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12/21/2006 02:17:00 PM

Style Archive Update

We debuted the Style Archive on Dec. 4 with 14 exhibits -- everything from Ryan Patzwald's Rooster-Hawk to Al Thornton's Vault -- and it's time for the first expansion. Big ups to Miguel "Off The Meter" Rodriguez for making the first successful reader submission (complete with an original photo).

(The Complete Style Archive can be found here.)

>> Dec. 21 Add-Ons <<

Flagged Feet
Carlos Rivera, 6-2 guard, Sr., Hofstra
Classification: Puerto Rican flag on shoe
Spotted: Dec. 12 vs. St. Francis by Off The Meter
Notes: Rivera, who gives love to his home country with a flag on the toe of his white Nike Elites, is the Pride's third-leading scorer at 11.7 points per game, and team leader in assists with 31.

The Dove
Marcus Dove, 6-9 guard/forward, Jr., Oklahoma St.
Classification: Bird-like hand sign
Spotted: Dec. 5 vs. Syracuse by The Blog
Notes: The entire OSU team makes the Dove Sign when Marcus dunks. Dove says the idea came from ex-Cowboy John Lucas III, who once told him, "Man, your name is Dove -- you've got to do some wings after you dunk."

Matt Hill, 6-9 forward/center, Fr., Texas
Classification: Curly white-man's fro
Spotted: Dec. 20 vs. Arkansas by The Blog
Notes: Hill has more style than Dustin Diamond, but his 'do still falls into Screech territory. Hill averages a symmetrical 3.7 points and 3.7 rebounds off the bench for the Longhorns -- and says he loves Radiohead.

Using Product
Tyler Hatch, 6-6 forward, Jr., Oklahoma St.
Classification: Mega-spiked hair
Spotted: Dec. 18 at Tennessee by "anonymous commenter"
Notes: Hatch, a Cowboys reserve -- and a transfer from Northern Oklahoma College -- sports perhaps the most slicked-up 'do in college hoops. Reportedly has an endorsement deal with BedHead lined up after graduation.


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Posted: 10:23 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I have to admit, Matt Hill's Fro is classic.
Posted: 5:46 AM   by Anonymous Tammy
Keep 'em comin'. Neat article.
Posted: 12:16 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Gotta add Oden's beard. He looks like an artist's depiction of LeBron in 15 years. I still don't believe he's that young. He must have a birth certificate from Taiwan or something.
Posted: 1:51 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, his country flag is the one with 50 stars and thirteen stripes. It might have fifty one if they decide to become a state.
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