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1:26 AM ET, 5/18/06

Just like old times for Spurs

Posted by Kelly Dwyer
It was Abbie Hoffman who told us that "nostalgia is a mild form of depression," but I don't know how anyone could watch the rebirth of the 2003-05 era San Antonio Spurs tonight and not feel a little jump in their step. I know it's only been 11 months since we last encountered that championship gang, but I missed those guys. Those were monsters worth remembering, full of long arms and sticky claws, and a beast in the middle who seemed capable of getting the ball to dance around the rim softly each and every time down court.

And just when a weary nation started getting wistful thinking of times gone by, the old Spurs came back. In Wednesday night's Game 5 win over the Mavericks, Tim Duncan was dominant, giving his team 36 points (on 13-of-19 shooting), 12 rebounds, three blocks and four assists in 44 minutes. On the series, he's averaging 31.6 points and shooting 60 percent from the floor, alongside averages of 12 boards, four assists and three blocks. It's obvious that the Spurs have been partial to his abracadabra all series long, but he was the lone holdout, the only guy trying to crank up the wayback machine. Until Wednesday.

Manu Ginobili came back. He started roaming, overplaying, diving on the floor and lunging for basketballs that weren't rightfully his. He caused havoc, he hit shots, he made the difference in a one-point game. Bruce Bowen? He played 33 minutes, didn't score and pulled in one rebound. Classic Bowen! Real greatest hits stuff there, up to and including the encore that saw him stuff Dirk Nowitzki's potential game-winning shot in the waning seconds and attempt to steal a last-second jump ball from Dallas' MVP. Tony Parker spent the bulk of his 36 minutes trying to tick off coach Gregg Popovich, in spite of 27 points. The bench produced next to nothing (five points in 40 minutes), and I could have sworn the ghost of Malik Rose's goatee was hovering over the proceedings.

Nothing depressing about it. Abbie don't surf, but I do think he should try a flex-cut once in a while.

For one night, it was back. The cheesy pedal steel lick played over the PA after a made free throw. Mike Budenholzer, a San Antonio assistant, running down the sidelines to whisper a suggestion or new information into Popovich's ear, only to be ignored. Coach Pop's obsession with khaki. Duncan sounding like a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast in the postgame interview. All our old heroes, back for one last swing.

This is probably the end of the run. Dallas is clearly the better team in this series; it dominates the glass, covers all corners on defense and only lost by one on San Antonio's home court. The Mavericks have two games to win one in order to move on to the Western Conference finals, and something tells us it's time for a little new blood in the NBA's final four. Especially if that new blood plays so bloody well on both sides of the court.

And yet, as much as we love watching Dallas ply its trade, it was still fun to see the Spurs dig deep and stay alive in Game 5. They're overmatched, pretty banged up and still stuck in a 3-2 hole, but we appreciate the effort, the execution and the reminder of what this team's prime can accomplish.

The Spurs are dead. Long live the Spurs.


Posted: 1:50 AM   by Anonymous
Whatever, last time i checked, the Spurs ALSO lost a game on the Mavs homecourt by JUST ONE POINT. The Mavs are clearly the better team IF they beat the Spurs and not before. With how close the games have been i dont see how anyone can assume the "Mavs are clearly the better team" Unless they do it at home on Game 6, they'll lose. This is the one edge that the Spurs have on everyone. If you let a series get to far, you will lose against this team. I dont mean to be cocky so i'll be somewhat realistic and "Hope" the Spurs pull through; But if they do, the Mavs should consider themselves lucky to have beared witness to what makes a truly great team.
Posted: 2:49 AM   by notoriousmgr
in no way are the spurs dead man. all of these games have been close, except for game 2. we'll squeek another tight victory out in dallas and then bring the mavs home to san antonio trembling. because like you know, no one likes to play there, especially a game 7 or these porportions. go spurs
Posted: 2:58 AM   by Armin Hammer
I've got to agree with you. The Spurs can be dominant, but they just have to stick with their strengths, which are named Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker.

Mavs have the advantage at home in Game 6, but if the Spurs play like they did tonight, and Duncan goes on a tear again (I think most Spurs fans would rather make his last 12 shots. Didn't he go 1-6 after going 12-12?), there's nothing stopping these guys.

