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1/18/2007 11:17:00 AM

Why Pats should be favored

Even though the game is in Indianapolis, I'm surprised the Patriots are three-point underdogs to the Colts. I think I'm missing something. Here are 10 reasons I thought New England would be a slight favorite. Go ahead, try to convince me otherwise.

1. The Patriots' mastery of the Colts in the postseason: The same principle players and coaches are in place from 2003 and 2004, when New England topped Indy in Foxboro.

2. Brady vs. Manning: Brady is 12-1 in the postseason. Manning is 5-6.

3. Belichick vs. Dungy: Belichick is 13-2 in the playoffs. Dungy is 7-8.

4. Tom Brady is 10-0 in domes.

5. The Colts have looked beatable in the playoffs: They were trying to hand that game over to the Chiefs, but K.C. didn't want it. And I know how tough the Ravens were, but I wasn't as impressed by Indy as everyone else last Saturday. New England's offense is in a different league than Baltimore's.

6. The Colts looked bad the second half of the season: They were 3-4 in their last seven.

7. Manning struggles against 3-4 defenses: The Colts QB had a 39.6 passer rating against Baltimore.

8. Regular-season matchups don't foreshadow playoff rematches: The Colts' 27-20 win over the Pats in Week 9 has little bearing on the postseason. Remember, Indy clobbered Pittsburgh during the 2005 regular season before losing to the Steelers in the playoffs.

9. The Pats' road success neutralizes Indy's home prowess: I know, I know ... The Colts are 9-0 at the RCA Dome. But, New England is 8-1 away from home this year and won at San Diego, where the Chargers were also 8-0.

10. Homefield advantage not a big deal in conference championship games anyway: Road teams have won the last two AFC title games.

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Posted: 11:38 AM   by Anonymous
I tell you the reason why Colts should be favored. It is their time, this is how the NFL works. This is not 2003 or 2004, it is 2007. I have no idea the score or how it will happen, the only thing I know is the Colts will have more points than the Patriots at the end of the contest. It is written, it is done.
Posted: 11:43 AM   by Anonymous
You make a lot of good points. I still say the Colts should be 3 point favorites because they are at home and because they have beaten New England twice during the last 2 regular seasons. It doesn't mean I think the Patriots will lose to the Colts this Sunday. Brady does own Manning in the playoffs and Brady plays his best games in a dome where he is 10-0. My prediction:

Patriots 20 Colts 14.
Posted: 11:49 AM   by Anonymous
Manning's having a terrible post season. Surprisingly the Colt's D has stepped up...

but i like the Pats this weekend. Tom Brady owns Manning.

Pats 28 Colts 20
Posted: 11:52 AM   by Anonymous
I think the two teams are more evenly matched this year then in years past. With that said I would then pass it to the coaches to determine where the edge is.

In this case the edge goes to the Patriots and I expect they will win by one offensive score (FG or TD).
Posted: 11:55 AM   by Anonymous
This really favors the Pats for an upset - they have nothing to lose with this team, they are playing with "House" money at this point.

All the pressure is on Manning, Indy & Dungy. If they lose the stories will flow how they can't win the Big One, can't beat the Pats when it matters.

Watch for an upset - again!

Go Pats!
Posted: 11:56 AM   by Anonymous
OK, whatever you say...Cause it is as
you say......."their time".

I hope you come up with something else
to pin your hopes on.
Posted: 12:00 PM   by Anonymous
We all know Bellichick's record the second time he plays a team. We also know how Brady steps it up another notch in the playoffs.

Posted: 12:00 PM   by Anonymous
If it's their "time" why bother to play the games? 3 points isn't much to be favored by; personally I would never bet against Belichick and Brady...they know how to win.
Posted: 12:07 PM   by Anonymous
Colt Fans, take a hike!

Here it is plain and simple: Who has the superbowl rings? BRADY, 3 to be exact.

Enough Said. Pats WIN!!!
Posted: 12:07 PM   by Anonymous
The BIG threat here is Adam Vinatieri... Can we believe that 3 pts will determine the outcome of this "Superbowl?" I can...without a doubt. The Patriots will keep it very close until the right moment to strike... as Brady has done since stepping in for Boo-Hoo Drew. I think the winner here is the Rookie Gostkowski upsetting the Colts...Money isn't the ONLY reason they let Vinatieri go...if the Pats needed him, they would have found a way to keep him...
Posted: 12:11 PM   by Anonymous
I am trying to figure out what this means: "It is their time" as the reason the Colts are favored.

The Colts are favored because they're at home and nobody has a clue what team is better. But someone would have to be an idiot to bet against Tom Brady in a playoff game no matter where it's played.
Posted: 12:20 PM   by Anonymous
I guess no one else watched the first 3/4 of the last pats game... There's a reason Brady needed a 4th quarter comeback. It just seems nuts to say that Manning's play has been shaky, when Brady has been equally shaky. He just got himself into a deep hole with a win, rather than Manning's shallow hole with a win. Both teams have been vulnerable and looked like they were giving it away.

