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6/15/2006 12:17:00 PM

What Should Barry Bonds Do in 2007?

Barring injury or the very real possibility that something off the field will catch up to him, Barry Bonds already is positioning himself to play again next season and make a run at Hank Aaron's career home run record. Given that the Giants may not re-sign Bonds, what team do you think would be a good fit for him next season, either as a DH or part-time leftfielder, or do you think he should walk away from the game?
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Posted: 1:34 PM   by Scott Hammond
I wish that he would walk away from the game forever, before he does any more harm to it. The man should not ever be given the chance to pass Hank Aaron. He needs to be arrested and put in jail. If Major League Baseball is going to band Pete Rose from the game for life for gambling, shouldn't Barry not receive the same treatment. I know that if I was a major league pitcher who faced him, I would go after his head, elbow, and knees every time he came to the plate. If I was a manager, I would order it done. He doesn't deserve to be playing now, next year, or end up in the Hall of Fame. If he does land in the Hall, the Hall of Fame will mean absolutely nothing, and be a spit in all the faces of those that are there now, and the future Hall of Famers.
Posted: 1:36 PM   by Anonymous
The only team other than the Giants would be the Rangers (with a BIG if).

Let's be realistic, unless Tom Hicks decides to fire Buck (he would not want to be a part of this).
Posted: 2:13 PM   by Anonymous
In an era where steroids were Definitly not exclusive to just Barry Bonds, we cannot look at him with any more distrust and doubt than any other player in baseball. Regardless he is about to break a record that was ment to withstand the test of time and although steroids will forever be a question in the back of the worlds minds we should still celebrate the fact that he is the best player in baseball and can and hopefully will break the All time Home Run Record!

I think the Giants will bring him back for at least one more season but without the media hoopla that has sidetracked this season and if they dont, then there will be a lot of teams that are willing to bring in an instant superstar, even if only for the fact that you know as he approaches that record, he will be selling out every seat in the house, bringing in that much more attention and income to any team he goes to. It would be crazy for a team not to capitalize on those possibilities financially!
Posted: 2:19 PM   by Anonymous
The year Aaron broke Ruth's record everyone wanted him to stop and quit the game too. Now that some 30+ years have gone by, everyone wants Bonds to quit. The "banned" substances were not necessarily banned when he allegedly used them, same with Andro for McGuire the year he hit 70 homers (Andro was banned the following year). He is definitely guilty in the eyes of the public, whether or not he is guilty in the eyes of the law.

There are always players on some other team that you love to hate. Bonds doesn't do much to make you want to love him. But until you see fans outside of San Francisco throw back a Bonds home run ball, everyone comes to fill the seats and watch him play. Because just like Bonds, for the fans, and the owners, you got it right, John: its always about the money.

That said, there really aren't that many AL teams that NEED a DH or a part-time LF badly enough to want to put up with the media frenzy AND have the money that Bonds will demand.

Yankees or Red Sox? Enough Money, no interest. Toronto? Perhaps, but probably won't put up that much cash. Baltimore? No need. Tampa Bay? Uh, I think there's some cash needed for this deal.

Detroit? Maybe, but Leland knows Bonds (or did, anyway). White Sox? No way. Cleveland? No need. Twins? Nope. KC: Tons of need, no money.