Also, thank you for not criticizing Bowen. He's made a career of not lighting up the stat sheet. Clearly, the guy has to have some skill if he's been invited to try out for Team USA. Not just anyone gets that invitation anymore. Bowen is the perfect example of a role player.
Posted: 3:10 AM   by Anonymous
Posted: 3:53 AM   by Anonymous
This is a series as close as a series can ever get with both teams winning by 1 or 2 point margins in all but one game. So, it's definitely a reach to call the Spurs dead and Dallas 'clearly' the superior team.

I can't watch the series here in Hungary, but I'm still enjoying all the coverage these playoffs get because there isn't anything more exciting on Earth... esp. if the Mavs meet Miami in the Finals. :)
Posted: 4:29 AM   by Jacob Olgreen
The Spurs had to play out of their minds and shoot at a 60%+ clip for almost the entire game to save this one. The Mavs are the better team in this series.

Can the Spurs play like this for two more games? I think not. The Mavs will come out on top, be it game 6 or 7 and will end the run with a long awaited Championship Trophy.
Posted: 7:12 AM   by Anonymous
What is this a funeral? The Spurs are great and will continue to be. Get serious!
Posted: 7:35 AM   by Anonymous
i don't know why in this and past blogs you keep saying the mavs are clearly the better team. these teams are so evenly matched it's ridiculous. the spurs are so good, they are competing with the mavs in a style of basketball totally foreign to them. the real question is why has pop let it come to this? the mavs will win unless pop finds a way to make them play at the spurs pace and style. last night was no nostaglia tour--unless they can play like spurs of old (relentless, stifling defense) their be no nostaglia and certainly no repeat.
Posted: 8:05 AM   by Anonymous
My point exactly : the "Dallas only lost by one..." thing is way off base.

2 games in Dallas :
- spurs 1 pt loss
- dallas OT win with spurs missing the game winning shot in regulations....
Posted: 8:25 AM   by Anonymous
What a well written article......until the end! You glorify the Spurs like they are the second coming and then write them off? Yes they have an uphill battle, but they are not dead! They are the champs and have the ability to beat the Mavs. It all boils down to game 6!
Posted: 8:41 AM   by Anonymous
Clearly the better team? In games 1-3-4-5 combined, the Mavericks are up by a grand total of 3 pts. The Spurs are one jump hook (that rimmed out) away from being up in the series. Both teams can honestly say they're 2-3 breaks away from already being in the Western Conference Finals. This series is an instant classic. Two 60 win teams led by premier coaches, ultra talented rosters with clutch players that keep stepping up night after night... It's just too bad the two best teams (Detroit is currently laying an egg) in the playoffs had to meet in the 2nd round.
Posted: 8:48 AM   by Zeek
My prediction: Avery Johnson suits up and and has the chance to win it for Dallas at the free throw line. Taking a cue from Dirk, he starts humming some David Hasslehoff tune, and promptly misses both shots. Hasslehoff gets deported to Germany because of the event.

Dallas in 7 anyway.
Posted: 9:49 AM   by Anonymous
I have been a Spurs fan since the old ABA days and watch every game that I can. I think that last nights performance was amazing, the Spurs are overmatched and are down to a situation where their three stars have to all have great performances for them to have a chance of winning. I do believe that Dallas will advance and win the title this year, that said, the Spurs will rebuild around these 3 guys (all in their prime) and be right back in the title chase next year.
Posted: 9:51 AM   by Tait
How dare you? The Spurs are alive and kicking. Did you see the Suns come back from 3-1 to win earlier? Same thing will happen again
Posted: 10:00 AM   by Anonymous
Kind of disappointed in you dwyer. Fat lady is still in the dressing room. How quickly we forget both games in dallas could have just as easily gone to the Spurs. If the suns can come back from a 3-1 hole, and the Cavs can hold a 3-2 home-court advantage over the pistons...then the defending champs can certainly bring it back to SA on Monday night. GO SPURS GO!
Posted: 10:04 AM   by Anonymous
Nice how the referees finally kept their wistles in their pockets during the last play of the game. Tony Pulling down on Dirk's shirt when he is trying to tap in Jet's desperation shot, and then Parker looking at the ref with a who me? look. Priceless.