Two shaky quarterbacks, the defenses make the difference. Colts by 3.
Posted: 12:21 PM   by Bardard
"I tell you the reason why Colts should be favored. It is their time, this is how the NFL works. This is not 2003 or 2004, it is 2007."

Gee, you're right. The Pats already have 3 Superbowl rings, they'll just think 'We've got enough. Why don't we give someone else a chance?' There's no such thing as 'someone's time'. No one 'deserves' anything. It's a competitive game; everything has to be earned on the field.
Posted: 12:24 PM   by Anonymous
"It's their time" is the dumbest argument I've ever heard! The Colts will always be bridesmaids, because they are not good enough. No excuses left for the Colts this time. Pats will roll in the Dome, and make it four rings in six years (the last three on the backs of those blue and white frauds). Colts do deserve to be favored, but they get three points just for being at home. Pats could beat the Colts on the Moon if it was a playoff game. Dungy/Manning VS. Belichick/Brady - Nuff said...
Posted: 12:27 PM   by Anonymous
How can Brady own Manning? I didn't realize Brady had been playing D. More like Ty Law, Rodney Harrison, Seymour, etc. have owned Manning.
Posted: 12:28 PM   by Anonymous
It seems to me that a lot of people really don't know how good Peyton is. Any of ya'll know anything about UT?? It's his turn now, I don't give a flip who has the rings, Peyton will get his. Everyone always said Earnhardt would never win Daytona. Don't say never, it will be done.
Posted: 12:28 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts defense has played great the last two games and the Pats defense isn't nearly as good as the Ravens D. I think the Colts by 14+
Posted: 12:28 PM   by Anonymous
Manning is not a true winner and will never make the big game. He is a great quarterback but never gets it done in the postseason and previous years he was in a better position to do so. He is our generations Dan Marino

Past win
Posted: 12:30 PM   by Anonymous
I live in Boston, and I know for a fact that Patriots will love Sunday night. Peyton will be Peyton again, and there is nothing Patriots would be able to do about. Mark my words, folks! Colts 31, Patriots 14
Posted: 12:30 PM   by Anonymous
Listen... all you Patriot apologists. If you have never seen a Colts game inside the RCA Dome, then you should shut the **** up. That is why the Colts haven't lost a home game this season. The decible level when opposing teams have the ball is actually quite deafening. Watching a game on TV does not give the fan noise justice. Double digit win for the Colts.
Posted: 12:30 PM   by Anonymous
Let's start off first; I'm a Pats fan and I'm not as confident as everyone else seems to be. BUT please can I hear something else other than "I think it's their time" (regarding the Colts), some legit reasons why the Colts will win would be appreciated.
Posted: 12:34 PM   by Anonymous
Manning will dominate this weak secondary. This Pats secondary doesn't compare to past ones, it is not even close to KC's or Balt's. Manning will throw for 3 TD's, Vini kicks 2 FG's and the Colts win 27-10.
Posted: 12:34 PM   by Anonymous
I agree this game will be close and come down to a winning field goal. The difference will be the kick will come from Gostkowski to win the game. Look for Vinatieri to miss a field goal early in the game to set up all kinds of post game analysis.
Posted: 12:35 PM   by Anonymous
Sorry Indy fans...this is not your year. The Pats are coming in and will steamroll the Colts. I see a game much like the 20-3 trashing a few years ago. The Colts run D had a good couple games but with Maroney, Dillon and Faulk all running right at the D....there just isn't a way they can stop all three.

Oh, and #12 is still behind center...
Posted: 12:35 PM   by Anonymous
I can not wait to see Brady and Bellichick cry after they lose. A new era begins in Indianapolis this Sunday.
Posted: 12:36 PM   by Anonymous
It's going to come down who can run the ball better and control the clock. Both Brady and Peyton have good touch throwing short passes. The first team to score 21 will win. Patriots will win but they have to keep the ball out of Peyton's hands.
Posted: 12:37 PM   by Spillisan
It's their time...

What a bunch of crap. I think it's time for the Colts to realize that Peyton Manning can't do it in the big game. Maybe he is better suited to make crappy commercials. Rocket laser arm my ass.
Posted: 12:41 PM   by Anonymous
All correct, but you forgot one: it's hard to play quarterback with both hands wrapped around your throat. Here's a guarantee, Colts fans: Peyton will choke. Like he always does. That overrides everything else.
Posted: 12:41 PM   by Anonymous
"Everyone always said Earnhardt would never win Daytona."

What that has to do with football, I have no idea.