Texas? Like someone else said, perhaps. Oakland? No need, no fit in the clubhouse. Seattle? Doubtful. Angels? Scioscia would never put up with it.
Posted: 2:22 PM   by Robert S.
He shouldn't walk away, he should be carried away by federal marshalls and prevented from ever setting foot near a baseball field ever again. He is a selfish pig of a human being and deserves any and all retribution he has coming to him. It is only because of his inherently selfish nature that he won't walk away. He'd rather embarrass baseball and his family by continuing the pursuit of a record he does not deserve.
Posted: 2:22 PM   by michael kargas
i do think he should walk away from the game in order to preserve his legacy. Here's why: so many of these guys have been using steroids (including, and perhaps especially, pitchers) that his accomplishments are really only tainted when compared across eras. by walking away before breaking aaron's record I think he will eventually be forgiven and recognized for what he is---one of the very best ballplayers of all time, a first tier hall of famer (if a bit of a jerk, but the hall of fame is littered with jerks.) however, if he breaks the record I think people will resent him and never give him credit for his legitimate accomplishments. so i say he should retire for his own sake. unfortunately, barry bonds appears to be the new pete rose--too stubborn to take an honest look at himself and his public persona. i'm guessing he's gonna hang on--and you better believe there are teams willing to keep him around as he crawls toward 756. it won't matter how little he has to offer in the win column as long as he marches slowly but surely toward the record. one can only hope that this whole travesty shines some light on the fact that hank aaron is one america's great heroes. a great athelete, a great intellect and a true gentleman.
Posted: 2:40 PM   by Anonymous
I think the Royals should sign him as a DH in hopes to profit enough money and sign a real all-star for 2008.
Posted: 2:45 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds will be back 2007. I am happy for that.
Posted: 3:00 PM   by Anonymous
I am SOOOOO tired of people propping up Barry by saying steroids weren't banned when he did them. It is and has been ILLEGAL to use steroids without a medical prescription. That means that he was BREAKING THE LAW when he did steroids. In addition, Barry supporters conveniently forget the Commissioner's office 1991 memo banning steroids (though of course the player's assocation didn't agree to anything until a gun was put to their head a couple of years ago).

