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10/25/2006 12:56:00 AM

Game 3 Grades

So Taguchi denied Magglio Ordonez of a base hit in the seventh inning with this diving catch.
So Taguchi denied Magglio Ordonez of a base hit in the seventh inning with this diving catch.
Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Detroit Tigers

Starting Pitching
Nate Robertson doesn’t have the best stuff, but he moves the ball in and out and has a knack for avoiding the big inning. The Cardinals loaded the bases with no outs in the fourth and were held to two runs. He was lifted for a pinch-hitter after five solid innings.
Grade: B

The good news for Detroit is that Joel Zumaya’s velocity and stuff are still there after a 14-day layoff. His location was lacking, though, as he walked the first two batters to lead off the seventh, including Preston Wilson, which is really hard to do. So what was Fernando Rodney’s excuse? It wasn’t rust -- he pitched an inning in Game 1 on Saturday. In the eighth inning, he also committed the egregious sin of walking Wilson. Rodney also walked So Taguchi and allowed a single to David Eckstein and left without recording an out.
Grade: C-

The Tigers failed to get the leadoff hitter on base in every inning. It’s hard to score when you do that. This was a team that was consistently shut down by good pitching this season, and Chris Carpenter is the definition of a good pitcher.
Grade: C

Zumaya botched an easy double play on a comebacker hit by Albert Pujols in the seventh inning, opting to go for the rare 1-5-3 DP instead of taking the easier route at second base. Zumaya's throwing error resulted in two huge add-on runs for the Cardinals. Otherwise, the defense was solid. In the fourth, third baseman Brandon Inge made the right decision by throwing to the plate for the forceout instead of trying to go around the horn for a double play, and substitute Neifi Perez turned a sweet two-fer to get the Tigers out of a jam in the eighth.
Grade: C

Jim Leyland's best move of the night was allowing Robertson to face Pujols in the fifth inning and let him work his way through one last jam. Few of his bullpen moves worked tonight, especially the Zumaya-Rodney power combo that has been so effective this season. Leyland’s biggest problem may not be something he can fix: In two losses, the Tigers’ hitters walked a grand total of one time (none in Game 3). This is not a patient ballclub and it’s a little late in the game for these Tigers to change their stripes.
Grade: C

St. Louis Cardinals

Starting Pitching
Carpenter had it all working tonight, especially his curveball. He didn’t go to a three-ball count on any batter and allowed zero extra-base hits. He injured his hand during his second at-bat, in the fourth inning, which limited the use of his curve. But he compensated by spotting his fastball, including a perfect low-and-inside heater to Inge that induced an inning-ending double play in the eighth.
Grade: A+

Not much to see here. Braden Looper pitched the ninth inning and, upon seeing no New York Mets anywhere in sight, set them down in order.
Grade: A

Sooner or later, Tony La Russa’s insistence on playing Wilson and batting him second had to pay off, didn’t it? Wilson was the key to the St. Louis offense. He singled to lead off the fourth to spark a two-run rally and set up two other rallies with walks. Meanwhile, has anybody noticed that Yadier Molina has three more hits this series than Ivan Rodriguez?
Grade: B+

Carpenter didn’t allow for much hard contact tonight, but he did get a couple of nice plays in the seventh: Pujols robbing Placido Polanco on a line drive and So Taguchi diving to deny Magglio Ordonez of a base hit to right field.
Grade: A