Take your NASCAR talk elsewhere - we're talking about sports here.
Posted: 12:42 PM   by Anonymous
Yeah we Patriots apologists have seen a game in the dome before: when we stood "the edge" up on the 1 yard line and won the game
It'll be a good one this Sunday for sure...make no mistake: the afc championship game IS the superbowl
Posted: 12:42 PM   by Anonymous
The last two time in the post season that the Pats beat the Colts were in Foxboro in freezing temperatures, this game being in the Dome favors the Colts. Sure Manning hasn't played his best in post season, but the last game was against the NFL's best defense. Let's not lose site the Brady did not have a good game against San Diego and if it weren't for some penalties that handed the Pats the game last week the Colts would be traveling to San Diego. The game will be close, but this is the Colts year.

Colts 28 Pats 21
Posted: 12:44 PM   by Anonymous
Wait a minute: we don't know how good Peyton is? Do we know anything about UT? You mean, stuff like Peyton couldn't beat Florida and UT had to wait until after he left to win a championship? Stuff like that?

Peyton's a loser. Always has been. Great stats, no rings, chokes in the clutch. Period. He's the A-Rod of football.
Posted: 12:46 PM   by Parag J

Good arguments by you as always. But in last two regular season games against Colts Belichick has not really assembled good game plans. This season when everyone was running wild against the Colts, the Patriots didn't even try to run. I don't think Manning has been bothered by the Pats defense much lately. The Pats will have to win by scoring.
Posted: 12:46 PM   by Anonymous
Overall I favor the Pat's,especially because of Belichek and Brady. However I have one gnawing doubt. Vinateri will come back to haunt them and make the differnce.
Colts 23 Patriots 20
Posted: 12:48 PM   by Anonymous
Colts have already stopped a better offense than NE this postseason. They already beat a better defense. Pats scrub safeties won't be able to stop Clark in the slot. Old man Dillon and that joke of a rookie Maroney won't even get 100 combined on this new look defense. Peyton's out of the cold this year and Indys speed will rule on the carpet.

I hope Bill gives Tom a few of those cut off sweatshirt sleeves for him to cry in Sunday night.
Posted: 12:50 PM   by Anonymous
People need to be aware that Vinatieri wanted to leave. Never gave the Pats a chance to match Indy's offer.
Also glad people have STOPPED talking about letting receivers go. Deion Branch wasn't worth more than $1 million. The Pats fleeced seattle with that trade.
Posted: 12:50 PM   by Anonymous
Thank you for someone finally saying Brady doesnt own Manning. It's a ridiculous statement saying he does.

Besides...who has won the last two meetings?

Not a fan of either team-

Colts 34 Pats 20
Posted: 12:51 PM   by Anonymous
these are old tapes being played over and over. Go back to previous playoff games and every analyst out there was touting the same reasons for the colts to win. The only problem, they lost! They have been perenial loosers in the big game. There's not one new reason here for that to change. Pats win!
Posted: 12:51 PM   by Anonymous
I can give three good reasons why the Colts should be favorite.

1) The Colts beat the Pats in Indy earlier this season.

2) The Colts decisively shut down the Chiefs and Ravens offences.

3) The Colts have won their playoff games with a mediocre Manning at QB. He's due for a good game... as are the Colts
Posted: 12:51 PM   by Anonymous
While I think it will be a difficult game, I would like to note that the Pats Secondary gave up 10 TD's this season which was a league low. They also gave up the second fewest points in the league and set a franchise record for points allowed. While Peyton is a good QB, the Pats beat San Diego on the road last week after SD had a bye and went 8-0 during the regular season at home. Why anyone would have confidence in Manning during the playoffs seems a little ridiculous to me. The defense has won both games thus far and the Pats offense is slightly better than KC or Baltimore.
Posted: 12:52 PM   by Anonymous
This is clearly a vegas trap - They know that Colts by 3 will spark all sorts of Patriots betting..The Colts had a few bad games in the middle of the season but remember when they started ppl were asking if they'd run the table..then they got bored..I am no fan of either team but think the Colts should win..things change every year in the NFL.
Posted: 12:52 PM   by Anonymous
Not sure how this one is going to go, but think it is going to be a heck of a game. This is the one thing I do know.....never, I repeat, never bet against the Pats. The guy who has bought me lunch the past 2 weeks can attest to that.
Posted: 12:53 PM   by Anonymous
What is all this crap about the Colts D? They played a chiefs team who did nothing to adjust to the 8 or 9 men the colts put in the box because Herm Edwards incompetent. Anyone could stop the run if the coach doesn't challenge the secondary until its too late in the game. Then they played the ravens and a broken down McNair. Meanwhile the Patriots D was a close second to the Ravens D in the only defensive stat that matters, points allowed. If this game comes down to the defenses, I'm sorry to say but the Pats have a distinct advantage
Posted: 12:54 PM   by Anonymous
If Bill wear that "hoody thing on the sideline Sunday, tha Pats deserve to lose.
Posted: 12:55 PM   by Anonymous
This is for the idiot who thinks the PATS will lose because of the noise in RCA dome...Let me ask you where were you guys when the steelers came in to your home last year and beat you guys up. Noise will not play a factor and anyway im sure there will be plenty of PATS fans there just like there was plenty of KC fans at the RCA 2 weeks ago. Thats why Peyton had to go on TV asking colts fans to please not sell their tickets to PATS fans...What a little BIT*#!
Posted: 1:00 PM   by Anonymous
Here's the problem with this game. I think the league is dying to see Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl. Based upon last year's horrible officiating which influenced the outcome between Denver and New England, and the almost resulted in a Colts win against Pittsburgh, I will not be surprised if the Colts get a few bad calls go their way this sunday. Bill Polian is already working the officials on the Colts website. I think the three points is a concession to the home team. The home team usually gets three anyway. Therefore, the game is actually considered effectively a toss up by odds makers.
Posted: 1:02 PM   by Anonymous
Here are the top three reasons the Patriots will win:
1. Seymour, Wilfork and Warren will stuff Addai forcing Manning into third and long situations.
2. The Patriots will abandon the pass to run the two headed monster, Dillon and Maroney right down Main Street.
3. Clock management. With all the garbage that Manning trys to come up with to confuse a less seasoned defense, he'll revert to his old self and burn up time outs when the Patriots don't get suckered in.
Posted: 1:03 PM   by Anonymous
We did the "Lights Out" dance on the Lightning Bolt last Sunday. We'll be doing the "Manning Whine" on the Horseshoe this Sunday
Posted: 1:05 PM   by Anonymous
Patriots over the Colts by 3 points. Vinitari will miss a field goal in the 4th quarter as his karma for taking the cushy dome job for more money finally catches up to him.

