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11/13/2007 05:47:00 PM

Style Archive, 2007-08 Edition

Welcome to The Style Archive, a museum of college hoops fashion that featured 44 exhibits in 2006-07, and is up to 63 exhibits for '07-08.

Readers are encouraged to make nominations in the comments or by sending an e-mail to hoopstylesi@gmail.com, and will get credit for successful suggestions. Pictures are welcome.

Without further ado, the Archive (latest update March 27):

Chris Douglas-Roberts, 6-7 guard, Jr., Memphis
Classification: Sleeve removal
Spotted: March 23 vs. Mississippi State
Notes: CDR's trademark was a baggy tee -- until he switched to a smaller one midway through '08, and then ditched it altogether in time for the NCAA tournament, claiming not to be the least bit superstitious.

NCAA Flair
Every tournament team
Classification: Blue jersey patch
Spotted: Omaha, Little Rock, Raleigh ...
Notes: The NCAA mandated that all teams in the tournament wear the same jersey badge on their left shoulder, and for UCLA, at least, it matches. For a team like Michigan State or Wazzu, not so much.

Three Shades of Pearl
Bruce Pearl, coach, Tennessee
Classification: Sartorial diversity
Spotted: Over the course of '06-08
Notes: First the orange blazer (right), then the shirtless stunt for a Lady Vols game (left), then this spacesuit/warmup for a recent speech. Pearl has the market cornered on coaching outlandishness.

Tyler Smith, 6-7 forward, Soph., Tennessee
Classification: Facial tattoo
Spotted: Entire '07-08 season
Notes: Smith had these tears tattooed in memory of his late father, Billy, who passed away from lung cancer in September. Billy's illness was the reason Smith left Iowa in '07 and transferred closer to home.

Luke Harangody, 6-8 forward, Soph., Notre Dame
Classification: Various-sized buzz-cuts
Spotted: March 2 vs. Depaul; March 20 vs. Winthrop
Notes: 'Gody's iconic 'do, which was passed down from his father, Dave, is characterized by the fact that it sticks straight out of his head in all directions. The family simply refers to it as "Harangody Hair."

The Lanyard Look
Coppin State Eagles
Classification: Jersey decoration
Spotted: March 15 vs. Morgan State
Notes: Julian Conyers and the Eagles are the first 20-loss team to ever make the NCAA tournament -- and they'll likely be the only ones there this year who appear to have CSU lanyards sewn onto their necklines.

Downward-Facing Bulldog
A.J. Graves, 6-1 guard, Sr., Butler
Classification: Celebration cartwheel
Spotted: March 11, after Horizon League title game
Notes: Switz City's finest busted a move in honor of the Bulldogs' automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. We doubt Butler was doing flips over the No. 7 seed it got from the selection committee, though.

Jazz-Hands-In-Your-Face D
D.J. Augustin, 5-11 guard, Soph., Texas
Classification: Creative defensive position
Spotted: March 15 in the Big 12 tourney
Notes: Augustin tried to fluster Oklahoma's Tyler Griffin with this move in the Big 12 semis -- and at the very least, made him close his eyes. The 'Horns won the game, too, but fell to Kansas on Sunday.

Psycho-Spastic Shuffle
Tyler Hansbrough, 6-9 forward, Jr., North Carolina
Classification: Celebration dance
Spotted: March 15 in ACC semifinals
Notes: Hansbrough had good reason to make this flailing display of emotion: He had just hit the game-winning shot, with 0.8 seconds left, to sink Virginia Tech out of both the ACC and NCAA tournaments.

The Cactus
Matt Bouldin, 6-5 guard, Soph., Gonzaga
Classification: Large 'do
Spotted: All season
Notes: Bouldin, the Zags' leading scorer as they head into the NCAA tournament, is the only college hoopster who bears at least a mild resemblance to a member of Phish (that would be bassist Mike "Cactus" Gordon).

