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4/01/2006 05:36:00 PM

The Final Minutes (Before Tip)

We begin Saturday night with a blank slate:

Luke Winn/SI

There was a sign in the George Mason section that read, "Gator Massacre Unit," but Florida seemed unfazed:

Luke Winn/SI

Our main man Seth Davis is now an autograph-signing celeb -- at the Finish Line in the Indy mall.

Seth Signing
Luke Winn/SI

These two LSU fans drove from Baton Rouge to deliver a message to UCLA:

LSU fans
Luke Winn/SI

Readers, discuss the games amongst yourselves, and the blog will hit you back later on in the evening ...
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Posted: 6:12 PM   by LindsayRae
I love Seth Davis! I am even angrier that I'm not in Indianapolis--I have wanted to meet him forever. He has it made, man--Sports Illustrated in itself is any sports writers dream AND he gets to cover college basketball. And now, people get to meet him--lucky, lucky.
Posted: 9:35 PM   by LindsayRae
so much for ME being a sports writer...

I am self-editing my last comment, as it should have read "sports writer's dream." Don't hold it against me, Luke!
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