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10/03/2006 03:55:00 PM

Alltime All-Star Team

SI recently polled a 22-man panel of experts to fill its dream roster, but now wants to know who would be on your roster. Here's a look at the SI team again. What changes would you make and why? Pitchers: Roger Clemens, Dennis Eckersley, Lefty Grove, Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax, Christy Mathewson, Mariano Rivera, Warren Spahn, Cy Young. First base: Lou Gehrig and Stan Musial. Second base: Rogers Hornsby and Jackie Robinson. Shortstop: Alex Rodriguez and Honus Wagner. Third base: Mike Schmidt. Catcher: Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra. Outfield: Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. Manager: John McGraw. Coaches: Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel.
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Posted: 4:26 PM   by Anonymous
steriods or not. you cant leave bonds off this team. he has 6 gold gloves, 7 mvps, he is gonna break hank aaron's record. he cant keep him off because he is an arrogant jerk or because you dont like him. he is one of the best ever
Posted: 4:28 PM   by Anonymous
I would add Brooks Robinson to the team for third base. He may not have been the hitter Schmidt was, but no one could touch him on defense at third.
Posted: 4:32 PM   by Cody - Dallas, Texas
I love this team. There are a few that I would replace. Just an opinion, but give me Nolan Ryan in place of Dennis Eckersley and I know this is a present player, but give me Albert Pujols over Mike Schmidt any day of the week. Also, you simply cannot leave Bonds off the list. "Innocent, unless otherwise". He should be on the list at this moment.
Posted: 4:33 PM   by Anonymous

You forgot Bob Gibson, Roy Campenella & Frank Robinson
Posted: 4:41 PM   by Anonymous
Thanks for leaving Bonds off! But I'm a bit confused at why Bob Gibson wasn't one of the pitchers included since the height of the pitching mound was changed because of his dominance.
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
Take Mantle off and insert Barry "7 MVP's" Bonds. Bonds is one of the most dominant players of all time.
Posted: 4:47 PM   by Kyle J
Gotta go with Joe Morgan over Hornsby. Hornsby is considered to have been a terrible fielder. Morgan is an awful TV commentator, but was a great all-around second baseman.

Anyone suggesting Mike Schmidt should be left off any all-time baseball team needs to revisit the history books. Power hitter; great on-base percentage; Gold Glove winner. Most dominant everyday player of his era.

Pujols does have a chance to be the first player to give Gehrig and Foxx a run for their money as the best of all time at first base, though.
Posted: 4:51 PM   by Anonymous
I would have chosen Rod Carew over Robinson at 2nd. Also, George Brett should definately get the nod over Schmidt. As far as pitching is concerned, Satchel Paige may have been the greatest EVER. I know he spent most of his career in the Negro Leagues, but you can't leave someone that dominant off of the team.
Posted: 4:52 PM   by Shawn Benjamin
This is a hard team to put together. SI should've came out with an "All Decade" Feature. The way baseball has changed over the years is what makes it tough to compare a player from the 20's to a player from now. I agree that Bonds should be on this team, but what OF do you take off to make room for him? Rickey Henderson also can make a case to be on this team. And the Ryan Express? Maybe they should make a cast off team that would include these players and do a simulation to see who would win.
Posted: 4:53 PM   by Anonymous
I love this team. With a limit of 25 players, I don't think the experts could have done any better. How can I get a wall sized copy of this picture?
Posted: 4:56 PM   by Anonymous
where is barry bonds!! he is a top 5 player of all time. Bob Gibson is one of the best pitchers ever and Pedro Martinez in his prime was a top 5 pitcher all time!! Also dennis ekersley was great but Trevor Hoffman is better!!And someone please tell me where is Rickey Henderson!!Most runs and stolen bases ever!!Ohh yea one last beef i have..WHERE THE HELL IS ROBERTO CLEMENTE!!!
Posted: 4:56 PM   by Anonymous
3 outs from the World Series, the "greatest" closer of all-time gave up a double and 2 singles, hit a batter and committed an error. His only job is to pitch 3 outs. Blown saves happen, but Rivera can't blow game 7 and be on the all-time list. How do they still love him in NY?
Posted: 4:57 PM   by Anonymous
Nolan Ryan belongs on this team. It's also funny to see Joe Dimagio on the team when so many other outfielders had better stats (e.g., Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Roberto Clemente, Frank Robinson, and Tris Speaker).
Posted: 5:01 PM   by Anonymous
Like Verducci said, Josh Gibson deserves to be on the list over Johnny Bench.
Posted: 5:02 PM   by Anonymous
Uh, does anyone remember Pete Rose, the all time hits leader?

Also, was there anyone more clutch than Bob Gibson?

I can't believe Roberto Clemente's name hasn't come up.

The greatest fielding shortshop in modern times, Ozzie Smith, deserves some consideration. I would take him over A-Rod.

For all the guys I just mentioned, it's all about intangibles, which never get enough consideration.
Posted: 5:04 PM   by Anonymous
You cannot be serious about Nolan Ryan. He was a 500 pitcher and a compiler. You can't compare him to Koufax, Gibson, Carlton, Maddux, etc.
Posted: 5:08 PM   by Anonymous
I would add Clemente and drop DiMaggio. Too much emphasis has ben put on the 56 game streak. While amazing, by definition that streak affected only 56 games in one season.

Clemente was the best all around player of his era when you factor defense in. He was a fiery, take-no- prisoner kind of player who carried his team on his back. And he could hit a little too.
Posted: 5:13 PM   by Anonymous
How can you have all those great legends and not have the one of the greatest if not the greatest latin player of all time
Posted: 5:13 PM   by Anonymous
Bob Gibson , Pete Rose, Barry Bonds. I'd take these three anyday on my team!
Posted: 5:14 PM   by ken
Pete Rose, Barry Bonds
Posted: 5:16 PM   by SBG
Bonds is off because of alleged PED use, but Clemens is there? You guys are hilarious!
Posted: 5:17 PM   by Anonymous
Pete Rose, Tony Gwynn, Reggie jackson????
Posted: 5:17 PM   by Anonymous
I would move Stan Musial to OF (replacing Joe DiMaggio) and add Jimmy Foxx or Willie McCovey at 1B. And although he hasn't shown the longevity of Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez is the most dominant pitcher of his time.
Posted: 5:24 PM   by Anonymous
As much as it pains me to say it, Barry Bonds simply must be on this team. He is an incomparable player, steroids or not. He gets my nod over Joe DiMaggio. Also, I'd take Joe Morgan at second, over Jackie Robinson, and Josh Gibson over Yogi Berra at catcher.
Posted: 5:25 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds over DiMaggio, much as I hate to admit it. Rivera is amazing all the time, not just the postseason. As a Yankees fan, I feel safe with any lead after 8 (unless that stupid Farnsworth is pitching). Piazza over Berra or Bench, neither could slug near .600. Good call on Gehrig, he is the 4th best hitter all-time, after Ruth, Williams, and Bonds. Also good call on Rodriguez, it takes a season like this one to see exactly how good he really is. For fellow commenters, only make suggestions if you also say who shouldn't make it. Anyone can rattle off great players, few cancompare them.
Posted: 5:34 PM   by Anonymous
I agree with the idea of 2 teams. One pre 1950 with guys like Ruth, Jackie Robinson, DiMaggio, Cy Young, Wagner, Ted Williams... then you could add guys to the post 1950 team like Bonds and Clemente and maybe even Pujols
Posted: 5:41 PM   by Lauren- washington, d.c.
While I am fan of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter pretty equally (leaning more heavily on Jeter's side), I would have to say that Jeter deserves to be on the list above Rodriguez. He is a much more consistent player and has proved to be a clutch player in the postseason. While there stats may be similar, Jeter stays consistent where Rodriguez has definite ups and downs.
Posted: 5:46 PM   by Anonymous
Why not Lee Smith as a pitcher?

I think Roger Clements is just as tainted as Bonds, Palmero or Rose!

You did not comment on Warren Spans complete game record! Who has a better record?

R E Cokes
Dallas TX
Posted: 5:48 PM   by Anonymous
I would add Nolan Ryan, 5,000 k's and 7 no-no's is about as good as you can get. Also, I would add the greatest lead-off hitter of all-time in Ricky Henderson, either hitting a lead-off homerun or drawing walks, stealing and manufacturing runs, he does it all. I would drop A-Rod -- it's too early for him, give him a few more years before he's on any "all-time" teams.
Posted: 5:56 PM   by Anonymous
It's tough to take anyone off the list, but Greg Maddux should have be on it. If you do the math, his average hits per game is just over 6. His career era is just over 3. And he's one of only 9 pitchers to win 300 games and strikeout 3,000 batters. Whats more impressive than that? The 15 Gold Gloves or that he won 15 games in a season 18 times, 18 wins 2 times, 19 games 5 times, and 20 games 2 times.
Posted: 5:56 PM   by Anonymous
It is hard to argue with any of the outfield choices, but I would add Ricky Henderson, arguably the best leadoff hitter of all time.
Posted: 5:59 PM   by Anonymous
Pete Rose, Mark Mcquire, And Barry Bonds all deserve serious consideration. This is not a Morality contest but a Greatest Player List....Sorry but you cannot leave these guys off.
Posted: 6:03 PM   by Anonymous
Ken griffey jr... A Spider man in centerfield during his prime as well as a dominant clutch hitter.
Posted: 6:03 PM   by Anonymous
Lets face, you cant make an all-time team due to so many great players. The only way a team can be made it by eras at most. go back to the old days that include, Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, Young, Johnson, Wagner, Cobb. Take the middle, Mantle, Ott, Mays, Dimaggio, Berra, Gibson, Koufax. take the 70's-80's where you got Rose, Ryan, Eckersley, Oz, Schmidt, Aaron and such. Then you got 90's-todays era, Bonds, Griffey, Jeter, A-Rod, Ripken, Pujols, Guererro. thats the only way.
Posted: 6:04 PM   by Anonymous
wut about nap lajoie? if any of u have heard of him...
Posted: 6:11 PM   by Anonymous
you must be joking? where is Barry Bonds? Pete Rose?
Posted: 6:13 PM   by Anonymous
I certainly understand why so many want to drop Dimaggio (he was only the best player on 10 world championship teams) and add Bonds, who did nothing in multiple presteroid post-season games with Pittsburgh.
Did Ryan ever pitch in an important game?
Was Gibson the greatest world series pitcher ever? (probably)
Posted: 6:13 PM   by Anonymous
i'll take bob gibson over clemens. especially in a big game.
Posted: 6:21 PM   by Anonymous
Anyone who puts Jeter over A-Rod and says they have "similar stats" should look again at these two players. Even as a Yankees fan, I don't think Jeter even deserves to be considered for this list. A-Rod has had many truly amazing years and ability is more important than consistancy (and Jeter is not consistant, he has a major spike in '99 and a smaller one this year). Also, stop the "clutch" comments. It makes you feel good inside when your favorite player comes through, but this is reality. Let's not embarrass ourselves.
Posted: 6:22 PM   by Jake
I would add Morgan and remove Hornsby.Morgan was a complete player while the Rajah couldn't field as well as Joe.
I would also add Gibson over Eck.
I have to believe Jeter, although he does not put the numbers up like A-Rod does is still the better player/leader and should replace him at SS.
Posted: 6:23 PM   by Adam
Bonds belongs on an Alltime All-Star Team**. The asterics are for the cheating. Put Pete Rose on that team too. And who says that this time doesn't take into account character?
Posted: 6:23 PM   by Pete L
Jeter over A-Rod. It's a no brainer for anyone who watches Yankee games consistently. Those who would pick A-Rod are just looking at stats. Baseball is a team game. If I want to win, I'll take Jeter over any shortstop that ever played. He's a winner. A-Rod? Come on, now.
Posted: 6:26 PM   by Anonymous
I may be biased due to the fact I'm a Red Sox fanatic but what happened to Jimmy Foxx? How about Nolan Ryan? And no Ozzie Smith?
Posted: 6:28 PM   by Anonymous
Unfortunitely, the whole game in stats. The team with more runs wins, you see. If you don't like stats, you picked the wrong sport. A-Rod over Jeter.
Posted: 6:32 PM   by Anonymous
why would you choose A-Rod he is a horrible player and is selfish and only in it for the money and glory. Put a realy athlete in his place.Also why don't you have Craig Biggio in that group of players he is an awesome player. THANK YOU FOR NOT PUTTING BONDS ON THAT LIST HE RUINED THE GAME FOR EVERYONE WHEN HE TOOK STERIODS AND IT WILL BE A SHAME IF HE BREAKS HANKS ARRONS HOME RUN RECORD
Posted: 6:34 PM   by Anonymous
I think DiMaggio only won 9 World Series, not 10. And he won because he was on a great TEAM. Just because the Yankees were (and are) so amazing, doesn't mean DiMaggio is one of the top few outfielders of all-time. He was amazing, no denying that, but not as good as some of these other players.
Posted: 6:35 PM   by dirt pittt
Gibson, Marichal,Carlton had to be tough to leave off. Brett over Schmit maybe, Morgan over Hornsby, who knows never saw Hornsby play.
Posted: 6:40 PM   by Anonymous
I can't believe no one has mentioned Tom Terrific! Put in Seaver, take out Eckersley
Posted: 6:46 PM   by Anonymous
Greg Maddux. No one has ever done more with less. Smartest Man to Ever Play the Game. Can't tell me you wouldn't want someone like that. I guarantee Maddux has a couple tricks up his sleeves that even Cy Young would have loved to hear.
Posted: 6:48 PM   by Anonymous
I'd take George Brett over Mike Schmidt at third any time. The only thing Schmidt did better was fielding...and that's not saying Brett was bad. George Brett defined a franchise and made that town a winner. Schmidt can never say he did that in Philly!
Posted: 6:53 PM   by Anonymous
A-Rod does not belong on this great team - where is Mr. October Reggie Jackson?
Posted: 6:55 PM   by Joe
Are you guys smoking crack? Barry Bonds is by far the best baseball player, regardless of position, of the last 30 years and in the top 5 of all time. How can he be left off of this team?

Joe in Maryland
Posted: 6:59 PM   by kalan - lexington, ky
I would definitely take Nolan Ryan over maybe any of the other pitchers. He arguably had the best stuff any pitcher has ever had.
Posted: 7:03 PM   by Anonymous
You left out my starting battery:

Bob Gibson - a huge upgrade from Dennis Eckersley

Josh Gibson - an upgrade from Yogi
Posted: 7:04 PM   by Anonymous
41 comments and no one thinks Tom Seaver should be there?

I'd take him- in his prime- over Clemens in a heartbeat. Bob Gibson too.