Lithuanian Artillery
Laurynas Mikalauskas, 6-8 forward, Jr., Virginia
Classification: Schwarzenegger pose
Spotted: March 5 vs. Duke
Notes: Mikalauskas gave us perhaps the best single-basket celebration of the year after an and-one play against the Dukies. Not even an elaborate shoulder-and-arm brace could stop him from flexing.

Cinderella Beard
Todd Babington, 6-6 guard, Sr., Austin Peay
Classification: Facial hair
Spotted: March 8 vs. Tennessee State
Notes: For a lumberjack, Babington has some decent basketball skills: He scored 24 points while rocking this beard in the Ohio Valley Conference's tourney title game, clinching Peay a spot in the NCAAs.

Major League 'Stache
Tony Shaver, coach, William & Mary
Classification: Facial hair
Spotted: March 9 vs. VCU
Notes: Shaver is like a young Lou Brown, sporting a coaching 'stache that exudes authority. While Brown coaxed an underdog to the AL Pennant, though, Shaver came one game short of getting W&M to the NCAAs.

The Chism
Tyrone Shelley, 6-6 guard, Fr., Pepperdine
Classification: Headgear
Spotted: March 7 vs. Portland
Notes: Shelley and Tennessee's Wayne Chism both belong to the High-Up school of headband style -- essentially the opposite of UCLA's Lorenzo Mata-Real, who wears his all the way over his ears.

The Red Storm
John Bryant, 6-10 center, Jr., Santa Clara
Classification: Hirsuteness
Spotted: March 9 vs. Gonzaga
Notes: Bryant rocks an explosive mop of curls while serving as the Broncos' giant in the post. This puts him on par with Gonzaga's Matt Bouldin -- a Mike Gordon look-a-like -- for the WCC's biggest 'do.

The Sharpie
Kevin Love, UCLA/A.J. Price, UConn
Classification: Chin-strap facial hair
Spotted: Bi-coastally
Notes: The stars of Westwood and Storrs have been sporting beards skinny enough to be drawn on with a marker. The look seems to be working, though, as both Love and Price are All-America candidates.

Candy Stripers
Classification: Warmup Pants
Spotted: The layup line
Notes: The Hoosiers have long been famous for their red-and-white, tear-off trousers, but the Vols -- also sponsored by Adidas -- got into the act this season, rocking throwbacks to the Ray Mears era.

Van Chancellor, coach, LSU
Classification: Neckwear
Spotted: Feb. 25 vs. UConn
Notes: Chancellor rocked a bow tie at the start of the Lady Tigers' loss to UConn, but ditched it at half for more traditional neckwear. "I will never wear another bow tie as long as I coach," he said.

High-Fashion Goggs
Marcus Landry, 6-7 forward, Jr., Wisconsin
Classification: Modern Rec Specs
Spotted: Feb. 20 at Illinois
Notes: Although I still prefer the yellow goggs worn by UCLA's Alfred Aboya earlier this season, Landry has a slick pair of Adidas specs. Basketball eyewear has come a long way since the days of Kurt Rambis.

Kissing Goodbye
Drew Neitzel, 6-0 guard, Sr., Michigan State
Classification: Center-court smooch
Spotted: March 2 vs. Indiana
Notes: Neitzel, as well as fellow senior Drew Naymick, made this parting gesture on their final trip off the court on the Spartans' Senior Day. The game itself was a laugher, as State routed Indiana, 103-74.

Kansas Jayhawks
Classification: Throwback Jerseys
Spotted: Feb. 16 vs. Colorado
Notes: In an ode to the pre-Trajan era, KU trotted out throwbacks from Danny Manning's national championship team -- and while wearing them, pounded the Buffs, 69-45. Why not keep these on a permanent basis?

Dark Horses
USC Trojans
Classification: Alternate Jerseys
Spotted: Feb. 17 vs. UCLA
Notes: USC's "Black Out The Bruins" experiment did not go well: The jerseys were a style flop, and the Trojans played poorly in them, losing 56-45 to their L.A. rivals as star O.J. Mayo scored just four points.

