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4/25/2008 11:23:00 AM

Madden Cover Revealed

Favre lands feared, coveted Madden cover

Image Credit: EA Sports
Former Green Bay QB Brett Favre is EA's cover boy for Madden NFL '09. Despite his retirement we're kind of hoping Favre will be available on the Packers' roster or as a free agent. Hopefully in retirement the real-life Favre will be immune to the always-dangerous Madden cover curse.

Here's a cool video from EA of Favre in the Madden series through the years:

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Posted: 12:35 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
If he gets hurt while not playing this year I'm going to start believing in this curse and I'm sure more people will too.
Posted: 12:41 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
That is udderly ridiculous. HE IS RETIRED. How can you put him on the cover? I hate the Patriots but I would rather have Moss or Brady on the cover. Stupid that is all I have to say.
Posted: 12:49 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Immune??? IMMUNE?!?!?

This is awful.

All of Bret's biggest problems have been off the field, not on. Without the dangerous of football to protect him the curse might manifest in other ways... Ways much worse then a broken ankle or bad shoulder.

Brett might be well served to stay inside until 2009!
Posted: 1:09 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Man, this is whack. He's retired and was overrated for the final 5 years of his career. Hopefully this is where the Brett love fest will end, sheesh.
Posted: 1:11 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
I know John Madden has the biggest man crush ever on Favre, but come on, you have to use someone who is actually playing on the cover
Posted: 1:35 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Should have been Shaun Taylor.
Posted: 1:43 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Well at least no Madden curse this year. News flash Brett Favre tears ACL while fishing.
Posted: 2:22 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Let's hope we can coax him out of retirement in the game at least. He's been my personal sports hero since '93 and he deserves all the accolades.

Is the curse broken?
Posted: 2:41 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Brian
How can Favre be on the cover when he is retired and will not be in the game?
NOOOOOOOOO!!! Tom Brady deserved that cover, that sucks.....I bet money those chowder head threatened to boycott the game if ol' butt chin had graced the cover.
Posted: 4:02 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous paqrmatt
This video is too cool. Favre was/is the man. There will never be another like him.
That just makes me want to barf. (Yes, I'm a Bears fan). On the plus side, maybe he'll come out of retirement and screw the Packers again!
Posted: 6:46 PM, April 25, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Great white hype at it's worse. Look at his stats in the second half of his career!In his last 5 playoff games, Brett Favre has thrown 13 interceptions. His team's record in those games is 1-4. The lone win came in a game where Favre didn't throw an interception. Imagine that! Of those 13 interceptions, 6 came in a 2001 debacle against the St. Louis Rams, 4 were last year against the Vikings, and who will ever forget the overtime interception against the Eagles? In between all of those, was the first home playoff loss in Green Bay Packer history, where Favre threw 2 interceptions against the Atlanta Falcons.
It hasn't just been in the playoffs where Favre's mistakes have added up. In the 9 years since the Packers won the Super Bowl, Brett Favre has averaged 19 interceptions per season. He has thrown more than 20 in almost half (4) of those seasons, and finished at the top, err, bottom of the list twice.

The analysts would say that Favre's foibles were because he had to do too much, he had to carry too much of the offensive burden on his shoulders. Well, that's not exactly true. Beginning in 1997, the Packers have failed to have a 1,000 yard rusher only twice. As a matter of fact, in three of those seasons the Packers had a running back finish in the top 5 in rushing yards. Oddly, in 2003 when Ahman Green had almost 1,900 yards rushing, Brett Favre was second in the league in interceptions with 21.

Another flaw in the `weak supporting cast' argument revolves around Brett Favre's performance early in his career. The season the Packers won the Super Bowl, 1996, they didn't have a 1,000 yard rusher or receiver, yet they were still ranked number one offensively. That's a credit to Brett Favre's play. He effectively dealt with injuries and inconsistency at the receiver spot, and a running back by committee. If he could win, then, when he was the sole generator of the team's offense, why can't he do it now?

Well, he's old! He's way past his prime. And, he doesn't know it. Instead of growing old gracefully, Favre has grown old recklessly. His playoff interception versus the Eagles, his 20+ interceptions in 2 of the last 3 years, his constant throwing into double and triple coverage, his adherence to a playing streak, all exhibit a quarterback whose ego has superceded his common sense. When Favre played through a broken thumb in 2003, he threw 12 interceptions in the 9 games after the injury. Obviously, he was playing to keep his starting streak alive.

Favre's ego will not allow him to recognize that he's hurting the team. When you have a running back that's second in the league in rushing, you shouldn't throw 21 interceptions. When your running back shreds a defense for 156 yards on 25 carries, you shouldn't throw the ball up for grabs in overtime. When your running back is averaging 4 yards a carry, you shouldn't have 6 and 4 interception games.

Apparently, the problem is not a weak supporting cast for Favre, it's a weak ego that refuses to let others make plays. It's an ego that says `if I can't be the hero, if I can't make the play, I'd rather lose'. It's an ego that will pass everything except the torch. That's a shame. When great quarterbacks get great running games, they're supposed to perform better. Steve Young had possibly his best year, late in his career, when Garrison Hearst rushed for over 1,500 yards. John Elway had some of his best years when he had perennial 1,500 yard running back, the last three years of his career.

I don't agree with those who say Favre should be allowed to leave the game on his terms. Others have not been given those considerations. Both Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were shown the door in San Francisco when their effectiveness hurt the future of the team. Both Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith finished their on-field careers out of a Cowboy uniform. If Brett Favre doesn't retire after this season, the Packers should bench him, trade him, or cut him. It's time to rebuild, and you don't rebuild with 36 year old quarterbacks who can't live with the fact that time has passed them by.
Great Choice kinda surprised by EA doing something like that though.. maybe next year Priest Holmes
Posted: 4:24 PM, April 29, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
this is the ultimate sign of John Madden's man crush on Brett Farve.
Posted: 6:51 PM, June 06, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
I agree--it's a man-crush made in heaven to match up Favre with the cover of Madden. Now Big John can cross that off of his bucket list.

However, it does seem like a more overt ploy by EA to avoid getting stuck with the looming shadow of a "who's the curse gonna hit this year". Nice dodge.
Posted: 9:07 PM, August 06, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
Buy the Collector's Edition and you don't have to worry about who is on the cover. :)

Plus you get some extra nice bonus features!!!
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