Why 3 points? Because the word Patriots has 3 more letters in it then the word Colts.

Laugh if you want, but you'll be showing your friends this post after Sunday night.
Posted: 1:06 PM   by Anonymous
Patriots fans have to remember how they won the san diego game. The chargers gave it away, with dumb mistakes. Before the unbelievable fumble forced by Troy Brown, they were two instances in the 3rd and 4th quarter where the chargers kept the patriots alive:
1st) after killing one of the patriots' drive ( 4th&12?) they pciked a dumb personnal foul. 2nd) the fumbled punt return...what a rookie! After missing the catch, all he had to do was cover it up!

Are these huge mistakes due to lack of experience? Maybe so, but I don't see the Colts making those mistakes.
Posted: 1:07 PM   by Anonymous
The word Patriots has 3 more letter in it then the word Colts. Patriots by 3.

Vinitari misses for his first time ever in the 4th quarter as karma finally catches up with him.
Posted: 1:08 PM   by Anonymous
Here's a reason the Colts could win:
Peyton has been a better game manager in the playoffs than in previous years. He is not forcing things, which has played into the hands of the Patriots defense in previous encounters. This game will require being able to move the chains while keeping the clock running. Peyton has executed this type of offense well the last two weeks. Who knows what the Patriots will do this week, but so far it has been a pretty pass-heavy offense. In this game, whichever quarterback makes fewer mistakes and orchestrates a better running attack will when - gotta be Peyton, based on the past two weeks only.

Colts 15 Pats 10
Posted: 1:08 PM   by Anonymous
colts suck, end of story. i hate both teams, but peyton manning's audible calling at the line is just ridiculous. pats are well rounded. i say vinatieri shanks the winner wide.
30-28 Pats.
Posted: 1:11 PM   by Anonymous
Go ahead, pick the Patriots. You'll be making the same mistake Ravens and Chiefs fans made. We all know the Colts defense has stepped up. Manning hasn't even had his best game yet, and here we are-one win from the Super Bowl.

As the other guy said, this is 2007- to make a prediction based upon previous years is just stupid. You Pats fans (and SI Writers) won't have anything to say come Sunday night. If you think the Pats are going to just show up and win, you're dead wrong. Your overconfidence will be your undoing.
Posted: 1:12 PM   by Anonymous
Have we ever seen a game at the RCA dome? Have you watched the Patriots the last 5 years? They do not care where they play. They just win.

The main reason the Colts will lose...Dungy is an idiot.
Posted: 1:12 PM   by Anonymous
The Pats have a good record in domes but some of those wins are over bad teams. I'd say the coin toss is important; the winner will surely take the ball, the Colts with the hope of scoring, getting the crowd into it and causing Brady problems. If the Pats win, look for them to maybe try a big play early to get an early lead and thus quiet the crowd. A loud crowd won't be enough to beat the Pats but it would help. I agree with the general consensus that the Colts cannot survive a subpar game from Manning, whereas the Pats can withstand that from Brady. I expect both QBs to play well; I'm really thinking the kicker who fares better wins it for his team.
Posted: 1:14 PM   by Anonymous
"Your overconfidence will be you undoing" You sound like the emperor in Return of the Jedi.