The Cut Of Osiris
Osiris Eldridge, 6-3 guard, Soph., Illinois State
Classification: Gradual Mohawk
Spotted: Feb. 5 vs. Drake
Notes: The actual Osiris distinguished himself by having green skin -- and also by being the Egyptian god of life, death and fertility. That's a hard act to follow, but Eldridge is putting in a nice effort with this 'do.

Indiana Hoosiers
Classification: Ousted Coach's Initials
Spotted: Feb. 23 vs. Northwestern
Notes: The Hoosiers paid their respects to Kelvin Sampson's career by writing his initials on their shoes; he showed them some love by sending them text-messages after they narrowly beat the cellar-dwelling 'Cats.

LeVa Tech
Paul Debnam, 6-3 guard, Soph., Virginia Tech
Classification: Customized LeBrons
Spotted: Feb. 16 at UNC by Zeke Smith
Notes: Zeke, a Chapel Hill-based photog, not only nominated Debnam but sent in a photo of the walk-on's VT-emblazoned 'Brons. Other end-of-the bench guys take note: custom kicks will get you some Style pub.

Lumberjack From Down Under
Aron Baynes, 6-10 center, Jr., Wash. State
Classification: Woodsman/Williamsburg Beard
Spotted: Feb. 7 vs. UCLA
Notes: Baynes, the Cougars' temperamental center, recently began sporting this scraggly beard. Whether the Aussie is doing it for warmth or hipster cred, or if it's merely a result of hygienic neglect, we do not know.

DeanDome Dancin'
Danny Green, 6-6 forward, Jr., North Carolina
Classification: Pregame dance ritual
Spotted: Feb. 6 vs. Duke
Notes: The main reason Green doesn't start at Carolina, I think, is so he can do this dance while House of Pain's Jump Around blares from the Smith Center speakers right before tip. It's become something of a UNC tradition.

Deron Washington, 6-7 forward, Sr., Virginia Tech
Classification: Haircut
Spotted: Feb. 5 at N.C. State
Notes: The night before the Hokies beat Virginia on Feb. 2, Washington had his girlfriend and a teammate chop off his trademark dreadlocks and give him a mohawk in their place. "I wanted to shock everybody," he said.

Tylenol Flu Daytime Mouthpiece
Trevon Hughes, 6-0 guard, Soph., Wisconsin
Classification: Bi-colored mouthpiece
Spotted: Jan. 31 vs. Indiana
Notes: I'm not sure if I gave this entry the best name ... but when Hughes smiles, it looks like he has a Tylenol Flu Gelcap across his front teeth. This must've looked great with the Badgers' striped retro socks.

Marian Blues
Dayton Flyers
Classification: Additional jersey logo
Spotted: Jan. 16 vs. UMass
Notes: The first time the Flyers experimented with this retro look -- a baby blue that may have been an ode to the dome on their famous Marian Library -- they watched a 13-game winning streak come to an end.

The Fanucci/Wolfe/Greene Suit
Rick Pitino, coach, Louisville
Classification: All-white coaching attire
Spotted: Feb. 9 vs. Georgetown
Notes: As part of the Cards' "White Out" promotion, Pitino wore this getup -- but ditched it at halftime, claiming it was a casualty of a spilled soda. With its coach back in black, the 'Ville pulled off a comeback win.

Bob Huggins, coach, West Virginia
Classification: Yellow suit
Spotted: Jan. 30 vs. Cincinnati
Notes: Huggs went all-out for his first coaching appearance against his former employer, sporting this crazy suit and matching shoes. He didn't get the desired result on the floor, however: WVU was blown out 62-39.

Sweater Vested
Pat Knight, coach, Texas Tech
Classification: O'Reilly Auto Parts Coachingwear
Spotted: Feb. 9 at Nebraska
Notes: Pat's ascension to the Red Raiders' head job moves the sweater vest, an increasingly rare sideline style, back into the forefront. The Son of Bob is well on his way to becoming the Jim Tressel of college basketball.

Thinking Pink
Essence Carson, 6-0 guard, Sr., Rutgers
Spotted: Feb. 11 at Tennessee
Notes: Carson and the Scarlet Knights wore pink uniforms -- and even pink Nikes -- for their narrow loss to the Volunteers. It was part of a "Think Pink" campaign that's aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness.

