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3/07/2007 03:37:00 PM

Will Raiders trade Moss?

Randy Moss had just 42 catches for 553 yards and three touchdowns last year.
John Iacono/SI

How many teams really want a 30-year-old malcontent wide receiver coming off his worst season? We're about to find out, as the Raiders field offers for Randy Moss. Let's handicap the odds for where Moss will end up:

New England: The Pats were apparently interested, but appear less likely to pursue Moss now that they traded for Wes Welker and reportedly made a hefty offer to free-agent Donte' Stallworth. If Stallworth turns them down, maybe Moss comes back into the picture. I'm not convinced New England needs Moss in the first place. The Pats' lack of big-time receivers hurt them last year, but they were not far off from winning the Super Bowl. A moderate improvement at that position is all they need.
Odds: 15/1

Green Bay: The Packers signed troubled Koren Robinson last year, so Moss won't scare them. Former disgruntled Raider Charles Woodson had eight interceptions for them last year, which might lead them to think they can resuscitate Moss' career.
Odds: 8/1

Tampa Bay: NFL.com reported that the Bucs contacted Oakland about Moss. This might imply Tampa Bay believes Georgia Tech wideout Calvin Johnson won't be available at No. 4 in April's draft. Tampa Bay desperately needs a vertical threat on offense, although I'm not sure Moss would be happy with Jeff Garcia at quarterback -- assuming he can beat out Chris Simms and maybe Jake Plummer.
Odds: 12/1

Jacksonville: Jacksonville was a rumored destination for Moss a couple of weeks ago, but not much seems to be developing. The Jags have invested in first-round picks WRs Reggie Williams and Matt Jones, but still lack a bona fide deep threat. The rumor may have started because the Jags hired Moss' former coach Mike Tice as an assistant.
Odds: 40/1

San Diego: San Diego's one weak spot on offense is receiver and it's interesting to imagine Moss facing single coverage as teams focus on LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. Three reasons the Chargers haven't been mentioned much in the Moss chatter: 1) Moss has played poorly against San Diego over the last two seasons; 2) Raiders owner Al Davis wouldn't help a divisional rival; 3) Norv Turner is San Diego's new coach.
Odds: 75/1

Oakland: Davis has a history of asking for too much and the Raiders likely still want to try to get something out of the investment they've already made in Moss.
Odds: 2/1

Where do you think Randy Moss will play next season?

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Posted: 4:42 PM   by Anonymous
Tampa Bay makes a lot of sense. Trade Randy Moss for Jake Plummer and a second round pick.
Posted: 4:43 PM   by packattack2020
If Moss leaves Oakland, the only place he will CHOOSE to reignite his once formidable engine is in GREENBAY. He salivates at the thought of hooking up with a living legend to revitalize his own career, and you can bet big bucks our boy BRETT will toss the ball up just the way Moss likes it.
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
Miami dolphins,
wes welker is gone and Mcmichael,
which were are 2 leading recievers.
Character wont be an issue, we just inked joey porter
Posted: 4:47 PM   by Anonymous
The patriots could turn Moss into the league's number 1 receiver. If they snag him, it would be a tremendous signing for New England. I think Belichick is just biding his time.

Jonathan in VA
Posted: 4:47 PM   by Shawn Guido/ Pittsburgh
Who really cares, its players like Moss that ruin the NFL. He should be happy he is still in the league rather than acting like he is still a premier reciever. He and Terrell should start a frozen Ice Parlor together.
Posted: 4:52 PM   by Anonymous
Green Bay seems to be the most likely destination for Moss. He has already expressed interest in playing with Brett Farve and its a good way for him to get back at the Vikings organization. Having Charles Woodson there might entice him to play there with his former team-mate.
New England seems like the less of a place he could play, even if Donte Stallworth doesn't pan out. They already used their second-round pick to get Wes Welker and I don't think they will part with a 1st-Rounder for Moss. They could send a third-rounder, but it better have some hot prospects attached to it.
Posted: 4:52 PM   by Scott Strumberger
As a huge Moss fan, I'd like to see him end up in Green Bay, and I think that's his likely destination. If one remembers back, when Favre first announced he was coming back, there were whispers that he wanted MOss on the team. They have a 2nd round pick to give up, and their offense could be very good if they draft Money Lynch at #15. you would have a deep threat in Moss, a solid move the stick guy in Driver, and emerging Greg jennings in the slot.
Posted: 4:55 PM   by Anonymous
I think Randy Moss will be a good trade if the right team picks him. If he goes somewhere where there's a solid QB(something the Raiders haven't had in a while), I think he'll show everyone 30 ain't old yet!
Posted: 4:58 PM   by Anonymous
If traded he will go to NE if they will have him, Moss won't go to another team that he doesn't feel have a shot at at least making the playoffs. I'm pretty sure, malcontent or no, that Moss learned what happens when you go to a second rate team just for the money. My guess is NE or stay in Oakland.
Posted: 5:02 PM   by Anonymous
tampa must NOT get moss, they need to get CJ21, he will be a playmaker, along with caddy and simms on offense
Posted: 5:09 PM   by Albert
As much as I hate to say it, I think Randy Moss will be an Oakland Raider at the start of next season. 2-reasons. 1.$price, no one will pay him what he's scheduled to make with Oakland this year, and Moss will not renogotiate down to what 2nd tier recievers make such as Kevin Curtis, etc. 2. He's not the player he used to be. Add the attitude it's a locker room killer. No way any team, makes him there go to guy. So Oakland is stuck with a has been at least for one more season. So have a smoothie on me and tell Randy to open a Taco Del Mar next....