Your faith in Manning, Dungy, and the worst run defense in the league will be your undoing.
Posted: 1:16 PM   by Anonymous
I love how most of the Patriots fans on here ignored the gist of the main article, saying that their team is better and should actually be favored on the road, and keyed on the first innocuous pro-Colt post they could find. This has been going on for years. Why can't you all just enjoy your wins and Super Bowls without always having to diss someone else??
That said, 21-17 Colts, because defense and running game win in the postseason, and so far in this one the Colts are doing better at both.
Posted: 1:17 PM   by Anonymous
Man when did the Partiot Fans become Yankee Fans. God you know how annoying it was to hear that the Yankees had more titles then the redsox? Now most of the Redsox fans who more then likely are Patriot fans are doing the same thing. We have 3 rings how many do you have? Jeter has 4 rings how many does your shortstop have? Do us a favor fellow new england fans, get out of the past becuase this years team is pretty damn good too.

Pats 24 Colts 17
Posted: 1:19 PM   by Anonymous
I'm not sure, but I think the Colts lost at home last playoffs to Big Ben and the Steelers. Pats by 6
Posted: 1:21 PM   by Anonymous
One more reason -- Patriots 5-0 in AFC Championship Games. The bigger the game, the greater the mental toughness and focus of the team.
Posted: 1:22 PM   by Anonymous
"the worst run defense in the league will be your undoing."

Uh...Don't you mean the best defense period in the playoffs? Becuase that's the kind of defense the Colts have. Perhaps you should look out for a guy they call Bob Sanders. He wears number 21.
Posted: 1:48 PM   by Anonymous
I have to agree, with most of the comments here, I dont see that "this is thier year" has anything to do with it. its all about knowing how to win the big game! that killer instinct and how bad you want it, I think that the pats are going to win by a nose like they have done so many times, its just seems that brady and the pats
I'm continually amazed at the way you comentators overlook the poor play of Brady. He has had one really good game in the last several. He WASN'T playing the number one defense on Sunday and only had a 59 passer rating. Duh!!
Posted: 1:50 PM   by Anonymous
Whoever said Manning was "...the A-Rod of football" was right on the mark. I've always called him "...the Karl Malone of football" which is in essence the same thing. Pats win.
Posted: 1:56 PM   by Anonymous
I have to agree, with most of the comments here, I dont see that "this is thier year" has anything to do with it. its all about knowing how to win the big game! that killer instinct and how bad you want it, I think that the pats are going to win by a nose like they have done so many times, its just seems that brady and the pats can win when it counts. does manning get flustered in the big games? get nervous? I dont know honestly but something is there that keeps him from winning those all or nothing games. I think his time will come, but not this year. I think this game will be a slow starter and pick up as the game goes into the 3rd and 4th quarters. From New Zealand- GO PATS.

Pats 34 indy 31
Posted: 2:01 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts will win on a field goal by Adam Vinatieri, finally making New England pay for their lack of loyalty to their star players.
Posted: 2:08 PM   by Anonymous
As a Colts fan, this game makes me a little nervous. I think we clearly have the more talented team (I'll call it a wash on D if we show up for this one and our offense is clearly more talented). And yet, somehow anyone who puts on a Patriots jersey turns into Jerry Rice or Emmit Smith. Don't tell me it's all Brady, cuz on the tying touchdown against San Diego, his receiver COULD NOT have been more open, heck I could've made that throw. Still though, there's something in the water in NE, cuz somehow every single player that dons that uni plays better than they ever have before. I like our chances, but anyone sitting here acting like either team is going to dominate is either being a homer or just doesn't know football. This game comes down to a field goal at the end. I just pray that the Colts have the ball last
Posted: 2:09 PM   by Anonymous
The colts defense doesn't completely blow for two games and all of a sudden they're incredibly talent charged according to Colts fans and many sports columnists, including ESPN. Doesn't this seem like wishful thinking? Are we to dismiss an entire season of defensive failure because of two games?

My analysis: The Colts had two solid games defensively and that's all they're going to have this post-season. Mathematically speaking, the odds are the defense will suck as much as they did in most of their other games.
Posted: 2:09 PM   by Anonymous
Most of these posts by Pats fans border on the ridiculous. First, this is a game between the Pats and Colts, not just Brady and Manning. They are two of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played the game, but as everyone seems to forget, this is a team game and Brady has clearly played on the better teams in the past. Anyone who says that Manning's skills are inferior to Brady's knows nothing about football. Brady is a proven winner, but he has also looked horrible at times this year (As one of many examples, did anyone see the second Miami game this year?). Manning will go down as the best quarterback to have ever played the game. Second, there is a reason that the Colts are slightly favored, as they have the homefield advantage. I could be wrong, but haven't the previous Pats playoff victories over the Colts been in Foxboro? This should be a very good game and you could make good points about either team walking off the field with a victory. To confidently say that either team will blow the other out is ridiculous. I can't wait to watch the game. I forsee a high scoring game that either team could pull out.
Posted: 2:12 PM   by Anonymous
Patriots know how to get it done. In the playoffs their players step it up a notch, they are smart, and make good decisions. Anything can happen, but I say never bet against the Pats.
Posted: 2:13 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts will give 3 because they are at home. Definitely look for the Pats to win outright though. I think the resurgent Colts defense has been overstated. They played against 2 "average" at best offenses in KC and Baltimore. The Pats will definitely have a more dynamic offensive plan. Plus the Pats have the best QB in the game, not a couple of decomposing corpses like Trent Green and Steve McNair. Plus incompetent Herm Edwards won't be coaching the Pats, its the mastermind Belichick who'll be scheming Peyton to oblivion. The Pats love playing on the road. 8-1 road record vs 6-3 at home. Brady is unbeaten in domes. It will be interesting but the Pats will prevail in the end.
Posted: 2:21 PM   by Anonymous
It is just like investing in stocks.. "Past performance is no indication of future performance."