The Air Gordon Tee
Eric Gordon, 6-4 guard, Fr., Indiana
Classification: Baggy undershirt
Spotted: Feb. 10 at Ohio State
Notes: The Hoosiers' influx of t-shirt-wearing rookies -- Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis and Jordan Crawford -- caused senior star D.J. White to cut off his sleeves. This oversized look has become Gordon's trademark.

Natty Nebraska
Steve Harley, 5-11 guard, Jr., Nebraska
Classification: Massive Dreadlocks
Spotted: Jan. 12 vs. Kansas
Notes: Harley, a juco All-America last season at South Plains College, brought some flavor with him to Lincoln. His overwhelming hirsuteness makes up for the fact that the Huskers' best player, Aleks Maric, has no hair.

Omar Samhan, 6-11 center, Soph., St. Mary's
Classification: Mohawk Variation
Spotted: Jan. 5 at Texas
Notes: The raggedy haircut Sahman sports in his St. Mary's bio makes him look like a metal-band roadie. This ultra-thick mohawk is more appropriate for the court, where he's been averaging 11.6 points and 7.1 boards.

N.C. State Wolfpack
Classification: Team-wide black socks
Spotted: Jan. 12 at North Carolina
Notes: With woeful ACC record, the Wolfpack aren't exactly reviving the Fab Five in terms of quality basketball -- but they are delivering an ode to the old Michigan teams by wearing all-black socks with their black kicks.

Mr. Untucked
DeAndre Jordan, 7-0 center, Fr., Texas A&M
Classification: Dense beard
Spotted: Jan. 12 vs. Colorado
Notes: Jordan has the nation's best field-goal percentage at 75.3, but there are two things he doesn't do well: shoot free throws (he hits only 36.1 percent) and keep his jersey tucked in. It's always out ... and it looks awful.

Shoulder U
Miami Hurricanes
Classification: Additional jersey logo
Spotted: Jan. 12 vs. Georgia Tech
Notes: The iconic "U" logo isn't just for football helmets. During their 14-1 run to start this season, the 'Canes have worn it on the left shoulder of their Nike jerseys, opposite the requisite U.S. flag on the right shoulder.

Blaze Orange
Oliver Purnell, coach, Clemson
Classification: School-colored coaching jacket
Spotted: Jan. 6 vs. North Carolina
Notes: Was this rented -- sans tophat -- off the set of Dumb and Dumber? A game between the Tigers and Tennessee, with Purnell and Bruce Pearl both in their orange blazers, would set coaching fashion back 20 years.

Sideline Sit-in
Kevin Stallings, coach, Vanderbilt
Classification: Defeated posture
Spotted: Jan. 12 at Kentucky
Notes: Under the NCAA's new rules of decorum, leaving the coaching box warrants a technical ... but sitting down within it does not. This was Stallings' reaction to the 'Dores' first loss, in double-overtime at Rupp Arena.

Buckled Down
Mike Deane, coach, Wagner
Classification: Actual bench seatbelt
Spotted: All Wagner games
Notes: Credit goes to SI.com's Kevin Armstrong for first telling the story of Deane's strapped-in protest in a Jan. 7 column. Deane might be onto something here, considering his history of stellar conduct on the sideline.

The Baron
Kenny Williams, 6-8 forward, Sr., Ole Miss
Classification: Dense beard
Spotted: Jan. 9 at Tennessee
Notes: Williams is part of the Rebs' physical front line, and his roughage suggests he's trying to be the Baron Davis of the SEC. But at 6-foot-8 and 240 pounds, Williams is unlikely to be mistaken for B.D. anytime soon.

Barbershop Art
Chris Howard, 6-3 guard, Soph., South Florida
Classification: Shaved-In Designs
Spotted: Every Bulls home game
Notes: Howard hits up his barber -- a dude named "Elvis" at Miracles in Motion in Tampa -- before each home game for a fresh design. South Florida even saw fit to post a Cuttin' it with Chris video on its official Web site.

