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4/16/2007 03:04:00 PM

Five Potential Busts in the 2007 Draft

Chris Houston shot up draft boards after an impressive performance at the NFL Scouting Combine.
Kevin Terrell/Wireimage

SI.com's Peter King says teams are very nervous about paying overrated first-round prospects this year. Here are five players I think have a high probability of being busts:

JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU (FILM ROOM): If Russell goes No. 1 overall to the Raiders, No. 2 to the Lions or No. 3 to the Browns, he'll be placed in a position to lose that might be hard to climb out of. And there are still lingering questions about his passion for the game.

Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas (FILM ROOM): Anderson appears to be on his way up on draft boards around the NFL, but he may be benefiting from the lack of can't-miss defensive prospects in the first round. Anderson had one good year at Arkansas and is still raw.

Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas (FILM ROOM): Houston has shot up draft boards since running a 4.32 40 at the combine, but there are several scouts who doubt his college production warrants a first-round selection.

Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FILM ROOM): Another possible workout wonder whose impressive physical skills didn't translate into consistent production at Miami. Olsen could go in the first half of the first round.

Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin (FILM ROOM): This isn't a judgment on Thomas per se, but teams have had trouble evaluating elite left tackles the last few years. Robert Gallery was the No. 2 overall pick in 2004 and no one could have imagined he wouldn't pan out. Meanwhile, Marcus McNeill, who looks like a perennial All-Pro, fell to No. 50 overall last year. I think there's a lot of intangibles at this position and even though I'm probably alone on this one, I don't buy Thomas' "can't-miss" label.

Let me know who you think will be a bust.

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Posted: 3:10 PM   by Anonymous
Wow, you're the first person I've seen to doubt Thomas. I think he's gonna be good, but I do agree No. 2 might be a little too high. I would go CJ No. 1 and then take the two QBs at 2-3. Russell first, Quinn second.
Posted: 3:11 PM   by Anonymous
Russell is going to be a star. Just wait and see. Russell to Moss is going to be the storyline of the 2007 season.
Posted: 3:12 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn- Quinn's ability to play big in the big game would be a concern to me. He played well versus sub-par competition but Russell played in a VERY tough SEC.
Posted: 3:16 PM   by Jay Sweet
No doubt that Russell has the potential to be the biggest bust. In addition to the factors Andy cited, there is also the fact that college QBs who rely on an amazing long ball have a very mixed record in the NFL, especially in these days when nearly every team is employing a lot of short read plays a la West Coast offense.

If the Raiders can bring in a veteran QB (McCown?) so that Russell has lots of time to develop the pro game (and not to mention keeping him from getting constantly sacked while the Raiders shore up the rest of their offense), then the kid might do alright. But if he's thrown to the dogs in '07, and behind the Raiders current O-line to boot? The poor guy will have no chance!
Posted: 3:16 PM   by Anonymous
i'm not sure that Olsen's production was related to him being inconsistent. i think it migt be more related to the struggles of kyle wright.
Posted: 3:33 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn. Accuracy and not having Weis around will be his downfall.
Posted: 3:34 PM   by Anonymous
I'm sick of people saying thinks like Jay Sweet about Russell "college QBs who rely on an amazing long ball have a very mixed record in the NFL" Obvioiusly you never watched LSU play or maybe saw one game. LSU's offense was never very vertical, a lot of the fans her were always yelling at Jimbo Fisher wondering why we didnt throw it deep more when we have a QB with the strongest arm since Elway. His YPA were 9.15, completion % 67.8 (6th in the NCAA), his efficiency was 167 (3rd in NCAA), and a long pass of 58 yrds. 58 yrds?!?! doesnt sound to me like a QB relying on the long-ball to get the job done.
Posted: 3:34 PM   by Anonymous
Alan Branch. He doesn't seem to have the "fire in the belly" to compete hard every down.
Posted: 3:35 PM   by Anonymous
Do you guys honestly think that Peter ``I love the NE Patriots'' King is going to label Quinn as a bust prospect? Not with his favorite college coach Charlie Weiss as his mentor.

