regardless who started it.
Posted: 11:29 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
You all can say all you want to about the hip-check Horry put on Nash, but did anyone see Nash act like it about killed him? Give me a break Nash along with his side-kick Raja Bell are the biggest floppers in the game. Bell not only is a flopper but if Bowen is dirty he is just as dirty as Bowen is. Did anyone see the push and trip that Nash put on Bowen while they were running down the court? Did Bowen cry? Did the Spurs call the suns dirty? They don't whine or make excuses like the Suns. NO! Everyone says Nash for MVP give me a break? If he did not play for them the Suns would still win 50 + games with Barboosa running point. Now if the Spurs did not have Duncan they would not even be a playoff team. That is MVP material yet he rarely gets mentioned. Rules are rules Suspend thug Amare and his boy wonder Diaw for game 5 for leaving the bench.
Posted: 11:30 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I agree that Horry should not have committed such a hard foul on Nash, but let's not forget that this foul drew extra attention because it was the end of the game and he hit the table. There were several elbows thrown by Bell and other Suns during the game that were not even called. Also, the Spurs were fouled ALOT. They just weren't as vocal whining about it all. In game three Barkley even pointed out a hard foul against the Spurs that was dangerously close to the face. There was also a hard foul on Tim under the basket when he was pulled down by the neck. Fouls are happening BOTH WAYS this one was just more noticable.
Posted: 11:30 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I hope amare doesn't get suspended,but rules are rules.

It has been there over the last couple years, everyone knows if you leave the bench it is an automatic suspension.

If so, I don't see suns winning w/o Diaw and Amare.
Oh yes, Robert Horry has always been a class act, yadda yadda yadda. Horry has made a living playing with great players who demand double teams and thus has been wide-open to make threes. Without Hakeen Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, Horry would be a NBA nobody. Just look at what he did when he was in Phoenix for just half of the 1996-97 season. He was awful there and he has not always been a classy guy. Why do you think the Suns traded him? Here's why:

"Phoenix Suns forward Robert Horry was suspended yesterday for two games without pay for throwing a towel and swearing at Coach Danny Ainge during Sunday's game against the Boston Celtics. He will miss today's game in Atlanta and tomorrow's game at Washington. The altercation happened when Horry was taken out in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game at Boston, which the Suns lost, 109-102. He screamed obscenities at Ainge and threw a towel in his face before being restrained by teammates" (Source: http://www.roberthorry.net/career.htm).

Throwing a towel in your coach's face while screaming obscenities at him? Checking the classiest player in the NBA when all he had to do was make a simple foul? Real classy!
Posted: 11:31 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Has anyone noticed that until about two weeks ago, nobody talked about the Spurs as a whiny team? Nobody talked about the Spurs as a dirty team, apart from a comment here or there about Bruce Bowen- it wasn't an issue. I challenge anyone to find five legitimate editorials written before 2007 that accuse the Spurs, as a team, of being a dirty team- yet here are the media puppets carrying on like this is an ongoing epidemic for years and years. This is a whole new angle to covering the Spurs, and those of you who suddenly 'see' that the Spurs have 'always' been dirty are letting these media monkeys do your thinking for you.

Lots of players play dirty. Kobe Bryant is as 'dirty' a player as anyone on the Spurs. Nowitzki clears with his elbows all the time, only people don't notice it so much because he's so tall. Did anyone pay attention to the playoffs the two years Detroit went to the Finals? Those teams played as physically and as questionably as the Spurs ever have. The Horry foul was a foolish, unsportsmanlike play. But it is in no form a microcosm of the way the Spurs play. (it is, rather, an inappropriate reaction to leading by 10-12 most of second half, only to suddenly start 'fouling' over and over and over in the last three minutes...) Of course they play physically, but they don't play MORE physically than other teams, Suns included. It is sad that more of you don't realize you're letting these journalists dictate your thinking.
Posted: 11:32 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Steve Nash is scurrying around, trying to avoid being fouled to run time off the clock. Robert Horry cuts him off at the sideline and stops Nash from getting by him. Horry sets what amounts to a hard pick. If you watch the tape with an open mind (I'm not a Spurs or Suns fan)you see that Nash was falling under control, and then all of a sudden sprawls to the floor. Too much is being made of this.
Posted: 11:32 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Hard PLAYOFF foul by Horry, a little actign job by nash. This is just good playoff basketball. All the league has to do now is follow the rule they set in place and make the appropriate suspensions. I see Horry, Amare, and Diaw getting suspended, no "judgement call" needed. A rule is a rule, if the players don't like it then they should strap themselves to the bench next time.
Posted: 11:32 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I agree with Jason. Also if you saw what I saw, Nash did a little drama after he was down. he could have stayed sitting, but you see him look over and then lay down with his hands over his head to add some drama.
Posted: 11:35 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Anyone who thinks Nash is classy is deluded. C'mon - he hits & slaps & elbows & actually got a little back. And that hit wasn't much - something you routinely see in high school games.
Let them play! Please do not suspend any players from either team because what we are witnessing here.....is the Finals! Don't take anything away from this series because of a cheap shot. Nash got over it, so should everyone else. If they play, at least there won't be any excuses from either team on why they lost. Let the best play the best. Ray, a Suns fan from Houston. Eyes On The Prize Baby!
Posted: 11:36 AM, May 15, 2007   by t00n
Forget whether the Spurs' are dirty, what gets me is their flopping. It seems like the Suns are using basketball skills to try to win while the Spurs are using basketball rules to try to win. The "hard" fouls haven't been making a difference, it's that the Spurs have been getting home-town cooking in SA by the refs on the smaller fouls while the Suns haven't been afforded the same advantage in PHX. If the NBA was smart, they would remove the refs impact altogether and make sure the better team wins this series and give the viewing audience what they actually want.
Posted: 11:38 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I am an NBA fan for many years and the Spurs and the Suns are 2 of my favorite teams. Although I have found that the Spurs have become very duty players and hope that Bowen, and Horry get it together because they play like NCCAA players and not professional players. Nash is a great player and fast, Horry is just upset and a bad sport. Get Horry out and Its all about the Suns??? Go Suns.
Posted: 11:39 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
This comes from a long suffering Celtics fan and I am neutral to this series. It has been a great series between two great teams of different styles. I do not find Horry a dirty player. In fact, the Spurs used to be labelled soft even while they were winning championships with essentially the same core group of players and coaches. It is funny how that reputation has changed because an opposing star player complained to the press. Actually I think the Spurs did not get their calls on their home court so the complains by the Suns worked. In game 4, I saw the Suns much more physicall and aggressive and the calls went their way vast majority of the time. I do not know if the refs costed the Spurs the game but I would say frustrations over the one-sided calls built up to the Horry foul. While I understand why a classy guy like Horry did that, that can not be tolerated (I do not think Horry forgave himself). Horry should be suspended for one game and Bell (marginally) could be gone for game 5 as well. No one else should be suspended. However, I would like to see the game decided by players rather than the refs. I wonder if they still remember Crawford?
Posted: 11:40 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
just some hard nose basketball..
Posted: 11:41 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I find it extremely ironic that the S. A. fans would even dare to imply that someone else flopped. Ginobli gets breathed upon and falls to the floor, Nash gets a vicious hip check and throws his arms in the air (after having hit the table and ground, mind you) and he was being "theatrical"??
And how many times will Bowen be allowed to say, "I have too much resepct for ______, I wouldn't do that intentionally".???
There is no bandwagon or overnight sensation about the Spurs being a dirty team. People have been saying it for a long time. Amare called them out on it and Robert Horry, probably the least dirty player on the Spurs team, proved it. If Amare and Diaw get suspended it will usher in a new era of lower quality players taking out higher caliber players in an attempt to provoke others off the bench.
Posted: 11:42 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Phoenix Rising - that's what happened last night. Despite all efforts of the Spurs to continue to play the bully, the Suns showed they can go toe-to-toe with them. Duncan mockingly laughed after Game 3 when asked if he thought this series was physical. He wasn't laughing late in the 4th quarter of Game 4, from the bench. Horry's hard check wasn't necessary, but somewhat understandable given the unbelieveable level of competitiveness these two teams are showing right now. Equally understandable are Stoudemire and Diaw standing up to see what was going on. But they never entered any melee and credit goes to both teams for professionally backing down. So to suspend Stoudemire and/or Diaw for taking a couple of steps that didn't escalate the situation or affect the game in any way would be tragic. This series should not rest on that moment. Let the Suns and Spurs play and the best will win out. Suns in 7.
Posted: 11:42 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Horry's foul was a blocking foul, nothing more. Watch it again. Nash is going full speed, trying to squeeze between Horry and the sideline. Horry stuck his hip out to make sure there was contact. That happens hundreds of times a game on screens. The flagrant II and ejection was excessive and a suspension would be ridiculous. You might as well suspend Nash each time he jumps into the chest of the defender, something he does dozens of times each game.
The towel-in-the-face incident was a good argument for why Horry is questionable chaaracter....until you mentioned that the face was Danny Ainge's.
Posted: 11:47 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
When will this league draw a line in the sand and try to stop these kinds of fouls? Frankly its a shame that they let this go on, because its ruining the best match up in basketball right now.
Posted: 11:48 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
"All of you are so easily swayed. The spurs are not a dirty team, never have been, and Horry has always been a class act"

Horry has always been a class act??? Since when? Was he a class act when he played for Phoenix and threw a towel in the face of his coach(Ainge) for pulling him out of a game?