U, Us, Muss
Utah Runnin' Utes
Classification: Ode-to-tradition Shorts
Spotted: Dec. 31 vs. Gonzaga
Notes: A fine way to honor one's student section. The "Muss" in U, Us, Muss stands for Mighty Utah Student Section. Muss also appears in the Utes' fight song: No other gang of college men dare meet us in a muss.

Bein' Easy
Mike Beasley, 6-10 forward, Fr., Kansas State
Classification: Custom kicks
Spotted: Dec. 4 vs. Notre Dame
Notes: K-State has no shoe unity -- nearly every player wears a different pair of swooshes -- and Beasley has gone the NikeID route. His nickname, "B Easy," and number, 30, are stitched on the inner sides of his kicks.

Wavy Greivy
Greivis Vasquez, 6-6 guard, Soph., Maryland
Classification: Facial artistry
Spotted: Dec. 12 vs. Ohio by Mr. Irrelevant
Notes: "Greivis Vasquez has curious facial hair" was the title of Jamie Mottram's blog post on this questionable fashion statement. Vasquez needs to switch to Russell Westbrook's barber and improve on the details.

Juice Monsta
O.J. Mayo, 6-5 guard, Fr., USC
Classification: Customized kicks
Spotted: Dec. 4 vs. Memphis
Notes: Mayo, like Beasley, used NikeID, lettering the straps across the front of his cardinal, gold and white kicks with the words "Juice Monsta." Now will he stick with the swoosh when he signs his first shoe deal in '08?

Derek Obama
Barack Obama, 6-1 1/2 Democrat, '08 Presidential race
Classification: Jumpman Jeter Vital shoes
Spotted: Dec. 24 in SI's Gallery
Notes: Posters on the NikeTalk message board ID'd Obama's shoes -- worn in his one-on-one battle with SI's S.L. Price -- as the latest Derek Jeter Jordans. Obama also wore his wedding band during the game.

Where's Waldo Wisconsin?
Wisconsin Badgers
Classification: Throwback jerseys, socks
Spotted: Dec. 3 vs. Wofford
Notes: The Badgers honored their 1941 national title team by wearing throwbacks, complete with high, striped socks. Of the leggings, coach Bo Ryan said, "I don't think you'd have a striped-sock fan club started around here."

Greyer Sooner
Oklahoma Sooners
Classification: Alternate jersey
Spotted: Dec. 29 vs. West Virginia
Notes: The Sooners debuted these jerseys on Dec. 5 in an 81-55 win over Tulsa. The light-grey look also brought OU luck on Saturday in Charleston, W.V., as it upset the ranked Mountaineers in double overtime.

Little Allen
A.J. Abrams, 5-11 guard, Jr., Texas
Classification: Iverson Sleeve
Spotted: Nov. 24 vs. Tennessee
Notes: Teammate D.J. Augustin likes to joke with Abrams about his Iverson obsession; he wears No. 3 and the arm sleeve, but can't sport the actual Iverson shoes ... because Texas is a Nike school.

A&M Memento
Billy Gillispie, coach, Kentucky
Classification: Belt buckle
Spotted: Nov. 6 vs. Central Arkansas
Notes: Gillispie wasn't rocking his favorite Texas A&M belt buckle for the Wildcats' game against UNC on Dec. 1, but fans noticed it earlier in the season. The diamond- encrusted UK buckle, presumably, is still in production.

Samurai Dreads
Tweety Carter, 5-10 guard, Soph., Baylor
Classification: Warrior 'Do
Spotted: Nov. 30 vs. Washington State
Notes: The Bears' shortest player gets a couple of inches taller by going with this look. Carter's grandmother nicknamed him "Tweety" for the way he cried as a baby, which, come to think of it, isn't a very samurai-like characteristic.

The Neitzel
Jonathan Tavernari, 6-6 forward, Soph., BYU
Classification: Bald dome
Spotted: Nov. 24 vs. North Carolina
Notes: While his BYU bio shot still shows a buzz cut, the Cougars' Brazilian shooting star is one of the few players -- along with Michigan State's Drew Neitzel -- going for the slick-dome look in '07-08.