La Russa kept all of his bullets in his holster, sending no pinch-hitters to the plate. Carpenter’s dominance made the point moot, but it’s fair to ask why La Russa allowed his pitcher to bat in the bottom of the eighth after Taguchi led off with a walk. With right-hander Rodney pitching, it would have made sense to go with lefty-hitting Chris Duncan to try to break open a 4-0 game. Instead, Carpenter laid down a sac bunt and the Cardinals ended up with only one run to extend their lead to 5-0. La Russa ended up pulling Carpenter before the ninth, anyway. La Russa also had Scott Spiezio available to hit and couldn’t find the right spot for him, either.
Grade: B
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The Tigers are not match for the Cardinals; it has all been an illusion created by a blind media. The big chip on the Tigers paw is that they beat the Yankees...Ha Ha! The Yankees, quite frankly had no pitching and were in a psychological caused disaster; Yanks are not a team...The A's were easy picking.
But the Cards are a team; a big team. Yes, they had big problems in September; can happen...but their TEAM is back together; Detroit has no chance of beating them. Cards in 6! Or 5!
Detroit, better luck next year:)
Posted: 2:14 AM, October 25, 2006   by Go_Blue '06
From worst to first in three years isn't something to look down on. it's easy when your team always makes the playoffs and has made the world series 3 times in the last five years. don't take credit away from the Tigers. they deserve to be exactly where they are now, whether they win or lose the Series. Go Tigers!
Posted: 3:57 AM, October 25, 2006   by Steve
It's absurd that all of espn and SI were writing articles on how the Tigers were going to rip the Cardinals to shreds and now articles are appearing with headlines like "These are the Tigers that Won the ALCS?". Yes they are. Your writers predicting their domination of the Cardinals was just poor analysis.
Posted: 5:07 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Amazing how some writers on CNN/SI blithely forget how they picked the Tigers in an easy four game romp over the Cardinals, how awful the Cards were and didn't deserve to be there. Now they write about the Cardinals to praise them. (Yes you, Albert Chen, for example). I presume if the Tigers reel off three in a row, they'll be back to saying how the Cardinals didn't deserve to be there anyway. Writers are a fickle bunch, eh?
Posted: 6:30 AM, October 25, 2006   by Gordon Daily
I would have to disagree with the grading on the Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa for game 3. He let Carpenter sacrifice since he had every intention of letting him try to finish out the game in the ninth inning. When the Cardinals half of the frame ran long, with the Tigers pitching changes, along with the slight difficulty Chris was having with his thumb, he made an excellent decision to bring in Braden Looper instead. I would at least give Tony's performance an A-.
Posted: 8:26 AM, October 25, 2006   by Chris
Seriously - how do you sporswriters keep your jobs?
Posted: 8:30 AM, October 25, 2006   by goat
the cardinals have not been to the WS 3 times in the last 5 years. its 2 in the last 3. before that it was back in '87. by the way, i take no credit away from the tiggers, they had a veryg good year, but this cards team has the core that was in the WS 2 years ago. injuries caused them their 3rd straight 100 win season.
Posted: 8:35 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
As a lifelong Cardinal fan I must admit I don't always agree with Tony's decisions. But looking back on most of them he is usually right and I was usually wrong. It is why he is 3rd on the all-time list of wins by a manager and if he lives long enough may actually become no. 1. I think this was one of his best years with the injuries and lack of performance by key players in key situations. He is the Cards manager for as long as he cares to say. Cards should win one more in St Louis and if it goes to Detroit there's Carpentar. Nuff said.
Posted: 8:49 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
The Cards don't deserve to be there. They just got lucky that they made the playoffs and then began to get hot at just the right time. It was less work for the Tigers to get into the playoffs at the last, but they have been streaky too. All I can say is if the Astros had won those games against the Braves, it would be the 'Stros up 2-1 or 3-0 right now. Oh well, next year.
Posted: 8:56 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Is this the same Chris Carpenter who had a 5.50 ERA before he arrived in St. Louis? If I had the mentality of a St. Louis fan, I might suggest that seems rather fishy, especially with LaRussa's history of coaching players such as Mark McGwire. But I won't do that.
Posted: 9:03 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Its amazing to see that even this far into the playoffs/series that writers are STILL saying how the other team "lost" instead of the cardinals winning. Perhaps Detroits entire season was a fluke and they dont truly deserve to be there.
Posted: 9:13 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
OK Tigers, You know you can beat the Cards. Leyland needs to adjust the line up in the following way: Granderson should bat eighth. Guillen should bat leadoff followed by Polanco and then Casey. Ordonez hits fourth followed by Monroe, Pudge, Inge and Granderson. The Tigers have many veteran players who need to step up and demonstrate some leadership. Kenny Rogers can't pitch every game. No one expected the Tigers to be in the World Series so why not relax and make it happen. By the way, didn't the Tigers come back from down 3-1 to the Cards in 1968. If the Tigers lose tonight they will have the Cards right where they want them.
Did Carpenter cheat?

