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1/01/2007 02:05:00 PM

The Bob Knight Show Continues With More In A Moment

As a companion to the long Bob Knight-at-Army story that ran today, I dug up a few classic (and PG-rated) Knight YouTubes:

The BoilerDonkey

A clip from the Bob Knight Show in the 1970s, in which Knight brings on a donkey ("His first name is Jack, Chuck -- and I'll just let you figure out the last name") in a mesh Purdue hat. This was in response to Boilermakers athletic director George King turning down Knight's invitation to appear on his TV show. In King's place, Knight brought on someone (or some animal) who would "express the same kinds of views and so forth and be very symbolic of a lot of the thinking at Purdue."

One Shining Moment, 1987

The only Knight championship I was old enough to comprehend. The montage includes a stellar Superdome graphic ... and, of course, Knight punching a table.

"Somebody had their Minute Maid this morning"

Knight's orange juice commercial from the '80s. The only time you'll see him tie a grown man's shoe.

I can't responsibly embed the rest of these into SI.com, but here are links to R-Rated Knight videos (for profanity, not nudity):

• A Marine commercial outtake with "punch."
• Classic Knight golf bloopers.
• A clandestine recording of a Knight speech from the early '90s.

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