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7/26/2006 05:41:00 PM

Review: NCAA Football 07 (XBOX 360, $60)

Going strictly by gameplay, this might be EA's best effort yet.
Going strictly by gameplay, this might be EA's best effort yet.
Posted by Jacob Luft

All of you PS2 fanboys have had your day with NCAA Football 07. Now move over for us Next Gen players who prefer a little more power behind our pixels. Let's start off with the bad news: Those of you expecting all of the usual bells and whistles from this title will be a bit disappointed. For some reason, EA decided to trim down the features for the 360 version of this game, so if you are looking for Campus Legend, Race for the Heisman, Create-a-school, etc., you won't find it here. They also ditched the tie-in to ESPN The Magazine. No loss there at least. As long as the hyper-addictive recruiting season is still in there, I won't miss the rest.

The good news far outweighs the bad, however. This latest version of EA's college football dynasty delivers where it counts the most: gameplay. The action is more fluid than ever. Receivers catch balls in stride more often than not. Running the option -- the main allure of the college game vs. Madden -- has never been this finely tuned. Defense, as usual, is more or less guesswork, but when you do make a tackle, the animations are spot on. Simply put, it's a hard-hitting game.

I'll echo the sentiments of Lang Whitaker (see below) in his PS2 review when I say the playbooks are massive. In fact, they are so big if you don't know where to go right away you'll risk getting a delay of game. It's worth getting into the practice mode to see where your money plays are at. Here's a hint: The WR option routes are gold, and that's a good sign that they have beefed up the A.I. in this title. The kicking game is tricky but at first glance it makes as much sense, if not more, than the kicking engines used in previous football video games.

As for online play, I played a couple of games on the XBOX Live network on Tuesday night and I have to say it was a bit on the laggy side. That's not much of a surprise considering we're talking about EA here, and they have had spotty Live service with many of their past titles.

Overall, the best thing I can say about this game is that it is immersive. Late in the fourth quarter of a close game, your palms will sweat and a hint of panic may overtake you as the play clock runs down and you have no idea what to call.

What are some of your observations so far from NCAA Football 07?

Ratings System (1 to 10)
Game Play: 9.5
The controls are silky smooth and the animations are seemlessly interwoven into the action.
Graphics: 7.5
It's a good-looking game but not quite at the level it needs to be for Next Gen. Also, some of the replays are obscured by fans in the crowd.
Replayability: 9.0
You'll want bragging rights over your friends, and the dynasty mode is still mostly intact. Mostly.
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7/24/2006 01:45:00 PM

Football is here!

Many of you have been clamoring for our take on EA's NCAA Football 07. Today, we deliver the goods as Lang Whitaker gives a comprehensive review of the PS2 version of this title. If you are still waiting for the next gen version, though, come back Wednesday for a review of the XBOX 360's NCAA Football 07. If you have already played the game or have a take on where this franchise is headed, please share your thoughts in this blog.
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