Horry has hit some BIG shots in close games. Period. That does not mean he is a class act. He know he could not defend Nash and instead of wrapping him up, he took a cheap shot. New nickname, CheapShot Bob! And while we are talking about class, the SA fans who stood and cheered for Horry as he left the court are just as classless as he is.
Posted: 11:49 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Typical how the Flopper Kings, the San Antonio Spurs, are also the top crybabies in the playoffs. Everytime they have a whistle against them, they start kicking and crying with wide eyes of disbelief.

They are allowed to get away with way too much. Bowen continues to try and injure opposing players, Horry is just lazy and slow so that's his style of defense and Duncan is just soft and dirty as the rest of the Spurs.

The Flopper Kings get way too many breaks and horrid calls from refs which favor their style of dirty play. Bowen should be gone for the series for his crotch shots and achilles stomps.

I love how their fans think the Suns cry while the Spurs lead the world in diaper changes.
Posted: 11:49 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
That was a very bad blow I haven't liked Bruce Bowen since he had kneed Steve Nash. I hope the Suns win because they have been through enough.
Does anybody know if the Eastern Conference is still playing?
Posted: 11:51 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I think that is enough. If the Spurs are playing dirty it is time to punish them, maybe not all of them like to play that way but some like Bowen should be suspended.
And it is not the first time that players are talking about Bowen´s game.
Playoffs are hard but not to take it beyond the rules.
Posted: 11:51 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs are a respectable and honorable team. I think that if you break a NBA rule, you break a NBA rule. If you foul a person, you get called for it … NO and, ifs, or buts. If you see the replay of the Suns bench right after the foul, it is clear that Amare left the bench with one intention. That intention was to FIGHT. It at least took three people to hold Amare back. If he was just checking in, then why did that happen ... mmmm? I think he and Raja should be suspended for game 5 along with Robert Horny. Now, if the NBA lets this slide, the game has become lawless.

Example: Charles Barkley got suspended for one game for taking twos steps on the court from off the bench in the 95 playoff series, when a pushing incident happened with the opposing team. Fair you think ... NO, but it’s the rule.

Amare and Raja are no exception!!!!!!

GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!
Posted: 11:55 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I would hope that the NBA doesn't take the bait (or more of a strategy) used by Horry & Company to "set things up to their advantage" for next game. This is at it's best sleezy tactics. NBA, don't take the bait.
Posted: 11:55 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Good work NBA. Another attempt at maufacturing a good series instead of taking a chance on real play. You alternate favorable call for either team to keep the series close and then are surprised when the frustrated team reacts. Did any of you watch the game? No, really. The game changed completely when Tim Duncan got his fourth and fifth foul. Without him to anchor the defense, the Suns went on their winning run. How did the two time former MVP get into foul trouble on his home floor? A better question is why wasn't Steve Nash in foul trouble? He was playing rugby with the Spurs all night. He handed off the ball and then slammed into the Spurs defenders at least four times during the game. It was great at clearing space for his shooter but I believe that a football block is illegal in basketball. They call it a moving pick. Nash also drew an offensive foul on Duncan when Steve had both feet clearly in the restricted circle. He drew another foul on Bowen by losing his balance and falling down. He was certaintly getting the MVP home cooking calls on the Spurs home floor.
Here is how it is going to go ...
The Suns will get the calls at home and probably get a blowout win. The Spurs will get the calls the next game and squeak out a win. The NBA will get it's 7 game series and the Suns will win a reasonably close one in game 7. I just wish that we could get 5,6 or 7 neutrally called games to see which team is best
Posted: 11:56 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
As a spurs fan, even i have to admit my disappointment in Horry and complete respect for Nash. Nash was very classy in his comments post-game. He showed that he realizes it's past and it happened, so what's the use in whining (Amare, you listening????), but yet he's not going to just stay quiet and not make some comment.

On the other hand, let's not forget how this whole physical debate got started...Stoudemire...or should we call him "Stoude-whiner?" It's the PLAYOFFS...how can you expect any team to play you softly? of course, every team needs to step it up and play more intensely and things will get rough. Anyone who has played bball knows there's a lot of contact and the need to create space. If you can't handle that, then you have no business being on the court!
Posted: 11:56 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
sounds like a bunch of whining suns fans that know a better team when they play one. don't see anyone writing about the hard fouls that the suns levied on the spurs earlier in the game, only that nash got hip checked a little and flopped like a dying fish. as for suspensions, rules are rules and they all three should be hit.
for the person who stated the whory as always been a class act. Does that include throwing a sweaty towel in the face of his coach (ainge) because he disagreed with his decision????
I didn't watch the game (much to my regreat) so I didn't see the incident and couldn't say if Nash tried to create contact, or Horry smuggly struted away. I do know that no one was serious hurt and that this has been an intense series (Few would argue that it's been the best series of the playoffs) and that to suspend anyone would take away from some of the best basketball we've seen in years. Fine the hell out of people, but suspensions should only be handed out if the league feels it is absolutely necessary to prevent something worse from happening in the next game. Both Nash and Horry have a reputation for being very respectable clean players. The league knows it's got a quality thing going here, hopefully it can make good, careful decissions that keep it going.
Posted: 11:57 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I really don't understand all this "Spurs are dirty" all of sudden. Due to what? Two suspicious plays by Bowen and a hard foul over 4 games? Horry's foul was hard and he deserved ejection and maybe even suspension, but that's playoff basketball. Take a look at how many times Manu and Parker scrape themselves of the floor during the game. And I don't hear them complaining...
Posted: 11:58 AM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Horry has a history of breaking my heart with clutch shots. Too bad he lost it for a second. Nash, with skates flying out, took the hit and responded appropriately during and after. Spurs didn't leave the bench (their player didn't need help).
If there's sufficient history, a player like Bowen needs his own camera for the league. Although his head went down, I would like to see where his eyes were looking when he kicked Amare (not enough evidence to convict).
The NBA image sunk to a all time LOW, back in the 70"s, when the Detroit Pistons (bashers), became NBA Chumps!
Does the NBA want to Regress???
The fans have been coming back in droves to watch teams, like the Suns, Mavericks, Warriors, Nuggets, etc., Mr. Stern - Take the appropriate action! STOP! the bashing, I want to watch basketball - NOT Hockey!!!!!
Posted: 12:00 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Jalen Rose is he man pointing out that Duncan crossed the line as well, meaning if they suspend Amare they also have to suspend Duncan.
Posted: 12:00 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
This is what I find interesting.
The big argument seems to be, "The Spurs aren't dirty, didn't you see X Suns player do Y."
So, the Spurs aren't dirty because Raja Bell does it as well?
Unfortunately, no.
Maybe the Suns are just as bad at times, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a cheap shot.
Also, people are saying Nash "forced" Horry to foul him hard by speeding up? FTW???
Yes, he put Horry in a situation that he had to foul him, but not hip check him. He could have done what players usually do, grab him.
And the people who think this is great basketball are probably the same ones who think Hockey is a sport.
Posted: 12:01 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I think Horry should be the only guy to be suspended....period.
Posted: 12:01 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Bottom line is that the Spurs' dirty play has been institutionalized by Popovich and spearheaded by Bruce Bowen, and nothing short of Stern (bad pun) intervention is going to shame them into changing their tactics. The bummer for the Suns is that Stern only seems to punish people who force him to get off his high horse and/or make him look incompetent. Since the hot-headed Suns are guilty of both these offenses and the gentlemen thug Spurs of neither I'm guessing Amare is going to be tossed for Game 5.

