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3/20/2006 06:43:00 PM

Pool Update: The Smartest Siblings?

A portion of the most low-budget pool prize package in history.
Luke Winn/SI

With the tourney's second-round games in the books, we have a new leader: Brad Smalling's Team Smalling, which dethroned my grade-school hoops teammate, Stephen Ciurczak, and his first-round-leading squad, Petridish Disaster. We'll forgive Brad for not customizing his squad's name, because his picks have been so good: With 40 right and 62 total points, he ranks 34th amongst all entries in SI.com's Bracket Challenge. (Although he does have Gonzaga as his national champ ... so good luck with that.)

Brad, coincidentally, is not the only Smalling to earn fame for his forecasting skills: His brother, Todd, of Johnson City, Tenn., throttled Seth Davis in a February edition of our Weekend Pickoff. The Smallings could possibly be the smartest sibling duo in the SI.com college hoops section's readership.

Here, the Tourney Blog Pool's top five teams, through two rounds (and no, I don't find it amusing that "Look Out Luke Winn" is 48 spots higher than my bracket):

Rk. Team                Champ      Pts.  Corr.  Ovr.* 
1 Team Smalling Gonzaga 62 40 (34)
2 Team Chitwood UConn 61 39 (65)
3 Look Out Luke Winn UConn 60 38 (112)
4 Aureo's semi smart UConn 59 36 (195)
5 Team Habs UConn 59 36 (195)
51 Luke Winn UConn 51 34 (5986)
(* Overall rank in SI.com's Bracket Challenge)
Teams listed in the top five: Contact the Blog through this form ASAP. We'll talk to some of the leaders in the week leading up the Final Four, and I need to know how you can be reached. And also where to mail that wonderful package of prizes at the end ...
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Posted: 10:51 PM   by Anonymous
It's only fitting that I named my team Cousinard's Shocker and PJ Cousinard pretty much won the game for Wichita State against the Vols. Luke I think you columns are always great. But I would say its a little early to say the top 5 teams will remain the same and you need there addresses I mean Team Smalling is up 5pts on me and he has Washington and Gonzaga in the Final Four. I'll give him so dap for being ranked 34th overall but I think he'll be out of the top 5 of our league by saturday. GO Missouri Valley your making all Missouri Valley alums proud.
Posted: 4:22 PM   by Anonymous
Team Smalling had 7 of his elite 8 teams left...the next 6 or 7, according to my research, have 6 or fewer, including you...Just an observation. And if the upsets fall for Zaga and Washington these rounds it could mean bonus points...Now I need 30 bonus points to catch up but I'm just saying he could run away with it or could get drilled too if the games go to the favorites.
Posted: 10:39 AM   by Anonymous
This whole tournament shows, again, that the Big Ten is the most overrated conference in the country. It happens every year; they underproduce in the tournament. They used to blame it on not having a conference tourney, and that doesn't work either.
Posted: 4:02 PM   by Anonymous
I remember 2001 (I think it was) when the Big Ten had Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State in the FInal Four.
They always seem to underachieve or overachieve, but never just do whats expected.
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