You'll never know.

The umps don't care, so why should we, right?
How do we keep our jobs? Papi sez ... it's a secret!
-- JL
Posted: 10:01 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Hey, its a column from Jacob "Whether the Mets or Cards win the NLCS, they're just delaying the inevitable" Luft!

How's that crow taste, rube?
Posted: 10:06 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Just a note to the stro fan. The redbirds won and not the stros so quite winning. The Cards have played theirselves into a great World Series.
Posted: 10:06 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
This series isn't over by any measure, but at least the Cardinals have made some "experts" look pretty foolish so far.

Just a bit of advice for next year, a team that wins 95 (of 162) games has a .586 winning percentage. A team that wins 70 games has a .432 winning percentage. So in a 7 game series the "elite" club with 95 wins could be expected to win 4 times (with a little margin) and the "overmatched" club could be expected to win 3 of the games.

Since no team makes the playoffs with a 70 win record, maybe it's time to stop looking at the PAST (yes the AL wiped out the NL in 04 and 05) and realize that in ANY 7 game series the "underdog" really needs to "steal" only one win and play to their potential in 3 other games to get to 4 wins.

That's the math. Anyone who predicts a 7 game series going less than 6 games is simply biased. There's no mathematical reason for it, and by the way.......the Tigers being 7-1 in Postseason coming into the World Series (.875 winning percentage) wasn't a good thing. The law of averages GENERALLY is going to catch up with you in Baseball. That's all that's happening here.

Tigers in 4? Whoops. Tigers in 5? Whoops.
Tigers in 6? Maybe.

Funny how that works out.
Posted: 10:13 AM, October 25, 2006   by Big Man
Chris Carpenter's emergence is due to his work with one of the best pitching coaches in the game: Dave Duncan.
Posted: 10:28 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
The reason why you use your pitcher to bunt the runner over, and not a pinch hitter, is becuase you are playing NATIONAL LEAGUE baseball. It wasn't a stupid move by Tony, it was a smart one, holding his pinch hitters for extra innings, however small the chance is of that occuring. Pitcher practice everyday bunting runners over. Every run counts, so putting a runner in scoring position early in the inning is a smart move; much smarter that wasting pinch hitters when you don't need to "break open" the inning, when you are up 4 runs. Next time don't search for ideas just so you can be a "critical sportswriter"
Anon 10:28,
Fair enough. La Russa played for one run and he got one run. I'd still rather have my best lefty bat, Duncan, batting with that hole on the right side.
-- JL
Big Man: I hope you are right, really, and deep down I think you are right.

But the way the umps and MLB handled the Rogers incident has put this whole WS under a cloud, for me anyway. It looks like it's going to be a great series, much better than anyone anticipated, but you'd just like to know if it's genuine. If I were a pitching coach, I'd tell my guys to smear your hands with all sorts of junk, boys, it's open season.
Posted: 10:44 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
it's anybody's game on any given night. we have yet to see an evening where both teams get satisfactory performances out of their pitching. the tigers have made some serious errors from some of their younger players. when/if these young guys settle down a bit the edge definately goes to detroit. tigers in 6!
Posted: 11:02 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Enough with the "Cardinals Don't Deserve to Be in the World Series" stuff. Counting '06 (a struggle for the Birds)how many teams have a better record in MLB in the last 5 years than the Cardinals? Not many.

