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Get inside March Madness with SI.com's Luke Winn in the Tourney Blog, a daily journal of college basketball commentary, on-site reporting and reader-driven discussions.
3/08/2006 11:46:00 PM

Live from New York

The big board on 8th Avenue.
The big board on 8th Avenue.
Luke Winn/SI

Welcome to my March Madness experiment. This, I hope, will become your regular destination starting today through the end of the NCAA tournament on SI.com. Check back often for on-site reporting and analysis, basketball minutiae, breaking news and discussions with you, the readers, via our handy comment function. You are encouraged to participate rather than lurk, although note that your comments -- for legal reasons, and to protect the author from undue harassment -- will be moderated by either myself or SI.com editors.

Should you have any ideas, tips, or comments that just can't be posted in public space, contact me here.

Otherwise, let the blogging begin (with the Big East tournament, Thursday at Madison Square Garden). I'm armed with a laptop, a tape recorder, a camera, and restricted by few rules. So let's see what happens.

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