And Ian Thomsen, smooth move to predict an inevitable Game 7 after basically pronouncing the Suns dead in the water after a tight Game 3! ;)
Posted: 12:03 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The whole "woe is me" routine is working for the suns. They have swayed the refs to make calls in their favor. The suns understand that their run and gun style game does not work against the spurs. The spurs have never been a dirty team and never will be. They play hard-nose defense and hold teams to low points, it's frustrating and team try to justify themselves by badmouthing the spurs. I guess if you can "d-up" your a dirty player, gimme a break. All in all this a good match up and hope the best team prevails. My pick: Spurs in 7, "Defense wins Championships"
Posted: 12:04 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I dont know about you guys but i think this series is an instant classic. Better than any other series that is going on right now.... Two teams who had been given the "soft" label are going at it every minute of every game. This is the best basketball I've seen in years. There might be hard fouls, intentional fouls or whatever you want to call it. I hope nobody gets suspended on either side. Blood, sweat, and tears!
Posted: 12:05 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I am not sure when Horry got the reputation of being the Saint. I have watched him throw that very same hipcheck with a bit of forearm as a moving screen for years! I am amazed that so many defend him. Personally I have always thought he was cheap. After the "hipcheck" he also turned his back like a punk as if to say "what I do, what I do" a bit to naturally, a move he has definitly practiced over the years. Cheap Cheap Cheap. The only one I have respect for on the Spurs is Duncan. I wish The Admiral was around to comment.
This is play-off ball.Horry is a class act, he just got caught up in the game. Sospend him if you must, but he does not meet the standard of a dirty player. I have seen him play on 3 championship teams and never have I seen him lose control.
Posted: 12:08 PM, May 15, 2007   by Angry
Those of you who have posted that Nash provoked the foul are totally rediculous! I would love to go one on one with you and flatten you because you provoked me with your comment! I have as much respect for the Spurs as I do for your comments, which is zero. I didn't have a favorite in this contest, but I do now. Go SUN's, a very classy team and down with SA a class less team.
Posted: 12:08 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If the league gets in the way of this series that would bite. Would the NFL or NHL do the same thing. How about MLB? Would those leagues penalize a team to the point in which the instigators got an advantage?
Posted: 12:09 PM, May 15, 2007   by JayFig203
Duncan got his 4th and 5th fouls because he charged, arguable call on the 5th but the 4th was a definite charge. And how can you argue that it's the refs fault for prolonging the series and then rip them for calling fouls on Duncan that take him out of the game? They either make the call or they don't. The refs have a hell of a hard job in a series like this. So far, I think they've done an alright, not great job. And to those that think PHX is whining, come on...how many times a game do you see Ginobli whine or Duncan throw his hands up in the air because the best power forward of all time got his shot rejected?
Posted: 12:10 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Love all the "dirty" talk. Are you kidding me? Has anybody here actually watched basketball for more than two seasons? This is old-fashioned playoff basketball, and I hope to see more of the same as this series progresses. Think any of the '80s Celtics, or '90s Pistons, Lakers or Bulls wouldn't have "sent a message" at the end of a game like that? Come on. Also, it's not like it was a body slam or anything. He hip-checked Nash, who then flung himself into the barrier to make it look more dramatic. Big deal. Now, let's move on and finish what's turning out to be a great series.
Posted: 12:11 PM, May 15, 2007   by JayFig203
And one other thing? Who in their right mind ever called the Spurs soft after Duncan came into town? They were soft before Duncan because D. Robinson would get abused by Hakeem and the Rockets. Once Duncan and Pop came to town, the Spurs were NEVER soft...always tough as nails. From their first ring (Avery Johnson, Duncan, Elliott) to their current roster (Duncan, Finley, Bowen), they've always been TOUGH. I've never heard a broadcaster ever call a Tim Duncan led Spurs team 'soft'. What have you guys been watching? And I hate the Spurs!
Posted: 12:11 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
To all those who claim that the spurs are only being called dirty for one play, please come on the Spurs have had it out for Nash all series "inadvertent" kicks to the groin, body checks into the scoring table, admit it they are playing dirty and it is sad I have always disliked the spurs as a team but respected them as classy players who were very talented and always kept their cool. That is no longer the case they are dirty!! Right now I have no respect for their organization!
Posted: 12:12 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I lost count of how many times I saw nash pass the ball off and then go barreling into a spurs defender in the 4th. People complain all the time about favoritism to the spurs, but it goes both ways more often than people think.
Posted: 12:12 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Is this a Phoenix blog? You have to be out of your mind if you think for a minute that Amare had anything on his mind other than joining the ruckus. Yes, Horry made a bad decision and will be suspended, but Diaw and Stoudamire should certainly be punished as well, whether a severe fine or a suspension. The Spurs are merely a victim of propoganda and poor sports upset that Bowen won't let them get to the hole. How do they go from being the Classiest team in the league to being dirty? Good defense.
Posted: 12:13 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
All you folks hoping for a Amare suspension, take a look how far Duncan goes onto the court in the 1st quarter when a Spur is undercut on a dunk. Letter of the law? Please.
Posted: 12:13 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The NBA is plagued by two turnoffs (for me, though hockey fans probably love the first) - thuggery and scorers who think they are Michael Jordan. The first is now the Spurs, whose leader whines when he doesn't get calls and then stuff like last night. If fouls had been called properly in game 3, Phoenix would be up 3-1 and if Nash hadn't been hacked in the nose the series would be over.

The other scourge is McGrady, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant et al who think that when the game in one the line they need to go one on four and throw up a shot. Jordan became a great passer and the Bulls became invincible. They only studied the footage of him shooting. Detroit's team game is what the NBA should be throughout. The Spurs mugged them in game 7 two years ago, I hope we don't see a replay of that.
Posted: 12:15 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Spurs whine about refs' calls because they think calls were wrong. Suns are whining because the game is too physical for them. There is a difference.
Posted: 1:04 PM, May 15, 2007   by JayFig203
How is the game too physical for the Suns yet they win the 2 most physical games of the series so far? Oddly, the Spurs have won when the pace is quick and spurty like Phoenix likes it. The Suns have won because of tenacious defence and clutch performing by Nash in the 4th quarter. Sounds like the Suns are growing up...I doubt if San Antonios aging legs can run with Phoenix in Game 7 AT PHOENIX.

PS- NBA get it right and don't suspend Stoudemire and Diaw. They stepped towards the scorers table upon the initial contact and were back on the bench by the time the melee broke out!
Posted: 1:15 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs are trying to make the play before they get the ball. In other words, they are looking forward to the Detroit style of play, not realizing that the Suns will be the ones pushing the Pistons around.
Posted: 1:21 PM, May 15, 2007   by Marvin B.
Physical play and intimidation are a key part of any sport so I don’t have a problem with it. My issue with the Spurs is their persistent flopping -- it’s a cheap, petty tactic. “Man Up” and quit all the flopping. It makes this fan unable to respect them on of the level of one of “greatest” NBA teams ever.
Posted: 1:23 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
"There is a difference." The only difference is that you're a Spurs fan.
Posted: 1:33 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Rules are rules. The Suns had 2 players leave the bench area and should be suspended. No exceptions can be made in this rule or the league comes off looking soft. If they do not get suspended, this league is a joke.
Like the suns are not dirty I remember the bell KOBE incident last year. It's about time your fake MVP get the star treatment!! Nothing in the NBA is free. If you want a championship you have to be tough. Look at how many time wade was knock on the floor last year!!!!
Posted: 2:00 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
as a longtime spurs fan i gotta love the mindless hate they are receiving lately. it's a sign they are the best and fans are jealous. i mean how ridiculous to accuse the spurs, the classiest team in the league of being collectively dirty. it's the best compliment you can give them.
Posted: 2:01 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Congratulations Suns fans! You have now officially passed Mavs fans to become the biggest bunch of whiners ever! Nash initiates contact then flops, Amare is a whiny baby, and Bell is dirty. The only difference is no one on the Spurs team or their fans whine about it. This isn’t baseball, it’s basketball. Playoff Basketball. I’m sure Horry will be out next game, but God help us if the NBA enforces its rules against the Suns and sits Amare also. I can see it now…”UNFAIR!!!!”….”WAAAAAAAA!!!!! WAAAAAAA! WAAAAAA!!!!” “He was checking in, The rules don’t apply to the Suns.” What would be a real travesty is if the NBA bends its rules and rewards the Suns for their whining. If you somehow manage to pull your thumbs out of your mouths long enough to actually get past the Spurs in this series, I hope you go to the finals and play Detroit because I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be complaining about in that series. “Waaaaa….they play to rough…Waaaa…. They don’t want us to score ….Waaaa …The refs don’t like us….Waaaaa!!
Posted: 2:02 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Guys in the NBA like Bruce Bowen and Ron Artest should get their own brawl ball league and let the rest of us enjoy the real game.
I was personally hoping to see the Spurs get back to the finals, now I hope that the Suns knock them out.
Posted: 2:02 PM, May 15, 2007   by ringX3
If a Suns player had committed a hip check like Horry, we'd be applauding him for being tough. Nash flailed like a stuntman, pretended to pass out, then sprang to his feet to go after Horry. The Suns set moving screens all game long, and set their legs wide to try to trip anyone going around. They ran right in to Spurs screeners with elbows to the chest. Nash pushed off everytime he drove in and grabbed and hooked all night. And Amare stood under the basket with his arms wide open looking for calls after every miss.
I swear, this is hilarious after hearing about how soft the Spurs are for the past ten years.
Posted: 2:03 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Amare and Boris are going to be suspended one game and the Spurs will take Game 5 in Phoenix. The bench rule is in place to avoid embarrassing the NBA by preventing fights on the court. Amare and Boris had to be restrained by the coaching staff before returning to the bench. These players are professionals and should act accordingly despite what happens on the court. The rule is so strict because the league is extremely concerned with preventing brawls like the Ron Artest incident in Detroit. There is no room for interpretation. If teams know they will pay big for clearing the bench, they won't do it. I guess the Suns' coaching staff/team didn't get the memo.
Posted: 2:06 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I can't wait to see high school kids body checking each other into the stands, stepping on their achilles heels and breaking their noses. And, then they can say that it's all appropriate behavior since the NBA makes champions and heroes out of "role models" who do those kinds of things for millions of dollars. I think this is the worse imaginable example that could be set for young people.
Posted: 2:07 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
All of you disrespecting the Spurs are very ignorant! You say the Spurs play is violent, and the Spurs are this or that. The Spurs are one of the classiest Clubs in all of Sports. The Spurs have one player that chose to do a horrible hip check. The Spurs have no one that has ever closed lined anyone with an elbow to a man's throat ( Raja Bell). Yet, no one calls the Suns dirty, are any of the sort. If any of you have ever been an athelete, you understand the game is physical. Every playoff series is extremely physical. I guess Sun fans are not used to seeing so much physical play due to their usual early exit from the playoffs, every year. So, when you say the Spurs have behavior problems, make your correction. One player made a terrible mistake, not the entire Spurs orginization!!! I can promise you if a Spur had closed lined someone in the throat, Coach Pop would trade him and he would no longer be associated with the Spurs. Can't say the same about the Suns.
Basketball like other sports is a physical game. It is about time that these teams body up on people. Let the bodies hit the floor. Its the playoffs let them body up!
Posted: 2:10 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I like how all the Spurs fans are whining about the officiating in last night's game. There must be a short-term memory problem here. What team has been the benefactor of all bad calls in this series? The Spurs. How do you think the Spurs have won two games. Amare was been whistled for some suspicious calls in game 1 and 3. The Spurs have proved they can't beat the Suns when Amare is on the court. The Spurs whine after every call they don't get. Their fans are just as bad. Now that a team is getting in their grill, they don't like it very much. And Spurs fans still can't fathom the Suns coming back last night. Hey, it certainly can't be your team's fault, so let's blame it on the officiating. Give me a break.
When the NBA sets an example for how the game should be played, kids will know that if they break a nose, clip an ankle tendon and throw other kids in the stands, they've got a chance to make millions. I can't wait to see the kid who gets confined to a wheel chair for life, and sues the NBA for having set the standard for everybody to follow. So much for professional athletes as "role models." They can't even model a decent game.
Posted: 2:12 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If the league decides to suspend Diaw and Stoudemire, it may have to suspend Tim Duncan and Bruce Bowen as well.