First game the spurs out hustled the Mavs during the last two minutes.

Will be interesting to see if Avery comes up with any adjustments for game 6. If not, then the Spurs just might pull this out.
Posted: 10:09 AM   by Anonymous
I'm a huge Spurs fan, but the Mavs HAVE been playing better. The interior defense that marked the Spurs' championship runs is just not there in force. I still believe the Spurs can do this, but to this point, they've been outplayed. Win game 6, though, and it's suddenly advantage San Antonio.
Posted: 10:19 AM   by Anonymous
I agree. The Spurs are dead. Mavs win Game 6 by more than 10.
Posted: 11:01 AM   by francis
Its really diffidult to say who the better team between the two, waht with the close games that we have seen so far. But one thing's for sure, THE SPURS AIN'T DEAD! Why can't we just wait until the series end? I'm a big Spurs fam here in the Philippines and there are a lot of us in here. However, I also admire Dallas, partly because of Nowitzki, and partly because of the former Spurs that they have in their coaching team.
Posted: 11:03 AM   by Spurs Fan - displaced in Dallas
Need I remind you that if the Spurs did not execute poorly in the last 60 seconds of game 3 and 4 that this series would be over... Spurs 4-1. Tim Duncan has been a monster in this series, Ginobili and Parker have gotten BETTER in each game on both sides of the court, and did I mention, Tim Duncan has been a MONSTER!!!! This isn't over, not by a longshot. The Spurs have proven in games 3 and 4 that they can win in Dallas if they hold their wits about them. This COULD be one of the biggest colapses in playoff history. The champs are still the champs!!!
Posted: 11:06 AM   by Anonymous
This guy is so biased to the Spurs its not even funny.
A few considerations for Kelly Dwyer’s loose pen:

-Saying of Dallas, “It's time for a little new blood in the NBA's final four” seems confused. Dallas recently went to the final four. They simply lost.

-I also question the puzzling claim that “Dallas is clearly the better team in this series”, when three games were decided by two points or less, and a third went to overtime.

-It is no less odd to write that Dallas “plays so bloody well on both sides of the court” and “covers all corners on defense”. They allowed 50% shooting and over 100 points a game over the last four games. Dallas’ defense was nearly as lackluster all season, and over several seasons. That isn’t news to anyone covering the NBA.

-Dallas is obviously an excellent team, and statistically likely to win this series. But the characterization of San Antonio as “old heroes, back for one last swing” is nonsensical. The Spurs’ three core players have an average age under 28. Tony Parker, its top scorer, just turned 23. Nor does anyone else need “the reminder” about the so-called “wayback machine” and “old Spurs”, since they just reached a team record of 63 wins.

-If anything, the lopsided errors and heavy-handed sarcasm of Kelly’s blog betray more biased reporting than beat reporting. He, like many, doesn’t like the Spurs’ emphasis on grinding defense. Even the NBA is shifting the rules in mid-season to tilt from defense to offense. (ESPN was quicker to pick up this story recently.) It is a matter of taste, but let’s stand in the open and call it for what it is.

I wouldn’t blame a dilettante fan for liking 100+ point games, or complaining that Tim Duncan is dull off the court. Flashy personalities and flashy games are marketable eye candy. They just happen to be sloppy basketball. That’s my opinion, but I don’t disguise it with backhanded compliments and bad facts.

-Lastly, nobody fact-checked Kelly’s assertion that Tim Duncan was “the only guy… until Wednesday (when) Manu Ginobili came back.” Duncan, Parker and Ginobilli combined for 90 points on Monday.