The Pats have won in the dome before, with Brady. Unless the RCA Dome has gotten louder, I do not see that being an issue.

Brady and Manning have both been a little off in the playoffs, but BOTH have made the MOST critical plays. That is why they are, with no exceptions, the best QBs of this decade.

I am a Pats fan, but I respect Indy. The Indy offense is machine.

Let's all face it.. this game can go either way. I expect to bite my fingernails down to the bone.
Posted: 2:24 PM   by Anonymous
Silly Pat's fans! Your argument that we have won in the past, so we have to win in the future is without merit. The argument was Peyton couldn't win a playoff game. Then he did. Then he couldn't win a playoff game on the road. Then he did, twice. Then he couldn't beat the Pats at Foxboro. Then he did, twice. Now, he can't win in the playoffs against the Pats. Just like all of your past arguments this one will fail too. So the real question is, don't you ever get tired of being wrong?
Colts 34 Pats 17
Posted: 2:29 PM   by Anonymous
Thank you for being one of very very few lately to realize you just CAN'T pick against New England, not in the post season. It's trendy to try to be the one to forcast the Pat's downfall, for example, from the first post on this board - "It is their time, this is how the NFL works." Glad we had a true NFL analyst to weigh in for us. And that just goes to show how stubborn one can be when they get a little catch phrase in their head - they can completely ignore matchups and history.

Brady and Bellichick, all the way. Pats by 7.
Posted: 2:29 PM   by Anonymous
This should be the highest scoring game of the playoffs. The Pats will need to post at least 28 points to win this game because Manning will throw at least 3 touchdown passes. I predict that the running game goes nowhere for either team. Tom Brady will need to beat Peyton through the air, and that will be tough considering last week's struggles. The Pat's have mojo this season so I predict they will win again by 3.
Posted: 2:31 PM   by Anonymous
I'm tired of seeing commercials with Payton Manning. It would be ironic if the Patriots beat the
Colts on a field goal by their
rookie kicker.
Posted: 2:32 PM   by Anonymous
I am a Colts fan. I have to say that I respect the Patriots. The are both smart and physical. They can run it for 250 yards or run a 5 WR spread. They know how to make adjustments. They have the players who can do it.

I do not understand why my fellow Colt fans do not see this. The Patriots beat us by hitting us in the mouth and then outsmarting us. We should have learned out lesson last year when we lost to Pittsburgh. We needed to fire Dungy because despite all the success the Patriots have had against us over the years, the only thing we did to combat it was complain to the league.

I hope the Colts win, but if they do not, I hope they learn their lesson this time.
Posted: 2:33 PM   by Bernard
Ok lets keep it real the Pats always get bad press (even though they win) because none of our players were ever stars while in college or first round draft picks. So I think a lot of commentators (ex pros) find it offensive that a team of virtually unkown guys is wearing the NFL out. Colts fans "its your time" what a thin hope to base the AFC championship on.
Go Pats!!! prove all the haters wrong!
Posted: 2:33 PM   by Anonymous
Nobody here has a clue. Playoff contests between two great teams rarely play out the way everyone thinks they will. These teams are near equal. The best execution wins it, and who could possibly know who that will be until it is played out.
Posted: 2:48 PM   by Anonymous
To bet against tom Brady in a playoff game, not to mention the AFC Championship would be insane. Brady follows the path of Montana, while Manning is destined to be the next Mariono(all the records, not the rings)! The Patriots are a far better team on both sides of the ball. Pats by 10.
Posted: 2:51 PM   by Anonymous
The Colts have beat a better offense these playoffs already? I can attest the Patriots beat a better offense in San Diego but the closest offense to the Pats was Baltimore's 353 points compared to the Pat's 385.
Posted: 2:53 PM   by Anonymous
Patriots are not as good as past years. They played alot of sub par teams. Look for a Manning rebound. Colts by 16.
Posted: 2:57 PM   by Anonymous
The Pat's are not as good as past years.