It is unfortunate, but no modern player is above suspicion, especially one who was "done" when he left Boston and suddenly became better than ever.
Posted: 7:09 PM   by Anonymous
Don Drysdale, man. All time most intimidating pitcher ever. And how about showing Gil Hodges some love? The model of the power hitting first baseman.
Posted: 7:12 PM   by Anonymous
you can't have an all time team without the all time greatest shortstop Ozzie Smith. Come on now.
Posted: 7:12 PM   by Anonymous
I would say this is typical New York Yankee bias. I am sure the SI writers did the best they could with the limited knowledge they have of anything outside of the Atlantic seaboard. For all of you Bonds critics here it is: Barry deserves the Hall based on his play prior to 2000 alone but, not on this list due to his steroid numbers after. The obvious omissions are the players from the Negro-League, Josh Gibson & Satchel Paige to top the list. Also neglected are Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan (with 7 no hitters), Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Steve Carleton. Any of these should be considered by stats and as gamers they all are clutch. Closers, where is Goose Gossage, Rollie Fingers, and Bruce Sutter? They did it for three innings a night not one inning. George Brett not on the list is a total crime also, no Tony Gwynn, Frank Robinson or Ricky Henderson? I do understand the omission of Albert Pujols but in 5 to 10 years once he has compiled 6 Gold Gloves and 4 more MVP's this will show how dated your picks truely are. Manager John Mc Graw? What about Earl Weaver, Tony La Russa, Joe Torre, or Sparky Anderson. Sure, there will be some ommisions but this is another East coast joke.
Posted: 7:14 PM   by Anonymous
well because of the steriods area...keep barry off, but if anyone deserved to be on their in the young griffey jr....nobody remembers he was on the all century team(barry was not), not to mention he was never even close to being charged with using roids....hard to see who to take off in that great outfield tho
Posted: 7:20 PM   by Anonymous
I think you must have both Bonds and Griffey on this list...though taking off anyone but Dimaggio doesn't seem fair either. Both Bonds and Griffey dominated in all phases of the game when they were in their prime. Injuries with Griffey and the roids with Bonds seem to have ruined what were two careers sure to be considered peers with the greatest ever
Posted: 7:21 PM   by Anonymous
What about Griffey? He was the best player in the 90's, still has pop today, and has no steriod links. Don't be surprised when he hits 600 homeruns.
Posted: 7:28 PM   by Grant
A-Rod! You've got to be kidding. He's not even the best shortstop on his own TEAM... never mind the all time team. Ever heard of Ernie Banks? I'd pick Yount, Ripken and Ozzie all infront of Stat Man. If you still feel like batting stats are most important (which looks to be the case), I'd rather you slide Joe Morgan to short from second.
Posted: 7:30 PM   by rgsccr
You can't leave Bob Fellar off the roster.
Posted: 7:40 PM   by Grant
Please give me a break with all the Nolan Ryan comments. He's the most overrated player in all of baseball. Sure he had 7 great nights, and a crapload of Ks, but I remember him racking up all those Ks for the Angels while posting ERAs in the high 3s and mid 4s. Heck he only won 52.5 percent of his decisions. There are at least 20 pitchers ahead of him and if you want to add a pitcher maybe we should be talking about Grover, Carlton or Satchel. If you can only remember the modern day pitchers.. give me Maddux.
Posted: 7:43 PM   by Anonymous
I'm sorry.. as wierd as he is.. Ricky Henderson over Ty. Not to dis anyone on the list, but I cannot believe how little Ricky is talked about in terms of the all time lists. Check out his stats. He was unbelievable, and vastly underappreciated.
Posted: 7:45 PM   by Anonymous
Bob Gibson is a definite add. If character is no issue, then Bonds and Rose deserve consideration, although I would take Pete Rose over barry Bonds any day of the week.
Posted: 7:51 PM   by Anonymous
If you really want this team to be realistic, put Tris Speaker, Frank Robenson and Bob Gibson on the team. Give me a break all three of them should be no brainers. Also, were the hell are Randy Johnson, Pedro and Ken Griffey Jr.!!
Posted: 7:54 PM   by Anonymous
I'm assuming we're taking these players during the prime of their careers so I'd say Ken Griffey Jr., circa 1990's, has to be on this list. It's sad that the injuries and incredible string of bad luck have caused people to seemingly forget how spectacular of an athelete he was before bum hamstrings, dislocated shoulders, banged up ankles and every other thing started taking their toll on him. Also, while I'm not a Barry Bonds fan at all he was an MVP before he started juicing and the debate was always between him and Junior Griffey as to who was the best player in baseball at the time. He'd of been a shoo-in Hall of Famer before the 73 homerun steroid parade he went on. I also like Peter Edward Rose, 4256 hits has to count for something. Someone has to be on base for the big boppers to drive em' in. Also he never hot-dogged it to first base on a ground ball.
Posted: 7:55 PM   by Anonymous
Not a bad job. I'd take Eckersly and Rivera off and put Gibson and Seaver on. At third, I'd cheat just a little and put Jimmy Foxx (eventhough he played more at 1st at the end). Bench and Berra are good choices, but Bench really only had a few good years. I'd replace them with Ivan Rodriguez and Roy Campanella.
Posted: 8:04 PM   by Anonymous
Scott Mass.

How about pedro martinez? He pitched during steroid era, we know he didnt take any (165 pounds soaking wet) and his numbers are comparable to Koufax. Who would I take out? Maybe eck.
Posted: 8:05 PM   by Anonymous
A-ROD? Give me a break! I would sub him with any of the following. Nolon, Alber, Fernando, Ryno, or even Bonds before he started shoving needles in his joints.
Posted: 8:07 PM   by AmmonRog
I can't really disagree with any those choices. But I'd like to have Pete Rose, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Satchell Paige, Tom Seaver, Randy Johnson, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson... Man, the list could just go on and on. And I'd like to see Sparky Anderson in the dugout.
Posted: 8:09 PM   by Ed Horton
2 names should never be left off of a "legend" all star line up...

Cal Ripken, the last undeniably legitimate baseball legend... And Reggie Jackson... will the real Mr. October please stand up!!

A-Rod will be worthy someday, but that day is not now.... Take him off.
Posted: 8:09 PM   by Anonymous
Clemente for DiMaggio... in a heartbeat.
Posted: 8:11 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds should be on the list period, he would replace Mantle, not Dimaggio. Dimaggio was a beast, it's unfortunate that he is known for the streak, he did more than that. Bob Gibson and Pedro Martinez would have to be added, just too dominant. Sorry but Ryan and Rose were compilers that played forever, correctly not on the list.
Posted: 8:15 PM   by Anonymous
Gambling or not Pete Rose was one of the all time great players. As for Bonds, i think hes a jerk and im glad he was left off of the team. I also think the wizard of OZ and rollie fingers should be on the team and jackie robinson should be left off. He broke the color barrier and thats good but he wasnt as great as ozzie smith.
Posted: 8:21 PM   by Anonymous
I wish there was a way to put Roberto Clemete on the team. He was on of a kind with the best arm in baseball.

AS for Bonds - leave him off. He juiced up - we all know it and he should come to the plate as a man without all the protective gear. He looks like a linebacker up there instead of a baseball player
Posted: 8:21 PM   by Anonymous
Arod should not be on there. Ozzie Smith or Cal Ripken.
Posted: 8:22 PM   by Anonymous
Barry Bounds should be on there steroids or not. He was still the best in the steroid era.
Posted: 8:24 PM   by Anonymous
McGwire is my favorite player of all time, but I don't think he deserves to be on this list. All he could do was hit home runs and not much else.

On the other hand, Pete Rose should be on this team.

Bonds, while I can't stand this guy, should be on this list because of how he dominated the game. The only thing is, considering who is currently on the list, I can't see who should come off it to make room for him. They all deserve to be there.
Posted: 8:29 PM   by Anonymous
I like the team overall. I like Tom's idea of Josh Gibson, but I think too little credit is given to defense, so I like the Bench pick, but truth be told I would go with Ivan Rodriguez, hands down the best defensive catcher ever, and has been a solid hitter the last 8 years. I love that Bonds was left off. I can think off enough outfielders that I would rather take than him to leave him off inflated numbers or not. I don't mind Spahn, but I do think Greg Maddux deserved recognition also.
Posted: 8:29 PM   by Anonymous
Ernie Banks???
Posted: 8:32 PM   by Anonymous
No love for Treveor Hoffman who is a better closer than Rivera. What about Tony Gwynn or Ken Griffey????
Posted: 8:37 PM   by Anonymous
how can you put alex rodriguez in at shortstop when he doen't even play that position for his current team. ozzie smith or cal ripkin would have been a better selection
Posted: 8:41 PM   by Anonymous
It is abject farce to leave Roberto Clemente out of the top 25. Remove Dimaggio as a start - how good would some of his numbers have been on an average team - fewer runs and RBI's for sure? Dimaggio was also not nearly the fielder and arm as Clemente's who had a precision cannon for an arm, right to his last game at the age of 37 or 38. Remove ARod - is he that good in a clutch - no. I would pick Gibson (always tough in big games) over Clemens (not as tough in some big games and I don't trust where his late career strength came from).
Posted: 8:48 PM   by Anonymous
You have to have bob gibson in there. There is not a pitcher who I would want in a big game more than him.
Posted: 8:49 PM   by Anonymous
despite the last few injury plagued years Ken Griffey Jr. should be on this list. He was by far the most exciting player in the league during the 90's making baseball fun to watch again and he did it without juicing up. If you take the steroid boys off the list griffey would be 6th on the all time homer list already.
Posted: 8:50 PM   by Anonymous
Great job with the team. I understand roster space is scarce, but please, you gotta find somewhere for Joe DiMaggio. That's all I ask.
Posted: 8:51 PM   by Anonymous
Nolan Ryan a compiler? Rrright. He "compiled" more no-no's than any pitcher before, since, or ever will. Replace Cy Young with Ryan because Cy never pitched to Aaron, Mays, Mantle, Rose, Schmidt, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Posted: 8:52 PM   by Anonymous
Albert "coolest homerun of all time" Pujols
Posted: 8:56 PM   by Anonymous
Roberto Clemente, Albert Pujols, Brooks Robinson & BOB GIBSON (How could anyone leave him out???)
Posted: 8:58 PM   by Anonymous
Call me a CARDINAL but how about Albert Pujols, Mark Mcgwire, Bob Gibson,
Posted: 8:59 PM   by Basil Upsilon 2
Add Nolan Ryan and Bob Gibson. Old time 30 game winners aren't so impressive - different era - so two of those older guys need to be cut. Bob Feller missing too.

These outfielders are sick. There's so many absolute monsters who didn't even make the cut.

Drop A. Rod and add Frank Robinson or Bonds - maybe Pete Rose or Lou Brock as a two hitter behind Honus Wagner. Rodriguez still has work to do to make the cut.
Posted: 9:02 PM   by Anonymous
Given the power in the rest of the lineup, I would go with Ozzie Smith at short. As for going with either Brooks Robinson or George Brett over Schmidt, Schmidt had better power numbers than either of the other two and Brooks Robinson only has a couple more Gold Gloves than Schmidt. Overall, Schmidt was better than either Brett or Robinson.
Posted: 9:21 PM   by Basil Upsilon 2
One more thing - not seeing much love for DiMaggio it seems. Have to remember he was the BEST player of probably the greatest generation of baseball players. He was an absolute God in the country - bigger than Michael Jordan or Ali or just about anyone sans Ruth in terms of popularity - and is absolutely revered by old sportswriters as the greatest athlete they had ever seen.
Don't forget that WWII really impacted his career numbers as well (Ted Williams, also).
Posted: 9:22 PM   by Anonymous
What about Bob Gibson. There was no one better, except Koufax, in his era. When the chips were on the table, he was the man!
Posted: 9:24 PM   by Michael Kelly
Even given Barry Bonds' alleged steroid use, prior to 1999, Bonds was well on his way to becoming the one of the best all-around players in the history of the game. He won 3 MVPs and should have won 4 straight. He definitely belongs on this list, notwithstanding the hypocricy in allowing a possibly-tainted Roger Clemens on this list.

Also, if Sandy Koufax makes this list, so too should Pedro Martinez. No pitcher has ever been so much better than the rest of his pitchers in his league than Pedro was between 1997 and 2000, and his career numbers also stack up to the other pitchers on this list.
Posted: 9:26 PM   by Anonymous
How can you not include nolan ryan or barry bonds to this team. Bonds is the greatest player not only of his generation but maybe of all time. He is the only player with 7 mvps no other player even has 3 and he won four of those in a row. And how are you gonna forget the alltime strikeout leader. It seems to me that when you guys compose these teams you tend to favor those of the "past" some of those players you mentioned are good but they didn't play against top tier talent. Back then minorites weren't allowed to play and therefore many talents were left unseen. So the point im making is when you make these teams look at who they played and their stats not just personality wise. Also wat about Pete Rose... just haters on the good players i guess
Posted: 9:28 PM   by Anonymous
I'd have to add Steve Carlton. his slider was the most dominant pitcher by a lefty of his (or any era)
Posted: 9:37 PM   by Anonymous
Just wait one minute.....Satchel Paige is not part of the all time team. I don't think so....
Posted: 9:44 PM   by josh
where's roberto clemente? short career...but a great player!
Posted: 9:47 PM   by Johnny Salami, Syracuse NY
Hold on to your skirts, girls, here's a Red Sox fan saying.....for owner George Steinbrenner.

He brought the Yankees back from the dead, and without them, it's just not baseball.

I mean, who else are you going to hate? The Phillies??

Posted: 9:52 PM   by Anonymous
Take Mariano Rivera off, put in Nolan Ryan. Nuff said.
Posted: 10:11 PM   by Anonymous
The best way to put it for me is that you can only speak for the players you have seen in your era. For me since I was born in 1966 and grew up watching the early 70's baseball and on into the 80's, Pete Rose was the best ball player over all bar none. Can't believe he is not on the poster. Next guy to him is George Brett, again an all round great player, can't believe he is not there either ! In the pitcher catagory Nolan Ryan for sure. But an all time team is tough to call.
Posted: 10:15 PM   by Anonymous
Jason says:

Off: Eckersley, Rodgriguez, and Jackie Robinson. A-Rod is a bust in the clutch. Eckersley is a one inning save specialist. Jackie is a legit hall-of-famer, but there are better alternatives at 2nd base.

On: Grover Alexander (P); Brooks Robinson (3d); Rod Carew (2d). If you must have another SS, I'll take Ernie Banks.
Posted: 10:23 PM   by Anonymous
what is with this barry bonds crap keep him off the list,i dont care about all the good stuff he did he broke the leauge rules and took steroids and thats wrong thank you for keeping him off this list
Posted: 10:25 PM   by Anonymous
How can you leave Ivan Rodriguez off the team? An AL MVP, NLCS MVP, best defensive catcher of all-time (better than Bench) and one of only two catchers to ever hit .300 in 10 seasons (Bill Dickey)
Posted: 10:25 PM   by Anonymous
Where's Barry Bonds? In his prime he was second to none, defensively and offensively. He's going to break the HR record, but his game is beyond that. He is one of the true all-time greats.
Posted: 10:28 PM   by Anonymous
Thank Goodness Bonds is not on the list.....Bonds should not be included when people metion "Who is the Best of All-Time"......He might be able to be included in the list "What might have been"....Taking Mantle off the list in favor of Bonds, is not an option....Mantle is better than Bonds Roids or not.....Bonds is not in the top 20 of All-Time players....It is sad though what might have been iffffff.....
Posted: 10:29 PM   by Charles
My recommendations will give away my St. Louis bias, but what about Bob Gibson (pitcher), Lou Brock (outfield), Ozzie Smith (shortstop), and Albert Pujols (1st base). Of course, keep the Cardinals already on the list...especially "Stan the Man"!!!
Posted: 10:35 PM   by J Glenn
C'mon guys, Schmidt over George Brett is a huge mistake, but defendable.

The real question is how can sports-writing professionals overlook Satchell Paige? A 42 year old rookie going 6-1?

You really missed that one, guys.
Posted: 10:40 PM   by Anonymous
pete rose isn't on there... come on!!!! how about sparky anderson??
Posted: 10:41 PM   by Tyler
Hey what about Ripken, Brooks Robinson,and even Clemente these are stars and all around good players. A_rod no way what has he done???
Posted: 10:42 PM   by Anonymous
how can you leave off pete rose??? only the most prolific hitter ever.... greenies or no!
Posted: 10:43 PM   by Anonymous
Roy Campanella over Yogi. Clemente has to be there, so add a spot for a utility guy and make it the Babe (remember he was a great pitcher) and drop Eckersley. Bob Gibson over Clemens every time...and if you're going to talk Pete Rose, then you must also bring up Joe Jackson.
Posted: 10:46 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds is damaged goods. I'll never trust any of his records. Best way I can put is "he cheated."
Posted: 10:47 PM   by Anonymous
Dump Dennis Eckersley for Bob Gibson or Gregg Maddux.
Dump Jackie Robinson for Jimmy Foxx.
Posted: 10:48 PM   by Anonymous
Junk Bonds is where he belongs in Left Out.Drop cryRod and insert Randy Johnson.You can never have enough pitching....
Posted: 10:50 PM   by Anonymous
You people are hypocrites. We can have a drunken Ruth & Mantle who probably couldn’t function in any other era than the ones they played in. Get love and be in, god knows what they were on. Ty Cobb who was a horrible person and even worse as a ball player gets in. When we talk of these players we should tell the truth about them. Not what writers think is important. What’s worse for the game? Steroids or someone who can’t swing a bat before taking a swig of the bottle? I love Mantle he should never come off the list. Ruth is argued as the greatest however, that’s for another discussion.
In August of 1976, when I was just 8 years old, my Father and I sat behind home plate in the "box seats" at Comiskey Park, where we watched the starting Pitcher for the California Anges, one Nolan Ryan, hurl countless pitches in excess of 100 mph. Even though Ryan held my favorite team to only 2 hits that night, I was not in the least dissapointed with what I saw! The guy was simply amazing, and it was only then, during that one night watching Ryan pitch under the lights on the "South side" that I came to fully understand what dominant pitching could do for any team!