Do sports writers get to skip journalism school? Or maybe blogs aren’t held to the same standards as other sports writing.
Posted: 11:16 AM   by Anonymous
I liked this article, but I wouldn't count the Spurs out quite yet. I think I heard on TV that 8 teams have come back once down 3-1 most recently phoneix in these same playoffs. If 8 teams can do it, including the Suns, why not the Spurs who, over the past decade or so have been the most dominant franchise in the major professional sports? Right now Tim Duncan is playing better than I've seen him play since his first few seasons in the league. (I live in San Antonio and watch the Spurs all of the time) So don't count the Spurs out now.
Posted: 11:36 AM   by Brent Kroll
Well....let's revisite these comments Modany Night for game seven....Yes I am a spurs fan but this series is so much fun to watch...I don't want it to end...Heck I am expire, from a heart attack, before it is over.
Posted: 11:38 AM   by Anonymous
i agree with anonymous. call me anonymous2. the mavs should consider themselves lucky right now. game 4 should have went to the SPURS and not a mavs ot win. the officiating is horrible. is it just me or does dirk think he deserves to get a free throw everytime he touches the ball? he needs to wear a dress like the rest of the mav cheerleaders.
Posted: 11:55 AM   by TXMed
This is a one game series. I don't care how close every game but the second has been. If the Spurs can win game 6 then they'll be automatic for game 7 at home.

Until last night, this was one of the worst refereed series I'd ever seen. All you need is a TiVo and the NBA rule book to see that. San Antonio is a classy, conservative town and despite hundreds of games in my young life I had never seen these fans as upset or verbally abusive of the referees as I did in game 2.

The complaints largely center on the non-calls but lets go over some things -- you're going to call three technical fouls on the San Antonio Spurs in one game? This is the San Antonio Spurs; the undisputed classiest organization in the NBA. You're going to call four or five traveling violations on the Spurs in one game? You're going to have a game where Dirk shoots 24 free throws? He's averaging like 8 FTA a game. This man can't even get his own damn shot, no one that slow gets fouled more than 12 times a game.

But like I said its mainly the non-calls, especially in games 2 and 3. Granted we got blown out in game 2, so the terrible officiating made no difference in the outcome but don't tell me game 3 wasn't decided by the refs or that despite the terrible calls that we still had a chance. The Spurs were the better team that night, and its not their obligation to rise above crappy officiating. That game should've been a 10 point victory for San Antonio. Refs make a difference, refs help decide games...and so far, they've pushed this series in favor of the Mavs.

I'm not saying there is malice in the way the games are being called or spouting some conspiracy theory here. But these are close games, and the calls (not just at the end of games) have almost without argument gone the Mav's way so far.
Posted: 11:56 AM   by Anonymous
When was the last time a team had 5 or fewer players score and still won the game?
Posted: 12:04 PM   by Anonymous
here's what i don't get: san antonion won it all last year with their two big men approach, they won the most games ever for franchise this year with that approach, but they ditch it against their toughest opponent based on one really bad game? so that their players are out of sorts, playing a system they have no comfort with? making old(ish) guys scramble way more than they've done all season and shortening the spurs bench dramatically? seems crazy to me, and the proof seems to be that the spurs have not put together one decent game where they won by a decent margin. honestly, i think pop's made an enormous mistake (dance with them what brung ya and all that).
Posted: 12:10 PM   by Anonymous
I couldn't agree more with the previous post. Did the Mavs dominate the two prior games in Dallas? Not only were those games close, but game 3 saw Duncan foul out on some suspect calls and game 4 saw Manu foul out on equally suspect calls.

This is a battle of two very good teams, and several of the Mavs (Terry & Harris) are playing above their heads.

I expect a very tight game on Friday in Dallas, and wouldn't be at all surprised to see it come back to San Antonio for game 7.
Posted: 12:27 PM   by Anonymous
The Mavs are clearly good enough to have beaten the Spurs handily once and barely hung on in two other nailbiters that could have easily fallen the other way. The Spurs backs are still against the wall, obviously, but the fact is they've been right in it in 4 out of the 5 games. If they can turn in a defensive effort friday like the one they had against Sacramento in game 6 of that series, then we'll see what people think of their chances in a game 7 at home. I wouldn't give the Spurs up for dead just yet. I'm guessing AJ and the Mavs haven't yet.
Posted: 12:31 PM   by Anonymous
"Mavs are clearly the better team"???

I mean yea, mavs are up by one in this series... but it's NOT, let me repeat that.. NOT! clearly the better team. Are you sure you're watching? Just see how close the past 5 games in this series... they are very close and any of these two teams could have won them. (Let me also mention the bad call that was made against Bowen which enabled Dirk to hit those FTs)

I would agree to you if the Mavs will kick San Antonio's behind on Game 7... but that would be unlikely!