Honolulu Raider
Posted: 5:13 PM   by Chris
NYJ...back with Chad
Can't let him go to Ne
Posted: 5:16 PM   by RaiderAce
Who cares where he plays, he's a non-factor.

Just get him outta Oakland!
Posted: 5:34 PM   by Anonymous
Tom Brady,rodney Harrison and the rest of the veterans on the patriots will help moss fly straight not to mention he will get a shot at a championship ring moss will do well in New England. give tom Brady some weapons and look out
Posted: 5:36 PM   by Ari
Posted: 5:37 PM   by Anonymous
How about Dallas... Moss and TO. Oh the stories we would get.
Posted: 5:39 PM   by Anonymous
Moss meeds to go to Green Bay!! then these suckers that are hating on him can jump back on his balls just like they use to be !!! I remember when he came into the league there were haters talking about him and he proved them wrong. that will happen again if he hooks up with Brett Favre!!! All the haters will be back on his jock trying to pick him up on their FF team!!!
Posted: 5:48 PM   by Anonymous
Posted: 5:51 PM   by Anonymous
He would be a perfect fit in San Diego, but he'll probably be a Packer by the time the season starts.
Posted: 5:55 PM   by Anonymous
I think there is a possibility that he might end up playing for the Tennessee Titans.
Posted: 5:56 PM   by Anonymous
Moss will stay in Oakland. Not because he wants to, but because Oakland WILL be taking Russel with their #1 pick, and Russels big arm combined with Moss' speed is what Al Davis wants. He's not going anywhere. However, it wouldn't matter if the Raiders got Peyton Manning as their new QB, until they put 5 guys together who can protect the quarterback, their offense will never click.
Posted: 5:58 PM   by Jim from Wisconsin
here's hoping its Green Bay that gets him.
Posted: 6:02 PM   by Anonymous
Who cares where Moss lands? He's a typical NFL wide receiver head case with a lot of talent still, if he decides to use it. His best bet would be to stay in Oakland, which will probably draft Jamarcus Russell from LSU -- you know, the guy who can throw a football 80 yards.
Posted: 6:08 PM   by Anonymous
He would NOT be a good fit in San Diego. For one thing, AJ Smith wouldn't take him, period; and for another, LT wouldn't tolerate his antics (and if you don't get along with LT, you won't last long in SD.)
Posted: 4:56 PM   by Anonymous
Why would someone trade a first round pick for Moss when there is Johnson, Jarrett, Ted Ginn, Sidney Rice, Dwayne Bowe, and Robert Meachem available in the 1st round? These guys are younger, cheaper, and they don't have attitude problems!
Posted: 12:19 PM   by Anonymous
He wont be going anywhere. I say the raiders sit him on the bench all season and let him learn a lesson that he is not bigger than this game.
- a frustrated raider fan
Posted: 8:24 PM   by Anonymous
Who cares! The Faiders need so much just on offense, they are a couple of years away from doing anything. Especially with San Diego in their division.
Posted: 8:28 AM   by Anonymous
As a HUGE Viking fan, I hope Moss goes to Green Bay or Chicago.
Posted: 12:28 PM   by Anonymous
Packer fans are a joke. When he was with the Vikings, Moss was viewed by Packer backers as a punk, a thug and public enemy no. 1. Now, after signing another former Viking and criminal castoff Koren Robinson, Cheesehead nation is begging for Moss? Sad how the Packers seem to be sacrificing pride in a once proud organization for one last attempt to make a playoff run with a washed up Farve. The Packers also need a running back... maybe Ricky Williams will be available.
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