Hoya Albus
Georgetown Hoyas
Classification: Alternate jersey
Spotted: Dec. 1 vs. Fairfield
Notes: The Hoyas, who traditionally go with gray at home and navy blue on the road, did not fare particularly well in their experiment with white: They fell behind lowly Fairfield in the second half before rallying to win.

Air Es Salaam
Hasheem Thabeet, 7-3 center, Soph., UConn
Classification: NikeID customized kicks
Spotted: Nov. 15 vs. Gardner-Webb
Notes: The Dar Es Salaam-born Thabeet sported these custom, 25th-anniversary Air Force Ones during the opening game of the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic at Madison Square Garden, but ditched them for the finale.

The Bron"X"
Gavin Grant, 6-8 forward, Sr., N.C. State
Classification: Arms Sign
Spotted: Nov. 25 vs. Villanova
Notes: Grant, a Bronx native, flashed this on ESPN immediately after hitting the game-winning free throw against 'Nova in the Old Spice Classic final. Of the home-town shout-out, Grant said, "Loyalty is priceless."

American Made
Joey Dorsey, 6-9 forward, Sr., Memphis
Classification: Team USA socks
Spotted: Nov. 16 vs. UConn
Notes: Dorsey made the U.S. Pan American Games team this summer, playing in Brazil on Jay Wright's fifth-place squad. And apparently Joey likes the U.S. socks ... because he's still wearing them.

High-Fashion Rec-Specs
Alfred Aboya, 6-8 forward, Jr., UCLA
Classification: Protective Eyewear
Spotted: Dec. 2 vs. Texas
Notes: Aboya fractured an orbital bone below his right eye in a game against Yale on Nov. 24, but didn't miss a game with the injury. He returned sporting a pair of goggles that would earn Mystery's approval.

Trajan Invasion
Kansas Jayhawks
Classification: Jersey font change
Spotted: Nov. 25 vs. Arizona
Notes: KU paid what Brandon Rush called "a pretty penny" -- $88,900, to be exact -- to switch its classic jersey font to Trajan this offseason. This spawned at KU fan to launch a "Trajan Sucks" Web site.

Super Mario 'Stache
Nedim Pajevic, 6-9 forward, Sr., UCSB
Classification: College hoops' greatest mustache
Spotted: Nov. 11 at Stanford
Notes: With Virginia's Jason Cain gone, someone needed to assume the mustache throne. That man is the Sarajevo-born Pajevic, who, according to his bio, also has a leg scar from grenade shrapnel.

Flaming Point Guard
Russell Westbrook, 6-3 guard, Soph., UCLA
Classification: Scalp Design
Spotted: by UCLA student Erkki Corpuz
Notes: Westbrook told the L.A. Times that this is called the "Flaming Mohawk." It's also the best cut we've seen this season -- and right up with Levon Kendall's "Vanilla" look in the Archive's greatest 'dos.

The Yellow Tie
Billy Gillispie, coach, Kentucky
Classification: Arm and leg sleeves
Spotted: Oct. 31 vs. Pikeville College
Notes: In his exhibition-game debut at Kentucky, Gillispie made the seemingly innocuous decision to wear a yellow tie -- prompting a number of Wildcats fans to question why he wasn't wearing blue.

Texas Longpants
D.J. Augustin, 6-0 guard, Soph., Texas
Classification: Ultra-long game shorts
Spotted: Nov. 12 vs. UTSA
Notes: The length of Augustin's trunks has expanded along with his role as a scorer in Year 1 post-Durant. The shorts don't seem to be hindering the 'Horns' PG, as he scored 19 points in their first win.

Gap-toothed Acronym
UCLA Bruins
Classification: Commemorative Jersey
Spotted: Nov. 12 vs. Youngstown State
Notes: UCLA is the first school to win 100 NCAA championships, and it's commemorating it by making the "C" in the Bruins' jerseys gold. An outline was added after the first edition received poor reviews.

