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3/18/2007 12:42:00 PM

From One Great Lake to Another

CHICAGO -- The Blog has relocated to the Midwest. Rather than calling it a weekend after last night's overtime madness, I grabbed a flight out of Buffalo on a couple of hours' sleep, rented a car at O'Hare and made it to the United Center in time to, well, sit courtside and post these pictures. Thanks goes to good old WXRT, a staple from the Northwestern days, for keeping me awake on the drive.

United Center
Luke Winn/SI

This dude was guarding the media entrance, ready to blow pipe-tobacco smoke in the face of anyone without a proper credential.

Luke Winn/SI

Near the Jordan statue, faux Kammron Taylor seemed to be wondering, like I was, if this UCLA guy got lost on the way to Sacramento.

Luke Winn/SI

And finally, friend of the Blog Billy Packer was kind enough to give us a window into his game-preparation process. Packer is ultra old-school and anti-computer; he takes notes from newspaper clippings and copies them onto blank manilla folders.

Mr. Billy Packer
Luke Winn/SI

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