Did the '04 Cardinals "deserve" to be wiped out in 4 games by the BoSox? Hardly, but it happened.

The Cards are in the Series, by hook or by crook. At least THEY won their division and didn't need the Wild Card to "sneak" in like the Tiggers did.

And to the Astro's Fans out there ripping the Cards and lamenting the fact that the '06 version didn't collapse fast enough for your team to sneak into the playoffs that's just sour grapes.

When the Astro's took the NL Crown in Busch last year on OUR home field and the stadium announcer said "The St. Louis Cardinals and their fans congratulate the 2005 National League Champion Houston Astros" our fans stood and applauded, we didn't go overboard but we acknowledged a great performance by a great team.

When the BoSox swept us out of the Series in '04 in our home park the fans did the same thing.

I was there. Show some class or keep your opinions to yourself.

I think the Cards lose this Series in 7, but give the guys some credit for being hard nosed and taking pride in their profession.

Any team that can get into the World Series with a wet nosed bull-pen and relying on the likes of Preston Wilson as a "key" cog in their offense deserves some credit.
Posted: 11:23 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
"Posted: 8:49 AM, October 25, 2006 by Anonymous
The Cards don't deserve to be there. They just got lucky that they made the playoffs and then began to get hot at just the right time. It was less work for the Tigers to get into the playoffs at the last, but they have been streaky too. All I can say is if the Astros had won those games against the Braves, it would be the 'Stros up 2-1 or 3-0 right now. Oh well, next year."
Yeah; find a good cave and hibernate...Or, go look at the stars:)
Posted: 11:31 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
First of all, this is a very good Cardinals team. The entire core of the lineup was injured through part or most of the season after the All Star Break (Rolen, Edmonds and Pujols). The pitching staff lost its closer and 2 starters. The amazing thing was that they still stayed in 1st in spite of that. The Cardinals ARE the best team in the NL.
Posted: 11:32 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
To: 10:06 AM, October 25, 2006:
You are on the money; I can only add that intangibles are also important in making predictions: are the Rebirds the same team that puffed its way thru September? Were ther any signs that La Russa was tinkering and rebuilding the engine? No; all predictions failed your logic and mine:) Cards in 6! Or, in 5!!!
Posted: 11:40 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Where is Craig? We need another poem!!
Bin bang Boom
I can't do it...Come on Craig....
Posted: 11:47 AM, October 25, 2006   by Bob O.
As a die-hard Cardinal's fan, I am happy that they are up 2-1. As a previous poster said, doing the math, the Cards need only play .500 ball from here on out, something they did all year long! But it is a long series and the Tigers have proven how dangerous they can be this post season. There is still plenty of ball to be played and anyone who is starting to feel comfortable is fooling themselves. What I find interesting is the rain situation that is shaping up in St. Louis. Heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday (and maybe even Friday) could delay this series for two days at least. It then becomes feasible that Carpenter (after his amazing 83 pitch outing in game 3) may get a chance to pitch again in game 5...in St. Louis! Rain, rain, don't go away!
Posted: 11:50 AM, October 25, 2006   by NDouble
Why writers keep calling this Cardinals performance “miraculous” is baffling. This is a team with four, count ‘em FOUR (Pujols, Edmonds, Rolen, Carpenter), potential hall of famers on it. And who knows, maybe Molina in the end too, if he can learn to hit in the regular season like he’s hitting this postseason. It’s just been poor, lazy, bandwagon analysis that the vast majority of the media has been putting forth. Any truly objective analyst could see that the Cardinals had every reason to be optimistic against this very good, but also very deeply flawed and young Tiger team.
