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4/25/2008 12:05:00 PM

NCAA Football 09 Cover Boy Q&A

Darren McFadden Interview
For the last few months, Darren McFadden has had NFL scouts and GMs drooling, which is just one of the reasons why the ultra-talented back out of Arkansas landed on the Xbox 360 cover of NCAA Football 09. During his collegiate career, McFadden racked up 51 total touchdowns -- seven of which were passing -- and finished runner-up in the Heisman voting in each of the past two seasons. We caught up with McFadden at EA's NCAA Football 09 Draft Night Premiere to talk about life as a potential top-five NFL drat pick.

Let's say it's up to you, who do you want to be drafted by?

For me, I'd want to be close to home, you know, stay in the South, but it's to the point where I don't really care where I go, I'm just ready to get somewhere and play ball.

What style of offense do you think would work best with your game?

With me, I feel like I'd fit in good with any offense. I'm a diverse and dynamic guy, so any style of offense that I'm put in, I feel like I would succeed in.

What kind of impact do you think you can have in your rookie season?

Whatever team decides to take me, they're getting a guy who can make big plays. A playmaker. I can give them something that they're missing from their offense.

How many teams have you talked to so far?

I took visits to Oakland, New York, St. Louis, and New England.

Do you have any friends from the league who have given you advice on how to handle Draft weekend?

I have a couple of ex-teammates that play in the NFL and I asked them, going into the process what it's going to be like. Just talking to them, they're telling me what to expect. But they can't prepare you for something like this. This is a whole different process.

Who are you bringing with you to the draft?

My mom, dad, and my stepmom is here. And my sister is here and a few of my cousins came out, too.

What's the coolest thing you've gotten so far since you got to New York?

There haven't been that many gifts. I've got this suit [tugs at lapels]. It's been a lot of business for me.

What's it like being on the cover of a EA video game? Are you a big gamer?

Every year, when I first get the game, I wear it out. After that, it's just when guys come over to the house, we play it and try to have a friendly competition with each other.

Do you know what you look like in the game?

I'm pretty satisfied with it. I talked to the guys at EA sports and I feel like they did a good job with it. They gave me the speed, after that the numbers speak for themselves.
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Posted: 3:11 PM, April 26, 2008   by Anonymous Anonymous
"Do you know what you look like in the game?"

McFadden won't be in the game...he's not in college anymore.
None of the cover athletes for NCAA Football are ever actually in the game.
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