Neither is Indy.

Pats 14-10
Posted: 3:05 PM   by Anonymous
Why is it that the Pat's fans come up with reasons why we can win and the Colt's fans do a lot of name calling and not much else? Just wondering is all...
Posted: 3:06 PM   by Anonymous
Chip N Dip,

Patriots have played sub par teams?

Beat Houston: Check
Beat Tenn: Check
Beat Jax: Check

I beleive these are teams the the Colts lost to.

Not only are Jacksonville and Tennessee quality teams, the Patriots beat the San Diego, Jets (twice), and Chicago.

Turn on the NFL Network once in a while.
Posted: 3:10 PM   by Anonymous
You want to be the champ you gotta beat the champ.

Peyton goes to the pro bowl. Tom goes to the Superbowl.

Patriots 34-21
Indy's flawed defense is exposed
Posted: 3:11 PM   by Anonymous
The Patriots will apply pressure to Manning from the edges and disguise their blitz/cover packages. Manning is a fantasy league Qb; he puts up gaudy numbers but he is NO gamer. He doesn't have the poise or smarts to win a Super Bowl. On offense the Patriots will run, run, run. And when the Colts start crowding the line of scrimmage, the Patriots will stretch the field. BTW Colts fans, your defense is a "flash in the pan". . .the body of work over the course of a regular season weighs more than 2 playoff games against average at best offenses.

Patriots 26-Colts 16
Posted: 3:13 PM   by Anonymous
I can't remember the last time the Patriots had to travel to Indianapolis to play a football game. The RCA Dome is 58,000 screaming fans jammed into a space that is about right for a 20,000 seat basketball arena. There simply can't be a louder stadium in the NFL. And the fans aren't miles away from the sidelines. They are right there to say hello and good luck as the opposing players walk by.

Anybody team in the NFL can win on their own field. Sunday will tell the story.
Posted: 3:19 PM   by Anonymous
I think this will be a close-matchup and both Qb's will need to play flawless games. However I think Tommy will be terrefic (save any tipped passes for picks) and manning will choke when it counts the most. Adam wont even get a chance. My prediction Pats win 24-21. Oh and Look for Asante to be the MVP of this game hes swarming under the radar.
Posted: 3:24 PM   by Anonymous
To paraphrase a famous line from the movie the Princess Bride, there are 3 things you should never do: start a land war in Asia, bet against a Sicilian when your life is on the line, and bet against Tom Brady and the Pats in the post-season.
Posted: 3:41 PM   by Anonymous
the big ones up there are that peyton doesn't play well against the 3-4 and tom brady is 10-0 in doems, not to mention, peytons mo is to choke when it matters, that is a proven track record all the way back to tennesee.

prediction New England wins a close one on the leg of a rookie.

New England 27 Colts 24
Posted: 3:42 PM   by Anonymous
the big ones up there are that peyton doesn't play well against the 3-4 and tom brady is 10-0 in domes, not to mention, peytons mo is to choke when it matters, that is a proven track record all the way back to tennesee.

prediction New England wins a close one on the leg of a rookie.

New England 27 Colts 24
Posted: 3:42 PM   by Anonymous
I think mr. perloff should get his head checked. The colts d is playing unbelievably well and the run game has stepped up. Even though Manning may not be on fire, neither are the Patriots. If they were to lose Tom Brady they would be finished. This match promises to be an exciting game and should be very close.
Posted: 3:55 PM   by Anonymous
I got tired of reading all the same remarks up top....some were very true and insightfull.

I am a PATs fan and I will always be through good and bad...enough said on that.

Brady has not looked solid all year and he was not solid through last weeks game. We won because SD players could not control thier emotions. As well as some key plays (like the one from Mr. Brown)

Colts D has improved with a certain saftey back in the line up. I think that is the key to the colts D. If he is out then the D will suffer.

This will be a hard game and it will come down to which team plays more disciplined, team focused football. Who ever has the most turn-overs/penalties will lose.
Posted: 4:25 PM   by Anonymous
Here are some reasons why the Colts will win:
1. The defense has stepped it up at the right time. They've stuffed LJ and Lewis. Maroney and Dillon will be shutdown as well, forcing Brady to throw 50+ attempts again. He got lucky against SD, but will not be as lucky against the Colts. Mathis and Freeney will harass him all day. The return of Bob Sanders has re-energized this unit.

2. Addai and Rhodes are capable of punishing the Pats D. If the ground game gets going early, look for Peyton to sustain long drives or score TD's in the 4th Quarter against an exhausted defense.