Posted: 11:55 AM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
This is the best WS in many years! Even if Mr. Rogers is in there; what an a-----e!
This WS reminds me, yes I am old enough, of the Pirates stealing one from the Yankees; I heard on the radio in the Dominican Republic; Bill Matzeroski (?) had had his big day under the SUN! All predictions at that time (1960?) were for the Yankees to scrub the floor with the Pirates...Some scrubbing..
In 1968 there was only one Dominican in the WS, Julian Javier. He became a protegee of one of the greatest; Stanley, The Man, Musial. That is why Julian's son is named Stanley; that is why I am a Card fan; Silly? Ok.. Cards have never let me down...Not even in 2004; oops, I am choking on that one:)
Cards in 6! Or, better yet, 5 games!!!
Detroit can't even compete with the Japanese; car wise...
Posted: 12:08 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
The Cardinals do belong in the world series. Just because we backed into the playoffs this year does not take away from the fact that we have been the dominant team in the national league the last five years. Two years ago when the cards won a 105 games we were supposed to win the world series against the bosox but they ran into destiny. This year is the cardinals destiny with the way the season has played out. All these sportswriters have shown that they are no more of an expert than us fans. The Cardinals have more of a talented lineup than the tigers and have potentially the greatest player to ever play the game in Albert Pujols. Yes Albert Pujols will go down as the best player ever. Look at his numbers through his first few years. The cardinals also have a pitcher who might when his second cy young award. Honestly to you sportswriters how could you count out these cardinals? Its Funny.
Posted: 12:25 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Carpenter is the only starter the cards can put on the mound, i am sure that the Tigers pitching will prevail,and those cards pitching and bats won't. Pujols is the only reason the cards are there.
WOOO go Cards, really who cares what America thinks, I dont care anymore what the national writers got to say, their opinions are usually wrong and it seems they get paid to make wild statements so people like us will read and respond to it. I dont care if nobody is watching the games on tv, or if Tiger fans want to give the Cards there due, all i care about is watching Albert, Jim, and Scott putting those rings on. You can see how much 2 years ago hurt those guys, and it will be so sweet to see when they finally win the world series....GO CARDS
Posted: 12:39 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
What the Tigers and Cards have done this year that no other team did, including the mighty Yankees, Mets and yes Stros (although not might), was to win every game that they needed to win. That is the mark of a champion and it's why they are both champs of their respective leagues. The series is gravy. They are both winners. And for this year all the other teams are losers!
Posted: 12:43 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
The Cardinals offense gets a B+? They had exactly 1 hit that drove in runs all night. They had opportunities in several innings to score, and failed to deliver a big hit. Yeah, they got 2 in the 7th and another in the 8th, but that was because of poor defense and wild arms, not a good offense. If the Cardinals really want to win this series, they need to do better than that. They can't depend on pitching performances like Carpenter gave them every night.
Posted: 12:45 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
The Cardinals won when they had to and beat the teams they needed to beat. Only 1 other team can say that. Do the Cardinals deserve to be here? Without a doubt.

