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2/06/2007 01:40:00 AM

The Magic Durant Formula

Wow. This thing actually worked. If you're late to the party, on Monday I debuted a "Durant Prediction Formula" (and reader contest) that predicted the Texas superfrosh would score 28 points against Texas A&M. Which is exactly what he did.

So the winner of the reader contest is either no one ... or Mike R. from Cypress, Texas, who said 28 points without realizing it was also my pick. Should we still give Mike a prize? Or maybe just some of Todd Bozeman's discarded ham sandwiches?

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Posted: 9:34 AM   by Blogger Mike
Are you finally going to show Coach Gillispie and the Aggies some respect after the last few days? Are you now convinced that A&M is good enough to be in your power rankings? What else do they need to do?

Mike G.
Dallas, TX
TAMU '97
Posted: 10:49 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Give it to him!
Posted: 11:15 AM   by Blogger John
Does that thing work for lottery numbers too? Nice statistical prognostication! Give the guy a leftover sandwich or two...
Posted: 11:35 AM   by Blogger Rich
That is why I was coming to this site. Winn has been shortchanging the Aggies all season because of two early away losses (#9 LSU by 12 and #1 UCLA by 3). If winning in the Phog, holding arguably the best player in the NCAA to an "average" night, and thumping their arch rival all in one week does not do it, then I guess nothing will impress this guy.

Rich A.
Corvallis, OR
Posted: 11:42 AM   by Blogger Michael
Well, I DID get the right answer. It's not my fault you picked it before me. You wrote the article, so that put's you at an unfair advantage over anyone else that comes up with the same pick.

Mike R.
Cypress, TX
Posted: 3:23 PM   by Blogger Luke Winn
Mike R. ... send a note to hoopstylesi@gmail.com to get in touch. We'll give you a prize. I have two options.

- Luke
Posted: 4:03 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
So let's check it against ISU...

Austin, Tx
Posted: 4:23 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
What makes Kevin Durant more amazing is that at this time last year, he was 195 pounds, and many reputable scouting websites questioned if he could ever become anything except a really good jumpshooter. How things have changed.
Posted: 12:00 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Does it really matter how amazing Durant is when his team still lost by 18 points? Maybe he scored 28 points but he only had three assists. You can't say that no one was open while he was drawing double and triple teams from the Aggie D. If Durant could elevate the rest of his team instead of trying to carry them he would be at least half as great as everybody says he is. The Aggies have also not been getting the respect they deserve from people in the media who are biased against the program since it is not a traditional basketball school. Yeah that's you, Luke.

Kingsville, TX
Posted: 2:45 AM   by Anonymous Lorraine
Yeah, how things have changed. Too bad he lost to my Ags last night!

Austin, Tx
TAMU '91
Posted: 9:12 AM   by Anonymous Jon
You were right on, I can't believe the formula worked. I say it was just lucky.
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