Barry has known all along that what he was doing was cheating. If it wasn't, with the mountain of evidence against him, why doesn't he admit what he did and claim that it wasn't cheating? Nope, you won't see that. Barry knows what he did, he knows it was against the wishes of baseball, and he knows it was illegal. For those reasons, I truly wish Barry would just go away so we could enjoy the sport without him.
Posted: 3:03 PM   by Vertigo
Bonds is a liar and a cheater... even if "technically" he did not take any drugs that were illegal at the time, he is still and forever will be a liar and a cheater. Who cares if he plays or not! His records are a joke. As are Mcgwire's and Sosa's. None of them will ever be in the Hall and Bonds should be put on jail for perjury.
Posted: 3:07 PM   by Anonymous
the yankees would take bonds, yankee fans dont care as long as they win
Posted: 3:22 PM   by Joel Valdez
Next year Barry will be playing in Anaheim. It's no secret that the Angels need and are searching for another big bat, and no matter who they bring up, the rookies aren't gonna cut it. Plus, the Angels are also looking for an everyday DH. They wanted to make Garret Anderson the DH, but he wants to play left. He will get plenty of at-bats, and quality pitches to hit if Vladi is hitting behind him. And don't forget that Barry lives in SoCal. The Angels will give him a big 1-year deal and put up with the media scrutiny in order to have the biggest bat in the history of the game. They will gamble in order to win their second world series and Barry's first.
Posted: 3:33 PM   by Brad
I think Bonds would be a perfect fit for the A's. He'd still be playing in front of friendly fans, probably draw bigger crowds, and if his price comes down as much as it's looking like it will, he'll be in their price range. He might not be a .350 - 40 - 100 guy anymore, but his OBP is still astronomical, and I'm sure this hasn't escaped Billy Beane's notice. If they don't bring back Frank Thomas for 2007, it seems entirely logical that Bonds could be the A's new DH. Furthermore, the steroids thing shouldn't be much of an issue for the A's. I mean, it shouldn't be much of an issue for any team considering how widespread the problem was long before Bonds even touched the stuff, but Oakland's history with fellas like the Giambi's and the bash brothers indicates that Bonds's history will not be of much concern to the organization.
Posted: 3:37 PM   by Anonymous
I second the yankee nomination. They have all the money!, ego's, media frenzy, cohorts already there. He would probably fit right in. Cheater, Cheater
Posted: 3:58 PM   by Anonymous
It is not up to any of us idiots. I want him to play just to keep antaginizing all you that hate him. Did he cheat ? Heck yeah ! Cheating is as much a part of baseball as it is being a human being. Humans have always lied, cheated, stolen, killed, whatever. And they always will. Thats why I find this whole ordeal entertaining. Keep it up Barry !
Posted: 4:11 PM   by Joel Hatfield
Bonds may say that he MIGHT come back. But when you are this close to getting THE record of records. There is no way any of us would just limp away from that. I would say there is a 95% chance of him coming back and joining any A.L. club west of the Mississippi River.
Posted: 4:13 PM   by Anonymous
He should stay in San Fran. If he's only coming back for the Home Run Record then then this is the only way to go! San Fran is probably the safest place for him to play(not to mention live) during these crazy baseball times! Stay in San Fran and do it for your father, Godfather, the team that stood(when others didn't) by you! Number 756 cannot be done in any other way than making that splash in McCovey Cove!
Posted: 4:19 PM   by Anonymous
You've heard it before but I'll restate the obvious......Bonds is a disgrace to the game. He plays only for himself with no regard for the team. He cannot field his position anymore which is evident watching him attempt to bend over to catch a ball or run after a hit to the outfield. Yes, he been a great hitter (meaning he has always had good hand-eye coordination to make contact). His power, however, has come from steroids and this is indisputable. This man should never reach Hank Aaron's home run mark, and every pitcher facing him should do the right thing and aim at the body armor he insists on wearing. Barry please, LEAVE THE GAME NOW.
Posted: 4:26 PM   by Anonymous
i wish people would give the guy a break...its not like the game was totally pure in previous era's of the game...any heard of meth,cocaine ?
Posted: 4:38 PM   by Anonymous
If SF is not willing to keep him around for at least one more year I can see Oakland signing him as DH to go up against right handed pitchers along with the fact that Thomas leans a bit on the tender side. Bonds is a national disgrace in the US; however, in the Bay Area he is a national hero. Beane loves the guy from a purely hitting stand point due to his OBP and SF is about a 7 iron away from Oakland which would draw a lot of fans just to see the chaos.
Posted: 4:46 PM   by Anonymous
I, for one, hope to see Bonds with the Yankees, Angels and/or even the Indians. I hope he's willing to take a paycut and finally have the chance to hit in a lineup that isn't made up of bandaids and minor leaguers.
And also, I can't wait to see if the Feds can follow through with the HGH connection, to see exactly how many others were using it (and you are ALL naive to think that other super-stars haven't used it if you think otherwise). What will MLB do then when supposedly a "clean" athlete who's a popular star is indicted for using HGH. Give him a free pass because of his "unselfish" attitude? Please, it's all about the money and Bonds draws both fans and boo-birds to the stadiums and that's what owners care about.
Posted: 4:49 PM   by Anonymous
Barry, please walk away. Not only are you currently tainting the game, you're continously tainting your former legacy. The five tools are now one, you play left field like someone trying to intentionally get cut from a JV high school team. Just walk away. As for the Anaheim Angels signing Bonds, yeah go ahead and make another business move you will be ridiculed for. Bonds should walk away, but is probably to prideful to realize that he needs to. Just because Julio Franco can play til he's 50 doesn't mean you can Barry. Julio took care of his body. You're falling apart before our very eyes. Barry has all the money he needs to survive for the rest of his life. But what good is it if you continue to damage yourself to the point that you can't really live anymore?
Posted: 4:57 PM   by Anonymous
If it were not for steroids, he would not have lasted long enough to break any records. At his age, he would have been washed up as a homerun hitter.
If Pete Rose is not a hall a fame er, then Bonds is not. Pete gambled. Modern players have done much worse. Of course, Pete can be villanized with no political backlash.
Lets hope the Bonds era is over soon..make way for some other boondoggle.
Posted: 5:06 PM   by Anonymous
I find it funny how writers like yourself count out Bonds based on his numbers (I'm not talking baggage here, just the numbers). If you just take a look at his raw numbers for the year (not even taking into account that he is better now than he was at the beginning of the season), his Avg/OBP/Slg is .254/.477/.493 and he's on pace for 23 HRs, 75 Runs, and 70 RBIs. Considering that by the end of the year, Jason Ellison will have probably scored at least 20 runs that really would have been Bonds (often, he is taken out for a pinch runner late in games, and Ellison will come around to score in his place), his line would read almost 100 Runs scored. And he is on pace to do all this in only about 120-125 games played.

