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4/04/2006 07:45:00 AM

The Prettiest Shot ...

(by shot, I mean photo) ... from the title game. SI's Bob Rosato behind the lens.

SI Wide
Bob Rosato/SI
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Posted: 12:20 PM   by Lawrence
That's an old school basketball shot. All you need to do is darken the crowd, and this shot could be from the 1950s (without the satin unis!). Great job!
Posted: 2:47 PM   by Anonymous
scoff if you may...but USC will not just be a football school next year and will break the top 25 and possibly, the top 15 and just maybe..the top 10.

All 5 starters return from this year's 17-13 team (4 losses occurred when the team's best player, all pac10 selection Gabe Pruitt, went down with an injury) that defeated national runner-up UCLA and easily handled Arizona (by 7) and UNC (by 15) at home.

Plus, a nationally recognized recruiting class arrives on campus (top 30) and the school is opening up the state-of-the-art Galen Center (finally, the rat hole known as the Sports Arena will be vacant).

USC will make noise next year...and not just in football...
Posted: 3:26 PM   by Anonymous
I think it's the prettiest shot just because Lee Humphrey is in it. :-) Bobby in Austin, Texas
Posted: 4:14 PM   by Anonymous
I'm a young "balla" in middle school hoping that one day I could be on that stage playin in the title game; for the game I love !!!
It splits the up rights... and... IT'S GOOOOOOD!
Posted: 10:08 AM   by tomgator
Lee Humphrey led the NCAA in 3-point field goal percentage this season.
He seperated his sholder in a bicycle accident half way through the SEC conference schedule and had a terrible shooting slump at the end of the regular season. He is a true 3-point shooter. By the way did you notice the offensive spread of the GATORS and who did the UCLA player think he was PETER PAN!!!!!
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Anonymous
That's a terrific photograph. Even though I'm a UCLA fan and the game is full of not-so-good memories, it's an excellent photograph that really illustrates a split second moment in an almost magical way.
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