In a play that went entirely unnoticed until well after the game was over, both Duncan and Bowen actually left San Antonio's bench early in the second quarter after Francisco Elson and James Jones were entangled. Replays clearly show Duncan walking several steps onto the court as Elson and Jones appeared to be ready to get into it. Bowen then followed Duncan onto the floor, grabbed him and led him back to the bench. If the league does indeed follow the letter of the law, both Spurs players would also be suspended for Game 5.
Posted: 2:14 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If the NBA suspends two Phoenix Suns starters to enforce the technicality of its extreme rules, Phoenix can simply return the favor. Send in one of the benchwarmers, preferably some type of enforcer and clothesline or undercut Tony Parker about 10 feet in front of the San Antonio bench. We will see who gets off their chair and steps on the floor and the same penalty can be applied.

Big shot Bob
Posted: 2:17 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs come across to the league as the way the game is supposed to be played, with fundamentals. The International way... Yet they also have brought in cheap basketball reminiscent of the Bad Boys era. Tony Parker holding Barbosa and flopping in game 2 with a minute left, resulting in an intentional foul (2 shots and the ball). This play has been replicated repeatedly by the devilish spurs. Bowen's knee to the groin, the subtle kick to the heel. The whole team is infected with this nasty virus, even Robert Horry. What was once a brilliant team to watch because of their fundamentals, is an angering attrocity to watch because of their brutal distaste for good competitive basketball. Leave the cheap plays and the door and please play fair! May the best team to win, not the dirtiest team to win!
Posted: 2:19 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I love both these teams and to throw blanket statements at either would be a disservice. Are the spurs dirty? No. Have some of their players done some dirty stuff? Absolutely. But the Suns get away with their fair share of nips and pushes (nothing as grand as clocking a guy into the tables...). What bothers me is that the physicality has become the focus instead of the game. Horry knows he blew it,... he has to. Let's give him the punishment he knows is coming and let the rest of these guys play good basketball. Nash could've acted like his arm had been amputated and it wouldn't change the fact that he was hit hard! Let's just push this aside and let 2 great teams play ball!!
Posted: 2:20 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Yes Robert Horry has made some big shots in his career, but he has also consistantly been a dirty, cheap player as well. He's always tried to get at the star opposing player. He should be suspended. He's worthless and old now anyway.
Posted: 2:20 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Wow, some of you spurs fans are letting the whiny crybabies like Tim Duncan rub off on you. Watch Duncan after an obvious foul...he will have his bug-eyes sticking out and his hands up glaring at the ref like his lollypop got taken away. Its ridiculous. Don't even get me started on Bruce Bowen...it is outright shamful to intentionally stick your foot underneath a jumpshooter to make him land on it and sprain his ankle. He does a good job of hiding it, but watch what he does when someone shoots a jumper around him...he looks down and slides his foot underneath them. Raja Bell isn't much better...although Kobe started everything with some his own typical cheap shots. Robert Horry has been throughout his career a class act, so I'm not really sure why he did what he did but I don't consider him a dirty player at all.
Posted: 2:21 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Suns fans aren't complaining - we're just asking the NBA keep this as an even playing field throughout. Suspending Stoudemire and Diaw for something they did not initiate, participate in, or escalate, would be a huge injustice to fans from both San Antonio and Phoenix - and around the NBA for that matter. Let's fight this fight fairly and on an even playing field. May the best team win! AzStealth
What games have you people been watching? The Spurs are dirty and will continue to be dirty as long as they are able to get away with it. So the Suns will continue to play against the Spurs and the refs. As for Bowen he is the dirtiest of the bunch, i think he should be banned from the NBA period before he ruins someones career, then maybe the rest of them will remember why they get a paycheck. I think that Amare shouldn't have come off ther bench the way he did but he should also be commended for composing himself before things went to blows. As for Duncan what a crybaby! You don't even have to touch him and he cries. This is the NBA right not the WNBA the ladies are much tougher than the men these days. They don't cry or even flop themselves about like the men do. talk about your drama queens.
Posted: 2:28 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
You cant suspend amare and diaw for the next game. It would do the league a disservice to give a team such an upper hand for something so minuscule. Steve Kerr brought a great point that if amare and diaw are suspended then so should duncan and bowen for leaving the bench in during a scuffle between jones and elson. If they are going to stick to the book, then you have to apply it in all cases, but I hope that isnt the case. Robert Horry should be the only player that misses any time.

As far as Horry being a class act, i seem to remember an incident when he was with the suns and threw a towel at , and disrespected, then suns coach danny ainge. He is nothing more than the dirt on the bottom of the superstars coattails. He has never won anything, but his teammates have won championships for him.
I am a Wiz fan and have a lot of respect for the suns and the spurs. Since I am short and quick, I usually play PG. When a much bigger PF hits you it hurts you a LOT more. Is it wrong to accelerate and use your feet to get around the bigs? No. Did Horry wrap up Nash or even fall backwards? No. Horry was a sore loser and he wanted to injure Nash. Taking Nash out is the key to beating the Suns. Stop the thuggery and Suspend Horry. If Kobe gets suspended for flailing elbows then Horry deserves a 5 game suspension.
Posted: 2:34 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Both teams played hard, sure San Antoinio had a break down but you can't blame them. It may finally be the Suns time. Don't suspend anyone, let the best series in five years keep going on just how it has been. Phoenix will win this series in 6 if the league make the right decision.
This could be the textbook in Kevin Stacom style basketball. Send in Burke, Marks or the last guy on the bench, have him punch out a star, preferably giving him a significant injury, and then just sit down and take your place in NBA Championship history. How pathetic!
Posted: 2:35 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Its funny, people say just tune in to watch the last couple of minutes of a basketball game...well I watched the entire game and in the last minute, a hockey game broke out LOL
Posted: 2:36 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs have never been and will never be "dirty" players. A few years ago everyone was commenting how "weak" the Spurs were and no one cared to watch when they won the championship. Now that they are a more motivated and aggresive team those same fools are commenting that they are dirty players. Hypocrites! There is a reason why the Spurs have won championships; they are a real team who has never taken up the style of playing like Detroit or Indian. The playoffs bring a more intense emotion to the game. It's good to see that the Spurs will not be taken for granted because they choose not to be "dirty" players like the Suns.
Posted: 2:36 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
great: from reading some of these whiny comments (Jason and Thomas), one would infer that Nash is the instigator: he tried to head-butt Parker, he tried to go behind Horry so fast that Horry HAD to foul him with a forarm AND a hip. Hey guys, watch the tapes again without your Spurs-tinted glasses on and you'll see that the collision between Nash and Parker was an accident on both parts. And as to last night with Horry: Nash was running down the court behind Horry trying to make it to the other end without getting fouled. DUH! It's called BASKETBALL. And Bowen: Bowen kneed Nash in the crotch the other night. I suppose your take on it would be that Nash put his crotch right in Bowen's way? You guys must be (bad) defense lawyers: find a way to blame the victim. sheesh.
Posted: 2:39 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I get tired of hearing these sorry announcers. "Well, when you go to the hole, you have to expect to get hammered." Is there an "unwritten rule" that says a player driving to the basket should expect to get knocked into the third row and it's only a foul?
Posted: 2:39 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Well if the NBA decides to follow the letter of the law, the suspensions that will be handed will be as follows:

BOB HORRY - instigator
TIM DUNCAN - leaving the bench 1st q.
BRUCE BOWEN - leaving the bench 1st q.