I find it odd that those numbers wouldn't produce any takers in your opinion. For perspective, Aaron Rowand's numbers for the ChiSox last year were worse than that, and yet he is heralded as a pretty good player with certainly many teams wishing they had him in the lineup. In fact, he was traded for Jim Thome, one of the best hitters in baseball this year.

Is Bonds still in his prime? Hardly, but he's also almost 42. However, he still has huge value.
Posted: 5:09 PM   by Brennan Scotland
You're all idiots, plain and simple. The media has twisted you around their little finger, just like they did in football with Terrell Owens, and influenced your weak minds. No team will want Bonds next year? hahahahahaahahahhahahaahahahaha. Seriously, do you listen to the words you are saying? It's like you're trying to convince yourself more than anything. Every team in baseball is going to want one of the best hitters in the game (leads the league in OBP and walks), in the middle of their lineup. Just like every idiot was saying about Terrell Owens a few months ago, "He will implode a team, no one will want him, especially at anything more than a one year salaray." These thoughts were reiterated every day by people and sports analysts. then it came, every team wanted him, and he received a huge contract to boot. So please, enough with the ignorant wishful thinking on your parts, because you and I know it's a joke.
Posted: 5:14 PM   by Anonymous
Rumors of Bonds coming to Seattle?? I hope the Seattle management doesn't even consider signing such a selfish player who has admitted to taking illegal drugs (even if he claims he didn't know what they were). I have been a loyal fan for a number of years, but if the Mariners pick up Bonds I may have to become a new Tampa Bay Rays fan.
Posted: 5:19 PM   by Anonymous
Agreed. Anyone who says Bonds has no real value has not watched him, or the team, play this season. With him, the Giants score a lot more runs. I believe they said something like 20% of their runs for the entire season have come after a Bonds walk.

Also, if you've watched him play this year you know his defense has not hurt the Giants. There have been very few balls I've watched and said, he should have had that. In fact, I would argue in watching him that he's concentrated a lot harder on getting better jumps and being in better position to begin with.

