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4/07/2008 07:28:00 PM

Monday Night At The Dome

SAN ANTONIO -- A last look outside the Alamodome, 90 minutes before tipoff ...

Luke Winn/SI

Scalpers -- despite the strong market for tickets -- have gone mostly underground this week. The ducat below was an upper-level seat with a face value of $85; the seller, a Kansas fan, wanted $350. This clash of titans might just be worth that much.

Luke Winn/SI

Kansas -- mostly due to Bill Self's superstitious nature -- resisted switching locker rooms for the title game. The Jayhawks and Memphis were side-by-side in the bowels of the Alamodome for the Final Four, and the NCAA wanted to spread them apart, offering KU the digs previously occupied by UCLA. Is the locker room the Jayhawks' lucky charm?

Luke Winn/SI

I took Memphis this morning, and I'm sticking with it. Tigers 70, Jayhawks 66. Add your predictions -- and game chatter -- in the comments section.

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Posted: April 7, 2008 8:39 PM   by Anonymous Floris
Memphis will show the world tonight what we have known all along. Tigers all the way. Memphis by 12.
After all that BS from Calipari about how the poor free throw shooting didn't matter and that Memphis would "make them when they count", it is absolutely hilarious what happened tonight at the end of regulation. The game went to overtime ONLY because Memphis' "hoopin'" low-life thug players are too undisciplined to hit their free throws. So the good guys won, and the thugs lost... HOW FRIGGIN' SWEET IT IS! I sincerely hope sleazebag Calipari gets all the criticism he so richly deserves. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Posted: April 8, 2008 1:44 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Luke... please keep picking against the Jayhawks for the rest of your days! They seem to win when you do... :)
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