AMARE STOUDEMIRE - leaving the bench 4th
BORIS DIAW - leaving the bench 4th q.
Posted: 2:42 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Its the playoffs Stop Whining!
Posted: 2:47 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I love both teams. It's a great series. It's too bad one player had to use the word "dirty". That seems to have tainted this series since. I wish the best to both clubs.
Posted: 3:04 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Two points:
(1) I read in another column (Steve Kerr's) that both Duncan and Bowen left the bench in an earlier incident in Game 4. Should they not also be suspended for leaving the bench?
(2) I think the NBA league office should take partial responsibility for the Horry incident. There have been numerous events in this series at which point the league could have issued suspensions (e.g. Bowen's knee to the groin). However, they let all these incidents slide. If you don't punish such incidents you end up with an Horry hip-check.
Posted: 3:07 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I don't think Horry necessarily premeditated to foul him THAT hard. I think he was desperately trying to foul a much faster, much smaller player, and in his desperation to foul him and stop the clock, he was really physically agressive. Yes, he deserved the flagrant foul, but I don't think he was trying to "send a message" or hurt Nash.
Posted: 3:42 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Spurs fans, listen here. Raja Bell and Bruce Bowen are great defenders. They both play hard and they're always in your face. The difference between them is that when a foul is called on Raja, he puts his hand in the air and admits it. Bowen on the other hand looks like he stole a cookie from the cookie jar when a foul is called on him. You can't seriously think that Bowen doesn't give cheap shots.
On the Horry situation, it is sad to see a man like give a hard foul like that. It doesn't change my opinion on him, cause I would love for Phoenix to have him any day. He is clutch; except for last night.

Joe in Tulsa
Posted: 3:51 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Might have been a "master stroke" if Horrible Horry gets 2 Suns starters suspended. All this from a man that threw a sweaty towel in the face of Coach Danny Ainge, when he was in a Suns player!
Posted: 3:54 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Suns fans no need to worry. In the 1st Qtr Tim D left the bench during a squrimish and Bowen got up to hold back Tim D. So if Stoudemire and Diaw get suspended 1 game so will Tim & Bowen. Only Horry will be suspended and I hope for 2 games.
Posted: 3:55 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
It's official: Baron Davis of Golden state will NOT be suspended for his flagrant foul 2, which paves the way for Stern to clear Horry to play in the SA/PHX game 5. I predict is there will be a confirmation of Horry's flagrant foul 2, which he was ejected for, and he might or might not be fined (who cares). But since no suspension for Davis for the night before last, he can justify no suspension for Horry for last night. This will also allow Stern to say there wasn't really an "altercation" ('just a flagrant foul, not a fight'), so the bench clearing rule won't apply, meaning no suspensions for Diaw or Stoudemire.

Hopefully, Stern will let all the guys play and settle things on the court. What a great series! Every game has been a close battle. We can only hope the finals are this good...
Posted: 3:58 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
We all know how violent towel throwing is. New rule: anyone caught throwing towels should be suspended indef.

Relax with the towel throwing already.

Who cares? Did he beat his wife? Sucker punch someone on the court? Attack fans in the stands? NO! He threw a cotton soft towel!!!!!
Posted: 4:05 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Go Spurs Go!

Go Suns Go!

It's a great series!

Every playoff game is tough. Neither of these teams are dirty teams.
Posted: 4:27 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I heard Nash is up for an Academy Award for his incredible acting skills.
Posted: 4:38 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Stern wonders why no one watches the NBA anymore, and seeing the way slow, old players like San Antonio has bully their way through the season and the playoffs, with cheap dirty plays, its no wonder...Doesnt anyone remember the Finals with Detroit and San Antonio? No one watched that, and no one will want to watch San Antonio after last nights game...Even the fans of the Spurs are finally realizing that they have been cheering a dirty team.
Posted: 4:38 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Tese Accusations of Suns fouls are like a fight with your little brother. He annoys you, an hits you, and eggs you on. When you finally give in and smack him the one he deserves, he goes crying to mom that you hit him.

I'm not saying the Suns don't get theres, but the Spurs to acuse the Suns of getting away with fouls in this game is as two faced as it gets.
Posted: 4:39 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
After Nash being kneed and also being absolutely pummeled by Horry with such a fragrant foul I believe the Spurs should be punished. Unfortunately you have Horry instigating this and the spurs do not suffer that much if he is suspended. On the other hand it will devastate the Suns if Amare is suspended. Who is right? Not the spurs. that is for certain
Posted: 4:41 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
How many times have we seen bench players go out and start a fight with the starters of the other team? The result? The team that didn't start the fight looses a starter to suspension while the other team looses a bachup. It happen to Denver earlier this year. Seems to be the way the game is played now.
Posted: 4:42 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If "a rule is a rule" then when Francisco Elson got undercut by James Jones, technically, as in reality, both Tim Duncan and Bruce Bowen went onto the court.
If they suspend to Amare and Diaw, then technically the league must suspend Duncan and Bowen. After all, "a rule is a rule", right guys? Geesh, doesn't anyone enjoy honest to goodness basketball and not coward's tricks and bias refs and league officials? It's enough to make a guy watch soccer. Better that then a rigged fight.
Posted: 4:42 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
If "a rule is a rule" then when Francisco Elson got undercut by James Jones, technically, as in reality, both Tim Duncan and Bruce Bowen went onto the court.
If they suspend to Amare and Diaw, then technically the league must suspend Duncan and Bowen. After all, "a rule is a rule", right guys? Geesh, doesn't anyone enjoy honest to goodness basketball and not coward's tricks and bias refs and league officials? It's enough to make a guy watch soccer. Better that then a rigged fight.
Posted: 4:43 PM, May 15, 2007   by prariegirl
Welcome to the playoffs ladies and gentleman, welcome to the playoffs. I for one am excited to finally see some action on the court. This is the NBA not some high school team! The players are payed to entertain - that's what they're doing! Anyways - GO SUNS!
Posted: 4:44 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
There's a difference in playing tough (Detroit) and playing dirty (Spurs). The Spurs are the dirtiest team in the league. Bowen has been doing this kind of stuff his whole career...he undercut Steve Francis which injured him for the whole season...and has done the same to Vince CArter and Ray Allen.

And this isn't the first time Horry has done something like this. I remember a few times in the 90's, he got away with a few cheap shots-like pushing coaches to the floor.
I hope that stoudemire or boris diaw dont get suspended for the no fight that happend. Its a stupid rule! The first reaction when one of your boys gets a cheap shot is to come to his aid, the coaching staff did a good job of restraining them and they sat right down. Im not a spurs or suns fan, i just hope the leauge does the right thing by letting these players play.
Posted: 4:52 PM, May 15, 2007   by NBA Fan CCMD
In my opinion, only Horry will be suspended. If anyone has been following this matter closely you will know that both Bowen and Duncan left the Spurs bench in the second quarter when James Jones and Francisco Elson got entangled. So, there is no way they can suspend Boris and Amare and not suspend Bowen and Duncan. So, does anyone really see the NBA suspending Bowen, Duncan, Amare, and Diaw for game 5? I don't. Horry may be a class act and all that other stuff, but I will say this - if wanted to play mister tough guy he had 47 other minutes to throw a punch at Kurt Thomas. He didn't. He opted to body check the smallest player on the court. Hmmmm...
Posted: 4:59 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I love it how plenty of clowns on here say the Spurs never got the calls. It's the Playoffs kids. BOTH teams could get more calls, it doesn't mean a grown man has to be a little kid and hockey check a 2 time MVP into the scorers table.