Spurs in the finals!

manu727(at)gmail.com ^_^
Posted: 12:38 PM   by Anonymous
The Mavs are better than the Spurs. Period. Look at the lineups and outside of Duncan, a case can be made for taking every Mavs player over every Spurs player. If you can't see that, you don't know what you're talking about.
The Mavs blew a golden opportunity last night, but they have this series and will wrap it up Friday.
Finally, lest anyone forget, this should have been a sweep if not for Stackhouse deciding to move behind the line in Game 1. Mavs in 6 and the Spurs are dead for a long time. They have geriatrics all over the court and Tony Parker better learn how to shoot free throws instead of rapping...there's not alot else to do in San Antonio
Posted: 12:39 PM   by Anonymous
Thank god. I'm so sick of SA and Detroit. Go Cavs and Mavs!
Posted: 12:57 PM   by Anonymous
how can you say the spurs are dead.
they won last night right? did i watch the wrong game or something. i just don't understand how you can count out the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS WITH A 2TIME MVP NAMED TIM FREAKIN DUNCAN out of this series. i know the mavs are a very good team but the spurs are playing this series with an entirely different lineup than they're used to and still are very much in this thing. all you have to do is look at the scores and you'll see how close this thing really is, niether should be counted out at this point.
Posted: 1:16 PM   by Anonymous
Finley's dunk was amazing...a la 1998 Finley
Posted: 2:48 PM   by Anonymous
Huh - Dallas is clearly the better team because they lost by one on the Spurs home court??? The Spurs lost by one on Dallas' home court with Dallas shooting 22 4th Qtr free throws and Duncan fouling out. They also lost in OT at Dallas when Duncan missed a potential game winner after a dubious (to quote Manu) foul call on Bowen which followed a dubious (at best) block call on TD and a dubious T. This series very well could be over. These teams are as even as they get with a few clutch plays being the only difference every game.
Posted: 3:30 PM   by Anonymous
Kelly--shut your mouth! The Spurs are still in this series. They just have to take it one game at a time...they did that yesterday, now they move on to Game 6.

Posted: 3:45 PM   by Anonymous
I'm am very proud of the Mavs and the way they have played the game. Tim Duncan is playing spectacular, Tony Parker is scoring when he wants, and Manu Ginobli's slashing is getting him buckets. Who cares? Where's the rest of the team? I think they knew they were too old so they gave up after game two. When the Mavs win it all, which they will, I don't want those fake analysts to start talking about how good they've been all year, because the Mavs have had to face haters (Charles Barkeley) who claim that the Mavs are not made for the playoffs. P.S Go Mavs!!!
Posted: 3:50 PM   by Anonymous
You have to be kidding me.

The Spurs lost Game 3 by only ONE POINT in a game that the Mavs were gifted 22 free throws in the fourth quarter.

The Spurs lost Game 4 in OVERTIME after a very sketchy call allowed the Mavs to tie the game.

In two games, IN DALLAS, they lost in regulation by a total of ONE POINT and had a chance in both games to win at the end.

From those two games, you have declared the Spurs dead? Your blog is a joke.
Posted: 3:50 PM   by GusDom
I'm am very proud of the Mavs and the way they have played the game. Tim Duncan is playing spectacular, Tony Parker is scoring when he wants, and Manu Ginobli's slashing is getting him buckets. Who cares? Where's the rest of the team? I think they knew they were too old so they gave up after game two. When the Mavs win it all, which they will, I don't want those fake analysts to start talking about how good they've been all year, because the Mavs have had to face haters (Charles Barkeley) who claim that the Mavs are not made for the playoffs. P.S Go Mavs!!!
Posted: 4:28 PM   by Anonymous
I think the Spurs have won the last game, Pop made sure of that last night. I think by taking Tim out of the game when they are ahead is a plan to allow Avery to assure a win and a possible trip to the Finals. It looks to fishy.

