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11/17/2006 03:38:00 PM

Colts won't go 16-0

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning and the Colts finished 14-2 last season after jumping out to a 13-0 start.
Damian Strohmeyer/SI

I don't think the Colts will lose one game this year. They'll drop at least two, maybe three.

Don't get me wrong, I think Indy is an amazing team. But the fact that they didn't take their A game into matchups against the likes of Tennessee and Buffalo, makes me believe they'll drop one or two contests to teams they should beat.

Oddsmakers say Indy is about a 6-1 underdog not to finish perfect. What looked like an easy remaining schedule for the Colts seemed to get tougher overnight. This week's opponent, the Cowboys, are rejuvenated with new quarterback Tony Romo. Then the Colts face an Eagles team that dismantled the Redskins last Sunday; they visit Tennessee -- who they beat 14-13 in Week 5; a trip to Jacksonville; a home game against Cincy; at Houston; and the finale against the Dolphins in Indy.

Tennessee, Houston and Miami all look like different teams than they did the first half of the season. And the Dolphins are defending the honor of the 1972 team -- the Bears found that out the hard way. The Colts should beat them all, but if they aren't focused on those games and are looking forward to the postseason, they could easily trip up. And Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy told SI.com's Michael Silver he won't deviate from last year's course, when he rested his starters at the end of the season.

While researching teams that have challenged the '72 Dolphins' perfect season, most players from teams that came close seemed relieved when they lost. And many of them went on to win the Super Bowl, which is clearly all that matters to the Colts.

Like last year, Indianapolis will get caught looking ahead at the end of the season and Nick Buoniconti and the gang in South Florida will rest easy. But hey, I'm just the guy who said Tom Brady was overrated, so what do I know? Let me know your take on whether the Colts can go undefeated.

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Posted: 4:58 PM   by Anonymous
no team goes 16-0... period.
Posted: 5:04 PM   by Anonymous
To be a winner you have to play to win. Or you can play for something else. Last year Dungy didn't play to win. And he didn't win.
Posted: 5:28 PM   by Federico Pacheco
I am a Colts fan and I'll love to see them going 16-0 and winning the Super Bowl, but that's not happening.
I think they are capable to win those hard games that are left, but they probably won't. Even if they do, they will probably lose to the Dolphins at home. If I had a 15-0 team, who has clinched the home field advantage and everything, and I'm playing a hard-hitter team who MAY (probably not)be looking for a wildcard seed, I would bench my starters.
The bad thing about this is that your players would have a two week bye and they may not be as warm as they should at the beginning of their playoff game, but that's better than not having them at all.
Posted: 5:33 PM   by Anonymous
Depends on whether Dungy fields the best team throughout or he will prefer to rest his key players, especially Manning.
Posted: 5:35 PM   by Anonymous
they wont go 16-0 they will lose in the second round of the playoffs this team has the worst run defense and that is what you need to go 16-0 RUN DEFENSE
Posted: 5:57 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts won't go 10-0. Losing one early though will help their chances later in the season of winning games they should win.
Posted: 6:02 PM   by Anonymous
first of all the colts are gonna punish the dolphins at home if all the starters play and believe me if they are 15-0 they will play my prediction is 19-0 babbby!!!!!!!!! colts super bowl champs.
Posted: 6:15 PM   by Anonymous
Of course they have a chance they haven't lost yet. If will be interesting to see. I would really like to see the Colts win a Super Bowl. I've felt they've had the best team for the past 3 years but just fall apart in the playoffs. I hope they get over that hump.
Posted: 6:34 PM   by Anonymous
They will not go 16-0. How many games have they gotten luck in to win. They are luck they aren't 5-5 right now with that defence. Sure if you have offence you can win, look at the 98 Vikings and the Chiefs, but neither one of those teams has a defence and they get killed in the playoffs to a team that has a defence. Players especially on defence step it up a couple of notches in the playoffs, and therefore the Colts will not go 16-0 much less make it to the Superbowl.
Posted: 7:09 PM   by Anonymous
If anyone can lead a team to 16-0 it's Peyton Manning. But 19-0... unfortunately that's a completely different story!
Posted: 7:46 PM   by Big Ten
They won't go 16-0, but they will go 15-1 with the loss most likely coming from Philly. They will then win the Super Bowl.
Posted: 8:54 PM   by Anonymous
Someone is going to run that ball down their throats. Maybe Dallas this weekend.
Posted: 9:47 PM   by Anonymous
Eagles 31, Colts 28
Posted: 10:07 PM   by Anonymous
The colts won't go 16-0 with the target on their backs. Not that it really matters. This team always finds a way to crash and burn when the stakes go up. After this year, people will learn that putting money on archie's boy is not very smart come january.
Posted: 10:08 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts are going to worry about somethiing else than a perfect season after this Sunday's game, which they will lose agains the Cowboys.
Posted: 11:05 PM   by Anonymous
no way, maybe 14-2 or 15-1. gotta get through a few tough challenges and then a healthy seattle team will be hard to beat. And if you look at history, the choke very easy. To top it all they have been lucky with injuries, if they can keep healthy you may look at only 1-2 losses. i would like to see them in the Super Bowl vs the Hawks.
Posted: 11:51 PM   by Anonymous
I think it's futile thinking to play it safe in the remaining games, so therefore the Colts should strive for 16-0 even if the last few games won't mean that much. Yes, it's smart to reduce injuries to key players, but benching the starting guys or sitting them out 1/2 of the time is not the mentality you want to head into the playoffs. Go for it, every single minute, Manning getting his knees chopped off or not. If they can't sustain that mentality, the Colts are not playing for what they believe in.
Posted: 1:31 AM   by Anonymous
Your looking past Dallas. Don't under estimate them.
Posted: 1:59 AM   by Anonymous
The Colts are headed for 9-1 after the Cowboys whip their but. Look for Roy Williams to punish Manning in a way he has never known!