If the NBA cares about ratings, it will not suspend Amare/Diaw. It will suspend Hory one game, and fine the Spurs $5,000 each times one of Duncan's eyes get wide on a foul.
Posted: 5:10 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Nash got what he deserved. Next time maybe he will tell his ignorant teammate to keep his mouth shut and play ball. Oh, and tell me this how do you win 3 rings, yeah count them, by being a dirty team??? Was Raja Bell a dirty player when he threw Kobe down? Next time Amare needs to take a look at his team before he opens his mouth.
Com'on now, Stoudamire bold face lied!!!
Everyone knows what his true intentions were. Yet, the SUNS are the classy ones. GIVE ME A BREAK.
Posted: 5:12 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
exacly like last year,

when the game its close nobody beats the refs, nobody

its a frustation foul, because the refs didnt make the calls (well only against the spurs)

last year the refs robbed the spurs in the spurs-mavs series

then they robbed the mavs in the mavs-heat series (giving wade like 200 free throws or something)

this year they will robbed the spurs

they will try to robbed to pistons

so we wil have a cavs-suns finals, then the suns will win

if the games are close

so, when the games are closed nobody beats the refs

they control the tempo of the game

when the spurs tried to take control of the game they stop them with a bad call.

example, ofensive foul on duncan while clearly nash was on the circle, c'mon
Posted: 5:16 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
YES NASH, i am a huge suns fan and was pissed when i saw what bowen has been doing ( kneeing nash in the groin) and now horry pretty much throwing nash into the scorer's table. damn i know nash is canadian but its still not hockey. the spurs play dirty always have and always will, bowen cant play D without knocking you around and the league plays favorites wit san antonio. if diaw and stoudemire get suspended im gonna b pissed beyond belief
Posted: 5:17 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I heard Kleenex is making a lot of money off this series because Phoenix fans are using a lot of their tissues to wipe away the tears (babies!)
PEOPLE! Most of these comments are so short sighted it's hard to sit through reading them. Look, Horry's play was not classy and not very much like him. He made a stupid decision, a frustration foul. Steve Nash is a class act for sure. But the Spurs are NOT a dirty team and if you're going to call them dirty, you're going to have to own up to Phoenix being dirty as well. And as far as the whining, for all the whining the Spurs do during the game (and yes, it gets VERY old seeing them whine after every foul call) Phoenix does just as much whining after every game. This is the playoffs! Shut up and play basketball. And to all those who keep talking about how the Spurs/Pistons or Spurs/Utah shouldn't happen because it'd be boring to watch?? Did you put any thought into those comments? Are the winners in sports now the most entertaining teams or the best teams? Come on people.
Posted: 5:18 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Nash pulled a classic flop and got the call. But the Suns got the calls all night. If in doubt, check the free throw stats.
Posted: 5:20 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I'm a Nash fan and it is unfortunate that he took the shot, but he did... Too bad it wasn't Raja "the headhunter" Bell or Amare "I cry more than Timmy D" Stoudemire... I thought it was a good foul and it is a part of playoff basketball. I say suspend all three of them. A rule is a rule, if you come off the bench that is one game! Spurs in 6.
Posted: 5:21 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Please more like what an acting performance by Nash. Yeah, it was a hard foul...but not that hard. Stoudemire left the bench to check in...yeah right. If Suns go on they'll get more rough play by Utah and Detroit. They are not going to win the title if they keep crying like this.
Posted: 5:27 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
if the league decides to suspend Diaw and Stoudemire, it may have to suspend Tim Duncan and Bruce Bowen as well.

In a play that went entirely unnoticed until well after the game was over, both Duncan and Bowen actually left San Antonio's bench early in the second quarter after Francisco Elson and James Jones were entangled. Replays clearly show Duncan walking several steps onto the court as Elson and Jones appeared to be ready to get into it. Bowen then followed Duncan onto the floor, grabbed him and led him back to the bench. If the league does indeed follow the letter of the law, both Spurs players would also be suspended for Game 5.
Posted: 5:29 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
nash a fake? are you kidding? nash is one of the smallest guys in the NBA right now, and when some one with at least 6-7 in on you checks you at that speed, lets see how far you go. phoenix is better that any of your teams. dallas. gone. los angeles. gone. spurs. will be joining them. #1 offense baby.
I find the Spurs' violent game disgusting. That why i dont like them all the players i swear i dont know why They i never like them staring by Duncan he`s desgusting
...1st down in the field they always provocative and they use to laught at people HATE them I HATE SPURS .....
Posted: 5:30 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
You guys are missing the obvious... THERE WAS NO FIGHT. THERE WAS NO ALTERCATION. It was simply a flagrant foul. Horry should get a one game suspension even though it was obvious that he came after Nash. Diaw & Amare will not get suspensions becuase there was no altercation. Players stand up from the bench and jump around all the time. They evn come out on the court while celebrating on the bench. If Diaw & Amare are supsended for this non-fight, then Duncan and Bowen are ALSO out for leaving the bench in the second quarter during ANOTHER non altercation between Jones & Elson. If the league suspends the Suns big men without also suspending the Spurs dorks, then we know who the league wants to win.
Posted: 5:30 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Vindication for Amare. After his comments about the Spurs they have done noting to dispel these claims.
Posted: 5:31 PM, May 15, 2007   by JMji
I find the Spurs' violent game disgusting. That why i dont like them all the players i swear i dont know why They i never like them staring by Duncan he`s desgusting
...1st down in the field they always provocative and they use to laught at people HATE them I HATE SPURS .....
Posted: 5:31 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
No doubt that Manu should be ejected for his flopping when no one even touches him and Bowen should be thrown out of the league for his putting is foot under players when they take a jump shot, kneeing people in the groin, and kicking their ankles, trying to injure them.

Seriously, if you support these actions, how can you say you are a fan of basketball? Spurs fan yes, basketball fan? um no.

Amare will get suspended for game 5, just like that ref got suspended for life. David Stern will do anything for the Spurs, just like he fixed game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in 2000. Portland was up 13, check out that 4th quarter. LA could punch the Portland players in the face and not get a call, while Portland had 5 or 6 “air” fouls against Kobe and company. I don’t know why David has to fix the game, it is beyond sick. Maybe he has a fixation for Robert Horry always winning the championship.
Posted: 5:33 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
To all you Spurs fans crying about how this is basketball, playoff basketball.

No, that's what it's supposed to be. What this is is hockey, or football. different sports geniuses. This is not how basketball is meant to be played.

Just because that's how your team plays, don't be persauded to believe. Basketball is basketball, hockey is hockey. No where near similar.
Posted: 5:37 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
An "acting performance"? A "flop"?
Sure. You bet. The only team whining at this point are the Spurs. They have never committed a foul. Does Popovich bring in an acting coach to rehearsh the shrug of the shoulders, the crying face?
It really must pain some of these moronic fans to accept the realization that the Suns can play and beat anyone. They can even play defense when necessary. Wow, this must frustrate all the Suns haters out there. Also, has anybody noticed the Suns have scored over 100 pts in all four games. Where all the "experts" who said the Suns couldn't score that many points against that "vaunted" Spurs defense? And let's face facts, if not for questionable calls on Amare, the Suns should be up 3-1. In the two Suns losses, Amare was nailed to the bench with fouls. The Spurs can't defend him for 36 minutes.
All right. Now that I've seen the comment that accuses Duncan of being both soft and dirty at the same time, I think I can stop reading.
Posted: 5:39 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I would like to say as a Canadian, I was in awe of how much class Steve Nash displayed at the end of the game. He truly is the MVP and if this play had happened to any less of a player or person, an all-out fight would have broken out for sure.
Posted: 5:40 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The game was physical on both sides. I don't condone what Horry did but Nash was not a saint. He lunged into players all night looking for calls. And I see just as many Spurs getting knocked down as I do Suns. Look at Ginobli's face if you don't think both teams are playing with intensity.
Posted: 5:49 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Gregg Popovich is a jerk. In that interview with the media, he seemed to glare everyone down and most were afraid to ask him questions. On Nash being slammed into the wall, he dismissed it as being "just a foul" and had no condemnation for what Horry did. This guy seems to condone dirty tricks and has an attitude to match. I hope the Suns kill this team in the next two games.
I was originally against the Spurs because I viewed them as the NBA's version of the Patriots; all they did was win. Even with one questionably dirty player (Bowen, in this respect, plays the part of Rodney Harrison), the team was led by classy vets and a smart coach. Then I saw how Manu Ginobli decided to try out for the Italian soccer team and whine and moan, and then saw how Bowen became, well, just plain dirty.
After the knee to Nash's groin, the kick out of Amare's legs, and the best hip check of a Phoenix player since the Coyotes stopped playing, I am vehemently anti-Spurs. They are a bunch of dirty players who whine like 3 year olds. Go Suns, knock these jerks out.
Posted: 5:56 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Robert Horry was a dirty player when he played in Phoenix. He was traded right after he threw a towel in the coaches face, the coach at the was time Danny Ainge. He was traded the next day to LA. I watch basketball at lot and this is a very dirty, sneaky team. Phoenix will over come and I pray beat them in 7!
Posted: 5:58 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The Spurs will never be a DIRTY team. Bruce Bowen is a dirty player, Duncan is a tough but clean player, Ginobili is somewhat borderline, but the Spurs are not dirty. Just because Horry forearm shivered Nash into the scorers table doesn't mean he is a dirty player, it was simply a dirty play and he should probably get suspended for it. And for those Spurs fans who are WHINING about the WHINING, I would like to remind you that 90% of the time when Tim "Palms Up" Duncan gets a foul called on him he cries like a little girl. And to whoever thinks that Nash was trying to be forearm shivered into the scorers table, you might not know that it is extremely painful and not enjoyable whatsoever.
Posted: 6:00 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
When Nash and Parker collided..Nash, even though suffering injury himself, showed concern..stopping to help Parker. To the contrary, Horry smugly snickered and exhibited contempt for Nash. We all know good basketball versus dirty... the Spurs are filthy dirty.