Go Spurs!
Posted: 4:40 PM   by Anonymous
To quote Monty Python, "We're not dead yet!" So save your ninepence for a bit longer.
Posted: 7:08 PM   by Anonymous
when the spurs coming reeling back to show the world the rings say right here in SA I would like for you to eat those words "the spurs are dead". Yeah we are not a lot of flash but we get the job done when it counts!
Spurs in 7!!!
Championship Roung in 6
Finals in 6
Get the river floats ready for the parade.
Posted: 8:28 PM   by Anonymous
Alright, so the Mavs won 3 straight, that doesn't deem them "the better team". FYI, Jason Terry is suspended for game 6. Shame on him for punching Michael Finley. As Sir Charles said last night on the post-game show "Mavs have got to win game 6, because if it comes back to SA its OVER." Point well taken. So, congrats Mavs you have been fortunate to play against a truly great team. Now go book your summer vacations. SPURS IN 7!!!
Posted: 8:50 PM   by SpursFan
The Spurs aren't dead. No, they haven't played like the Spurs all season - and yet they STILL had a franchise record in regular-season wins. Everyone knew the series was going to be close; most people thought it would go to seven games. Take it for what it is - we were right. SPURS IN 7!!!
Posted: 10:24 PM   by Spurs Stink....Mavs Rule
The Spurs had two hard fought gmaes. SO WHAT! It's obvious that the spurs are getting older and slowing down while on the other hand Dallas has many maturing young players who will, if not this year, lead the team to a championship. MAVS ALL THE WAY!
Mavs in 6!
Posted: 11:44 PM   by Anonymous
The spurs are not dead, atleast not yet. Game 3 and Game 4 was robbed straight out of our hands. The refs called a bad game, Duncan didnt touch Dirk, Bowens late foul on Dirk...we can argue that the Spurs had a chance to win it before OT but if those calls werent called we would be up 1, or the series would of been over by now. Duncan has been a stud in this serious, unstoppable down low and filling up the stat sheets. Ginobili seems to have shaken the rust and has come alive at the right time and Parker has seem to come back to his old self. Finley has done all he can, the x factor in this series is our bench. 5pts in 40 mins will not cut it. We have an advantage of Terry being suspended and the momentum going into Game 6 to take the series to San Antonio. IF THE MAVS DONT WIN FRIDAY THIS SERIES IS OVER.....SPURS IN 7.
Posted: 1:47 AM   by Anonymous
Spurs in 7. Mark Cuban will cry some more (can someone punch him in the family jewels too?). But when it's all said and done a hell of a series and congratulations to the Mavs for putting up a hell of a fight in this series. Best of luck next season...
Posted: 3:48 AM   by Anonymous
SORRY MAVS FANS but in case you haven't heard, JASON TERRY HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FOR GAME 6. He is easily the second best player for Dallas and without him I think the Spurs will take it back home for a TREMENDOUS game 7, Where Michael Finley will nail a 3 point dagger in the hearts of Dallas in the closing seconds. GO SPURS GO!!!
Posted: 6:18 AM   by Anonymous
Kelly, you are one facetious dude!
These teams are almost identical. Although, Spurs have the edge. They have always been the underdogs of the NBA. Yet, they've managed to be the 3 time World Champions. As someone once said, "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION." Spurs in 7!
Posted: 11:15 AM   by Anonymous
Well we see David Stern is back to fixing basketball games again. He first had the calls go for the crybaby spurs and then he tried to fix game 6 just like he tried to fix the lakers series with the spurs. He cannot stand to see the mavs are the better team so he must go in and fix the game. This is the worse thing that I have seen in his backstabbing ways. He should be fired and sent away
Posted: 12:45 PM   by Anonymous
Another contrived feather-ruffler? Of course.
Posted: 12:50 PM   by Anonymous
Clearly the Mavs are the better team, 3 games have been decided by 2 points or less, 1 went to OT and a fifth was won by the Mavs in San Antonio by over 20 points! What about that one, San Antonio fans? Tell me now who's the better team?
Posted: 12:57 PM   by Anonymous
Clearly the Mavs are the better team, 3 games have been decided by 2 points or less, 1 went to OT and a fifth was won by the Mavs in San Antonio by over 20 points! What about that one, San Antonio fans? Tell me now who's the better team?
Posted: 1:09 PM   by Anonymous
long live the spurs! coz they are very much alive!!! like your sentiment, though... SPURS IN 7!!!
Posted: 3:41 PM   by Anonymous
The mavs are clearly better? Are you serious? With four of five games decided in the last few minutes how can you say such a thing? Further, had it not been for several controversial calls in games 3 and 4 this series would likely be 3-2 in the Spurs favor (at worse). Duncan fouled out in Game 3 after having received 2 offensive fouls without the ball AND one in which he was only guilty of getting his foot stepped on. In game 4 Ginobli was fouled out (again on several iffy calls) and Dirk was the recipient of an obvious gift at the end. For you to say the Mavs are clearly better...I think you are either crazy or, more likely, one of many in the public and the media who are simply tired of seeing the "boring" Spurs succeed.
Posted: 12:46 AM   by Steven
You're right Kelly, it is "Just like old times for Spurs"...winning on the road...coming back from 3-1...see you in the Finals baby!
Posted: 1:03 AM   by Ambar
I think you're gonna have to eat your words man, spurs win 91-86!!!!
Posted: 8:16 AM   by YaN_kaya!
Now's your chance to apologize to the Spurs..