How can you possibly leave the all time "strike out" leader off of the "Alltime All-Star Team"?
Posted: 11:01 PM   by Anonymous
Pete Rose i know he's banned now but it does say all-time team
Posted: 11:03 PM   by Andrew
By A-Rod, I'm sure you mean Jeter.
Posted: 11:04 PM   by Anonymous
bonds is a lock, no matter how big a jerk he is. wasn't ty cobb the biggest baseball jerk of all time - - until bonds came along. does arod really need to be here? i think we have enough offense on this team - you know, with the 80980948357309487 career homers of the rest of the team. let's throw a bone to the wiz - ozzie smith - and see some gravity-defying defense! 'lefty' steve carlton deserves a nod too.
Posted: 11:05 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds was well on his way to 500-500 by the late 90s. No other power hitter is anywhere near that. His 3 MVPs from the early 90s (when he weighed about 180) are as many as anyone else has ever gotten. He won 7 Gold Gloves. What I'm saying is, take away '01-'04 and he should still be on this team. Credit him for '01-'04 (when half the guys in the league, including pitchers, were using) and he's the greatest player of all time. Put him on the list.
Posted: 11:05 PM   by Anonymous
Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, Albert Pujols all three were the most intimidating and thoroughly dominant at what they did for their era.
Posted: 11:20 PM   by Anonymous
I agree with anonymous. Leaving off Barry Bonds is just another example of how the media tends to view things from one side. Now that there are allegations about Roger Clemons, the media is quick to say, "oh no, not Roger." There are a handful of 40 year old pitchers and reagular palyers. 2 of them just happen to be considered the best ever at their positions. One Black. One White. But one gets the benefit of the doubt. Interesting.
Posted: 11:27 PM   by Bruce Taylor
To not have Barry Bonds on this team makes the whole thing farcical.
Posted: 11:29 PM   by Anonymous
I love the list. Who I'd like to see on it? Bonds. Best player of his era. As much as I loved Clemente, Frank Robinson, way more hrs (586) and a much higher slugging avg than Clemente(240 hrs). Ivan Rodriguez, redefined the position. Pedro Martinez, I think he's a head case, but his stats are better than Gibson, Seaver, Nolan Ryan if compared by the era he pitched in. I would say take off Eckersley, Mantle, J. Robinson. The jury is still out on Arod. Piazza is tough to leave off also. It's very hard to judge the older era pitchers like Cy Young etc. because the game was so different then. And lastly, let's not forget how much better Clemens' stat's would have been had he ever had a closer like Rivera or Eck, instead of Bob Stanley, a past his prime Jeff Reardon and of course Mr Blown Save himself, Heathcliff Slocomb, when he was with the Red Sox.
Posted: 11:42 PM   by Pete L
For all the Jeter haters above.. 5 for 5, 2 doubles and a homer. Game 1 for New York. What did A-Rod do?
That's what I thought.
Posted: 11:45 PM   by Anonymous
Gibson is a huge miss. Game 7 of the world series there is a not a pitcher ever who you would want over Gibson. They changed the rules because of how dominant he was. Plus he hit better than even good hitting pitchers like Dontrelle Willis and Mike Hampton. You just can't leave him off this team.
Posted: 11:47 PM   by Anonymous
Josh Gibson or Satchel Paige are missing. Two players that could have and did change baseball.
Posted: 11:48 PM   by Anonymous
Stat for stat, Manny Ramirez is better than Arod. More RBIS's, Hr's and higher slugging and OPS than Arod in as many at bats. Has as many RBI's as Mantle in 1500 fewer AB's and a higher career batting average, slugging and OPS. Drop Mantle and Arod and put Manny and Ozzie Smith on your team. I'd rather have Manny being Manny than Arod being Arod.
Posted: 11:49 PM   by Anonymous
How about Shoeless Joe? He hit for the third highest average ever, and played a stellar left field. No one will ever proove he threw the 1919 series, and the stats say he didn't. So I really recommend putting him on.
Posted: 11:54 PM   by Anonymous
Roberto Clemente was not only one of the best all time baseball players but also an exceptional person and humanitarian. Character does matter I am assuming that is why you left off Bonds. A-ROD does not deserve to be in this company. If you want to add a modern player to keep it interesting to readers add Jeter and delete A-ROD.
Posted: 12:04 AM   by Anonymous
How could you possibly leave Derek Jeter - a.k.a Captain Clutch - off the team?
Posted: 12:06 AM   by dan
arod absolutely deserves this team. when he is done, he will be the all-time home run champ and have 4 or 5 mvps. jeter, he's above average now, but nowhere near arod. bonds deserves to be on the team. take off dimaggio. take off mantle and put ricky henderson. eckersley and rivera are the 2 best closers ever. pujols will be on this list in 5 years. randy johnson on the list instead of spahn.
Posted: 12:09 AM   by Anonymous
It may have been better to divide the teams among AL and NL rosters. Someone like Frank Robinson excelled in both leagues, but overall not to many players fit into that category.
Posted: 12:17 AM   by Anonymous
First off, I am suspect of any of the players listed before integration. Walter Johnson, Mathewson, Cy Young - Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan. Pick 3. I agree about Bonds, he was a great player before the steroids. Where's Ricky Henderson? Either Bonds or Henderson over Dimaggio. Joe Morgan over both Hornsby and Jackie Robinson.
Posted: 12:25 AM   by Anonymous
Lists like this create a great deal of interest and debate. And debate, as much as anything, is a part of the fabric of baseball.

Overall, I favor the CNN list. Sure, there are some areas of argument. For example:

Jackie Robinson's contribution to the game vs. Joe Morgan's superior numbers at second;

Ozzie Smith's 13 Gold Gloves and 2,460 career hits vs. Alex Rodriguez, perhaps the Ken Griffey, Jr. of his generation. (Anyone and everyone who believed - in say, 1999 - that Griffey would not be on this list care to step forward? What injuries will do to a career, and Griffey is still a first-ballot Hall of Famer.);

Mike Schmidt (548 home runs and 10 Gold Gloves) vs. Brooks Robinson (2,848 hits and 16 Gold Gloves) at third base. (Sorry, George Brett, despite his 3,154 career hits finishes third. He won only one Gold Glove in his career.);

Josh Gibson (such raw power) vs. Yogi (10 World Series rings - more than anyone else - and three American League MVP awards);

Joe DiMaggio (nine World Series rings and three prime seasons 1943-45 missed due to World War II) vs. Mickey Mantle (seven World Series rings, three AL MVP awards, and so much lost to extra-hard living) vs. Frank Robinson (586 home runs) vs. Roberto Clemente (3,000 hits and the arm against which all outfielders are judged) vs. some guy named Bonds;

Dennis Eckersley (197 wins, 390 saves) vs. Bob Feller (266-162 and 1942-44 lost due to World War II) vs. Nolan Ryan (seven no-hitters and 5,714 strikeouts) vs. Steve Carlton (329 wins and four National League Cy Young Awards) vs. Greg Maddux (333 wins and four National League Cy Young Awards and still going!).

To make things even more interesting, here's my starting lineup and batting order from the CNN list.

Enjoy and/or debate!

CF - Willie Mays (no one played it better)

SS - Honus Wagner (3,415 hits, .391 OBA)

RF - Babe Ruth (Who else?)

1B - Lou Gehrig (Worked in NY. Would work in an Iowa corn field.)

LF - Henry Aaron (Edged out Ted Williams.)

3B - Mike Schmidt (I know. Two lefties. Two righties. I think they'll survive.)

2B - Rogers Hornsby (.358 batting average, 2,930 hits, and he's seventh!)

C - Johnny Bench (Sorry, Yogi. Josh, too.)

P - Walter Johnson (417 wins, a 2.17 lifetime ERA, a career strikeout total that led the majors for nearly three-quarters of a CENTURY, and the man spent his entire career in Washington!)

RP - Mariano Rivera (Best in the postseason and with a pitch that everyone knows is coming and still can't hit.)
Posted: 12:42 AM   by andrew Lupton
KEN GRIFFEY JR. cannot be left off this list.
while Robinson is certaintly important to baseball for obvious reasons, he is not one of the greatest 22 ball players of all time. If GRIFFEY hadn't been injured for large parts of the last few seasons, he could be swinging for 800 home runs. Even after missing most of 3-4 seasons with the Reds, his great years with the Mariners have carried him to the doorstep of 600.
+Gold-glover in center.
Posted: 12:44 AM   by Anonymous
why is it that baseball keeps revering the oldest players as if they are somehow comparable to the physical specimens of the last 20 years? Where is Bonds? Gwynn? Winfield? Jackson? Heck, howabout Molitor or Rice or Trammel? Its like these guys never existed. Baseball in the early part of the century may have been great lore but give some credit to the newer generations. Its no wonder nobody under the age of 50 watches this game anymore.
You can't have an ALL TIME ALL STAR team without the best outfielder and most powerful arm in modern baseball ROBERTO CLEMENTE, it's embarrassing he wasn't even mentioned.. Come on PETE ROSE for sure should be there, the All Time Hit King and a fearless player... Rod Carew, one the greatest hitters in all of baseball... Johnny Bench was good but today you have catchers such as Piazza and my favorite Ivan Rodriguez that have changed the position forever...Ivan Rodriguez hands down...
Posted: 12:57 AM   by Saberhagen
Bob Gibson has to be on the team replace Bob with any of the above. Joe Morgan before either 2nd basemen. Drop A-Rod and add George Brett.
Posted: 1:00 AM   by Anonymous
if you really want an all time all star team, why not add the best players of all times irregardless of nationality? for instance, where is sadaharu oh, baseball's all time home run leader? this list reflects the authors' bias towards major leaguers.
Posted: 1:03 AM   by Saberhagen
Bob Gibson ahs to be on the team, before any of the others. Joemorgan instead of either 2nd basemen. George Brett over A-rod. GB was clutch A rod not so much.
Posted: 1:10 AM   by Anonymous
Get some coaches from the team with the second most world series titles, the St.Louis Cardinals like Red, or Billy Southworth, or Tony La Russa, even from other teams take Gene Mauch, Bobby Cox, or Sparky Anderson.
Posted: 1:12 AM   by Anonymous
I love the Cards but on the comment board when someone said Bob Gibson is one if the best top 5 ever as well as Pedro, that is just not true.
Posted: 1:15 AM   by Anonymous
Why are so many overrated by these commenters?
Posted: 1:20 AM   by Anonymous
Add Bob Gibson and Drop the Eck

Add Satchel Paige and Drop Spahn

Add Brooks Robinson and Drop Schmidt

Add Bill Dickey and Drop Berra

Add either the Big Unit or Pedro Martinez and Drop Lefty

I don't think Pujol's statistics comes close to Gehrig's numbers, and anyone who questions this should look at Gehrig's statistics again. He is unquestionably the greatest hitter of ALL TIME. He hit over 40 home runs 5 times (49 twice) and batted over .350 5 times and over .370 three times and had over 170 rbis three times.

Sorry, but Steroid Enhanced Bonds hit over .370 only once and never had more than 137 rbi. William's numbers also do not compare. He only hit more than 40 home runs once.
Posted: 1:23 AM   by Anonymous
No way I take Robinson over Joe Morgan. Jackie lead the way but Joe was the best 2 bagger ever.
Posted: 1:25 AM   by Anonymous
I would add Pudge Rodriguez and possibly Nolan Ryan. One could keep 3 catchers with this team and would not need so much pitching so off goes Cy Young and one other pitcher (not sure who!).
Posted: 1:36 AM   by Wil 21 NYC
Roberto Clemente over Ty Cobb hands down. Ty played against weak competetion, Roberto was a 5 tool player with the best arm in the outfield. Nuff said
Posted: 1:48 AM   by Bill Rogers
Bob Gibson for Cy Young...to pitch that one game you have to win.
Posted: 2:01 AM   by Anonymous
I hate to say it but you have to take Dimaggio off of the list and put Stan the Man in the OF and add Foxx to 1b. Dimaggio's career numbers are not that much better than Albert Belle's, and while Belle was great, he wouldn't even sniff an all time team.

Oh and Nolan Ryan has no place on this team. Pitching for 26 billion years, striking guys out and averaging roughly a 12-10 record doesn't make you an all time great. And seven great games don't make a career. He barely won more games than he lost. And Walter Johnson was on the worst team every year but one and he won 417 and lost 279, so don't give me the "Nolan was on bad teams" garbage.
Posted: 2:02 AM   by Anonymous
Bonds is a great player, deserves to be in the hall of fame and is not, presteroids, one of the greatest power hitter:

home runs through the season the player turned 35:

Ruth 565
Aaron 554
Mays 534
Fox 514
Mantle 496
Eddie Matthews! 477
A-Rod (at age 31) 464
Frank Robinson 453
Bonds 445

Home runs after age 35:

Bonds 289
Aaron 201
Ruth 149
Mantle 40
Foxx 20

Bonds is either from Mars, or there was a little physiologic change.

Rating these guys by stats and how many home runs they hit in September, when there team was in 4th place, is a bit like using yardage to prove that Fran Tarkenton was better than Joe Montana.
Posted: 2:16 AM   by Anonymous
You have to include Nolan Ryan and Bob Gibson. Eckersly, Rivera...great closers, sure, but they pitched for one inning. You kidding me? Give Nolan or Bob the chance to close and it would have been lights out every night. For the dissenters above, Nolan had a career 3.1 ERA, by the way.
Posted: 2:21 AM   by Anonymous
Its unbelievable that anyone thinks Nolan Ryan should be in the top 100, much less 25. For the blogger who said the old guys didnt have stiff competition, compare Ryan to his contemporaries.

Carlton- 4 Cy Youngs--won 85 more games than he lost.

Seaver- 3 Cy Youngs 106 over 500.

Jim Palmer! --3 Cy Youngs, 116 over

Ryan--No Cy Youngs, 32 over 500; his teams were no worse than Seavers and usually a lot better than Carltons'.

The goal isnt strike outs, its wins.
Posted: 2:27 AM   by Justin W. Smiloff
I agree with most of the choices except I would leave off Yogi who was never the best player on his own team and put on pudge Rodriguez and his 12 all star appearances, more gold gloves than hands, the best throwing arm a catcher ever had, 2,000 plus hits, the ability to steal bases earlier in his career, an mvp award in the regular season and the nlcs and most of all the fact that he has led 3 different teams to the playoffs and the marlins the marlins!!! to a world series win and not to mention the fact that since he left neither florida nor texas has sniffed a single playoff game. As far as Second base the simple fact is Joe Morgan was a much better all around player than Jackie Robinson hands down, any day of the week. Arod deserves no place on the team because of his lack of clutch skills and the fact that he will probably play more games at 3rd than short in his career in his place I would add Ripken who managed 3,000 plus hits, 400 plus home runs, two mvps, played more straight games than anyone and has a ring.I would also drop the Eck because two closers are too many and Gibson, Seaver, Carlton, Unit, Maddux or at least a dozen other pitchers are more deserving. And Dimaggio's numbers are not good enough and he did not play long enough to be included over Bonds who may hit nearly 2x as many home runs and has performed in much weaker lineups.
Posted: 2:28 AM   by Anonymous
you have to give the second bae job to Joe Morgan over Hornsby, Hornsby was said to be terrible in the feild unlike Morgan who was great all around, also need to add Nolan Ryan, how do you leave a person wit 7 no-hitters off this team?
Posted: 3:07 AM   by Anonymous
A few names that came to mind when I saw the list were Ozzie Smith because of his sick defense, Nolan Ryan and Roberto Clemente. I think Albert Pujols will eventually be on this team but its still too early in his career to put him in the group "best ever".
Posted: 3:10 AM   by Howard
I think there should be two teams. Pitchers: Left Glove, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Warren Spahn, Cy Young. 1B: Lou Gehrig, Stan Musial, Jimmy Foxx 2B: Rogers Hornsby, Jackie Robinson. SS: Honus Wagner, Ernie Banks. 3B: Harmon Killebrew. OF: Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. C: Johnny Bench and Yogi Berra.

Pitchers: Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, Mariano Rivera, Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson. 1B: Albert Pujols 2B: Joe Morgan. SS: Alex Rodriguez. 3B: Mike Schmidt, Wade Boggs OF: Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr, Rickey Henderson, Albert Belle. C: Mike Piazza.
Posted: 3:44 AM   by Danny, Detroit
Although his offensive numbers aren't staggering (career .297 AVG, .376 OBP, .480 SLG, 399 homers, 1583 RBIs) one can't ignore 10 Gold Gloves. Al Kaline is held in higher regard than any other Tiger.

And while I'm sticking up for my hometown team I might as well mention the 2-time MVP with a career .313 AVG and .605 SLG who led the AL in Home Runs and RBIs four times each: Hank Greenberg. Who knows what he would have done if his career hadn't been interupted by military service.
Posted: 3:52 AM   by Vamsi
I don't think you need 2 closers, so ditch Eck for Maddux or Randy or Pedro. Pedro and Sandy were basically the same pitcher (historically dominant in their prime, major markets, quirky, made of glass), but Pedro gets the benefit of modern medicine. Can't penalize him for that. Give Koufax those benefits and the standard pitching decline that happens with 35-40 year olds, and his numbers look like other great-not-epic pitchers. Koufax is one of the most romanticized players of all time...great talent, but not top 5 pitcher by most metrics. If you're looking for one-game dominance, besides, you go with Pedro, Rocket, or Gibson.

You can argue for Ruth-Mays-Williams for your OF, and keep Mantle on that bench out there, but Bonds was unquestionably better than Joe Dimaggio, juice or not.