Do the teams that lost their divisions or lost their playoff series deserve to be here?
Posted: 12:52 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
There are many reasons that the both the Tigers and the Cards should both be in the World Series.

As a life long Tigers fan I would not have expected the Tigers to be in the World Series right now. From worst to first in three years is quite amazing. They have proven in one season that it can happen. To the Tigers fans, have a little faith in your team. They can do it. They will do it.

To the Cardinal fan that previously stated that the Tigers beat a psychologically absent New York Yankee team that has no pitching...you need to be able to back up what you are saying. How do you know that they were psychologically absent? Do you actually know what they were thinking to back up that statement? It is hard to make a statement like that with out the back up evidence.

Second, the Tigers do deserve to be there. They play in a more power hitting American League. The Tiger picthing (although shaky here) has more than proven why they deserve to be there. They have been able to shut down hitters. I would not count them out quite yet. It is only 2-1 not 3-0.

I am not sure how people say that the Tigers are no match for the Cardinals pitching? It is not a illusion created by the media. You do not just CREATE a MLB leading pitching staff. As a whole team their ERA was the leader among all teams. They have multiple pitchers that can hit 100mph. They have pitchers that throw soft and by soft I mean low 90's, and they can locate better than the most. The picthing on this team is deep, the fourth starter in this series hd the second most strikeouts in the American League. Thats their fourth starter, not their first or second, but the fourth.

The sports reporters are going by what numbers and statistics they have. While statistics dont mean everything in sports, they made a prediction based on what evidence they had. They have been following sports a lot longer and lost closer than the rest of you fans have. Did any of you watch the Tigers play before the playoffs? Probably not. And now, you are all experts on why your team is going to win...I find that hard to believe.

I have done my research on both the Cardinals and the Tigers. I still say do NOT count the Tigers out. And I can back up my many reasons for why I along with a good majority of America thinks that and it it not just because I am a Tigers fan.
Posted: 1:23 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
To the 12:52 guy...
That was a great paper for an 7th grader. Good introduction, body, and concluding paragraph. But ultimately, it was a huge waste of time to read.

To whom were you addressing? It started off directed toward 1 yankee apologist, then sort of veered toward Cardinals fans at the end. If you are going to say, "There are many reasons that the both the Tigers and the Cards should both be in the World Series." Then you should include supporting arguments/statements justifying the Cardinals' reasons. Otherwise just leave them out and only mention the Tigers.

"Did any of you watch the Tigers play before the playoffs? Probably not. And now, you are all experts on why your team is going to win...I find that hard to believe." Who are you talking to? Cardinals fans? The Astros crybabies? This is an awkward and irrational paragraph. Were you drinking when you wrote this?

I'm all for defending your team, but if you're going to write a dissertation on the Tigers and their place in the Series, maybe use an outline beforehand so that your paper makes sense. Always keep in mind who your audience is, as well as your thesis statement.
Posted: 1:34 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Congratulations for both the Tigers and Cardinals for getting to the World Series. There is one important thing to note in this series and that is most of this Cardinals team has been in the World Series in 04'. The Cardinals team is rich in post season experience which allows a team that is inferior in statistics to win games. The Tigers have made a remarkable turnaround from the last couple of years, but lack the postseason experience the Cards have gained in the 04' & 05' NLCS with Houston and the 06' NLCS with the Mets. One of the Mets players was asked about the Cards' advantage of more post season experience than the Mets and would it pose a problem. The Mets player responded "post season experience won't make that much of a difference." Wrong. And the Cardinals proved it in the NLCS and will prove it in the World Series with a team that is better on paper in just about every category.
Anon 12:52:

"The sports reporters are going by what numbers and statistics they have. While statistics dont mean everything in sports, they made a prediction based on what evidence they had. They have been following sports a lot longer and lost closer than the rest of you fans have. Did any of you watch the Tigers play before the playoffs? Probably not. And now, you are all experts on why your team is going to win...I find that hard to believe."

You're giving us way too much credit dude. All I did was throw some darts at the wall.

-- JL
Posted: 1:50 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
I consider myself a baseball fan, though not so rabid a one as I was in my youth. Admittedly I watch few regular season games these days, but still make an effort to catch the postseason. I am rarely disappointed.

I have no particular loyalties to either Detroit or St. Louis, but have decided to pick one to root for to make things more interesting. In this case I've chosen the Cards, for no more compelling reason than to balance the universe after the Tigers win in '68 ...which was the first WS I'd ever watched, by the way. Also, I prefer seeing pitchers bat as opposed to the DH; it is more interesting to me in terms of strategy. So I'll go with the NL team...

I don't understand why there is so much talk about whether either team deserves to be in the WS. Seems to me there both got there fair and square. Let the games continue!
Posted: 1:57 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
"You're giving us way too much credit dude. All I did was throw some darts at the wall." - Luft

Don't cop out now on your hysterical predictions regarding the tiggers, Jacob.

