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12/08/2006 02:58:00 PM

Texans fans have right to be upset

Vince Young has led the Titans to five wins in their last seven games.
John Biever/SI

The Second-Guess bowl takes place in Houston on Sunday when Vince Young leads the surging Titans into Reliant Stadium where an entire city will unite in disgust for the Texans' 2006 draft choices.

The people of Houston wanted the Texans to take hometown hero Young, who fell to Tennessee at No. 3, instead of their eventual pick, Mario Williams.

Young has won five of nine starts in the NFL and has recently become the favorite for offensive rookie of the year. As it turns out, the Texans did draft a future defensive star. His name is DeMeco Ryans, a linebacker nabbed in the second round who has koming stats. Williams, meanwhile, has 4.5 sacks on the year and has been struggling with a banged-up foot.

Nothing about the Texans' draft made sense. Charley Casserly was in charge of Houston's choices even though he was already told he was on the way out. They took a guy who shot up draft charts because of his combine workout -- a surefire recipe for disaster. The choice was an implicit endorsement of quarterback David Carr. Carr is in his fifth year with the Texans and has not gotten them into the playoffs. Houston had a unique opportunity to start over with Young or Matt Leinart.

Now, the Texans enter next year's draft in the same position. They're heavily invested in Carr and will try to build around him, even though it's hard to imagine him leading them to the playoffs. This time, they likely won't even have a look at any big-time quarterbacks in the first round. Then the same thing will happen in '08, etc. At some point, this franchise needs to make a decisive shift in its strategy.

Houston fans will make Sunday a spectacle if Young leads the Titans to a win. Poor Mario Williams, who is mainly a victim of circumstance, better have the game of his life.

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Posted: 6:39 PM   by Anonymous
all i have to say is how stupid are the Texans for passing on Reggie Bush and Vince Young...two talents that are proving to be threats in the NFL while Mario Williams is another DE not to spectacular
Posted: 6:57 PM   by Anonymous
The Jets had a strong draft on the basis of Ferguson and Mangold alone. It's hard to believe that the Texans couldn't facilitate a trade to move lower, take Ferguson, and pick up more picks. The Jets success this year has been partially due to their improved offensive line. Whether or not Carr, or Young, or Leinart, or Quinn are the answer to the Texans won't be resolved for some time as their porous offensive line remains unable to protect. It's a shame that the talent of Johnson (WR) and Davis (RB) can't be actualized due to the offensive line performance. The Texans have a lot of work to do, but I have faith in Kubiak.
Posted: 8:01 PM   by Anonymous
As a Texan fan, I wonder when oru team is going to stop being the joke of the AFC, or NFL for that matter. The Texans should have taken Bush or Young...Mario Williams, while he does fill a hoel on our team, is not the type of big-time player the Texans desperately need. And it's hard to watch the Titans or Saints cruise along with their first-round picks, while the Texans struggle. David Carr has got to play better. He knows he has a bad offensive line. You think he would adapt to this to be quicker with his decisions and light on his feet. But no, he still hesitates like from Day 1. So the Texans have a choice. They can keep Carr and hope he pans out, or they can pursue other options in the draft, as we will have a high pick once again. This Sunday, everyoen is going to see Houston's frustration with the franchise if the Titans win.
Posted: 8:14 PM   by Anonymous
The thing that continually surprises me about pro sports drafts, is how little stock teams put into a players single most important 'characteristic' - are they a winner?

Vince Young oozes 'winner'. He single-handedly dismantled what pundits were claiming to be the finest college team ever assembled. How could that not be orders of magnitude more important than Mario William's combine numbers?
Posted: 8:47 PM   by Anonymous
It's not fair to pin the Williams over Young thing completely on Casserly. Let's not forget that Kubiak gave Carr a ringing endorsement and said he felt Carr was still a potential franchise type QB, he just need a bit of work. If Kubiak came in and said he needed a new QB, I'm willing to bet they would have taken Leinart or Young.
Posted: 9:07 PM   by Anonymous
Everyone keeps knocking the Texans for their pick of Mario Williams, which will still turn out to be a good, productive player. Everyone forgets that the Texans selected Mario Williams because he signed before the draft and that's what the Texans wanted, I'm sick of dumb writers such as yourself knocking them, it was about business not football. So this second guessing bull---- should just be done with.
Posted: 9:07 PM   by Rine'4life
As a Titan fan I would like to thank the Texans for giving the gift that is Vince Young. See you in the Superbowl in about 3 years. That said I don't think the Texans should have drafted him anyways. Carr is not a bad quarterback. This year shows it. He's putting up ok numbers. He just doesn't have to talent outside of Andre' Johnson. Carr nor Leinart nor Vince would take Houston to the playoffs with the talent that is on that team. Put Carr on the Broncos or the Giants, or some team with a decent line and I think he would thrive.
Posted: 9:10 PM   by mark
I know comments of a fan is not much but if we were to base it on performance, David Carrs rating is 87. Which is in the top ten of all nfl Qb's. Point the finger somewhere else. These 4 years in Houstan , David Carr has been a standup player who hasn't complained and just gets right back up - The players respect him and so does the coaching staff and owner. That being said, Houstan better start winning or we'll find Carr winning somewhere else.
Posted: 9:20 PM   by Will
I don't think it is unreasonable that they didn't draft a QB with the first pick, quite honestly the jury was still out on Carr when he was playing behind a crippled line with no weapons. However, they should have gone with Reggie Bush even if Bush hasn't had quite the immediate impact that he was expected to have (though he has come on of late). Their pick also seemed entirely too much based on "signability" rather than just getting the right player.
Posted: 10:12 PM   by Anonymous
Vince Young has recently become the favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year? When did this development occur? Yes he's improving every week, but he has not been nearly the consistent offensive weapon that Marques Colston has been for New Orleans.