For the most part great list, you can argue the tail ends like Mathewson or Eckersly or Koufax or Josh Gibson into the C spot, but solid overall. As a Cards fan, I'd love to have Pujols on there, but it's tough to see who he bumps off the list yet (though at the end of his career he will certainly supplant a few).
Posted: 6:25 AM   by Anonymous
I'm trying to figure out the starting 3 outfielders. I would love see McCarthy telling Ty Cobb he is playing behind Will Mays in center. Haha Cobb would blow a gasket. And who plays left? Williams? Great fun.
Posted: 6:49 AM   by Anonymous
Amazing! It seems that the KKK got together to pay homage to Baseball players of the segregation (racist) Era. But, oops! a little political correctness does not hurt,,,Bingo! Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Jackie Robinson found themselves on this list. Who cares about the Negro League players? Who cares about the Latino playes? Where is Bonds? Where is Clemente? Where is Rod Carew? Where is Bob Gibson? Where is Marichal? Where is Tony Oliva? For crying out loud, where is Satchel Paige?? Where is Gibson? WHere is Pete Rose? Where is Ozzie Smith? Where is frank Robinson?
Most of the players you mention in your "dreamteam" lived in an American Nightmare; keep the lights out...
It is disgusting to see that Baseball "experts" live in a nauseating past; Hallelujah!
Posted: 8:13 AM   by Anonymous
You have to take off Clemens. He definitely took some kind of drugs.
Posted: 8:34 AM   by Anonymous
how about cal ripkin?

and rose?
Posted: 8:44 AM   by TimP
Offense is always nice but when you already have the bats that this team does you could use a little defense. With that said, A Rod takes a hike and Ozzie Smith is a great addition. He is not only the greatest defensive shortstop of all time, he is the greatest defensive player at any position that the game has EVER seen. There is a reason they called him the Wizard. I am sure they Yankees would have loved to have Ozzie and third base this season since A Rod cant seem to put anything in his glove. Besides that, does A Rod have ANY big time moments in his career. Ozzie's homerun off of the Dodgers to win the playoff game batting lefthanded was about as clutch as it gets. A Rod cant even spell clutch.
Posted: 8:51 AM   by Anonymous
E-rod ???? You have to be kidding me.

I, too would add Nolan Ryan and am not sure how you can omit Derek Jeter (especially in light of your A-rod selection).

Reggie !!!
Posted: 9:04 AM   by Anonymous
Ozzie Smith is the greatest shortstop of all time. Leaving him off the list is sacrilege.
Posted: 9:17 AM   by Anonymous
I would have to agree that Pete Rose belongs on this list, despite anything that happened beyond his career as a player. If we are adding people based solely on stats, which is the only reason I can believe that Alex Rodriguez is on this list, then we can't leave out Pete Rose. If we are basing this list on overall performance, I would find it hard to believe that someone that is as important to postseason history as Derek Jeter has been to the Yankees would be off the list and Alex Rodriguez, a player who has yet to win a single World Series title, is on it. The Yankees of the past have had great teams all around to take their title runs, but Derek Jeter has come through noth at the plate and on the field like nobody else in the team's history has. One needs only look at the 2001 World Series to see that Derek Jeter birngs a level in the postseason that just isn't there for Alex Rodriguez.

And for what it's worth, Barry Bonds was a fantastic player before I believe he started "juicing" his game, but I wouldn't qualify his game as "all time" until his power numbers magically started skyrocketing in the recent past, and I refuse to believe that this jump in stats was purely innocent. That is another conversation however.
Posted: 9:25 AM   by Anonymous
I like Mike Schmidt, but I'd want George Brett to be my 3rd baseman. Brett was one of the all-time ultimate gamers. Brett was like Derek Jeter is today, but with more pop. I'd keep Schmidt too and dump Rodriguez.

Eckersley and ARod don't belong at all. They are both there because of their stats. Give me guys who showed they know to do it when it counts: Jeter, Goose Gossage, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith. Prince Albert is coming on strong.
Posted: 9:34 AM   by Anonymous
Bonds and Pete Rose definitely should be there. A-Rod may be the best player in the league right now, but he still has a lot to prove.
Posted: 9:34 AM   by Kevin from Yonkers
Simple substitution - take out A-Rod, insert the Captain, Derek Jeter.

I mean is this a stats game, or a game that you want to win. If this is a team that is going to play a game that you want to win, then you have to have Derek Jeter on your team.
Posted: 9:40 AM   by Anonymous
Thank you for not including Barry Bonds. He is a disgrace to the game and without his steroids, would probably been retired 5 or 6 years ago still weighing 175lbs, like he did when he played for Pittsburgh.
I would also replace Dennis Eckersley with either Nolan Ryan or Bob Gibson.
Posted: 9:46 AM   by Anonymous
You gotta have Bob Gibson and Nolan Ryan. Gibson forced the rules of the game to change.
Posted: 9:47 AM   by Anonymous
Seems to me that, in the spirit of an all-star discussion, there ought to be an AL team and an NL team. After all, a team of all-stars with no comparison is really not all-stars, what makes them great is their ability to compete against equals in stature.
Posted: 9:47 AM   by Anonymous
Ok you got A-Rod in without Pujols???
Posted: 9:49 AM   by Anonymous
It is so funny to read about all the talk about Pujols, Rodriguez, and Hoffman not being on the list. None of those players have been in the league long enough to be considered all-time anything. You have people on the list that dominated for 15+ years at their positions. Get real people!!!
Posted: 10:05 AM   by Anonymous
Roy Campanella, Roberto Clemente, & Derek Jeter, and Albert Pujols deserve to be on this team.
Posted: 10:10 AM   by Anonymous
Umm... Hello? Ever hear of a man named Pujols?
Posted: 10:18 AM   by Anonymous
How about Cal Ripkin, Jr. Anyone remember that name?? It is a great list, for sure, but there are so many great players NOT listed. Ozzie Smith, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, Orel Hershiser, Reggie Jackson, George Brett, Tony Gwynn, Bob Gibson, Vida Blue, Steve Carlton, Joe Morgan. The list could just go on and on. Pete Rose should definitely be on the list, gambling fiasco aside, he was an un-real ballplayer.
Posted: 10:34 AM   by Anonymous
Aside from the media's annoying Yankees bias, this team is outstanding. Each player has a pile of justification for his inclusion on the team. However, I would like to have seen Nolan, Ozzie, and Albert on the roster.
Posted: 10:34 AM   by Aaron (Minnesota)
I think leaving off Kirby Puckett is not only a travesty, it is hypocritical as many national announcers pronounced him is being one of the greatest centerfielders to ever play the game. Look at the production at the plate in his health shortened career, not to mention the contributions he made both defensively and offensively to the winning of two world series. I am also confused that the Killer Harmon Killebrew is not on your poster. He ranks #6 all-time on the home-run list I believe. He played for many years and had an extremely successful career. Is it that these two players spent all or the majority of their careers in small market Minnesota?
Posted: 10:35 AM   by Nathaniel
Josh Gibson, Pedro Martinez, and Albert Pujols are all glaring snubs.

Players like Jimmy Foxx, Nolan Ryan and Ken Griffey, Jr. should probably be on the team, too.
Posted: 10:38 AM   by Anonymous
Why oh why has no one mentioned the greatest leadoff hitter of all time, Rickey Henderson?
Posted: 10:49 AM   by Anonymous
It's all about the interpretation of Alltime "All-Star" team. Ripken was an All-Star 19 times Gibby would be the pitcher in Game 7 of a World Series.
Bonds and others have taken away the greatness of America's pastime.
Posted: 10:57 AM   by Scott Ross
Sandy Koufax's selection to this team is indefensible.

Pedro Marinez has already pitched three years longer and has a better k/9, whip and winning %, a much better k/bb and the best era+ ever.

Randy Johnson has pitched 7 more seasons than Koufax, has a better winning %, k/bb, era+, and the best k/9 ever.

Take away Koufax' 6-year peak and he's 36-40 with a 4.10 ERA.

Take away Johnson's 6-year peak and he's 160-105 with a 3.62 ERA.

Take away Martinez's 6-year peak and he's 102-60 with a 3.33 ERA.
Posted: 10:57 AM   by Arkansas Yankee
Drop Alex Rodriguez and add Derek Jeter. Look at what these contribute to the success of the TEAM. When it counts the most, Jeter delivers, Rodriguez does not. How many championships has Jeter been a part of compared to ARod? Look at post season accomplishments and you will see Jeter outshines ARod.
Posted: 10:58 AM   by Brad Easter
The GREATEST Right Fielder of all time played in obscurity in Pittsburgh. Roberto Clemente did it ALL. Ran like the wind, rocket arm, caught everything that went his way, had 3000 hits and hit the long ball when needed. He died way too young!
Posted: 11:14 AM   by Anonymous
this team is not new york centric, it is new york YANKEE centric.
missing players: satchel paige, bob gibson, josh gibson and/or roy campanella, brooks robinson, tris speaker, roberto clemente, shoeless joe jackson (if rose's gambling isn't a factor, jackson's case shouldn't be a factor either)
honorable mention: nap lajoie
extraneous players: dennis eckersley, mariano rivera, yogi berra, mike schmidt, hank aaron, joe dimaggio, mickey mantle.
satchel paige and bob gibson over dennis eckersley and mariano rivera -- 4 day rotation pitchers ALL had the ability to pitch as starters or relievers, so no need for these specialists who also never had to work on swinging a bat -- a ballplayer should be able to play BOTH offense and defense. paige was the most dominant righthander ever, a rookie of the year at 42 years old, and a world series pitcher at 58 years old. gibson was the most dominant pitcher in an era of dominant pitching.
josh gibson and/or roy campanella over yogi berra -- campanella was berra's contemporary, an equivalent hitter and a better fielder, while gibson may well have been the greatest catcher ever, period.
brooks robinson over mike schmidt -- robinson controlled an entire world series with his glove, and was a respectable hitter, though not the power hitter schmidt was -- but does this team really need more power????
tris speaker over hank aaron -- speaker was the superior fielder with a higher average, but did not play in the live ball era in a stadium known as "the launching pad".
roberto clemente over joe dimaggio -- better power, better fielder, better arm. dimaggio has become a creation of the press. for example, he was NEVER the greatest living ballplayer; ruth died in the 1940s, cobb in the 1960s, and mays lives on; which of those would anyone in his right mind give up for dimaggio?
shoeless joe jackson over mickey mantle -- while mantle had a brilliant career, he is most known for what might have been, while jackson actually was, although his career was cut short. jackson was the better hitter for average, and in the live ball era, probably would have had comparable power. while only mays may have been a better fielder than jackson, mantle certainly wasn't.
Posted: 11:21 AM   by Anonymous
You can't put Ryan on that list. His domaination was due more to the length of his career than to being one of the greatest of all time. Don't get me wrong, he was an outstanding player, but he probably should be on the "All Time Greatest - Alternate Team".

The poster that said take Ty Cobb off the list doesn't have a clue about baseball prior to 1970.

I love Pujols, but his career hasn't lasted long enough. Now, if he continues his average year for 15 more, a stong case could be made.

Joe D probably shouldn't be on the list. Mantle was far better, and he just barely makes the cut. Chalk all that up to East Coast bias.

Bob Gibson needs to be on the team. I'd take him over Eck and Rivera any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Posted: 11:26 AM   by Anonymous
Bob Gibson should be included in this list.
Posted: 11:46 AM   by Anonymous
Replace A-Rod with Ripken. Like A-Rod, Ripken won 2 mvp's. Unlike A-Rod, Ripken has a world series ring, was a better fielder at both short and third, and I think 2,632 consecutive games is the most unbreakable record in baseball.
Posted: 11:52 AM   by Anonymous
Rickey Henderson belongs on the team - the greatest leadoff hitter of all time and the all-time career leader in Stolen Bases and Runs.

I would also have considered Ozzie Smith in place of A-Rod. Defense counts!

Otherwise, a great list.
Posted: 12:03 PM   by Anonymous
are you nuts?
delete a-rod
add jeter
Posted: 12:22 PM   by Anonymous
Carlton Fisk at catcher - Bench is clearly the best all time in the NL, but for longevity, power, pitch calling, control of the game, you can't beat the real "Pudge"
Posted: 12:31 PM   by Old School
No doubt,Gibson in Eck OUT. And THANK YOU for NOT putting the Roid freak in...!~ Everyone {including his suppliers} knows he's Guilty as sin, but so was O.J. and look what he got...This current generation does NOT care who cheats and who doesn't they just want to see numbers regardless of how they are acheived. Don't have any kids Gen. X or Y Your reckless,tatt wearing, tongue pierceing, immoral acting gutless kind is bound for the pit. Losers YOU ARE...

PS> Nolan Ryan MUST be on this team...over ROID FREAK Clemens
Posted: 12:48 PM   by Anonymous
Frank Robinson and Clemente over Dimaggio, without a doubt. Bob Gibson over Nolan Ryan any season, any time. If I've got Rivera, I don't need Eck -- since when does a team need two closers? Ripken or Ozzie over A-Rod -- the presence of a Series ring or two means more than individual stats. If defense means something, I'd take Brooks Robinson's 16 Gold Gloves over Schmidt's 10 (playing on the green concrete at the Vet) any day. And I've got to find a spot for Maddux and for Rickey Henderson also: the best pitcher of the last 20 years and the best leadoff man ever!

Just a thought -- How about splitting the teams into pre- and post-DH era? There are a lot of players over the last three decades who benefited from not having to pitch to AL lineups with DH's, or conversely padded their stats by virtue of hitting in a lineup with or as a DH.
Posted: 12:50 PM   by Pete L
Some very wise person said "baseball is stats" to justify A-Rod's selection over Jeter. Interesting comment. Though, last time I checked, baseball was a game, a team game, and greatness is measured in team success. And when do teams succeed? In the post-season, when it counts. And which player would you rather have playing shortstop in a game that counts? It's not a debate -- Derek Jeter. If you think the greatness of a baseball player is determined by his April through August stats, you don't understand baseball, the team game. If you want to determine success by counting meaningless digits, give bowling a try. I hear that's a great sport for stat-heads.
Posted: 12:52 PM   by Anonymous
Don't forget about the best black player/pitcher of all time... Leroy "Satchel" Paige.
Posted: 12:53 PM   by Anonymous
It seems you used Cy Yong awards and MVPs as a primary consideration of whom to have on this team. What about Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson and Greg Maddox?

I also have to question your inclusion of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio on this team. Yes, they are legends but the Lick was not even on Casey Stengel's list of best players he ever coached and I really don't feel Joe DiMaggio played long enough to be one of the greatest. Sure they both led superstar lifestyles but in both cases potential was not met. Better choices here would have been *gulp* I hate to say it but Barry Bonds (I don't like him but I do respect him) and Frank Robinson -- you writers have him so under-rated. And if you would rather include an underachieving center fielder, Ken Griffey, Jr., is a better choice. He is a better fielder than either of your two choices and has comparable numbers to Mantle.

Now here is one that is going to raise some issues. You should not include Jackie Robinson. I will preface this by saying that what he did for baseball and society in general is immeasurable and invaluable, but is he really one of the two greatest second basemen of all time? Perhaps he should be an honorary member but in terms of players o, I am not sure he is the best choice, there is no statement to be made nor are there any barriers he needs to break on the team. I will honestly say that Eddie Collins, Nap LaJoie, Charlie Gehringer, Joe Morgan and Rod Carew would all be better choices as players. Like I said, I appreciate what Mr. Robinson did and what he represents, I just do not agree he is one of the greatest second basemen ever.

I have to say, I am also disappointed you did not include some of the old-timers. Hey, what about Tris Speaker, Cap Anson, and Honus Wagner? Unless you are named Ruth, Cobb or Gehrig, you are not allowed on this team unless you played after 1940. Sure you included Cy Young and the like but What is your deal? Do you really need two closers? This team would be so far ahead they could have you come out of the stands to pitch the ninth.
Posted: 12:56 PM   by Anonymous
Even when talking about an All Time team people can't seem to stop the Yankee hating. LOVE IT!! If only their organization put the much effort into winnning.
Posted: 12:57 PM   by Anonymous
Are you people talking about Bonds pre Alien head or post. If you are talking pre cranium swelling I understand.
Posted: 12:58 PM   by Anonymous
In contemprary times, Barry Bonds will be remembered as the biggest cheat of all time. How can we consider his accomplishments when we don`t really know what they are. Forget Jackie Robinson. This is not sociology. It is a body of work. Rod Carew, Joe Morgan, hell, even Nellie Fox had better careers. J.T.
Posted: 1:25 PM   by Anonymous
HELLO!!!...you left the greatest competitor of all time off the list...Bob Gibson! He didn't just have his way with batters, he HAD THEM FOR LUNCH. Nobody dominated his era like Gibson!
Posted: 1:36 PM   by Anonymous
First off, it's RIPKEN. Stop spelling it wrong everyone, you're hurting the cause. Secondly, check out these fielding stats (Ripken vs. Smith: looking at putouts/assists/fiedl pctg):

83 - ozzie was better in all 3
84 - cal had more PO and assist, oz had better pct
85 - same as 84
86 - cal better in all 3
87 - ozzie
88 - cal in po and pct
89 - cal
90 - cal (he had a .996 pct and had 30 more po and 50 more assist)
91 - cal in po/a
92 - cal in po/a
93 - cal in a/pct
94 - cal in a/pct

Bottom line, Cal fielded more and had a higher fielding pct than Ozzie over the course of the 12 seasons in which their primes best overlapped. Ozzie might have been flashier, but Cal was steadier and a more savvy fielder.
Posted: 1:41 PM   by Anonymous
i find it difficult to believe that clemente is constantly left off lists like these.

same goes for piazza & martinez.

someboday s/b checking for chads ...
Posted: 2:17 PM   by Anonymous
How can you not include Barry Bonds? If you want to say that his late career production was caused by steroids (which was not illegal until 2004 anyway, implying that everyone is suspect to its use), what about his three MVPs before 1994? How can you not include the only guy in history to steal 400 bases and hit 400 homeruns, even more so a guy that has hit 500 homeruns and has stolen 500 stolen bases? He was one of the best defensive leftfielders of our time? How can he not be included in this list. Marvin Bernard was accused of steroids, and look at the difference in what both of these players did. Look at the difference in what Barry Bonds did versus Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa, and Mark Mcgwire. With or without steroids, Barry Bonds is one of the greatest if not the greatest Baseball player of all time.
Posted: 2:31 PM   by Jeff
Wow... Way off.