With a few more plate appearances, his .477 OBP is over 20 points higher than the next closest player behind him. Apparently getting on base is no longer valuable.
Posted: 6:02 PM   by Anonymous
on behalf of the rangers, we don't want him
Posted: 6:11 PM   by Craig Johnson
Bonds may have few takers at $20 million ... but at the right price everyone would be interested in Bonds. Why not... he's still the toughest out in the game, and the only hitter that pitchers truly fear. Put him in Yankee stadium with that friendly right field and bat him between Arod and Sheffield, and you'll see just how washed up he really is.
Posted: 6:25 PM   by Anonymous
Who cares. I love the Giants and I don't want Bonds back...regardless if he breaks the record or not. I don't care where he goes. I don't care if he plays again. I just want this media fueled rocketship of insanity that is the Bonds show to leave the Giants. Then...take the money saved and get Howard or Cabrera or SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP US WIN A FRIGGIN GAME!
Posted: 6:30 PM   by Anonymous
Let me leave you with one word: asterisk.
Posted: 6:31 PM   by Anonymous
barry bonds will come to seattle next year he even said seattle will be one of the teams he is looking at and i will be happy we already got a good lineup with ibanez lopez sexson(if he hits like last year) beltre( 2004 please) and add bonds we would have a feared lineup along with a good bullpen and felix hernadez if seattle signs bond were getting to the playoffs and hopefully WORLD SERIES in 2007
Posted: 6:31 PM   by Anonymous
mets dont want him either
Posted: 6:34 PM   by Pieter
Will he play? Won’t he play? Where will he play?
San Francisco is the obvious and perhaps, the only option for the aging and often injured star.
There are plenty of positive and negative attributes attached to Bonds and he will certainly garner attention when entering the free agency market.
But the Giants will sign him. They understand both the positives and the negatives and realize the fans won’t turn in the Bay and that is the main reason other ball clubs won’t end up making an offer that would be considered appropriate by Bonds himself.
Let Bonds and baseball decide his future and the writers decide whether or not he belongs in the Hall or with Rose.
Yet we continue to vilify Bonds, because of his alleged cheating (using banned substances). I am not here to make the argument that he is not guilty; I am a fan but not an idiot.
However, rarely (and I note a comment was made on this blog) do we mention McGuire or Sosa. If you consider Bonds to be a cheater, fine but then admit that they cheated in every sense of the word too.
And we all respect Giambi and his admission of guilt. He took responsibility and that is admirable yet, still a cheater.
No one is calling for the removal of McGuire or Sosa’s records or for the retirement of Giambi. So why then for Bonds?
He is not a likable person, he does little to rectify this image and he is part of an ugly underbelly of Major League Baseball.
But he is also this, a man dedicated to his family. And that in it’s self is respectable. Not enough so to remove a dark shadow cast on the game, but enough to stop blaming the rampant steroid use throughout the league on one player.
And some food for thought; what player would you rather have in your dugout? Bonds and his aforementioned characteristics or Jason Grimsley, a mediocre player who decided that because his career was over, he would sell out his team members and the code of athletes, for what? One last flash in the pan?
I would rather an ass on my team that a rat. At least the ass could carry you, like Bonds has carried the Giants and the city of San Francisco for the last 13 years.
Posted: 7:03 PM   by Anonymous
My mind is changing in the hole bonds thing i didnt want to see him pass ruth being a big yankee fan as i am. but in light of this whole hgh controversey coming out hell how do we know that every player isnt using it. hell i hate the guy you put him in pinestripes and ill cheer. they game isnt clean it has never been weither it be steroids or the spitball or a palm taped with sandpaper. give him the record because its only a matter of time till a rod breaks it anyways
Posted: 7:23 PM   by Anonymous
Barry has a higher SLG% than A-Rod at the moment, and would have the highest OBP in the game if he only had a couple handfuls of more at-bats. No one would want that????? Really????? The media is a bunch of idiots.
Posted: 7:40 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds is an egotistical,selfish and manipulative jerk!That being said,he is one of the best baseball players ever to play and certainly the best of his era.It's a shame he had to bow down to the pressures of taking steroids because of all the media attention McGwire and Sosa were getting and that he couldn't be happy just being the best all around player of his generation.But that's the way he is,he couldn't stand anybody else getting the attention he thought he deserved which plays into his shelfishness and ego.Not many people would like him anyways if he had stayed away from Steroids and HGH,but he'd be getting alot more respect as a ballplayer.
Posted: 7:50 PM   by Anonymous