Jo Lee
Posted: 6:05 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Thomas, you said Nash got a bloddy nose trying to headbutt Tony Parker? Are you freaking kidding? Did you even see the play? What happened was Nash hit Parker's arm trying to go for a steal, at the same time PARKER's foot, not Nash's, slipped and their heads collided.
You are a dumbshit if you think steve nash purposely tried to headbutt Parker. Steve Nash knows how to control his emotions, that has been proven time and time again, he rarely complains about calls made and very rarely gets up in other players faces... the only exception is game four after horry hard foul.
Don't be a retard dude, we both know Nash didn't try to headbutt anyone. jackass.
Posted: 6:08 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
The foul was dirty.. but lets let it go.. spurs you can have big shot bob we will take boris and stoudemire.. for all you spurs fans who think the calls go our way all the time.. you are all high... the refs with the exception of game 2 and the end of 4 have handed you two games you should not have won....If they call it 100% fair suns win the next two by 15 points at least. The refs have kept the spurs in it... so... becareful what you wish for spurs fans.... you can't win if it's called faily.. you won't admitt it.. but it true., suns in 7...then 5 then the championship in 6. you heard it here first.
Posted: 6:11 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Let them play it out! The Horry foul was certainly well beyond what was necessary, but it would truly be a travesty if the NBA used that one isolated event to steer the outcome of what is likely to be remembered as a classic series. A suspension, of any of the involved players, even for one game, would certainly have a huge impact on the whole series' outcome. A flagrant foul call and Horry's ejection made the point that that conduct would not be tolerated. The technical on Bell also made the point that the refs should dole out the punishment rather than having the players take it into their own hands. My vote would be for the NBA to fine Horry for the rough play (to make an example) and if he gets out of line again, to suspend him then. This is such a wonderful series that it would be an unforgiveable sin for the NBA to step in and change the outcome by suspending players from either team. Especially when both Horry and Stoudemire have the ability to have such a dramatic impact upon the game (Horry with his proven last-second heroics and Stoudemire with his presence throughout this series so far). The NBA should take note that most fans watch the game to see its passion and for the drama - not necessarily to witness "gentlemanly sportsmanship". Don't get me wrong - we like good sportsmanship, it just isn't the main reason that we watch. Don't allow either team the "excuse" of losing the series because a star had to sit out due to one momentary lapse of judgement. Sincerely --- a Suns' fan who is loving this series so far!
Posted: 6:15 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Incidents such as that provided by Robert Horry last night are merely newly refined extensions of the Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory (MMPI).
This particular element of the personality test is designed to draw our tendencies to identify with outrageous behavior because said behavior serves to provide an outcome we desire to happen whether it happens fairly or not.
Posted: 6:15 PM, May 15, 2007   by Gary from utah
everyone of you idiots saying ruthles things about our spurs obviously weren't around in the 80's when they always used to play very physical now don't get me wrong what horry did was a bad decision and poor judgement to say the least but generally the spurs have been a physical team for years now and the suns are not , they are finesse. that's why the spur are both mentally and physically tougher too. plus we have great experience in winning championships too. but last night we let the suns back into the game and had bad clock management, plus turnovers city. and they got somewhat frustrated capped by horry who i dig totally made a dumb mistake, but that fan from gilbert az is way off and has no idea what the hell you're even talking about so keep quiet please. the spurs will still win this series in six no doubt, watch and see.
Posted: 6:16 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
I agree with what an anonymous person said earlier about the suspensions. IF the NBA suspends Stoudemire and Diaw for game 5 they HAVE to suspend Duncan and Bowen for leaving the bench earlier in the game (1st or 2nd quarter). There have been hard fouls by both teams, if they are intentional/dirty it's really hard to tell but it is obvious that Horry meant to send Nash flying and there should be some reaction to that. Otherwise I think everyone else should be allowed to play game 5.
Posted: 6:27 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
So I am consistantly seeing people say that "Rules are rules, Amare and Diaw deserve to be suspended" But what about Duncan and Bowen in the Second quarter? They did the same thing after James Jones and Elsea or whatever the guys name is got into a little altercation. You can clearly see Duncan walk three steps onto the court before Bowen ran after him and brought him back to the bench. So if "Rules are rules" then Duncan, Bowen, Staudamire, and Diaw should be suspended. Just saying.
Posted: 6:42 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Why do people always point to disparities in FTA as a mark of who got shafted by the officials? Is it only a fairly officiated game if both teams are assessed an equal number of fouls?
Posted: 10:00 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
what's with people calling the spurs "whiners" when they look all astonished after they get a call... look at ANY NBA player after hearing the whistle...
you get the 'wide-eyed, i didn't do it, you're so wrong' look.

real whiners are the ones that go to the podium and cry to the reporters.

You never EVER hear the spurs complain during postgame about getting beat up, the calls, or the clock...
Posted: 10:08 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Seems like the Spurs fans get the team they deserve.

Hey Mr. Stern: How much?
The suspensions to the Suns are a travesty - the Spurs pull crap all the time, and whine when it doesn't go their way (like the Pistons do). the NBA rewards the teams that should be the ones being punished.

They need to change the suspension rules, or else a smart coach would find a way to exploit it
Posted: 11:07 PM, May 15, 2007   by Anonymous
Cheap shots happen all the time in a rivalry in the NBA. The players who got suspended should needed to be in order for law enforcement to happen now and later. Suns should have not walked on court.Injuries, cheap shots. I just hope the Spurs management office remembers this next time they want to blame Kobe Bryant for hurting one of their poor helpless players. GO HORRY!!
Posted: 12:37 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
the spurs are not dirty, horry just lost his cool. now bruce bowen is dirty. no other player pulls the kind of dirty tricks he does with his legs always ending up under jumping players. that's filthy. the spurs always get calls so can't really complain about the officiating. this rule has to be changed. diaw and amare didn't even get near a ref or spur player. it's a shame this series get's ruined by something the spurs caused. if i'm dantoni, and the game is not close at the end, i'd send in my bench to thug it up.
Posted: 12:38 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
bottom line: suns need to stop whining and just play basketball. is that too much to ask of two-time mvp steve nash?
Posted: 1:13 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
Will someone please explain to me what Horry did wrong? I Don't believe there was any malicious intent in Horry fouling Nash just an attempt at a SMART play that resulted in a foul. What i saw was he tried to force Nash out of bounds and in trying to cut him off Nash got knocked down. An obvious foul that should have been called but a SMART play by Horry if Nash had stepped out of bounds to try to keep it to a one possesion game. I don't think Amare, Diaw, or Horry should have been suspended and regret that Nash was knocked down and could have possibly been hurt. The only player that should have been suspended is Bell who charged Horry after the foul. As for the second game for Horry i agree with that... If protecting yourself from someone who is charging you is a suspension. In my mind the play in Which Elson was undercut by Jones following a dunk was more worthy of suspensions then the Nash play. Jones seemed to go under Elson with the intent of causing Elson to fall and hurt himself.
Posted: 1:18 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
The suspensions of Amare and Diaw are ridiculous. The NBA could easily have just suspended Horry. There are many reasons why they could have and should have justified not suspending the Suns players. The Spurs and the other "physical" teams try to intimidate their opponents and the referees. That is not basketball. When I want to see physical play, I watch football. I don't want to watch Bowen hang all over Steve Nash all night. Defense is supposed to be played with the feet, not the hands. The NBA has given the Spurs a huge and unfair advantage. They have rewarded Horry and his team for his cheap shot.
Posted: 1:22 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
Every player in the nba clears out with a knee or elbow when someone presses him ,but when bowen does it it become dirty...every player complains about fouls, but if san antonio does it you call it an attitude, and every team tries to control the tempo, but san antonio is a bully for doing it? San Antonio is not a dirty team. San antonio does not have a player who tried to decapitate kobe. But San Antonio does have 3 rings in the last 8 years and this is what all this whining is about. Phoenix is soft, their fans will never see and championship, and they are just whining because their opponent knows how to WIN in the playoffs. For the record, horry's hit was a cheapshot, but Duncan and the spurs are still the classiest organization in the league.
And if you think the shot on nash was bad, look back to Karl Malone about ten years ago. He knocked david robinson out cold with an elbow and got off scot free. So kwitcherbichin!
Posted: 1:40 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
It's funny to blame the Spurs for what happened. I mean, really, what are you mad at? What if Marcus Banks and Sean Marks were the ones who stepped onto the court? Would Suns fans really be that mad about what happened? The Horry play on Nash was violent but i'm sure I'd go flying if I ran into a 6-10 dude. A collision like that always looks worse than it is. Bottom line, the Spurs won't benefit from this, either on the court or perception-wise, so lighten up Suns fans. You act like you've never seen championship basketball. Oh wait...
Posted: 1:57 AM, May 16, 2007   by MrMike
The decision to suspend two Suns players MUST be reconsidered

Claiming "leaving the bench" as deserving of more punishment than Baron Davis or Stephen Jackson's fouls is ridiculous.