You seem to have forgot about P. Rose, N. Ryan, D. Jeter, B. Bonds, R. Henderson, and most of all at catcher Josh Gibson.
Posted: 2:36 PM   by Anonymous
As great as Jackie Robinson was he is no match for Roger Hornsby.
Posted: 2:38 PM   by Anonymous
Mickey Mantle is the most over rated player of all time. Where is Tris Speaker?Thanks for leaving .500 pitcher Nolan ryan off.
Posted: 2:44 PM   by Anonymous
It seems Negro League players are ignored here. I would include Josh Gibson over Berra and Satchell Paige over Spahn. I like Musial, but sneeking him in at first base means you left out Jimmie Fox.
Posted: 2:47 PM   by Anonymous
First, even before the steroids, Bonds was one of the best 5-tool players in the game.

Second, I'm a fan of Charlie Gehringer at 2nd, a much more complete player defensively than Hornsby.

Third, Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson need to be in the mix as two of the three great pitchers of the past 25 years.

Finally, I'd take Pudge Rodriguez over Johnny Bench, steroids or no.
Posted: 2:52 PM   by Anonymous
How could you forget THURMAN MUNSEN? And where would today's player salaries be if not for Catfish Hunter way back when?
Posted: 2:54 PM   by Anonymous
you can't consider adding ozzie smith unless you already have cal ripken. not only was ripken offensively AND defensively superior (check the stats, not the number of gold gloves), he redefined the position. remove a-rod, put in cal.
Posted: 3:07 PM   by Anonymous
The person who stated, "George Brett defined a franchise and made that town a winner. Schmidt can never say he did that in Philly!" should review the history. In 1980 Schmidt's Phils beat Brett's Royals in the World Series and Schmidt was the MVP.
Posted: 3:21 PM   by Anonymous
RICKY HENDERSON!!! The greatest leadoff hitter of alltime and alltime leader in SB's. Plus he had over 3,000 hits and is 2nd all time in BB. He won an MVP and a WS ring with Oakland.
Posted: 3:22 PM   by Anonymous
Frank Robinson and Barry Bonds are two of the five greatest hitters ever to play the game and you left them off, really a shame. Basically any outfielder other than Mays or Ruth could have been dropped for those two.
Posted: 3:27 PM   by Anonymous
Jeter is way overrated. If he didn't play in NY no one would even consider him to be on this list. Players that play in NY either get overhyped (Jeter) or get bashed on for not living up to "NY standards" (A-Rod.) I'm pretty sure if Tejada (who has better offensive numbers than Jeter) played his eintire career with the Yankess instead of Jeter people would be talking about him instead of Jeter.
Posted: 3:37 PM   by Anonymous
You have to have Tom Seaver. He is the ONLY pitcher with 300 wins and a career ERA under 3.00.
Posted: 3:38 PM   by Jim Kinkead
Wheres Nolan Ryan,Bob Gibson,Ozzie Smith,Cal Ripken. Take off Honus Wagner, A. Rod, Eckersley, and Spahn
Posted: 3:38 PM   by Anonymous
Interesting that A-Rod is in a Mariner's jersey. Who'd he win those MVP's with?
Posted: 3:40 PM   by Anonymous
How can you have a team like this without Pete Rose and Bob Gibson..................... It makes no baseball sense at all.
Posted: 3:44 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds needs to be included no doubt - he has the most impressive 4 offensive years (01-04) of anyone who ever played the game and can not be overlooked. Will anyone ever be close to receiving 120 intentional walks in a year again? What more is there to say?
Posted: 3:47 PM   by Anonymous
Barry Bonds, Pete Rose, and Nolan Ryan!!!!! A-Rod has some great numbers but he is not a player in October!!!! All the above can do it when it counts!!!!!
Posted: 3:49 PM   by Anonymous
BOB FELLER, BOB FELLER, BOB FELLER!!!!!! 3 no hitters and 11 1 hitters while missing the four middle years of his prime fighting in WWII. There was no one better.
Posted: 3:51 PM   by Anonymous
I would add Bob Feller to the list. He was one of the most dominant pitchers of his day, and would be a star today as well. He missed four seasons during his prime due to military service; years that likely would have allowed him to exceed 350 wins. I would also add Derek Jeter because hard work has created a very good defensive shortstop, and his offense in the clutch is becoming legendary. Among the "new breed" of shortstops, he has had the most success when it comes to leading his team to championships.
Posted: 3:56 PM   by Anonymous
Can't believe that you would leave out Mr. October, Derek Jeter, probably one of the most clutch hitters in the post-season ever. His line is undeniable, and the X-Factor, the chemistry, and the serene calm he brings to the team, that's just untouchable.
Posted: 3:57 PM   by Anonymous
AROD has never been the straw that stirred the drink.
Leave him off- No team ever won the big game with him.
the man who has undoubtedly will hold for the most meaningless hits in a career.
numbers or not he is a bum
Posted: 3:58 PM   by Anonymous
Roger Clemens has never done anything in the post season to warrant this kind of honor. Great in the regular season. One of the best, no doubt. But post season. No way. Got to take him off. And A-Rod as shortstop? One of the years you have him listed as receiving the MVP, he was third base. And while he may turn out to be one of the greats, no way you can choose him over Derek Jeter. Jeter has proven himself in the post season. Alex? I don't think so. And I'm an Alex fan.
Posted: 3:58 PM   by Anonymous
Ryne Sandberg - nobody was better for so many years.
Posted: 3:59 PM   by Anonymous
You got to add Greg Maddux & Cal Ripken, Jr. Take off A-Rod.
Posted: 4:01 PM   by Anonymous
If you leave Bonds off for freakish numbers, why not leave off players who hit in an era of .400 Batting Averages - those numbers are freakishly high. Would Babe have hit 700 plus home runs today. Today's Babe Ruth - Scott Rolen.
Posted: 4:12 PM   by Anonymous
Has anyone here heard of a Player Named ROSE???
Posted: 4:14 PM   by Anonymous
Judy Johnson, Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige
Posted: 4:15 PM   by Anonymous
Ozzie over A-Rod.
Posted: 4:17 PM   by Anonymous
Where is Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton?
Posted: 4:31 PM   by othellot
If Barry Bonds out, Roger Clemens also out. Same era, same "freakish" stats, same suspicions. How about some props for Negro League players; Josh Gibson and Satchell Paige should represent. Were there 10 players more dangerous than Ricky Henderson? Who? Eckersley not necessary if Rivera is on team. Koufax great for short period of time, Pedro Martinez comparable for that period, better for longer period.
Posted: 4:33 PM   by Anonymous
Where is Satchel Paige or any other Negro League greats. Threre are too mnay players on the team from the dead ball, white only baseball days. If you are going to include Cy Young, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson, where are Grover Cleveland Alexander, Pud Galvin, Kid Nichols and there other pitchers from that era. This team was clearly chosen based on statistics, something anybody can do. Where is Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie or George Sisler? How can Bench be on this team and not Campenella. Joe Morgan was every bit the ball player Jackkie was albeit not the trailblazer. It would be great to see a team where som thought went into the selection.
Posted: 4:33 PM   by Anonymous
Clemente, Pete Rose, Ivan Rodriguez, Bob Gibson, juan Marichal, and Roberto Alomar
Posted: 4:40 PM   by Anonymous
It's not often that you get a chance to see two great ballplayers side by side and make an informed comparison of pure numbers versus intangible contributions. But such is the case with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Jeter has been a winner from his first season, a team leader who has the uncanny ability to give his very best when it is most needed. Rodriguez puts up great numbers, but is often found wanting in the clutch. He has never been a team leader, nor have his teams achieved the success that distinguishes this elite group of men from their peers.
Posted: 4:42 PM   by Anonymous
I can understand the argument against A-Rod that he hasn't played enough. But he already has 464 home runs. And these other shortstops sucked! Banks, Ripken, and Smith all has OBPs of .340 or lower. That would be enough to get kicked out of the Yankees' lineup this year. Wagner played a long, long time ago, but he is up there with A-Rod. I wouldn't be overly offended to see him on top Jeter is a very good player who might be able to make the Hall on a stretch. But he isn't in A-Rod's league. I find it infuriating to see people oblivious to the fact that legends are being made around them. Also, if A-Rod wins the World Series this year (or some year down the road), does he make the list. Your thoughts.
Posted: 4:42 PM   by Anonymous
Roberto Clemente was the best I've ever seen, followed closely by Frank Robinson. Bob Gibson can't be left off the pitching staff.
Posted: 4:43 PM   by Anonymous
John Mc Graw??,, wasn't he a bigot, boozer and brawler??
Posted: 4:49 PM   by Anonymous
How about Cal Ripken, Ricky Henderson, Tony Gwynn and Bob Gibson. My Dad still talks about the game he saw when Gibson pitched against Koufax.
Posted: 4:50 PM   by Anonymous
No question: Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Satchel Paige . . . it's time to look beyond the racism that was baseball.
Posted: 4:52 PM   by Anonymous
A_rod over Jeter... give me a flippin break. Jeter is the winner... and as he said last night he doesn't care about "personal acalades", his team goes first
Posted: 4:57 PM   by Anonymous
Breaking the color barrier or not, Robinson has no business being on this list. There are many other players mentioned above that are more deserving, such as Frank Robinson, Albert Pujols, Bob Gibson, and one that I'm not sure if he was mentioned but Roberto Clemente. I realize you'd have to drop an outfielder for him, but he was a stud.
Posted: 4:58 PM   by Anonymous
Joe Dimaggio averaged 143 RBIs a year. He had a lifetime average of .325 and averaged striking out only 34 times a season. He only played 13 years, retiring while he was still good. He didn't hang on for money or stats, unlike some of the names absent from the list being mentioned. Also, Bob Gibson was as intimidating as any pitcher I've ever seen!
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Anonymous
Where is the human vacuum cleaner, Brooks Robinson? Mike Schmidt may have been a better hitter but come on nobody has played third any better than Brooks.
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Anonymous
Roberto Clemente is the best I ever saw, followed closely by Frank Robinson. Both had huge stats and many great seasons, and both were great in big games. I'd want Bob Gibson, too.
Posted: 5:01 PM   by Anonymous
Ricky Henderson is the altime greatest lead off hitter in the game. He was not too bad in the field either. I appreciate that he is possibly not up to snuff with Mays, Mantle, etc. but an all time line up needs to consider the all time greatest lead off hitter and he needs to be on the team.
Posted: 5:02 PM   by Anonymous
PEOPLE ARE screaming and asking where is barry bonds? well he is home shooting more steroids in his body,Chemical barry does not belong in the Record books or the hall of fame or to be on this team HE IS A CHEAT AND A DISGRACE TO BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 5:05 PM   by Anonymous
How could you not have one of the greatest control pitchers of all time off the list? Greg Maddux. The Mad Dog is the best pitcher of all time. His ERA was 1.25 when everyone else was well over 3, including Clemens. Ridiculous!
Posted: 5:07 PM   by Anonymous
I say Ken griffey Jr. over Mantle.
Posted: 5:07 PM   by Anonymous
Joe DiMaggio was a great-but- overrated player whose reputation was constantly pumped up by the New York news media. As obnoxious as Barry Bonds may be, he established himself as a better all-around player than DiMag by his play in the 1980's and early '90's *before* he went on steroids and HGH. Also, Josh Gibson is unquestionably the greatest hitting catcher in history; add him to the team, but don't dump Bench or Yogi -- instead, get rid of Casey Stengel (a funny man, but not really a great manager).
Posted: 5:09 PM   by Anonymous
Pete Rose the ALL TIME HIT KING should be there!!! Come on!!!
GO PETE!!! He played in more winning games than "ANY" player in history--1,972!!
Posted: 5:11 PM   by Anonymous
Add Pete Rose. Best hitter ever.
Posted: 5:18 PM   by Anonymous
Clemens is now being linked to steroids, so better take him off the list. And how could Clemente not be on this list.
Posted: 5:24 PM   by Anonymous
Alex Rodriguez? are you kidding? he is the biggest choke on the planet. He consistantly fails in the clutch. Replace choke-rod with a truly deserving shortstop: Derek Jeter. He may not put up the numbers that others do, but he always comes up big when its needed.
Posted: 5:24 PM   by Anonymous
There are so many other great players - they aren't necessarily the top of the top but they deserve at least a mention and I haven't seen any of them get any love during this entire conversation.

Willie Stargell
Orlando Cepeda
Willie McCovey
Wade Boggs
Tony Gwynn
Don Mattingly

I'd also like to throw out a mention to one of my personal favorites - Keith Hernandez. He probably won't even make the HOF, but he won a batting title, he revolutionized how first base was played, he was a coach on the field and he had intangibles out the a---. Go ahead and scoff but anyone who saw him play on a daily basis knows what I'm talking about.
Posted: 5:25 PM   by Anonymous
I would add George Sisler.
Posted: 5:28 PM   by Anonymous
pete rose?
"shoeless" joe jackson?
Posted: 5:28 PM   by Szabo
Two words ... "Charlie Hustle". Pete Rose NEEDS to be on the list. But I see how you are discriminating against anyone who "may" have done something wrong. Bonds isn't there either.
Posted: 5:30 PM   by Anonymous
A Rod instead of Ozzie, come on. No Gibson, Clemente, Ryan
Posted: 5:31 PM   by Anonymous
Catcher: Johnny Bench over Roy Campanella and Pudge Rodriguez? Are you kidding me? I can deal with Yogi because the Yanks won so many Series with him behind the plate.

A-Rod over Jeter AND Ozzie? Forget the stats for a moment ... Jeter and Ozzie made the plays when they mattered for their teams. A-Rod takes advantage of blowouts.

Outfield: What about Roberto Clemente??? If he takes anyone out, it oughta be Ty Cobb. Dimaggio should stay in, not because of his 56 game hitting streak, but because he had more home runs in his career than strikeouts. 369 to 361.

Coaches: What about Sparky Anderson? Or even the Braves' skipper ... whats-his-name?
Posted: 5:36 PM   by LifeTimeFan
I would take A.Rod off and put Bob Gibson on. There are too many that are not on this list. However, to put A.Rod on would not be my choice, why, he has not done anything in the postseason - yet. Jeter would be a better choice. The posts with some of the other names - good choices too. Make mine Bob Gibson over A.Rod.
Posted: 5:50 PM   by Anonymous
A-Rod over Ernie Banks and Cal Ripken Jr. Cal may have played third in the latter part of his career but c'mon Ernie Banks opened the world to a new breed of shortstop. I also can't forget Ozzie Smith. Who's in charge of picking these guys?

Just a side note the person who said take mantle off and put bonds in his place is out of his/her mind. For the record Mantle played hurt his entire career and his injuries are well documented but if he could bang out over 500 hr's through all his pain imagine what he could've done healthy. the only way mantle would sit out an entire year is if whitey ford tied him to the chair.
Posted: 5:55 PM   by Anonymous
take off warren spahn and put in bob gibson or nolan ryan. plus if you're gonna select dead ball era pitchers how about jack chesbro. to many great pitchers over the years to name though. Carl Hubbell, Whitey Ford, Bob Feller, Jack Morris even Greg Maddux or Randy Johnson. Throw us a bone
Posted: 5:58 PM   by Anonymous
Not sure that I would have Alex Rodriquez at short. He doesn't even play short for the team he's on now. What about the Wizard of Oz? Not great offensively, but doesn't defense win championships. Or you could put Cal Ripken at short.
Posted: 6:00 PM   by Anonymous
I thought the panel did a fantastic job with only one slight of hand and a tip of the hat to Sports Illustrated for the chance to let us Baseball buffs voice our opinion. I would have Nap Lajoie as the All-Time two bagger.
Triple-Crown winner, 2 time MVP
and 5 time batting champ. Mr. Robinson was more than a profile in courage and if the panel feels he deserves it, I can easily live with it, but Stan Musial played 1890 games in the outfield while appearing at first 1016 games so it's hard to say the panel made a "pure" team. Names I haven't read yet but deserve at least to be mentioned among the all-time greats...

