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4/02/2007 09:54:00 AM

Blog Pool Update: The Final Two

Pool leader David Wunderlich, left, with Florida's Lee Humphrey last week.

ATLANTA -- Florida and Ohio State emerged from a field of 65 to reach tonight's title game, but their accomplishments pale in comparison to that of Blog Pool finalists David Wunderlich and Kai Sung, who out-picked a 642-reader field to be on the verge of online glory.

If, as expected, Florida cuts down the nets at the Georgia Dome, Wunderlich -- a tubist in the Gators pep band -- takes home the big prize. That's Dave above on the left with Final Four shooting star Lee Humphrey, after whom the prophetic bracket-entry "Lee For Three" was named. Wunderlich and Humpty posed for the photo after returning home from the Midwest Region in St. Louis, but our tubist didn't get to make the trip to the ATL. He'll be at the O'Connell Center tonight in Gainesville, playing his heart out while the game is broadcast on the arena's video boards.

Kai Sung
Kai Sung (right) takes home the pool crown if Ohio State pulls off the upset tonight.
If Jo Noah, Al Horford and Corey Brewer somehow catch mono and can't play, and Ohio State manages to win, our champ will be Sung, a 23-year-old PhD student in the biology department of Johns Hopkins University. Sung's bracket is named Golden Olden, presumably after Greg Oden, but he didn't get to pose with his pool-entry's inspiration. Instead, that's Kai on the right, in a Hawaiian vacation photo with his girlfriend. While he resides in Baltimore -- and has offered to serve as a bar taxi there should we visit -- he grew up in the Columbus 'burb of Worthington and took classes at OSU in high school before going on to Cal Tech. Which means he's slightly smarter than your average Buckeye fan.

Finally, we're happy to inform our poolsters that the Tourney Blog has acquired a last-minute, semi-official prize-package sponsor. I had initially planned on sending the winner a box of random SI junk, a commemorative tourney issue and perhaps a used PlayStation2 game. But the kind folks at the Gazelle Group, who run the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic (otherwise known as Coaches vs. Cancer) and the CBE Classic -- and who also have been gallivanting around Atlanta all week --- have offered to outfit the pool champ in some fine hoops-themed threads. Dave and Kai, get excited: There's nothing more fashionable these days than a 2005 Guardians Classic t-shirt.

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Well, the Steaming Pile of Dung finishes 3rd. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride :(
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