As for the guy who wrote at 12:52, eat it buddy. You don't know how long anyone you're addressing here has been following the game, nor do you know how long the "journalists" have been covering the game, nor do you know what they base their (hilarious) predictions on.

In other words, you don't know jack.

So don't come on here with your condescending attitude towards everyone when we know you're just an apologist for the band-wagon media, and a poor one at that.

Even if what youre saying was accurate, and all the sports journos based their predictions on stats (rather than conventional, east-coast elite wisdom), then that would just make them horrible and lazy journalists.

Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that stats NEVER tell the whole story. The 2006 Cards, while they did have a rough season, are essentially the same group that won over 200 games in 04 and 05.

I'll tell you right now how these "Experts" came up with their predictions.

The Tigers beat the Yankees. Therefore, the Tigers must be the greatest team on earth. End of Story.
Somebody please tell John Donovan to get a life. Often when a great hitting team goes silent in postseason play it is because they are seeing (or not seeing) great pitching. The Cardinals have an excellent plan for nullifying the great Detroit hitters. Carpenter simply executed very well. Also, as it is in any sport, some teams peak at the right time. Eg. the Florida Gators basketball team in the NCAA's. The Cardinals are simply getting their best players back and peaking at the right time. Series isn't over, but if it goes six Cardinals win.
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
"To the Cardinal fan that previously stated that the Tigers beat a psychologically absent New York Yankee team that has no pitching...you need to be able to back up what you are saying. How do you know that they were psychologically absent? Do you actually know what they were thinking to back up that statement? It is hard to make a statement like that with out the back up evidence."
The evidence is that the pussycats beat them; Or, you don't follow the Yankees' drama in the News...A-Rod and Jeter; A-Rod and Giambi; A-Rod and Joe Torre; Who is a true yankee?; Steinbrenners follies?; 200 million US dollars for nothing (a few years in a row)?; a starting pitching rotation below mediocracy?; A one man Bullpen?...
Do you want more evidence? Ask your shrink!
The Tigers are a success story; I do not want to take anything from them; never. But they are confronting the "real MacCoys"; in a seven game series, the Cardinals, healthy as they are, will give them a clinic in good Baseball. I do think that Detroit will take everything, next year. It is a matter of becoming mature; maturity is lacking in the Tiger's line up; starting rotation; and, above all, the Bullpen. So, it is Saint Louis in 6, or 5, games!!!!
"You're giving us way too much credit dude. All I did was throw some darts at the wall.JL"
We have all been doing that....However some of us have been more consitent than others. I, for one, have in this postseason gone with the team that, at this point, is ahead in THE WS!Go Cards!
I think that you guys have to go a see some Ball games outside New York and the other Big cities; you, like many others, missed the rebuilding of the Cards by, yes, TLR. OK; I respect your change of heart; I know that at the last moment you picked SL on 7 games...But the Cardinals are running away with the WS is 6 or 5 games. The big "D"was a bubble; they need to lose to become really great next yea'r; they, the Tigers, do have the potential......But let's no compare the soap opera Yankees to the Cards....Cards are solid; even when Pujols is not homering, he makes things happen; Rolen and Edmond are quite capable of doing real damage/. Pitching staff is fine tuned; look at the run scoring from the Tigers...Well bellow their seoson's scoring.
I do not want to disrespect anyone...But: CARDS in 6 or 5 GAMES!!
Posted: 3:21 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
One thing you have going for this is consistency. The pitching grades are on the mark and I need to retract my concern on Chris Carpenter, he pitch like the second coming of Bob Gibson. I will say my 5 run remark was on the money. As for the knock on Tony La Russa, he was going for the one run to keep the grand slam from beating the Cardinals. It made total sense, especially when you consider he had the option to use Carpenter for the 9th since he only threw 85 pitches. I know you would have done it differently but a difference of opinion shouldn’t take him off the A grade.
There are no complaints on the offense or defense grades. Look for more of the same when Jeff Suppan pitches tonight if there is not a rain out. With the Cards up 2 – 1 in the series it becomes their series to win or lose. Remember, nothing is certain in any post season, having lived through 1985 and 1987 you learn what looks like a lock can slip between your fingers like sand. My prediction on the Cards tonight, weather permitting, is another solid performance by Suppan and timely hitting by the big 3 Pujols, Edmonds, & Rolen should give the Cards a 4-1 advantage. GO CARDS!


