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1/15/2008 02:45:00 PM

Style Archive Update No. 5

This is the season's fifth update of the Style Archive, a museum of college hoops fashion that featured 44 exhibits in 2006-07 and is back open for '07-08.

Readers are encouraged to make nominations in the comments or by sending an e-mail to hoopstylesi@gmail.com, and will get credit for successful suggestions. Pictures are welcome.

Without further ado, the Archive (latest update Jan. 15; full Archive can be found here):

Blaze Orange
Oliver Purnell, coach, Clemson
Classification: School-colored coaching jacket
Spotted: Jan. 6 vs. North Carolina
Notes: Was this rented -- sans tophat -- off the set of Dumb and Dumber? A game between the Tigers and Tennessee, with Purnell and Bruce Pearl both in their orange blazers, would set coaching fashion back 20 years.

Sideline Sit-in
Kevin Stallings, coach, Vanderbilt
Classification: Defeated posture
Spotted: Jan. 12 at Kentucky
Notes: Under the NCAA's new rules of decorum, leaving the coaching box warrants a technical ... but sitting down within it does not. This was Stallings' reaction to the 'Dores' first loss, in double-overtime at Rupp Arena.

Buckled Down
Mike Deane, coach, Wagner
Classification: Actual bench seatbelt
Spotted: All Wagner games
Notes: Credit goes to SI.com's Kevin Armstrong for first telling the story of Deane's strapped-in protest in a Jan. 7 column. Deane might be onto something here, considering his history of stellar conduct on the sideline.

The Baron
Kenny Williams, 6-8 forward, Sr., Ole Miss
Classification: Dense beard
Spotted: Jan. 9 at Tennessee
Notes: Williams is part of the Rebs' physical front line, and his roughage suggests he's trying to be the Baron Davis of the SEC. But at 6-foot-8 and 240 pounds, Williams is unlikely to be mistaken for B.D. anytime soon.

Barbershop Art
Chris Howard, 6-3 guard, Soph., South Florida
Classification: Shaved-In Designs
Spotted: Every Bulls home game
Notes: Howard hits up his barber -- a dude named "Elvis" at Miracles in Motion in Tampa -- before each home game for a fresh design. South Florida even saw fit to post a Cuttin' it with Chris video on its official Web site.

U, Us, Muss
Utah Runnin' Utes
Classification: Ode-to-tradition Shorts
Spotted: Dec. 31 vs. Gonzaga
Notes: A fine way to honor one's student section. The "Muss" in U, Us, Muss stands for Mighty Utah Student Section. Muss also appears in the Utes' fight song: No other gang of college men dare meet us in a muss.


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