3. The Colts have won the past 2 meetings. I think they're starting to figure out the Pats' schemes.

4. Vinatieri. I still can't believe the Pats let this guy go (and to the Colts for that matter).

5. What better way for Peyton Manning to prove his doubters wrong by beating Brady in the playoffs? He's going to play with more fire this time around.
Posted: 4:27 PM   by Anonymous
I have disliked Bill Belichick since his Browns days (I know move on already), and I think the Pats have this smug arrogance that's annoying, I just can't rule against them. I don't think they're better than the Colts, but I do think they're one of the best coached, best prepared (if not the best) teams in the league, and this is coming from a person who has the utmost respect and admiration for Tony Dungy. I would like nothing better than to see the Colts come out and smash on the Patriots, and I'd like nothing better than to see Tony Dungy become the first African American coach to take a team to the Superbowl, while ridding himself of the can't win the big one moniker, I don't think it's going to happen. Not this day. What the hay, Go Colts!
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Anonymous
You have to admit that the Colts do have a perfect set. They have Manning who could never win the big one at Tenn matched up with Dungy who could not take the best team in Football anywhere in Tampa Bay. You like this combination? You feel that this is the key? This is why they will break through and finally win?

This is almost as dumb as the argument that since Manning has had 2 bad games so far he will play phenomonally this week, but since their defense has finally had 2 good games, that they will also play phenomonally.

Look around at stats. Gaffney/Caldwell past 2 weeks have put up better stats than, Harrison/Wayne. If you want to tell me the KC brings a tough defense than you should smack yourself for me. Also, whilst at it if you can tell yourself that Trent Green did not choke against your Colts than you are in for a very very rude awakening this weekend.

I respect your Colts, Peyton has one of he best arms I have evern seen. I just wish he had the heart to go with it because it would make him the NFL's Jordan of this era. I was worried about the San Diego game, but I remembered that Shot was coaching it. I want to worry about Indy, but it is Dungy/Peyton. Kids, this is not the regular season. The records during the season does not matter then. We did not even have Gaffney when the Pats played Indy last.

Brady has had a rough season gelling with new receivers this year, and yet we are in the AFC Championship. We just beat a team with 9 Pro Bowlers, but hey we do have to play the Colts at home. Forgive me for not being overly paranoid about this.
Posted: 5:04 PM   by Anonymous
Just to remind everyone the Patriots are 5-0 in AFCCG. Look for the streak to continue.

Patriots 34
Colt 21
Posted: 5:11 PM   by Anonymous
We'll see if Brady VS Manning is different when playing a playoff game in Peyton's house. Peyton has wipped him the last two games in Brady's own back yard. Brady would be the goat of the playoffs if SD knew how to hang on to his horrible interceptions, stop head butting, and catch a punt. Colts will not be so generous. Colts will embarrass the Pats. Colts >27, Pats <20.
Posted: 5:12 PM   by Anonymous
For all the Colts fans who say "this is our year, it's Peyton's time" please remember that Pats fans are also Red Sox fans. We were saying that vs. the Yankees for 86 years. You have about 83 to go. Good luck Sunday.
Posted: 5:21 PM   by Anonymous
The argument that Manning isn't a winner and can't do it in the post season is stupid. Last time I checked, more than just the quarterback contributes to a team's victory. Yes the QB is the leader on the field, but he cannot make others execute. Give me a break. I am a Pats fan, and last time I checked I can't remember anyone blaming Brady for a loss. Two teams, 22 players facing off, that is football, not just one man.
Posted: 5:22 PM   by Anonymous
There is one and only one reason the Colts are favored....the turf...not home field, not the crowd noise, not those goofy huge mascots.... The speed turf favors Colts D line and their WRs.

If Dungy cant find a way to get those talented WRs open vs. mostly DB scrubs...then shame on him
Posted: 5:42 PM   by Anonymous
Wow! As a Dolphin fan, of course I hate the Evil Empire, but after reading so many arrogant remarks piled one after the other, it seems if Patriot fans are dead set on being hated by EVERYONE!!!! Go Colts!!
Posted: 5:47 PM   by Anonymous
Payton deserves it, can you say not. With all the BS he's been through (Tenn) and all the negative talk for the last several years, it is quite simply getting old. The team feels it and they will prove to the world this Sunday that they deserve to be there. The Colts will no doubtly control this game to the finish. Just watch my friends.
Posted: 9:07 AM   by Anonymous
You are a lost idiot.. It is time for Peyton and the Colts to exorcise their post-season demons..

I suggest that you either get on the Colts-wagon or pack your bags and load them on a Mayflower van and move on..

See you in Miami!!
Posted: 8:27 PM   by Anonymous
All we're going to hear about is how great Peyton Manning is if the Colts win the Super Bowl. If they lose, Tony Dungy will be the one we hear about.
The Bears offensive coordinator should wake up and open up the play book. He had a chance to put the game away early, but chose to sit on a lead early in the first quarter. Now he's gotten the team trailing, it will be too late if he waits until the fourth quarter to play aggressive on offense.
Posted: 9:08 PM   by Anonymous
Can the colts have any more challenge calls? go Colts!
Posted: 9:10 PM   by Anonymous
Keep challenging baby! go colts!
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