I just recently read Game OF Shadows, and Barry bonds should just walk away from the game befroe he continues to do any more harm to the game as well as himself with the federal investigation looming over possible perjury.
Posted: 7:53 PM   by Anonymous
For all the slams that Bonds is getting I have one point to make if he were to come back as a DH. His OBP! If you look at it his OBP is still close to .500. For a team to not want a player that gets on base that often is stupid.
Posted: 9:04 PM   by Anonymous
Let me just state something before continuing. I hate bBarry Bonds. He is not a team player and seems selfish in most aspects of his baseball career. That said....the fact of the matter is that Bonds was great before he started doing steroids. His pre-steroid numbers were among the best in baseball and he was certainly headed for the hall of fame then. Plenty of players do steroids, but you dont see everybody hitting 73 homers in a year. Throughout baseball history players have been trying to gain an advantage using any means available (i.e. spitting on balls, pitchers sanding balls down, corked bats). Hate him if you will, but do not deny the fact that he is one of, if the the greatest baseball player of all time. He was before steroids and he is after steroids.
Posted: 9:10 PM   by Anonymous
The MLB is not a game, it is a business. Bonds will sign somewhere in 07 because he is a draw, and the risk is worth the reward.
Posted: 9:21 PM   by Anonymous
Lying cheaters need not apply.
Posted: 9:56 PM   by Barry Fan
I salute all those who call out the incredible hypocrisy of the Barry haters. This guy did not invent cheating. If you were all up in arms about Gaylord Perry, Phil Niekro, Mickey Mantle and every other cheater, MAYBE I would cut you some slack. But you're not. You only hate Barry. You only launch personal, mean-spirited attacks against him. Here's a news flash: Tons of guys in Barry's era were juicing, doing coke, doing speed, corking bats, and scuffing balls. And you know what? Barry is better than ALL of them. A lot better. That's why you hate him. Be a man and admit it. This guy is the best we've seen since Hank Aaron. I love Hank, but I hope Barry gets his record, just to piss you whining hypocrites off.
Posted: 10:24 PM   by Anonymous
Why is it that everyone has such disgust for Barry Bonds? It surely can't be racially motivated. Why is it that we scream for Bond's head but not for McGuire's? Why don't we care about Sammy Sosa? Why doesn't anyone care about Rafael Palmiero or any other person that obviously used steroids. You don't go from a skinny player to a bulked up version in two or three years. I was born large and I stay large. If we are going to wipe Bonds from the books we should wipe the 80's and 90's from them as well. It's too costly and too much work. Let the fact that steroids aided MOST players in this era be widely known, test for it from now on, and remember its just a game.
Posted: 10:58 PM   by Darryl Lewis, Dyersburg, Tn
Ok, my big question is why everyone keeps harping on the fact that Barry is cheating...It is a given. Why doesn't the commissioner just come down and just make it plain that Mr. Bonds, you are suspended upon investigation. but that won't happen, as toooooooo much $$$$ flows, and the big chief doesn't have the stuff to push it...all about $$$$...he's a liar and cheat...give me the days of Stan the Man, Hammerin' Hank, The Mick, Lou Gerhig, and of course, the Babe..baseball has sold out..shamefull as it is...Barry, I am sorry, you haven't a chance to fit in any of their shoes..
Posted: 11:16 PM   by Ken Johnson
To the Yankees, If you take Bonds or even consider it you will lose many lifelong fans and Memorial Park will roll over in thier graves, and you think Boston and the Cubs had a curse!!!!!
Posted: 11:20 PM   by Anonymous
If any team in the world would love to give Berry a chance it would be the CUBS. They may get pitching next year and Bonds could actually get close to Arron in as Jack Brickhouse would say 'The Friendly Confinds of Wrigly Field'. Given a shot, Chicago loves a underdog.
Posted: 11:42 PM   by Anonymous
The real villians in the Bonds fiasco are the shills in the media, especially ESPN who were shamelessly heaping on the superlatives long after it was clear the guy was on something. Bud Selig and MLB did the same thing. If it wasn't for the book that clearly chronicled the cheating they would still be on his band wagon.
Posted: 12:49 AM   by Anonymous
Now I will say you have to have some talent to put the bat on the ball. The guy isn't a slouch at the game...however...I would appreciate it if he left the game, for the simple respect of it. I love the rebuttles of those who use "everyone cheats"...yeah well everyone hasn't come this close to breaking the untouchable home run record...I guarantee if another player was coming close to a great record (like the McGuire mess) you'll see their integrity under the mircoscope also...so a bullpen pitcher 'scuffing a ball' or juicing up (as wrong as it is) isn't going to matter when you have Barry and his record on the line!
Posted: 1:07 AM   by Anonymous
Everyone here knows they are drooling over the prospect of having Bonds hit for their team in 2007. Anyone who says otherwise is only kidding themselves. I am a HUGE Giants fan, and I cannot tell you how great it is to know that every 9 batters, there's a great chance for a home run.