Connie Mack
Oscar Charleston
Tony Gwynn - 8 time batting champ
Posted: 6:06 PM   by Anonymous
Barry Bonds has no right to be on this team, hes a cheat, pete rose maybe but not over dimaggio...and nolan ryan wasnt even close to as good as koufax or eck or any of them...if i would add anyone it would be clemente
Posted: 6:09 PM   by Anonymous
The people polled came up with a mix of players some of whom were picked for their entire career "body of work" and some of whom were picked for what they did during the peak years of their careers. I would like to see a team of each, and particularly a team of who were the toughest during the 4-8 years at the peak of their careers. That's the category where Mantle, Mays, can really be appreciated (and we can forget both of them hanging on too long). Same with Gibson, Koufax or Drysdale in the pitching category -at their peak, you would not have wanted to face any of them. The other unrecognized element is that if you were really building a team to go out and play 162 games (let's say that two teams were being assembled to compete against each other), you might pay a little more attention to things like defense and having the best leadoff hitter possible, things like that. In that scenario, where a "manager" is filling out his lineup card, or Rickey Henderson might be picked over a much better player, statistically and in baseball historian's hearts. Same for Ozzie Smith or Brooks Robinson in terms of defense. As for the omissions, man how you can leave Cobb off this team is mind boggling, same for Honus Wagner, but I will say that I agree with Schmidt and Spahn. I don't think Schmidt's number of GG's really makes him anywhere near Robinson's equal at 3B, but he is probably the most underappreciated player ever in terms of having all the tools. And what Spahn did and how he did it makes Randy Johnson look silly in comparison, ask Johnson to pitch every 3-4 days and work 8 or 9 innings most every time out, and see how good he is. And finally, Clemente. Gotta find a spot for Roberto.
Posted: 6:09 PM   by kent
Joe Morgan, without a doubt, the greatest second baseman of all time!
Posted: 6:12 PM   by Anonymous
There is flawed reasoning in leaving Barry Bonds off of the all time team. First of all steroids weren't against the rules in baseball until 2003, with no real penalties until 2004. They still don't test for HGH and as far as I know Bonds hasn't failed any drug tests. Even if he did take steroids (which is probable) he didn't break the rules of baseball. He's probably the most feared hitter of all-time, is there anyone else in baseball history that has been intentionally walked with the bases loaded? Joe Dimaggio was a great player but he doesn't stack up to Bonds, Clemente, Tris Speaker, Shoeless Joe Jackson, or Rickey Henderson. A-Rod should be replaced with Ernie Banks or Cal Ripken, Jr. A-Rod has never been the best player on a winning team. In Seattle Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey, Jr were better and in New York Jeter, Sheffield, Rivera, Matsui, and Abreu are better than A-Rod.
Posted: 6:14 PM   by Anonymous
Brett versus Schmidt

Brett is way ahead on Batting Average: .305 to .267

but that's where it ends.

Schmidt drew so many walks, he actually has a better OBP than Brett .380 to .369

Then when you add 548 HRs to the mix, Schmidt pulls way ahead. And then there's the impact of Schmidt's outstanding defense, it's no contest.
Posted: 6:30 PM   by Anonymous
ok, of barry bonds 7 mvps, 3 of them were with steroids, so it's cool to leave him off
where is nolan ryan with his 7 no hitters and all time strikeouts leader?
Posted: 6:44 PM   by Anonymous
I would add Brooks "Hoover" Robinson to the team. Yes he was no Schmidt when it comes to hitting. But 2,848 hits, 268 home runs and 1357 RBIs isnt that bad. But Look at his feilding, 16 consecutive Gold Gloves. No one could handle the "hot corner" as well as he could.
Posted: 6:46 PM   by Anonymous
I'd drop Lefty Grove and Jackie Robinson and add Nolan Ryan and Joe Morgan
Posted: 6:47 PM   by Anonymous
Carlton or Maddux over Ryan in a heartbeat. Drop A-Rod add Jeter. Anyone who suggests any 3B other than Schmidt is crazy (10 Gold Gloves and over 500 home runs plus world series MVP). Bonds has to be on the list.
Posted: 6:47 PM   by Anonymous
How could you leave off Brooks Robinson on 3rd base? While he may not have been the hitter you would like, he stopped more hits than any other 3rd baseman. Just ask Johnny Bench.
Posted: 6:51 PM   by Anonymous
Satchel Paige.....enough said......
Posted: 6:56 PM   by Anonymous
First off, I think it's important to take into consideration how a player dominated their era. Yeah, I would take Johnson over Spahn, but...Also, I'm not sure what the love affair with Mike Piazza? Josh Gibson was an amazing two way player. Also, on top of his great defense, in his prime Ivan Rodriguez was one of the top clutch hitters in baseball. Piazza instead of Rodriguez...Please. Also, I'm not even a Yankee fan, but while reviewing hours of tape once(For a documentary),
I was looking at Brooks and Graig Nettles. Nettles covered far more ground, went well to both sides(While Brooks was noticebly weaker to his left), and was a better hitter. He(Brooks), like Piazza seems to get the reaction of "Don't Even Think About It", when trying to suggest that someone might have been better. Also, there's no question of Jackie Robinson's talent as an athlete(Great in football and track), but since you're putting A-Rod at SS, Ty Cobb and some of the others played second, move Cobb into the infield and put Frank Robinson in the OF. He is one of the most gifted players to ever play. This is all in fun, people are acting like Bush just got a third term!
Posted: 7:01 PM   by Anonymous
For all of the arguments for Bonds being included because of his MVP's, the MVP is overrated. THe MVP should help his team WIN. How many rings does Bonds have? The classiest act in baseball for the past 50 years, Cal Ripken should be included!
Posted: 7:15 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds isnt on this team? What are they smoking over there at SI? First he is a 500/500 man no one else in ML History can boast that he won 7 MVP, 8 Gold Gloves. He was also the Player of Decade for 1990s by The Sporting News and they leave him off? A 3-5 of Bonds,Ruth and Williams would be unstoppable. Althrough Bonds might of used steroids, who really cares. MLB didnt care until 2003 then they all the sudden changed their story
Posted: 7:16 PM   by Anonymous
How is Josh Gibson not even on the list of Catchers that people can choose from...? The only catcher on the list that could even compare would be Bench... This makes me question everyone involved including SI
Posted: 7:21 PM   by Anonymous
For all you Arod haters are you forgetting hes on pace to break the all time home run record and people say that he should be considered an all time great. Jeters ok and all but his stats dont put him up for consideration of this calibur team. Eight years from now arod could be the best baseball player of all time .
Posted: 7:23 PM   by Anonymous
Pitchers: L.Grove, W. Johnson, S. Koufax, W.Spahn, B.Gibson, C.Young, G. Maddux, T. Seaver, S Paige.

Catchers: J. Gibson, J. Bench

1B: L. Gehrig, S. Musial

2B: R. Hornsby, J. Morgan

3B: M. Schmidt, B. Robinson

SS: H. Wagner, D. Jeter

OF: w. Mays, B. Ruth, M. Mantle, H. Aaron, T. Williams, R. Clemente, J. Dimaggio

Permanent Waiver List: T. Cobb, P. Rose, J. Jackson, B. Bonds.
Posted: 7:35 PM   by Anonymous
remove mantle & bench,add ivan rodriquez and cyrus cobb.
Posted: 7:43 PM   by Anonymous
Remove Alex Rodriguez and add the
Great - Cal Ripken.
ARod is not even a SS?
Posted: 7:53 PM   by Anonymous
I have a hard time taking you seriously. Your comment about Pete Rose not making the team having nothing to do with gambling. There are better outfielders than Hank Aaron, yet he is on the list due to his home run production over his career. Pete has similar career stature as the all-time hit king.
Posted: 7:55 PM   by Anonymous
Ivan Rodriguez - combo offense, defense, longevity. Should at least be in the conversation now
Posted: 7:57 PM   by Anonymous
How can anyone pick A-Rod over Jeter...one is a great team player and one puts up numbers for himself...Yankee fans know the truth...no way does ARod make this list
Posted: 8:08 PM   by Anonymous
The all time strike out king, Nolan Ryan!
The all time hits king, Pete Rose!
Posted: 8:18 PM   by Anonymous
Maybe you should have made this the All-Yankee team...I'm sure you would have had an easier time in making a roster for that.
That being said:

Screw Barry Bonds; you've already got a slow, overweight outfielder in Ruth, and Bonds brings way too much drama to this team. Good job on actually rewarding those players who did not turn into chemical experiments while putting up great career numbers.

No Cubs or White Sox love? No Billy Williams, Ernie Banks or Ryne Sandberg? Arguably, each is top 5 all time at their position; Sandberg might be the best ever. Definitely better than Joe Morgan. And what about Fisk?

That being said, a good job counting all of the players who have been absolutely amazing over the years; definitely a hard list to make.
Posted: 8:19 PM   by Anonymous
Posted: 8:34 PM   by Anonymous
if this team is being picked on the basis of the greatest indviduals of all time yogi berra has no place on here
yes a great team player with as many rings as anyone ever
but they have been many more catchers resumes that put his to shame, statistically speaking.
the same could be said for jackie robinson, great player, great intagibles, but many more had better careers. jpe morgan, nap lajoe and defensivley mazeroski was one of the best.
being from the west coast i see a bit of a yankee and\or nostalgia bias with the joe dimaggio and mantle. bonds may be linked with steroid use but at this point he is innocent and until that time comes where hes not he has to be considered one of the best outfielders ever. offensivley maybe the best. ken griffey, before the injuries took their toll was probably the best two way player we have ever seen, and if not the best then definately in the top two or three. who has won more games with their bat and glove than he did in his prime?
if steroids are a consideration and late career production is proof of that as in the case of barry then how can roger be considered? he had some great years as a younger player but 4 of his cy young awards came between the age of 34 to the age of 41. those twilight years are typically poor for power pitchers. hard to argue with spahn, probably the greatest lefty of all time but a case could be made for randy who was definately more dominant in his prime. if spahn was considered for the sole reason of being a great lefty starter and part of the criteria was to have a lefty starter on the team then fair enough, but there are many notable rightie exceptions that should be considered like gibson, seaver, maddux, and pedro. all in all its hard to make a good case against any of the choices and i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the descions were made for the team, overall i would say its a pretty good representation of the best talent ever seen in the big leagues.

ps iam assuming this is a major league team, if not there of course could be many negro and japanese players included as well
psps the selection of arod might be a little premature although hes a shoe in hall of famer even if he averages 20 home runs and 70 rbis the rest of his career but if the future is being assumed albert p should also get some consideration as his numbers are on par with the williams and musials of the world.
Posted: 8:35 PM   by Anonymous
How about a nod to the Negro Leagues? Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige would only make this squad better.
Posted: 8:56 PM   by Anonymous
I would add Brooks Robinson, Rod Carew, Lou Brock, George Brett, Nolan Ryan and I WOULD NOT add Barry Bonds. He has abused the National Passtime and it is a tragedy.
Posted: 9:26 PM   by Anonymous
Not having Pedro on this team is unforgiveable. Forget the fact he pitched - dominated - through the teeth of the steroid era. For a stretch of years (1997-03) no one has ever been better. His 1999 and 2000 seasons belong to the ages. For whatever reason I'm afraid many people overlook just how terrific he was. Look up his stats - they are amazing.
Posted: 9:30 PM   by Anonymous
Roy Campanella and Bob Gibson should be added.
Delete Koufax.
Frank Robinson in
Posted: 9:44 PM   by Anonymous
Take off Dimaggio and replace him with Clemente. Joltin Joe was great, but Clemente was better.
Posted: 9:49 PM   by Anonymous
Who are these bozos slashing A-Rod?
Check the numbers and the wake up. DiMaggio hit .385 over that 56 game streak in 1941...big wow, Williams hit .406 for the season.
Posted: 10:25 PM   by Anonymous
Where is Steve Carlton? With all due respect to Dennis Eckersley, as Michael Lewis stated in "Moneyball", the difference between starting pitchers and relievers is - starting pitchers are better.

Also, I bet you if you asked these guys (the players) who they would rather have at Shortstop, ARod or Jeter, they would say Jeter.
Posted: 10:33 PM   by Anonymous
As a student of the game more from the poetry than the numbers, you have three active players, Clemens, Rivera and a-Rod. All three may have the numbers, but if we're choosing-up sides, I'll take Rodger and Mo, you can have a-Rod. But thanks for having him wear the Seattle uniform, he should never have left there...
Posted: 10:34 PM   by Anonymous
Great list except for the fact that you left one of the top 3 pitchers of all time, Bob Gibson, off the list... Plus, I love Hammerin' Hank, but Ken Griffey Jr. in his prime was argueably one of the top 3 outfielders of all time...
Posted: 10:38 PM   by Anonymous
I would take Trevor Hoffman over Eck. Rose, Bonds (Hate saying this being I am Dodger Fan), and what about hammering Hank.

Posted: 10:42 PM   by Anonymous
Joe Morgan bumps Hornsby. And Bonds bumps DiMaggio.
Posted: 10:50 PM   by Anonymous
A-Rod over Jeter, you must be kidding. Big deal, A-Rod hit a ton of meaningless home runs with garbage teams like the Mariners & Rangers. His disappears when the post-season starts. Jeter has been to 6 world series in 10 years and has 4 rings. In fact, he has been to the playoffs for every year of his career. He has the most hits & runs scored in playoff history of any player at any position. If you want to win, you want Jeter at shortstop; the guy is a money player. While A-Rod has gaudy statistics that read nice, he has a big fat goose egg in the most important category: Championships.
Posted: 10:51 PM   by Anonymous
I, for one, think your experts got it just about right. I might want to suggest Bob Gibson or Ernie Banks, but not in place of any players on this roster.
Posted: 10:59 PM   by leon
i would add tom seaver, brooks robinsonand frank robinson and roy campanella.

i would not remove anyone. but if i haad to, i'd begin with clemens and koufax--great but for a limited time--and i'd put frank robinson ahead of clemente.

Posted: 11:03 PM   by Anonymous
Absurd. Barry Bonds is the finest player in this or any other century. Gold gloves, MVPs, steals, walks. He is the best all around player in the history of the game. Let's stop being "politically correct" because of a media that loves to trash modern players.

By the same token, Pete Rose should be on the list. You goofed.
Posted: 11:07 PM   by dan
My starting lineup

1. Ricky Henderson DH
2. Willie Mays CF
3. Babe Ruth RF
4. Josh Gibson C
5. Barry Bonds LF
6. Lou Gehrig 1B
8. Mike Schmidt 3B
9. Rogers Hornsby 2B

RHP Walter Johnson
LHP Randy Johnson
RP Mariano Rivera
Posted: 11:10 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds has got to be on the team, and Alex Rodriguez's name just looks a bit out of place...
Posted: 11:13 PM   by Anonymous
These pitchers of the hay-day of baseball are our forefathers, theres no denying it! But its difficult to acknowledge a pitcher in 1902 as one of the greatest of all-time. Light wasn't even invented! You have to add guys like Seaver, Maddux, Martinez, the talent level that they had to face is so much more.
Posted: 11:29 PM   by dan
arod vs. jeter avg over 12 years

g ab r h 2b 3b
jeter 140 566 106 179 29 4
arod 144 559 113 171 30 2

hr rbi tb bb so sb cs
15 72 262 59 99 21 5
39 112 322 68 115 20 5

obp slg avg
.388 .463 .317
.386 .573 .305

the experts got it right. arod easily over jeter.

put 2 mvp's on arod's mantle along with 2 golden gloves won over jeter. nuff said.
Posted: 11:33 PM   by Anonymous
Please stop with the Barry Bonds! By not stretch of the imagination does that man have a place anywhere. Secondly, Derek Jeter should absolutely not even be considered on this team. His numbers will never amount to A-Rod's and his fielding percentage is better because of the transition A-Rod is making to 3rd. A-Rod is the defining image of baseball that shows class, talent, and respect for the game!!..He might even end up the best ever from this list!!! Third, Nolan Ryan needs to be on this list, if not at least some consideration. Finally, Roger Clemons, Roberto Clemente, and Reggie Jackson need some consideration!!
Posted: 11:36 PM   by Anonymous
You cannot leave Bonds off this team! Despite the rumors of steriods use he is still the greatest player in this era! No question. The only member of the 700 hr/500 sb club, get real. He may not be well liked but the numbers speak for themselves. Barry Bonds is one of the 3 greatest players ever to play this game.
Posted: 11:39 PM   by Big Hurt for MVP
Mike Schmidt is the greatest 3B ever. True that no one was/ever will be the fielder that Brooks was, but Schmidt has 10 GG with 100x better offensive numbets. Bob Gibson and Nolan Ryan deserve more consideration than...ahem...Dennis Eckersly? Not even a comparison. And one note on all DiMaggio "haters": A career .325 Avg. with 361 HR and only 369 SO...plus 9 WS titles.

