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3/31/2007 04:51:00 PM

The Scalper Walk, and the Pregame Scene

If these fans were looking for tickets, they should have been able to find them.
ATLANTA -- It's a few hours before tip-off, and the scalpers here are hurting. Somehow at a Final Four with the best field in recent memory, the ticket market is lagging well behind the magnitude of the games. I just finished a one-hour walk around downtown ATL, bantering with scalpers ... as well as a CNBC guru and your AP Player of the Year. Details follow.

• You can get inside for a price in the general range of face value, if you're willing to sit in the upper deck and do some half-assed bargaining. Most of these scalpers are hardly putting up a fight in the negotiations. Here's a choice conversation from the corner of Peachtree St. and Andrew Young International Boulevard:

"You need tickets? I've got two 300s [upper-deck] together. Real seats, not obstructed view. $400 a book [of all three games].

"Face is $160, right? I'll give you $150 a book."

"That's bullsh--. You think you're some kind of hustler. $250."

"$400 for the pair."

"I can't do that."

"I'm going to go look around --

"Fine, give me the money."

The lower-level seats were going for much more -- at least $400 a book, if not $500 -- but still far less than the multi-thousand-dollar prices that were quoted online this week.

• My favorite scalper was using a tactic straight out of The Wire (although he was hawking tickets, not pandemic). He was an older guy, maybe in his late 40s or early 50s, and he'd flag down the process and do the negotiations, and then he'd bring over a minor -- a kid no more than 13 or 14 -- to show the tickets and exchange the cash. The weird thing, scalping is legal on non-state property in Atlanta. So what was the point? Was he just grooming his son to take over the family business?

• Second-shadiest dealing: The coaches who pulled up to that scalper a few seconds after I talked to him, hiding behind the barely pulled-down, tinted windows of an SUV, trying to unload their books. The guys were too anonymous to be recognized, but they clearly considered themselves to be on a covert mission.

• Ran into CNBC sports business guru Darren Rovell, a fellow Northwestern guy, on my scalper search. He was also canvassing the scene and said the lowest he'd found a pair of upper-deck books for was $180. So he beat me by $20, which doesn't hurt my pride; he covers money for a living and I just do basketball. Rovell did give some solid insight into the dead market, though, pointing out that even though we have epic matchups, the two headliners, Florida and Ohio State, are still football schools; UCLA didn't travel cross-country in huge numbers, and Georgetown doesn't have a big enough alumni base to bring a massive crowd.

Kevin Durant may be out of our college basketball world in less than a month, but at present he's living large on the A-T-L awards circuit. I bumped into Texas SID Scott McConnell in the lobby of the coaches' hotel, while he was waiting for Durant to come downstairs before heading over to a pre-game interview with CBS. Durant arrived in a wrinkled-up white t-shirt and jeans, and was soon accosted for autographs by a few grown men holding basketballs and Sharpies.

Durant hung out with a small group of us (myself, Jeff Goodman from Fox Sports, and a few friends) in the hotel cafe for about 15 minutes, telling us that he had collaborated with McConnell on his speeches, but "lost count" of how many awards he had taken home at this point.

It's still amazing to me how meek Durant is off the floor -- he's just a quiet, polite 18-year-old who has yet to even come close to filling out his 6-foot-10 frame -- compared to how dominant he is on it, dropping 30-point games and thumping his fist against his chest.

For critics of the first-year rule who say players like Durant are just sham students, you'll be happy to know that he does not yet consider himself to be NBA Draft mode: "I'm in student-mode right now, full-time," he said. Like a normal college kid, he only owns one suit, which he was soon headed upstairs to put on before appearing on national television. Durant passed Alando Tucker -- who was headed to the same interview -- in the lobby, and gave him some kind of handshake. Tucker was eating a lunch of popcorn and Krispy Kreme donuts, still living a collegiate lifestyle that both he and Durant will soon leave behind.

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Posted: April 3, 2007 5:51 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Has one college ever won both NCAA Champship for Football and Basketball in the same year and could they take Baseball?
Posted: April 3, 2007 10:28 AM   by Anonymous EB
While watching last night's game it struck me what an incredible show of grit and determination we were witnessing from Greg Oden. Even in defeat, he chose to ignore the fact that he was a forty five year old man competing against kids half his age. It was like watching Nolan Ryan throwing no-hitters for the Rangers, Gordy Howe skating with his kids in the IHL, George Blanda kicking field goals for the Raiders. Did any of you ever see "Necessary Roughness"? He was just like the quarterback in that movie, except older. Way to go Mr. Oden!
Posted: April 3, 2007 11:11 AM   by Anonymous El Stone
Let me just get my personal feelings out of the way. I wish Ohio State would have won. Not because I like the Buckeyes or necessarily hate Florida (I was glad Florida won the BCS). No, I wanted OSU to win just to shut the loud mouth of Noah. He's ugly, loud and apparently overrated.

Now to my comment: I keep hearing the writers proclaim that Florida is a TEAM and that they won on the strength of team play. But look at the assists: Brewer- 1; Noah- 0; Horford- 3; Humphrey- 1. Only Green had a decent amount of assists with 6 (also 6 turnovers), but isn't that what a point guard is supposed to do. As for Florida's bench- 0 assists. So let's start rethinking Florida's team first attitude. That's not why they won. They won because they hit a lot of 3s and OSU hit hardly any 3s.
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