As for Bonds and his steroid use? Sure, I bet he used performance-enhancing substaces, BUT SO DOES THE REST OF BASEBALL. I was so pleased to here that Grimsley named HGH users in his afadavit. Now we'll hear about all these other players who have been getting away with it.

I hope I hope I hope Grimsely names Clemens as a doper. Surprised? Don't be. Any arguement you can use to say Bonds is doping, you can say for Clemens, as well. Just like Bonds, Clemens has gotten bigger over the course of his career. Just like Bonds, Clemens suddenly got much better at the age of 35, when he signed with the Blue Jays, cut his ERA in half and doubled his wins from the previous year.

Maybe if Clemens were caught using HGH, you would all see how Bonds is being demonized. "Oh but Bonds might break Aaron's record" you say? Well, what about Clemens? He's #2 on the K list, and he has 350 wins.

I don't relish the thought of another superstar being pointed out, but maybe if Clemens is fingered in this Afadavit, we will all see how we wanted to use Bonds as a scapegoat. Is it because Bonds is black? Is it because he's such a jerk towards the media? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, we have turned a blind eye to ALL those who have been using performance enhancing substances.
Posted: 6:38 PM   by Anonymous
Ok, does everyone think that steroids is only a baseball issue? If so, your crazy. Very few make it to the NFL let alone play in it without steroids. I understand the history and integrity of the game when it comes to baseball in this country. Is it right that Bonds "may" have used steroids? Absolutely not. But as a white writing this, let's look at Roger C, Sammy Sosa, Mark M, etc.(by the way anyone with an ounce of knowledge about steroids understands Andro is garbage and it can't even come close to the real deal, ask Jose) Since Bonds has not been caught with a postive test of any kind he is innocent until proven guilty and he should continue to chase the record and to think he won't find a home next year? Are you guy's a bunch of finacial retards? A previous poster obviuosly get's it. Bonds will fill seats and generate revenue for the team that picks him up. And trust me, the owners won't all agree to pass on Bonds. Barry will break the record and should be allowed into the Hall. In previous years, we were not as technically advanced as we are today in testing athletes for banned substances. If we don't allow Barry in the hall than we should re-evaluate everyone in the hall. It doesn't make it right that he "may" have used something and it should become a bigger issue in all of sports. Every year someone will identify something that may give them a physical-competitive advantage and we will be reactive instead of proactive once again.
Posted: 8:29 PM   by Anonymous
cmon guys....give the dude a break.
i honestly dont think he did steroids..he should just go be a dh in detroit or something
Posted: 9:56 PM   by Anonymous
Quit the game of baseball!! He obviously isn't concerned with winning or helping his team win. He is only concerned with one thing...Hank's record. And if he does break the record, it will be one marred with much contraversy and deceit. Suddenly Pete Rose doesn't seem like a bad guy after all!!
Posted: 11:11 PM   by Anonymous
I think he should go to whatever AL field has the shortest right field fence and take advantage of a home run hitter's field like Ruth did. Would Ruth have hit 715 without a chipshot right field? Eventually, pitchers will start throwing to him again and stop throwing to Pujols and he will start cranking home runs again. I hope it is with Kansas City because we are terrible in every sense of the word.
Posted: 7:43 PM   by Anonymous
What should Bonds do in 2007? Do what he does best: beat the crap out of the baseball and play for the Giants. Barry single-handed rejuvenated interest in baseball in the late 90's and throughout this decade. Of course there are those who will whine and moan about his achivements - what record setting player has not had the same reaction from the fans? And to hell with the media, they all pretty much suck when it comes to opinions. We all pretty much LOL when Barry brushes off the Media, who all go out of their way to write bad things.
Posted: 5:48 PM   by Anonymous
How can it not be clear to everyone that many, maybe even most, of Bonds' recent home run were hit against pitchers that may have been juicing themselves?

Hate the era, but you can't pin everything on Bonds.
Posted: 8:55 PM   by Anonymous
I want bonds to go away, far far away, where he can't steal the spotlight from many other players who actually play baseball, not stand out in left field and occasionally send a pitch into McCovey Cove.
Posted: 2:16 AM   by Steve Sicard
I say leave the man alone. He has never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, and this is america, he is innocent until proven guilty.

And kudos to the person talking about Roger Clemens, i think it is pretty curious that he has gotten bigger since he was 35.

The only reason people bash barry is because they dont like him, if he was a white guy none of this would be happening, hell if he was nice to the media and black none of this would be happening. He is not the only arrogant athelete afterall.

Arod will never break the alltime record, Pujols might though
Posted: 2:57 PM   by Anonymous
NO WAY should Bonds play in 2007. His knees will eventully get to him and who knows what kind of effects steroids will have on him in the long term. He should not be risking his LIFE just to prove something to the media. No one wants to see Bonds hit 756 and the pressure will eventully come down on him.
Posted: 8:38 PM   by DerekDv
Hank Aaron is Home Run King ...Barry should have all his records erased and anyone else who used Steroids..He should be in the HALL of SHAME.
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