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5/18/2007 12:05:00 PM

That should settle things

Finally, a powerful voice in the Yankees clubhouse has spoken out against the outrageous perks being afforded Roger Clemens. Yes, it's straight from Mr. Yankee himself, Kyle Farnsworth! With apologies to Dave Winfield, maybe Farnsworth should be the new Mr. May. This should put the Rocket in his place once and for all.

Here's some news from other key Yankees that's turning the Big Apple on its stem:

• Backup catcher Wil Nieves (1-for-27) doesn't think it was very nice that his teammates laughed at him when he was thrown out at second while trying to stretch his only base hit this season into a double.

• Pitcher Brian Bruney is mad that Derek Jeter attracts a better class of groupie.

• Lefty relief specialist Mike Myers gripes that he's, at best, the third-most famous Mike Myers, and one of the guys he trails is a fictional character.
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One more: Rookie pitcher Matt DeSalvo is unhappy that he will likely be passed over for a start in the upcoming series against the Red Sox, thus depriving him of the opportunity to earn the same nickname as another infamous DeSalvo, i.e., "The Boston Strangler."
Posted: May 18, 2007 2:00 PM   by Anonymous
I say pay the Rocket for work actually performed, instead of a salary. He wants to perform only some of the duties of a normal pitcher, which include the mundane task of just being there. The Yankees should pay him like a contractor instead of an employee: a set amount per start, or per appearance, or per inning. Then if he gets hurt, or whatever, he doesn't get paid. Flexibility is a two-way street.
Posted: May 18, 2007 3:55 PM   by Anonymous
It seems hypocritical to lambaste a member of the Mets for not shaving his head, then allowing a Yankee - Clemens - to periodically grace the team with an appearance. If you are on a team, you are on a team. I can see some concessions for all starting pitchers: No cross country travel the night before a start, etc. But this family plan thing is just another example of sports going down the toilet. Simple yardstick: Would Ernie Banks have ever asked for a family plan, in his contract? I don't think so. -Doc
Good for Farny...he's a bit of a character and probably not afraid of Clemens because he has the best double-leg takedown in all of baseball, LOL. Bring it on, Roger! = )
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