Posted: 6:52 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Darn! I am going to sleep......I think the weather is the winner tonight! Cards in 6, or 5!!!
Posted: 7:00 PM, October 25, 2006   by Richard Residue
tigers in 4
Posted: 8:22 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Wow! It's amazing how quick people put down the Cardinals for the Astros. The notion that the Astros would be up 2-0 or 3-0 is absurd. Didn't they go down looking last year 4-0? Maybe if they talked with the Met's and put Beltran back in a Houston uniform they may get one. But since that's not the case, order enough wings for the Astros, have a seat a watch the more deserving team work it's magic.
Posted: 8:38 PM, October 25, 2006   by gene shawdayton onio
this thing is now over, and I have been a cardinal fan since growing up with Jack Buck in my ears in the 60's. The amazinf thing is how all the SI and Espn writers picked the Tigers. The beauty of baseball is that no one knows crap until play ball. That is what makes it the greatest game even with eggheads starting games at 830 wich is ridiculous with late October cold. We all get robbed.
Posted: 8:56 PM, October 25, 2006   by Anonymous
Really, neither of these teams 'should ' be here. But then again, who should be? The Yankees? The Mets? On paper, the Yanks have the most potent lineup ever put together. But that doesn't mean much if you can't play like a team. Which is how both of these subpar-talent teams made it to the WS. They did it by shear determination. The Mets lost to the Cards due to injuries and lack of experience and the fact that the Cards finally got there act together. The Tigers rode a wave of confidence reminiscent of both Marlins WS teams. So who will win? I don't really care. I'm not a fan of either team. I just hope it goes to a game 7 and is as exciting as the game 7 of the NLCS.
Posted: 11:47 AM, October 26, 2006   by walter dick
Hello, Mr. Luft. If at all possible, could you do this baseball fan a slight favor?

I don't know how to contact your fellow compatriot-SI-writer, Mr. Jon Heyman. I really liked what he just wrote, in his most recent column, which asks the question: "Is this the worst World Series [ever]?"

His answers to his own question are kind of intriguing. But it's the following comment of his that I find the most interesting, and most remarkable, coming from as he termed it 'a New York-centric' frame of mind:

Jon Heyman writes: "At the risk of sounding New York-centric, the interest [in this year's World Series] would be greater with one of the New York teams (one, but not both, because I firmly believe the last thing this country wanted to see was another Subway Series)."

All I can say to that statement is a definite "Amen, brother...".

I am positive that another un-named SI columnist wrote, [while both New York teams were 'still in the mix'] ... "...would it be such a crime to have a 'Subway Series?..."

And my answer to that self-query is precisely what Jon Heyman stated in his most recent column ... or, to paraphrase Mr. Heyman: "... most people across the entire USA ... would NOT appreciate seeing BOTH New York teams in any World Series."

Nuff said. And, I appreciate Jon Heyman speaking his mind in such a frank and honest manner.

BTW, Mr. Luft: Is it possible to e-mail the other members of the Sports Illustrated staff as well, like Tom Verducci, John Donovan, Albert Chen ... and so on?

Obviously, anyone can contact you through your blog column, which I highly appreciate.

On occasion, I've very much desired to respond to material in these other SI-writer's columns. How can one contact them?

walter from Anderson, Indiana
Posted: 3:02 PM, October 26, 2006   by Anonymous
Both teams deserve to be there. Nuff said. Cardinals in 6.
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