Cowboys 24 Colts 9
Posted: 2:18 AM   by Anonymous
The Colts, with Dungy at the helm WILL have a perfect season...why? I believe they learned a valuable lesson last year when the O-line broke down and they evaporated. This year Manning is being protected VERY good and NO secondary can stop the Colts.
Posted: 2:53 AM   by Anonymous
Bruce from Philly transplanted to San Francisco.......

If Dallas doesnt get them this wekk, Philly will next week....

Im betting both do.....
Posted: 4:30 AM   by Anonymous
i dont see the colts losing a game with all their starters in, they seeemingly look past easier games such as against buffalo, but when it comes down to it With 6 minutes left on the clock they would have to be 21 points down without me fully believing manning is going to bring them back.
Posted: 8:05 PM   by Anonymous
I really think the Cowboys will pull this win off. With their running game and a quarterback that has a high rating than Manning if that Giants rating wasn't factored in. I think the boys have this one in the bag
Posted: 10:20 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts will not go 16-0. They will lose at least one of the next two games. THe will probably beat Dallas because of Dallas's poor pass coverage but Philly will beat them the week after.
Posted: 10:20 PM   by Anonymous
Is 16-0 possible for the colts to do? Yes. Every year this team manages to get the easiest schedule of all the playoff teams. Heres my conspiracy theory; I believe that the NFL recognizes that the colts have a good team and with an easy schedule could go 16-0. Why you ask? Ratings come playoff time. Everyone knows manning folds under the slightest bit of pressure so it makes it more interesting for playoff ratings. Undefeated team getting taken down in the playoff it has never happened. And worst case scenario would be that they win which would entertain people all the way through. Example of this conspiracy is MLB. If you think they didn't know about all the steriods prior to 1998 you got another coming. They did not care until it was totally obvious. For instance Sammy Sosa hitting 66. The man was junk without roids. So with the colts weak schedule its possible but total perfect season will not happen
Posted: 11:01 PM   by Anonymous
Bruce from Philly is a idiot Colts will destroy Philly just look at what happened the last 2 times they met absolute demolition. As for the other clown a few comments up Seattle isnt on the colts schedule maybe you were looking at last years schedule. The colts are ravaged with injuries and if they can get healthy they will have a shot. As for the Bills game maybe you should actually watch it before you comment on something. Colts only gave up 50 yards passing yep thats right 50 also colts had two huge turnovers that was what made the game seem so close Colts dominated that game and they will certainly dominate the Eagles 16-0 real possibility Super Bowl victory is a whole differnt story
Posted: 4:38 AM   by Anonymous
Posted: 7:42 AM   by Anonymous
Is 16-0 Really the question for the Colts? I think not..... Making it to the big dance is, Manning knows this, Dungy knows this and the balance of the team respects this, Records are find for color commentators, but the final chapter is winning the big one.
Posted: 7:57 AM   by Anonymous
no one can match the dolphins because no one has the coach in charge of the officiating as miami did with shula....if you watched any of the games in the time period of shula you realized who the officials were working for...they were a good team, but when shula was able to dictate whether an official worked or not, well they seemed to always please him...there were more than one game that year that was decided with dubious calls, a fumble in a bills game stands out, along with a few others...the best players in miami during shula's years always wore the good ol colors of black and white...so unless you can get someone to work the officials like shula did, no one will go undefeated...watch the calls in the indy - miami game this year...the don will work his strings...
Colts will lose to both NFC teams? I don't think so... It's much more likely to be to the AFC...
Posted: 12:44 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts have a very good chance at going undefeated because they have learned how to win tough games even with their poor run defense. They weren't suppose to beat Denver and New England, but the did and they did it on the road. So why can't they beat the remaining teams on their schedule. It almost seems as if people do not want them to go undefeated. Win or lose though, I think Dungy will play his starters as if they were playing for a perfect season. Just look what happened last year after they lost to San Diego.
Posted: 12:45 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts have a very good chance at going undefeated because they have learned how to win tough games even with their poor run defense. They weren't suppose to beat Denver and New England, but they did and the Colts did it on the road. So why can't they beat the remaining teams on their schedule. It almost seems as if people do not want them to go undefeated. Win or lose though, I think Dungy will play his starters as if they were playing for a perfect season. Just look what happened last year after they lost to San Diego.
Posted: 1:09 PM   by Ben Perney
The colts will go 19-0 if 3 things happen.

1. They cant look past a team like Houston or Miami

2. If the time comes where they're 13 or 14-0, play the starters untill they build a comfortable lead and then play backups, or if its close play the starters about 3/4 the game

3. If all that happens they wont be rusty for the playoffs and then need to just go all out every game untill the last whistle.
Posted: 1:10 PM   by Anonymous
Look here is the deal

Cowboys and Eagles are the only teams are the only teams who can do this

14-2 is what they expect i think 15-1 but they got a chance at 16-0
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