That said, the point remains thus: the Texans blew it big-time. They could have had anybody -- Reggie Bush, Vince Young, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Matt Leinert, and the list goes on and on -- but chose a defensive end with a dubiously short list of collegiate accomplishments (can anybody say Akili Smith?). The obvious choices were to suck it up and draft either Reggie Bush or hometwon Vibce Young and throw the appropriate money at them. The sad part is that no matter how much Mario Williams improves, he will always be a victim of absurd circumstances.
Posted: 10:44 PM   by Anonymous
Can we get the Oilers back?
Posted: 10:44 PM   by Left Coaster
Once again you are half right. Right in that 'workout wonders' never live up to expectations. Wrong in that drafting a quarterback that is better at running for his life (Vince Young)than David Carr is not the solution. The solution is getting an NFL caliber O-line. Why draft Young and have him beat up beyond recognition. Fix the O-line. The same goes for Arizona. Lienart may be the quarterback of the future, but with a lousy O-line, he'll perform no better than Carr.
Posted: 11:10 PM   by Anonymous
See what the Texans Orginazation failed to see was that Vince Young had been playing football in Houston before they started. He has a cult following in texas. How many orginazations get a chance to draft a player with his skills and who just happens to be a home state IDOL. What a bone head operation...

But being a Titans fan I am loving every minute of it.. :) Mr. excitement now playes for TN on Sunday.
Posted: 11:19 PM   by Anonymous
Articles like this make me thank God I am not a fan of the Raiders, Cardinals, Texans, or Redskins. I guess on the bright side you would have a difficult time finding another industry where more than 85% of the businesses are reasonably well-run.
Posted: 11:28 PM   by Anonymous
Of course it looks awful now, but consider their position on draft day and you can decipher Casserly's choice. Not necessarily endorse it as the right one, but it wasn't ludicrous.

Supposedly, the Texans were committed to fiscal responsibility, an unsexy, but effective approach that has worked pretty well for a certain New England team. They had been negotiating with the Bush camp, and let it be known that Bush's demands were far too high to be practical. So they moved on.

Ok, take a QB? Leinart, Vince Young? Well, with an absolutely atrocious offensive line, a rookie quarterback will probably only get them a different face on the stretcher. An argument can/could be made that David Carr has not been allowed to show what he can do because of this. So...Texans don't NEED a new QB. Might want one.

So, O-Lineman right? This is where I can't defend Casserly. Perhaps, none were rated high enough to justify the #1 overall pick. A pick that the Texans were unable to trade down, so the story goes. So they don't want to waste a #1 first round on a weak OL class.

Casserly and/or the scouting dept should be blamed for screwing up and going with a workout wonder.

Of course, Mario has been playing hurt. Oh, and he's a rookie on a bad defense. Oh, and its unfair to judge this soon.

I'm not a Texans fan, I'm not a Mario Williams fan, and I don't think the Texans did a good job.

But, I can't act like they didn't have a logical chain of events lead them to Mario Williams.
Posted: 11:55 PM   by Anonymous
Vince didn't win those games himself, but Mario Williams will be the next Audrey Bruce.
Posted: 1:53 AM   by Anonymous
Ryans has been outstanding. I still don't understand, though, just why you'd let an outgoing GM make your picks for you. Then again, I think the Texans would've been better off trading down and stockpiling O-linemen.
Posted: 6:51 AM   by Anonymous
I don't feel sorry for Mario being under pressure. i'd love to have one year in the Nfl, buying a house, then start some business if things don't work out on the gridiron. pretty sure a few million people would agree....
anyway, as a season ticket holder for the houston franchise, i would still think that some people mess with their job on draft week-end..

just some thoughts from italy
Posted: 10:30 AM   by Anonymous
Hello Texans Owner & Management I have a question? What is it you dont SEE or UNDERSTAND that DAVID CARR is Not & Never will be a SUPER STAR. Again what is it you dont see or understand? "Wow".
Posted: 5:34 PM   by Anonymous
If it wasn't for Sage Rosenfls breaking a thumb David Carr would be on the bench
Posted: 11:12 PM   by Anonymous
What do Texan fans have to complain about? You vote with your wallet, and they are still sold out. If you are that bent, then don't go. If you go to the game and give the organization your money, then STFU about it and get over it.
Posted: 1:35 AM   by Anonymous
It's going to be something to watch the home fans root for the opposing teams QB! Many Texans fans will tell you they enjoy rooting for Vince Young more than they enjoy rooting for their own team. That's sad, but it's the state of things for pro football in H-town right now. The Houston Texans upper management has nobody to blame but themselves. Eventually the seats will start to empty and we'll see changes - but until that happens, we will continue to watch Houston draft early (and undoubtedly quite poorly) for many years to come. They'll do this as long as the fans let them get away with it...
Posted: 2:44 AM   by Anonymous
Vince Young = Michael Vick. As tempting as it may be to the heart or eyes, that is not going to take any team to the Superbowl. Carr can be as harmless as Superbowl winners Brad Johnson, Dilfer and Big Ben. Arguing that Reggie Bush was the pick makes sense, no way should the Texans have taken Vince Young.
Posted: 4:07 AM   by Ultrarooster
Carr is a good QB, they should have taken Bush or D'Brick. No knock on V. Young, but, he would not have went to the Texans under any circumstance. Wasn't meant to be.
Posted: 9:20 AM   by Anonymous
i live in houston, and yeah...everyone here is pretty much pissed at the whol draft scenario playing out the way it did last year....I have been to only 2 texans games so far... one was to see the packers play here, and the other time was because the tickets were so cheap.
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