Basically, the Spurs have been rewarded for their hard foul on Nash with them losing a 5 pt per game player while the Suns lose their All NBA center and his back up. There is no incentive with this precedent to not send in a "thug" merely to provoke a confrontation in hopes of the players involved being ejected and possibly suspended.

Here is a very unhappy NBA fan who will not be suprised to see Phoenix's 11-12th man take a swing at Tim Duncan on Wednesday, hoping to get both of them thrown out-----you have allowed this to be a component of strategy with the precedent set today----one that must be reconsidered
Posted: 2:18 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
Is is just me or do Suns fans have nothing better to do than cry and moan all the time on blogs. If Nash doesn't get a bloody nose the Suns win. If the refs. don't give the Spurs the calls in game 3 they win. Horry puts a hard foul on Nash, and because Amare and Diaw have a brain lock and leave the bench area, the league is favoring the spurs. LISTEN CLOSELY SUNS FANS for all the stupid talk of the Spurs being dirty, how many flagrant fouls have they commited all year. NONE. Bruce Bowen has none. Horry has none. Manu has none. With all the attention that is given to Bruce, he has yet to be suspended for any flagrant fouls. The elbows and grabbing and whatever else has gone on is going both ways. Raja is giving out elbows just like everyone else. Amare has given his share too. To sit there and act like it doesn't happen both ways is completely naive. Out of all the teams that the Spurs have played in the playoffs the last 10yrs. THE ONLY TEAM TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SPURS IS PHOENIX. I've never heard any other team accuse the Spurs of being a dirty team. Obviously nobody in this blog watches any other NBA playoff games. In the Goldenstate vs. Utah, Baron Davis puts the exact same hit on Fisher that Horry put on Nash. Was he suspended? NO. Jason Richardson hammered Okur while he was in the air late in game 4, Okur landed straight on his back. It was a very hard and scary foul. What happened? Jason was given a flagrant 2 foul, he was ejected, BUT WAS NOT SUSPENDED!! For all those saying the league favors the Spurs why was Horry suspended and not Baron Davis or Jason Richardson? No one left the bench when the teams squared off on the court. Are the Warriors dirty? There have been flagrant fouls all through out every playoff series. New Jersey and Cleveland have had 3 flagrant fouls so far. IT HAPPENS. It doesn't mean teams are dirty. As for Tim leaving the bench. Would some of you read the rules first and then try and not act like homers. There has to be an altercation between the teams on the court. When Elson fell to the floor, none of the players ran towards both players. Both players didn't confront each other. Both players just ran down the floor. No techs given, not even a foul was called. So for those who called what happened in the second quater a altercation need to look up the meaning of the word.
Spurs fans are much like their players. They whine to death..... Sure the suns whine too - as much as the next player. But look at these spurs players when they whine - its as if they got their groins kicked in (no pun intended). Ginobli looks like he's gonna cry every time he drives and misses and a call doesnt go his way. Bowen tries to look like an angel, claiming innocence, everytime there is a foul against him. But my favorite is Duncan who, with Oscar calibre acting, expresses disbelief with moonwide eyes when calls do not go his way.

What a waste - theyre truly a good team. but all their whining makes them suck. With this recent episode, they suck even more. Pop and crew are sure laughing their hearts out with this ridiculuous suspension rule. But at least theyre alone. The whole world sees through this farce ruling of stern and stu.
Posted: 7:25 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
As a Wizard's fan looking from the outside in...I can't believe how gullable people are (or truly bias towards the Suns). Shame on everyone who's been brain washed by Amare's comments about the Spurs being dirty. These must be the same lemings that go buy Oprah Book Club books everytime she snaps her fingers. People are ignorant to think Raja Bell doesn't do the same things as Bowen; Kurt Thomas pulls every trick in the book to keep on Duncan; Nash pushes off every chance he gets; and Bell flops whenever he's touched by someone setting a screen...in fact, the Suns are the team setting illegal screens majority of the time. Please people, actually stay up and watch the games and not just ESPN highlights. There's alot more to the game than what producers give to you in a two-minute clip!
Posted: 10:04 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
suns should stop whining and just play basketball.

why is that too much to ask?
Posted: 10:59 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
I'm not sure how 7:25am can believe that the Spurs are not a dirty team when you consider: a) Bowen kicking Amare in game 2; b) Bowen kneeing Nash in the groin in game 3; c) Horry checking Nash so that he would possibly get injured in game 4. I am not saying that the Suns have always played classy basketball in the past, but in this series, the Spurs have made some really dirty plays.
Posted: 11:17 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
Actually, I haven't missed a Suns game all year. No need to see the replays or take Amare's word for it. I was already so pissed about the officiating, I'd emailed the league...a useless gesture, to be sure, but it felt good.

In the first game, Duncan picked up his first foul in the third quarter. Pretty neat trick for a very defensively active big man.

Bowen not getting hit for the kick to the leg (which he does a LOT), or getting a flagrant for an "errant" knee, or putting feet under a jump shooter.

I'll give the Spurs credit...It works.
Posted: 11:43 AM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
I used to encourage my kids to watch basketball to learn about character and sportsmanship. David Stern wants to make it clear that nobody should be learning to form character based on how he forms "champions." Rewarding Detroit-style thuggery over athleticism sets the wrong standard for my kids. How about yours?
David Stern has talked so much about role models, and now shown that he is as devod of character as he is of judgment. Rewarding the 1970's Detroit-style of thuggery, favoring the kind of behavior that causes career-ending injuries is not the kind of role model I want for my kids. Unless and until the violence is truly penalized, I'm going to be urging kids to stay away from Stern's morally bankrupt legacy
The Suns-Spurs game IS the NBA Championship series! They are good hard physical teams. If you attend a pro game (I had season tickets for the Jazz back to the days of Adrian Dantley and Pistol Pete) These guys fight for every position, block, steal, or basket.

Tim Duncan of the Spurs came off the bench in the second quarter over all the line to get closer to a teammate who was crumpled to the floor after a Sun landed on him after a slam dunk. Do you think that he should be suspended? Hell no. It is human nature to care deeply for your mates and try to help out.

The NBA league has turned into the NFL (no fun league)

You men are whining babies that don't understand how physical this game is.
Posted: 1:21 PM, May 16, 2007   by Anonymous
All of the Suns Team, Staff and Fans should have been wearing cups, as we have all been Bruce Bowened by Stern.
Posted: 5:44 PM, May 18, 2007   by Anonymous
If the Spurs win this series (Round 2 – Suns), there will be no NBA champion this year. Not that I beleive that the Suns deserve to win any more than the Spurs but because of a failure of leadership on the part of David Stern, the rest of the playoffs will be tainted. We will never know who is the best team. There have been lots of comments about how Stern's decision was unfair to the Suns (it was) but it was also unfair to the Spurs. Should they go on to defeat Utah and Detroit (or whomever in the East), it can always be said they got there only because the commisioner allowed them to cheat. All because David "Pontious Pilate–Wash my hands–The rule says so" Stern chose bureaucratic indifference over decency, ethics and common sense. What a sad, small-minded, mediocrity!
Posted: 4:21 PM, May 19, 2007   by Anonymous
WOW...it's amazing to see that so many Suns fans (and Spurs haters masquerading as objective non-Suns fans) are hollering about the whiny play of the Spurs and the heroicism of the Suns. I'm a Spurs fan, yes...and I believe that, in Game 6, there WAS still a disadvantage out there...that was the Spurs missing Robert Horry, one of the biggest clutch shooters in the history of the playoffs. Still, the Spurs managed to win that game, even shorthanded.

Was I the only one watching Nash and D'Antoni flap like birds out there at all of the "no-calls" going on? They were RIGHT...Duncan was getting murdered all series, Parker got creamed a number of times, and both teams generally got playoff calls for the most part. Aside from the Game 5 Javie-led crew, I'd have to say that the series was actually officiated by guys who were unbiased observers of the game. YES, the Suns tended to get more free throws, but that was because they 1.) flop very well, and 2.) amazingly enough, get fouled once in a while. Did it matter? Will the suspension "haunt" or "taint" the advancing of the Spurs? And has anyone bothered to ask the Jazz if they are going to roll over in the Finals? Will a championship be "tainted" by Dallas' chokejob in the first round?

Face it - hard fought series, closer in talent and teamwork, best team won. End of story. Work on your team play some more, Phoenix, for next year.
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