Finally, A-Rod? Can you be serious? I know you can't put Ozzie "career .262 hitter" Smith on there, but what about Ernie Banks? Cal Ripken Jr.? DEREK JETER? Either of those three is better there than A-Rod.
Posted: 11:47 PM   by Devon
Rickey Henderson... you gotta have that guy leading off or hitting right behind Cobb. Imagine that 1-2 punch in a starting lineup followed by something like A-Rod/Schmidt/Bench?
Posted: 11:50 PM   by Oriole Fan
Brooks R instead of Schmidt; Frank R instead of Mantle. i want Yaz in my outfield, too.
Posted: 11:50 PM   by twinsfan
I would take Koufax off and put on Bob Gibson. Also, you HAVE TO have Rogers Hornsby on there. He is considered by many the greatest Right-handed hitter of all time! A .400+ average over a 5-year span is INSANE!
Definitely NO A-ROD! That is just crazy to put him on there with so many other, BETTER SS. Cal Ripken Jr. was a much better fielder, and he was not that much worse at the plate.
Posted: 12:13 AM   by Anonymous
Only all-time team "captain clutch" deserves to be is the 2006 team. No Bonds? Totally invalidates this list. I don't care how you decided to put this list together, no Bonds means the "experts" that put this list together are "playa haters" Dimaggio? Come on! Can't help but notice the lack of color in this picture. I wonder if it reflects the panel...
Posted: 12:14 AM   by Anonymous
"SI recently polled a 22-man panel of experts to fill its dream roster"

I wonder how many were Yankee fans...
Posted: 12:15 AM   by Anonymous
I cannot take a list seriously with A-rod listed amoing the greatest to ever play the game.
Posted: 12:20 AM   by Tim Romanello
No matter what is said about player reps, you cannot leave off Bonds or Rose...Bonds was the most feared hitter for almost a decade and Rose holds the hits record. Another thing, how can you leave off Bob Gibson, Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn, or Frank Robinson? But A-Rod makes the cut? Did you forget about a gentlman named Albert Pujols?
Posted: 12:22 AM   by Ryan Lawson
Would Babe Ruth hit 60 HR with his oak-tree trunk bat nowadays?
Would Cy Young win DOUBLE the standard for HOF entry if he started pitching in 1971?
No way.

Different game; still, here's the real deal:

Pedro Martinez
Sandy Koufax
Roger Clemens
Randy Johnson
Greg Maddux
Stan Musial
Albert Pujols
(the RADDEST platoon EVER)
Jackie Robinson
Roberto Alomar
...yeah, I said it: Alomar
Mike Schmidt
George Brett
Alex Rodriguez
Cal Ripken Jr
...one, the most Hated Man in America, the other? BOOOOORING.
Ted Williams
Manny Ramirez
...I correct myself: THIS is the raddest platoon
Willie Mays
Ken Griffey Jr
Hank Aaron
...alone at 755, where he should be

Though I can't really argue with the catcher and relief-corps selections, Verducci makes a good point: would Josh Gibson have made the catching position pointless to emulate? Would his success have led Mike Piazza to first base, where his pathetic throwing arm could wither away unnoticed?

You're Welcome.
Posted: 12:22 AM   by Anonymous
Pete Rose, Joe Jackson, Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn, Rickey Henderson...eliminate A-Rod...
Posted: 12:28 AM   by Anonymous
No all time team would be complete without "Charlie Hustle", Pete Rose!
Posted: 12:29 AM   by Anonymous
Give me Nolan Ryan and Bob Gibson any day over Roger Clemens and Lefty Grove. Clemens was too inconsistent and tempermental; nobody approaches Ryan's strikeouts and no-hitters; Gibson was overpowering and dominant.
Posted: 12:29 AM   by Anonymous
I think Bob Gibson has to be there. I'd also add Roberto Clemente. But I'd hate to be the guy to have to tell Lefty Grove and Joe Dimaggio that they're cut.
Posted: 12:37 AM   by Anonymous
are you kidding me? A-Rod and not Cal Ripken? No Nolan Ryan??? And perhaps someone forgot one Pete Rose and his 4200 some odd hits.
Posted: 12:45 AM   by Anonymous
Josh Gibson! Where is he? Some would argue he is the best ever, but there will never be proof to that claim.

Bonds in, A-Rod out; if this list was made 8 years ago, you 'experts' would've put Griffey on this list. You cannot put a guy on this list based on future expectations, and A-Rod is not one of the best 25 baseball players ever - either in current/past dominance OR in total accomplishments/awards.
Posted: 12:49 AM   by Anonymous
Okay, we have to have a new rule here. Anyone who advocates for Nolan Ryan to be on this team isn't allowed to say anything else. You have to have actually paid attention to baseball to vote. Deal? Ryan doesn't belong anywhere near this team. He shouldn't even be a part of the discussion. Same goes for Derek Jeter. If you would honestly choose him over ARod for your team, then I'd like to play your team 162 times a year.
Posted: 12:58 AM   by Anonymous
Roberto Clemente
Posted: 12:58 AM   by Anonymous
I would add Gibson as a pitcher and Smith as a shortstop. Gibson was just the consumate big game pitcher. Smith's defense makes up for the numbers; you have enough bats in this lineup and you need strength up the middle. A Rod would get beat up by this team anyway or thrown off the train.
Posted: 1:15 AM   by Anonymous
I'm surprised Roberto Clemente isn't on the list . . . he would he had HUGE numbers if it wasn't for the plane crash. Also, I think you have to consider "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Everybody writes him off due to the Black Sox scandel. However, He was a very good outfeilder and has the thrid highest batting average of all time playing in the "Dead Ball" era.
Posted: 1:15 AM   by Anonymous
I'd replace Dimaggio with Clemente who was just a purely natural hitter and great defensive outfielder. I'd also add Nolan Ryan (overpowering)and Bob Gibson (unbeatable in the clutch)as pitchers and drop Clemens (beatable in the clutch and otherwise)and Eckersley (??).
Posted: 1:24 AM   by Anonymous
This list is way too New York Yankee biased. Clemente definitely over DiMaggio. Gibson has to be on the list - they changed the height of the pitching mound b/c of him. Ozzie Smith was the best shortstop of all time. Give me a break about A Rod. You are building a team and he is definitely not a team player, much less a clutch player. You need to get out of the east coast more often.
Posted: 2:05 AM   by Anonymous
To be honest, it is a COMPLETE DISGRACE AND LACK OF RESPECT to left out the best right fielder in the HISTORY of baseball: ROBERTO CLEMENTE!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!! CLEMENTE IS EASILY AND I MEAN EASILY A TOP 10 PLAYER OF ALL TIME, he hit 3,000 hits, was a regular season and World Series MVP, TWICE led the Pirates a a WS championship, could run extremely well, was a 12 time gold glover, and had the best arm EVER in baseball......... Yes he didn't hit for many home runs but it was simply because he WANTED to be a line drive hitter not a power hitter, in fact he would hit a home run almost always when needed because if he wanted to he could have hit 40 HRs per season. Again it's a complete lack of respect to leave ROBERTO CLEMENTE out........ How in the world is the best latin player of all time not in the list??????????

Another one that should be in the list is Ivan Rodriguez simply because he's the best catcher EVER!!!!! although I know that the only reasons that Clemente and Rodriguez are left out of the list is because they're named ROBERTO CLEMENTE AND IVAN RODRIGUEZ instead of JAMES SMITH OR MICHAEL ROBINSON!!!.......... yes, you guessed right, it's the racism that has ALWAYS been in MLB against latin players!

And I haven't gotten into mentioning ROBERTO ALOMAR because I'm so mas that I'm not wasting more of my time on this racist lists.
Posted: 2:18 AM   by Anonymous
Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux, Bob Gibson, Satchel Paige, pick any two over the relief pitchers - this teams doesn't need relievers! And maybe another instead of Cy Young, the 300+ game loser! Seriously, I'm not sure how one can draw realistic comparisons between Young's era and todays. No, no to Nolan No No - Ryan's express could be exciting, and he was probably left in too many games too long and picked up losses that way, but he managed to do enough to lose far too often.

Josh Gibson and Roy Campanella merit very serious consideration with Bench, Berra.

Jimmie Foxx, nearly Gehrig's equal over Musial (tough call though).

Frank Robinson instead of Cobb (no singles hitters in my outfield. DiMaggio belongs - remember, like Teddy Ballgame, he lost peak years to military service in WWII. Clemente? Very good, but sorry, not enough HRs (.475 career slugging) for my outfield.

Ozzie Smith is a spectacular fielder but not enough of a hitter.

Mike Schmidt is MUCH better than George Brett, who is VERY GOOD - that's how good Schmidt was. (Who has the higher OBP? Yup, Schmidt.) Gold gloves, higher slugging, higher OBP - Schimdt winds. Brooks is the better fielder, of course, but not enough to offset Schimdt's bat. (But Mike, there's no crying in baseball....)

The Albert Pujols lovers need to grow up. He *projects* to an all-time great, but he's got to do it first. His numbers are much like Foxx and DiMaggio, but SIX admittedly spectacular seasons aren't enough. Yet.
Posted: 6:05 AM   by Anonymous
My 2nd team: 1B -- Foxx, McCovey; 2B - Morgan; SS -- Ozzie, Jeter; 3B -- Brett, Brooks, OF -- FRobby, Bonds, Clemente, Rickey, Rose, Gwynn, Griffey, C -- Piazza, Campy, P -- Gibson, RJohnson, Maddux, Marichal, Seaver, Palmer, Ryan, Hoffman

Pete Donovan, Palm Desert, Ca.
Posted: 7:23 AM   by wagner/ripken at Short
I want to add something to everyone wanting to take Honus Wagner off...in the very first Hall of Fame election, at a time in which the people voting actually had seen him play, he recieved the EXACT same number of votes as BABE RUTH! So how do you take that guy off? If you do, then I think you gotta take Ruth off, too.
Posted: 7:32 AM   by Anonymous
Rose over Joe D; Morgan over Robinson! Can't ever forget the Hit King!!!!!!
Posted: 7:53 AM   by Anonymous
What about Pujols??? He should be considered...
Posted: 9:12 AM   by Anonymous
Don't get me wrong, Alex Rodriguez is a great ball player. But, if I had to replace him, I would definetly choose Derek Jeter. The guy is a living legend in the game, and shows no sign of slowing down. Tremendous heart and limitless talent; What more could you ask for?
Posted: 9:24 AM   by Anonymous
A-Rod over Jeter for sure. For those who comment about A-Rod knowing too many of his own stats - do you really think *the rest* of these guys on/off the list - Jeter especially - *don't* know their own stats? Gimme a break!

Can't argue against A-Rod's consistency over his career - even playing a position that wasn't his original. Like to see what "the haters" would do if they played short for 10 years and then found themselves at third - AND in a huge media bubble!!!

And I wholeheartedly support Rickey Henderson. Greatest base stealer of all time...
Posted: 9:32 AM   by Anonymous
This isn't just a good team, this is a great team. There was an utmost certainty that this was going to be a huge debate, but there have to be certain circumstances that have to be understood when choosing this team.
1. Pujols has only been playing for 5 years. Not enough time.
2. A-Rod has put up .300/40/100 every year for 9 years running.
3. Nolan Ryan was great, but he played on mediocre teams. Had he played in the Bronx or St. Louis or Boston he would of been on this team.
4. When Derek Jeter hits .400 he will be on this list, but no MVPs or batting titles or home run titles he is just really consistant.
5. Barry Bonds is a no - Enough said.
6. Snubs - Gibson, Gibson and Rose.
Posted: 10:27 AM   by Anonymous
Jackie Robinson doesn't belong on that list. We all know what he did, but we are talking baseball, not civil rights. Rod Carew or Roberto Alomar are better choices.
Posted: 11:06 AM   by Anonymous
I would add Tom Seaver and eliminate Roger Clemens.
Posted: 1:01 PM   by Anonymous
Overall a great list. Real tough to argue with most of the picks.
I would have included Satchel Paige or Grover Cleveland Alexander instead of Cy Young and Eddie Collins over Jackie Robinson.
As for Verducci's comment that picks Berra and Bench are too "traditional", well, sometimes the obvious choices are obvious for a reason.
Posted: 1:39 PM   by garygraul@yahoo.com
You left the two best players of all time off your team: Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson. Shame on you!

Gary Graul
Irvine, CA
Posted: 1:57 PM   by Anonymous
Alex Rodriguez over Ozzie Smith???????
Posted: 2:34 PM   by Anonymous
C:Rodriguez over Bench. 2B: Joe Morgan-starting-and Eddie Collins field better than the elected tandem.SS:Barry Larkin over Rodriguez.3B:Mike Schmidt-starting-and George Brett over current elect.OF Rickey Henderson-starting and lead off-and Barry Bonds over DiMaggio and Mantle. SP:CY Young over Clemens; Pete Alexander over Koufax. RP:Sparky Lyle over Rivera: endurance in a RP is underrated.Manager: McCarthy. Coach: Dick Williams. Coach for pitching and misc.: Tommy Lasorda.
Posted: 2:36 PM   by Anonymous
Alex Rodriguez over Ozzie Smith and Cal Ripken is terrible
Posted: 3:07 PM   by James briggs
I am in total agreement with every position except two the first is Gibson the bigest of big game pitchers and remind you the only one to through a no hitter in the world series. But even bigger than he is that it seems that we went with poer her not the true nature of the positon Shortstop has never been a huge offensive postion and grant Ozzie Smith was only a .262 average over is career. with only 28 homeruns. and i know that that is a shadow compared to the hitting produced by A-rod but he is the holder of thirteen gold gloves not just thirteen but thirteen straight. the most assists by a shortstop 8,375 which is a staggering figure when you look at his chances which he is also first in 12,624. he holds the major league record for most double plays 1,590 most years with 500 assists or more (8) Not to mention in his ninteen year career he was in 16 All star games. I seems to me that Home runs and hits have clouded the minds of the judges looking for production in postions where no one legitmately looks. The never has been a better defense shortstop that Ozzie smith That is a Fact he holds all the recods. A rod is a great player and a gret shortstop but he has yet to reach that plateau of best all time in my opinion he is not even the best on his team jeter is a better all around shortstop than A rod that is why he plays third base.
Posted: 3:11 PM   by squibsc
I agree with the Bonds statement, you have to include him. Bonds will retire as the Home Run king and as the best 5 tool player in MLB history. Speaking of 5 tools, how about Clemente, one of the most dominating fielders of all-time...wasn't too bad at the plate. Maybe cut Hank and Joe D for these two.
Posted: 3:16 PM   by Anonymous
Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken and Pete Rose are notable exclusions. Glad to see Bonds and McGwire are missing but A-Rod should be too.
Posted: 3:40 PM   by Anonymous
In the era of juiced players, Pedro Martinez still dominated batters like few pitchers ever have. From 1997 to 2001 he simply raised the bar to a level we had never seen before or since.
Posted: 3:43 PM   by Anonymous
Rickey Henderson? Robbie Alomar? Pedro Martinez?...These three will always start on my team.
Posted: 4:20 PM   by Anonymous
Impressive list. I would however take Brooks Robinson over Mike Schmidt. A-Rod should never make the list over Cal Ripken. And to prove i'm not an O's fan, I'll take Roberto Clemente over Mantle and Nolan Ryan over anyone.
Posted: 5:28 PM   by Anonymous
To the Anonymous blogger that said Brooks only had a "couple more" Gold Gloves then Schmidt. Try SIX more Gold Gloves -- that he earned in consecutive seasons. That's right 16 consecutive Gold Golves. While Scmidt had power NO ONE defended the Hot Corner like Brooksie -- NO ONE!
Posted: 5:32 PM   by Anonymous
i hate to say because i'm a die hard Sox fan, but you have to add Derek Jeter to this list and maybe in a couple of years Big Papi.
P.S. You also forgot Brooks Robison,Cal Ripken,and Frank Robison.
Posted: 5:54 PM   by Anonymous
You actually forgot the greatest hitter of all time. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Babe Ruth even marveled at his ability to hit. And if these people are willing to include the tainted steroid players, then the blacksock should get in as well.
And for the record he should be in the HOF. Stop punishing a dead man!
Posted: 5:56 PM   by Anonymous
Bonds a five tool player???? I don't remember him running, throwing, or playing defense for the last 10 years.
If he wasn't roided up he would have had a lot of fly ball outs!
Posted: 6:55 PM   by Anonymous
Barry Bonds... Barry Bonds... Barry Bonds... Barry Bonds...
Posted: 6:57 PM   by tmack
I am glad that Bonds wasn't on the list. I don't care what his stats say, because anyone with an IQ above 50 knows that Bonds statistics have been "enhanced" by his cheating.

I think Jimmy Foxx should take the place of Musial at first. Of course, they both would be playing behind Lou Gehrig.

I think Brooks Robinson should be placed on the team. A team could use his awesome fielding ability at third base.