Marquette Golden Eagles
Classification: Classic jersey trim
Spotted: Nov. 10 vs. IUPUI
Notes: Marquette parted ways with Nike and now wears alum Dwyane Wade's Converse line. Along with customized D-Wade kicks, the Golden Eagles switched their jerseys to an Al McGuire-era look.

Fully Covered
O.J. Mayo, 6-5 guard, Fr., USC
Classification: Arm and leg sleeves
Spotted: Nov. 10 vs. Mercer
Notes: Mayo decided to armor up for his regular-season debut, sporting black sleeves on his arms and legs against Mercer. He scored 32 points, but wasn't particularly impressive, as USC lost by 15.


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Posted: 9:11 PM   by Blogger erik
Doneal Mack from Memphis and his #20 and a lightning bolt in his hair, can you put up a picture of that?
Posted: 12:02 PM   by Blogger ACC HOOPS
Only OJ Mayo could score 32 points and not look impressive. you guys are ridiculous with this OJ Mayo hate....the guy is good, and he's a freshman. don't tell me he's an old freshman either, bc tyler hansborough was an even older freshman when he came out and you guys never complained about him.
Posted: 5:07 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
No one wants to hear your liberal garbage about Obama playing basketball.
Posted: 9:34 AM   by Anonymous Greg
Just FYI, I believe that Converse is owned by Nike. Also, that stache would make Magnum P.I. proud.
Posted: 12:45 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Can we get an equal time Ron Paul basketball photo op here? I guess you gotta be FAIR and BALANCED. Here's an idea--how about picking NBA players who most look like the presidential candidates?
Posted: 5:39 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Gotta add Nolan Smith's tat.
Posted: 12:53 AM   by Blogger The
Mustache esta muy bien. Jesus, that's a gorgeous piece of pornstar artwork.
Posted: 2:01 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Unfortunately the Super Mario 'Stache has been shaved. Before it was though, it took on a life of its own, with fans wearing cut-out 'Staches to UCSB home games, and when it was rumored that the 'Stache might be shaved a Facebook page was dedicated/named "Save The 'Stache".
Posted: 4:11 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Osiris Eldridge of Illinois State has a whole head mohawk. Oh-yeah, he's also one of the best sophmores in college hoops. Missouri Valley Freshman of the year last year. He's the real deal! Lets see a picture. Better yet, we need to see some of the 6-2" guards dunks! They are spectacular!
Posted: 4:07 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Did you see the white Georgetown jerseys. . . those were cool.
Posted: 5:17 PM   by Blogger KnoxMoc
For the best college hoops 'stache of all time, please see former VOL great Lang Wiseman (sidekick to A. Houston). His facial hair, alone, should get him in the college basketball hall of fame.
Posted: 6:26 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
"No one wants to hear your liberal garbage about Obama playing basketball."

oh man, what a jerk.
Posted: 7:32 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
You cant beat the White Suit of Ricky P.
Posted: 10:13 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Kansas made a huge mistake. The old font WAS KANSAS and it would have looked greats across the chest of the football jerseys too. How like Oklahoma does that says "sooners"
Posted: 12:51 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
or Mack's tribute to his mother by having her name, Lorna, shaved in his head when she flew over from Germany for a game.
Posted: 12:26 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
As a Bruin fan, I really actually like the new jerseys. I didn't like pictures of it, but in person, it actually looks good. Plus, for away games, the letters, which are usually white, were all changed to gold except for the "C", which remains white. Also, I really like Russell Westbrook's mohawk. He cut it a couple of weeks ago.
Posted: 1:36 PM   by Anonymous Darsh
Big man Steven Hill down here in Fayetteville is growing his hippie caveman look back out for the Razorbacks. You should keep an eye on it to see if he totally wolfs out by the time the SEC Tournament rolls around.
Posted: 2:40 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Eldridge is amazing to watch. Every time he touches it he is a threat to score. Oh and not be to picky or anything Osiris is an Egyptian god, not Greek. But, you should see his his O-Hawk now.