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2/27/2007 03:31:00 PM

Memorable Injury Cover-ups

When the subject comes up of injured players covering up how they actually hurt themselves, Irving Fryar and Jeff Kent come immediately to mind. But surely there are others who fit the same bill. What infamous incidents do you recall?
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Posted: 5:06 PM   by Anonymous
Posted: 5:25 PM   by Anonymous
While Ahman Green was at Nebraska he got "turf toe" his junior year. I have been told he dropped a keg on his foot.
Posted: 6:00 PM   by Anonymous
This makes no sense. You SI people make no sense. Stop making no sense, please. Yes, John Blackmar, I mean YOU@
Posted: 11:42 PM   by Anonymous
In Sepetember of 2000, Boston Bruins goaltender John Grahame suffered a broken ankle "while stepping off a curb". There was obviously more to the story which was never disclosed.

Speaking of there being more to the story, how about Red Sox righthander Paxton Crawford, who missed a scheduled July 2000 call-up from Triple A Pawtucket when he fell out of bed, landed on a drinking glass and needed eight stitches to close the resulting gash on his lower back.
Posted: 9:27 AM   by angryfrank
What about the seemingly malicious yet non-existant injury to every bloody World Cup soccer player approaching the box with the ball and flopping to the ground in seemingly writhing agony in the hopes of a penalty kick. Talk about cover-ups... a sport that rewards talentless athlete / actors before they get to Hollywood and screw up our movies.
Posted: 4:58 PM   by Anonymous
What about Sammy Sosa throwing out his back "sneezing?" I don't know what really happened, but that sounds like BS to me
Posted: 7:10 PM   by Anonymous
Ken Griffey Jr 12/2006. After months of rampant speculation, the Reds center fielder revealed that he broke his left hand in December while wrestling with his three children on the family yacht in the Bahamas.
Posted: 10:04 AM   by Anonymous
During the 2005 and 2006 postseasons, Alex Rodriguez went 2-for-41 at the plate. He still hasn't admitted his ailment, a morbid fear of the word "October".
Posted: 10:04 AM   by Anonymous
Mike Stanley, 1988. Cut tendons and damaged nerves in his pitching hand when he "fell while taking the trash out." Various alternate versions of the event have been proposed. Nothing proven, of course.
Posted: 10:32 AM   by Anonymous
Don't forget Jimmie Johnsons "golfing accident" this summer. At first he stated that he fell out of the cart when the driver turned too sharply and broke his wrist. Later admitted that he was riding on the roof.
Posted: 10:44 AM   by Anonymous
Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Joel Zumaya missed three games of the American League Championship Series thanks inflammation of the forearm and right wrist, something everyone assumed was brought on by his pitches.

But it turns out that like yours truly, Zumaya is a Guitar Hero addict and the prolonged gaming was what actually brought on the injury.
Posted: 10:52 AM   by Anonymous
What about Terrell Owens' overnight admission to a Dallas hospital with some kind of drug overdose, which he said was a bad reaction to painkillers for his broken finger---the story changed and included everything from mixing drugs and alcohol to a suicide attempt, and still nobody knows what the deal was.
Posted: 11:40 AM   by Anonymous
Posted: 12:57 PM   by Anonymous
Paul Quantrill claimed to break his leg while tobbagining. 3 days later he came clean and admitted he broke it snowmobiling.
Posted: 1:44 PM   by Anonymous
Uwe Krupp. Red Wings. Dogsledding. 'Nuff said.
Posted: 2:31 PM   by Anonymous
Wade Boggs broke his leg taking off his boots. The story was true, but the details omitted mentioning lots of drinking and the pretty woman that did the boot pulling.
Posted: 3:09 PM   by Anonymous
How about Kaz Sasaki and the broken ribs he sustained from 'tripping over his suitcase?'
Posted: 3:48 PM   by Anonymous
Ex Utah Jazz Forward Robert Whaley got a cut on his hand and blamed it on trying to take away a knife from his two year old son. The news came out later that he and Darron Williams were involved in an altercation in Park City were the cut actually happened.
Posted: 5:31 PM   by Anonymous
Jimmie Johnson breaking his wrist falling off of a golf cart. It was later revealed that he was laying spread eagle on the roof of the cart at the time!
Posted: 5:43 PM   by Anonymous
Fred Miller of the Chicago Bears broke his jaw during the season. He claimed he slipped getting out of bed and hit his nightstand. It turned out Olin Kruetz punched him in the mouth after the offensive lineman had been out at a shooting range.
Posted: 7:11 PM   by Fork
Brian Leetch slipping on "black ice" in 1993 - he made his living on ice.
Posted: 7:52 PM   by Anonymous
Juan Montoya's shoulder injury a couple of years ago comes to mind. He claimed it was from playing tennis however it was widely reported/speculated that it was a result of a motorcycle accident.
Posted: 10:58 PM   by Racer
In 1999 about a week before spring training was suppose to start, Houston Astros player Moises Alou who was in the Dominican Republic at the time supposedly fell off a treadmill and tore the ACl in his left knee. Alou was expected to return to the Astros before the 1999 season ended but in August he supposedly fell off a bike and landed on the same left knee that he had injured earlier and he missed the entire 1999 season.
Posted: 1:02 PM   by Justin
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