Bob Gibson should definitely be one of the pitchers. I would take him over several that were chosen.
Posted: 7:01 PM   by Anonymous
You would have to add Bob Feller. 266 wins, over .600 winning percentage and over 2500 K's. All this while missing probably what would have been his most productive years (41-45) due to WWII.
Posted: 9:20 PM   by Anonymous
looks like an overly white team to me. clemente, gibson, bonds... would they be on this "team" if they were qwhite?
Posted: 9:39 PM   by Anonymous
Nolan Ryan had 7 freakin' no-hitters. 7! He should be there.
atenition idiots clemens accusers attorney said that grimsley said clemens and pettite would never in a million years use steroids p.s i know i dont know how to spell.
Posted: 10:05 PM   by Anonymous
Juan Marichal. The most dominant pitcher of the 1960s (look it up), the decade of dominant pitching.
Posted: 10:38 PM   by Anonymous
I don't want to hear anything about hou Jeter's better than A-Rod
There's no question A-rod is a better player in every aspect and that he will nod doubt end up breaking the home-run, rbi, and runs scored records. He is already one of the best 10 players of all time and will take the bambino's place as NUMBER 1.
Posted: 11:08 PM   by Anonymous
Take Cy Young off the team. Yes he had 611 wins but he also had the most losses ever. He just pitched alot. Give me Drysdale, Maddax, Ryan, or Seaver, id be ok. But in my opinion i has to be BOB Gibson
Posted: 1:10 AM   by DPMOIL
Although Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and therefore had an impact to the game that can't be measured in numbers, he doesn't stack up with the others in terms of individual accomplishments. Part of that is due to the fact that the color barrier kept him out of the majors until he was already 27 years old, and so he had a relatively short MLB career. I would substitute legendary second baseman Eddie Collins (.333 lifetime, 3315 hits). I almost feel that Koufax shouldn't be on the list because he had only 5 great years, all at the end of his short career. But he dominated so much in these five years that I have to agree with leaving him on the list. But I think Greg Maddux is right there with Koufax. In a very close call, I would substitute Grover (Pete) Alexander for Warren Spahn. Pete had more wins than Spahn, and a better winning percentage. Stan Musial is listed as a first baseman, but he actually played 1890 games as an outfielder and only 1016 at first. There is no way that Jimmie Foxx can be left off the list at 1B. 534 home runs, .325 average. His fifth best RBI season (143 RBIs) is ahead of Musial's best RBI year.
Posted: 2:13 AM   by Anonymous
Bob Gibson, who can forget? And Pujols one day, we are watching a legend in the making.
Posted: 2:31 AM   by Anonymous
With su much power hitters in that team, who needs A-Rod? How about defense, consistency, non-prima donna character and class? How about Cal Ripken Jr.? And at first base, I'd replace Musial with Ichiro, a true world champion who lead Japan to demonstrate that americans no longer dominate their own national pastime.

Roberto Benitez
Posted: 2:53 AM   by Anonymous
I'd remove Roger Clemens and Jackie Robinson.

The former because he's a steroid abuser on the order of Asterisk himself (a.k.a. Barry Bonds), thereby putting all his career accomplishments into question--at least in my eyes.

The latter, while a fine second baseman and a social pioneer, was just not one of the greatest ever to play the game.

I'd replace Clemens with Steve Carlton, and Robinson with either Charlie Gehringer or Ryne Sandberg.
Posted: 4:29 AM   by Anonymous
You just need more outfield spots. You can't leave Ricky Henderson & Stan Musial off the team, but who do they beat in that outfield? Bravo for picking Spahn, best pitcher ever. 13 20-win seasons. And you have to put Ozzie Smith at short.
Posted: 4:49 AM   by Anonymous
Jimmie Foxx 2nd best 1b of all time behind Gehrig.
Posted: 8:22 AM   by Anonymous
I think Bonds should be on the list. It would also be nice to see Frank Robinson on there, and if we had room, Pujols.
Posted: 8:27 AM   by KENNY B FROM THE BX
Posted: 8:54 AM   by Anonymous
How about Ryne Sandberg as the second baseman? He was a productive hitter and won a ton of gold gloves at the position. I would put him on the team over Hornsby because the team already is loaded offensively.
Posted: 9:32 AM   by Anonymous
I would have added Shoeless Joe Jackson here are the player by the numbers. A graceful natural hitter (supposedly Babe Ruth patterned his batting stance on Jackson's), he hit for power in an age of slap hitters, yet kept his BA near the top. In 1911, his first full season, he hit .408, then followed with .395, .373, and a mere .338 in 1914. He was unerring in the field, had a powerful and accurate arm, and ran the bases with savvy. Career 12 seasons by the numbers games 1332 average .356 homeruns 54 rbi's 785
World Series numbers games 14 average .345 homeruns 1 rbi's 8
Posted: 9:40 AM   by E-Luv
Take off A-Rod. Add Jeter.

Games 1 & 2 of this ALDS should answer why.
Posted: 9:45 AM   by Anonymous
I think that the most glaring fault with the SI team is at 2B. Joe Morgan and Eddie Collins were greater than Hornsby and Robinson.

I would put Bonds at OF over Dimaggio.

Eckersly should not be on the team. Gossage or Hoyt Wilhelm as the second relief pitcher.

If Negro League players are involved, Gibson over Berra at cathcer. Paige over Koufax at pitcher and Oscar Charleston over Aaron in the OF.
Posted: 10:11 AM   by Anonymous
Reggie? NO REGGIE? The man oozed Baseball awesomeness. Any conversation about the all time greats, period, regardless of position, the man earned his spot in the talk.

Who do you drop? I dunno, but you got two bench coaches on there so...whats one more outfielder?
Posted: 11:04 AM   by Anonymous
This team is really full with individual talent. Everyone knows Derek Jeter spells TEAM in some foreign language, I think he would be a top candidate for the C on this team. No one can bring individual talent together like him.
Posted: 11:07 AM   by Anonymous
Posted: 11:09 AM   by Anonymous
Talk about a New York bias. All three coaches Yankees managers ?? Joe Dimaggio And Mickey Manlte over Roberto Clemete, Frank Robinson. No player from the Negro leagues. If Satchel Paige can be Rookie of the year at age 42 and still pitch in the majors at age 59. What do you hink he would have done in his prime. No Bob Gibson ??? Josh Gibson ??
Posted: 11:20 AM   by Matty B
As a huge baseball fan and purist i love the team. However, it seems to be like most history -- written by the winners.

I'd like to see more Negro League greats at least get some recognition. The stats aren't as readily available, but many of teh white greats who played against them said tehy were eevery bit as good.

With regard to the old-timers and I mean old-timers you really can't compatre differnet era, dead-ball vs live ball pre-integration vs. post integration.

How aboyut a list of players pre 1920, 1920 to 1946, and post 1946.

If Wagner, Cobb and Hornsby are on the team where are Speaker, Lajoie and Keeler?

If Young, Mathewson & Johnson are named whre is Three Finger Brown or Grover Cleveland Alexander?

How can Frank Robinson and Roberto Clemenet be left off the list.

No Gibson or Marichal?

This list is not materially different than one that would have been complied in 1975. It's obvious to me that this list need some work, but that's the great thing about baseball.
Posted: 11:35 AM   by Anonymous
On Stats and Defense... JOE D is out and Griffy jr Is in. Jod D was good... but short career kills him in this type of argument.
Posted: 11:36 AM   by Anonymous
Delete A-Rod because he sucks when the pressure is on. Add Jeter for many reasons including his ability to excel when the pressure is on.
Posted: 11:49 AM   by Anonymous
SS= Ozzie Smith!
Posted: 12:02 PM   by Anonymous
I'm sorry but as great as some of the old timers are please take them off the list now!! In my opinion, if you played before MLB started letting all players, regardless of race, join their game then you can't say you played against the best and beat the best period. I really don't care if you won 30 games 5 times from 1903 to 1907. That was a different time and era than it was after Jackie Robinson joined our great American pasttime. To leave Sach and Josh Gibson off this list is a tragedy in my book and just shows that the embarrassing history of this games continues on today. Does anyone really think that given the chance that some of the greatest players of "color" wouldn't have destroyed many of baseballs hollowed records a lot sooner than they actually were? You bet they would have. And before you say I'm playing the race card here, don't, I'm white. I just can not stand how so many people, white or black, forget about who was allowed to play this game and who was excluded from this game for so many years. And then to put this list together and say that someone that played in 1903 was better than someone that played in 1973. You can't justify that reasoning, at least to me, because of the past racism of the early years of our great game. I love the game of baseball but I am tired of people trying to compare two totally different eras of this game.
Posted: 12:39 PM   by Anonymous
I've got someone that may not belong on the list but I think he deserves to be in the discussion. Kirby Puckett, a great fielder, good hitter, and a leader on and off the field. His career was cut short but he was great to watch and one of the few players that treated the fans with respect.
Posted: 12:41 PM   by Anonymous
I don't want any ARod, anywhere, any team. Done with him.

THE MICK!!!!???
Posted: 1:00 PM   by Anonymous
Let me just start by saying that I am not a Red Sox fan...

That said, if this list is composed of the greatest performers ever, and not necessarily by cumulative career numbers (as evidenced by including Sandy Koufax) then Pedro Martinez needs to be on this list. For starters, the man had a season where he posted a 1.74 ERA in Fenway Park, in the American League East, in the steroid era, and was 2 runs lower than the runner-up. Look at 1997-2004. He is this generation's Koufax, perhaps even better.
Posted: 1:01 PM   by Anonymous
As you are limiting it to 25 players, some great players will inevitably be left off. I think your experts did a terrific job in their picks. I do think there has to be room for Bonds, probably at the expense of Dimaggio. Even in a hitters' era, his dominance is comparable only to that of Ruth. I cannot see replacing any of the other outfielders, and as Musial was put at first, I can't see replacing him or Gehrig either.

The problem is finding a place for Maddux, Pedro and Randy Johnson. If we need a lefty, I would replace Koufax with Randy based on the advantages of era that Koufax had as well as career length. I would not object if Hubbell were chosen instead though. I would put Maddux on the roster over Cy Young, also a product of era and of different rules.

I think a case could be made to put Morgan or Eddie Colllins on in place of Jackie Robinson, but leaving Jackie there is not a mistake either. Hornsby is a no-doubter, and he was not a terrible fielder. Apparently he had some trouble on popups, but not otherwise.

Incidentally, Cleter Boyer was at least Brooks' equal at third, although not quite the hitter. Then again, Schmidt was his equal also, and a far superior hitter. Neither Brooks, nor Nolan Ryan, deserve any consideration for a team of this sort. I might consider Gossage over Eckersley.
Posted: 1:08 PM   by Anonymous
Hats off to the attempt - overall I think it's a pretty fair list, with the exception of the Negro Leagues being omitted.

The outfield is a pretty solid selection. Dimaggio is the wildcard here, since you have to balance the NY legend with three missing war years. I'd throw Oscar Charleston in there over him, but don't know if I'd replace him with anyone else. Bonds, Tris Speaker, Frank Robinson, Clemente, Rose, Henderson and Mel Ott are all
great players, but we're only allowed seven. Rose was my favorite player growing up, and I can't honestly put him in the top seven.

The infield isn't bad, either. Josh Gibson replaces Bench, I'll moan the idea that I can't squeeze Jimmie Foxx into 1B over the current selection (though time will tell if Pujols replaces Musial) and move onto 2B. My first instinct is Eddie Collins over Jackie Robinson except Jackie A) missed his first 3-4 years which would strengthen his lifetime numbers, and 2) the stress he played under couldn't not affect his performance. I'll stay away from the ARod vs. Jeter debate except to say I'm more open to Jeter being an all-time great and not a product of the NY press than I was two years ago. But Wagner's the no. 1 choice, so I'd eliminate the need for SS #2 and go with Brett, Brooks Robinson or Home Run Baker (who makes a great pinch runner) to go with Schmidt at 3B.

Pitchers... Gossage over Eckersley, Paige over Young. This leaves Maddux and Bob Gibson, whose fans on this blog make the most compelling case to be included over any non-Negro League player at any position. I'd have to go with Bob Gibson over Koufax because of overall career worth. With Koufax out I'd stick with Grove and Spahn as the lefties and regretfully leave Maddux out.

I hope the intelligent debate continues.
Posted: 1:11 PM   by F.E. - NYC
What about "Shoeless" Joe Jackson
One of the greatest outfielders ever (and inspiration for a few movies and books)!
Posted: 1:21 PM   by Anonymous
Where is George Brett on this "alltime all-star team"? Mike Schmidt?!? Come on! If you wanted a gold glove at third you should have picked Brooks Robinson. Only player to win 3 batting titles in 3 decades gets snubbed over Mike Schmidt!! I laugh at you.
Posted: 1:40 PM   by Anonymous
Rivera and The Eck are legitimate Hall of Famers, but if they were among the 25 greatest players ever they wouldn't be coming out of the pen. Dump them to make room for Bob Gibson and Satchel Paige. Josh Gibson over Yogi (shame on you, "expert panel"). Joe Morgan over Rogers Hornsby. Surprising that, on the one hand, the panel has the wisdom to recognize A-Rod when he's out of fashion, while, on the other hand, it omits Bonds. On the basis of his career up through 1998, Bonds is one of the 25 best ever; put him on the team, and dump DiMaggio. Pujols may one day displace Musial, but six seasons does not a career make. Hmmm, no Bonds, no Satchel, no Morgan, and neither Gibson. Is your panel as pale as the team it selected?
Posted: 2:07 PM   by Anonymous
you CANT put a-rod on this team, Pujols will be better than all the position players by the end of his career.
Posted: 3:02 PM   by Anonymous
Suggest two pre and post Jackie Robinson era sets of teams needed to adequately define "best all time". This would allow for most of the players and pitchers frequently noted as missing in other comments, to include Josh & Bob Gibson, Satchel, Brett, Morgan, Ivan R., The Wizard, Roberto, Carlton, Seaver, Campy, Little Joe. Different decades/eras of play are impossible to compare & contrast. Also, need to take into account a number of Negro League greats (Cool Papa, Buck Leonard, Judy J, Charleston, Pop Lloyd, Smokey Joe Williams) who never had M.L. opportunity.
WRR, Harrisburg PA
Posted: 3:33 PM   by Anonymous
Bob Gibson...........biggest snub of the list.........seriously, to leave him off your lineup is absolutely unforgivable.
Posted: 3:42 PM   by Anonymous
There are too many outfielders on this team so Mantle is out. Replace him with Eddie Mathews at third base. A super left handed hitter, who was overshadowed by none other than Henry Aaron.
Drop Eckersly & Rivera and replace then both with Hoyt Whilhelm. As a relief pitcher he could come in the 6th or 7th inning and finish out the game and be ready to do the same thing the next day.
Finally, we need a pinch hitter to come off the bench and that man would be Smokey Burgess.
Posted: 3:46 PM   by Anonymous
Hank Greenberg belongs on that team. His career season averages are:
BA: .313
HR: 38
RBI: 148

He had two of the top 10 and 3 of the top 50 RBI seasons in major league history. After eliminating the steroid players, only Maris, Ruth, and Foxx hit more homers in a single season than Greenberg's 58 in 1938. He is the ONLY player in major league history to earn MVP honors at two different positions.
Posted: 3:46 PM   by Lindsey Murdah
12:25 anonymous posted the best comments/analysis with his starting line-up and narrative. My only disagreement is that Gibson should be the catcher.

SI should ask either Strat-O-Matic or APBA to play a 162 game simulation with up to 4 teams (this would be 100 players) to determine who is/was best.

Lindsey Murdah
Posted: 8:30 AM   by Anonymous
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Posted: 8:13 PM   by Mike0md
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Posted: 9:45 AM   by Anonymous
13 gold gloves, switch hitter, and a great clutch hitter

A-ROD had like four good seasons vs. a freakin' career of good seasons.
Posted: 10:25 AM   by Anonymous
Cal Ripken is the best SS of all-time. Tied for most HRs by a SS, impressive considering in the era he played in could have a player who led the league with 36 Homers(Fred McGriff). Multiple MVP's, Gold Gloves, playoff MVP(where's Arod's?) Highest career fielding % at the position. Had record for errorless games. WS ring, ROY..oh..and a little something known as the streak. All while rarely ever playing on a strong team with only Murray for support in the line-ups.
Posted: 2:24 PM   by Anonymous
Only problem with the list is the manager. The World Series has only been canceled twice, once by the 1994 Strike, and one by John McGraw (in 1904).

Bonds just doesn't belong on the list. He's just not good enough. His argument lies on inflated statistics in an era of inflated statistics. He's not even the best outfielder LEFT OFF the list, which would be Clemente. Or the next after that, Frank Robinson.
Posted: 9:26 PM   by matt- new yor
there is no way that barry bonds can be included on a team of the best ever, he may have had freat stats, but they were manufactured by steriods, he cheated fair and square,7 mvps or not
Posted: 2:50 PM   by mysterick
Have you forgotten Mario Mendoza -- how many players have a stat named after them? (The Mendoza line!)
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