Still think the Mavs are the better team?

Don't even start to tell me that the Mavs will upset the Spurs at the SBC center on Game 7.

THe only thing Dirk and Mark (cuban) has to think about right now is where they want to go fishing...Coz reality obviously states: "Mavs are a done deal"

Look who's laughing now, Marky?

Oh yeah, that's right, you're busy watching the spurs win than talking a lot of smack.

Let the Spurs put some sense in your huge, lousy mouth..

Posted: 2:11 PM   by Anonymous
Can the Spurs ever get respect? Once again they have proven that they can win anywhere and in every hostile environment. If not for a few bad calls by the refs in games 3 and 4 we would be waiting for the winner of the Suns and Clippers. I am so tired of Dirk and his flopping. Mark Cuban should not be allowed near the court during the games either. I have to give credit to the Mavs they have improved over the past year and I believe that is because of the Little General AJ. I bet the Spurs could win the Championship every year and the haters would still find a reason to give them no respect. The Spurs are the class of the league. They have won more games than any other professional team in any sport over the past five years and have 3 Championships. Spurs play their hearts out and win in seven! Oh by the way Mr. Cuban I can send some muddy water from the Riverwalk for you or better yet how about we toast from the Riverwalk when I celebrate another Championship at the Parade!
Posted: 4:32 PM   by Anonymous
Is anyone inviting Mark Cuban to the CHAMPIONSHIP PARADE on the Riverwalk this year? All of you Mavs fans and Spurs haters - eat your hearts out. The Larry O'Brien trophy will stay in SA this year - right where it belongs!
Posted: 10:39 PM   by Tim Hernandez in San Antonio
Wow, don't you look good with egg on your face. I guess game 6 was just a fluke. Nonetheless, game 7 is still waiting to be resolved and I think the Spurs might still have some more surprises for you.
Posted: 11:24 PM   by Anonymous
as u could clearly see in game 6 the spurs arent dead. theres a reason ducan is a 2 time mvp after all. steve nash winning it twice is a joke. maybe timmy hasent had the regular season numbers, but look at the playoff numbers. spurs in seven. i will put my nba credentials on the line.
p.s the spurs win me money every year through and through and i live in detroit so u tell me, spurs in 7 monguin_z34@yahoo.com
Posted: 2:15 PM   by Anonymous
Kelly, for your "so much better than" comment, this is not the Grizz. The Mavs were "so much better than" the Grizz. Congrats, they are the latest team to sweep them. If the Mavs are "so much better than" the Spurs, why is it going 7? Why have they decided 5 games in the last minute? You made our two previous wins sound like a gift from God. Did you notice our uphill battle at the FT line in games 3-4 and removing our best player in each from closing the game? This would have been over in 5 if our best player didn't foul out with sorry calls in the final minute.

I hope nobody actually pays you to "blog". I hope this is just a favor someone is throwing your way and posting on a sports website. You are an idiot.

But don't worry, you are not alone. Say hi to Cuban for us.