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4/03/2006 08:10:00 PM

Potential Blog Pool Winner, Blogger Converge Courtside

We found Bradley White -- the dude on the right -- sitting in the front row of the Florida student section an hour before game time. He picked Florida to win it all. And he takes the Blog Pool title if it happens. (That's me on the left.)

Courtside at the title game
Luke Winn/SI
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Posted: 12:08 AM   by Anonymous
nice shirt, Luke.
Go Gators! 1st Championship in school history
Posted: 12:31 AM   by Thunderome Jones

Get some sleep.
Posted: 1:06 AM   by adam b
you could totally be on "blue states lose!"
Posted: 6:31 PM   by Anonymous

Way to dress for the Iron and Wine show. Where are the black frames
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