Russell is probably the best talent in this draft. Only someone who has an agenda against him would think he would be a ``bust.''
Posted: 3:37 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn played with subpar talent on a team with sub par defense forcing him to take more chances. Russell played on a team with elite stars and elite defense so he didn't have to do much and still he lost games. If not for Brady ND would have been abismal like under Holiday and Battle. Most forget he scored what would have been the winninf TD against USC in 2005 if not for the bad defensive call, bad ball placement by the officials and the Bush push.
Posted: 3:38 PM   by Anonymous
Alan Branch = Ryan Sims
Ted Ginn, Jr. = Troy Williamson
Marshawn Lynch = Tim Biakabatuka
Posted: 3:40 PM   by Anonymous
brady quinn got 3 of last year's wins against the three service academies. all three of those teams are terrible, and navy barely squeaks by with a winning record every other year. every time ND played against a ranked opponent, they got blown out. quinn's production is clearly the work of coach weis' magic and any team drafting him in the first round will be sorry.
Posted: 3:52 PM   by Alex Brill
The numbers show there will be more busts than booms so to say its any one guy is easy there have been so many cant miss guys who have missed and so many definite busts who have done great so b4 everyone jumps to conclusions which everyone loves to do just sit back and talk about previous drafts and wait 2 years to talk about this one
Posted: 3:56 PM   by The Squid
Ginn, Jr. Being fast in the Big Ten is fine and dandy but NFL corners are as fast as he is.
Posted: 3:57 PM   by Anonymous
the biggest bust of this years draft WILL be brady quinn NO DOUBT!!
Posted: 3:58 PM   by Anonymous
Bradt is the only solid QB in this draft Russel will end up being a carrer back-up By the way if randy moss gets his act together andrew walter may be an eventual processes in the work.
Posted: 3:59 PM   by a Badger/Packer fan
One thing to keep in mind for Joe Thomas is that he could have come out of Wisconsin to the NFL last year as a junior. Unfortunately, he was injured in the 2006 Capital One Bowl while helping his team fill in gaps on its defensive line--definitely a team-first move in what could have been his last college game. Now, with another full and solid year of Big Ten experience, Thomas should be at least as good as he was projected to be last year, which was excellent.

While talking about Wisconsin and the Capital One Bowl, it seems worthwhile to note that Wisconsin beat Arkansas in this year's Capital One Bowl relying heavily on good passing offense despite winning during the regular season with a strong running game. If Jamaal Anderson and Chris Houston were truly impact players at their positions, DE and CB, shouldn't they have been able to be more disruptive against Wisconsin's somewhat lackluster passing attack?

I can't wait to see what actually happens in this year's draft.
Posted: 3:59 PM   by Anonymous
Adrian Petterson - No question. Not to say that he doesn't have the athleticism or potential to be a big play back, but the guy gets hurt when the wind blows. I just don't see him standing up to the pounding he's going to take in the NFL.
Posted: 4:01 PM   by Anonymous
Dwayne Jarrett doesn’t have the speed to gain the separation he achieved at USC, playing overmatched opposition. He’ll be good, but will likely deliver second or third round production. His fellow WR, Steve Smith (quicker, more compact and stronger), will be more productive in the NFL.

Adrian Peterson is far too injury prone to absorb the kind of punishment he will in the NFL. I’d be hugely surprised if he ever played a 16 game season. Why burn a top 5 pick on someone that has been hurt so often, and while playing for a dominant college team? Marshawn Lynch will give you better all around production, more durability, and can be had 10-15 spots down the draft board.

Trent Edwards seems to be one of those guys that scouts want to like, but won’t deliver the goods with any real impact on Sunday. He’ll get selected before Troy Smith, who will hugely outperform him, just like he did in college. I imagine his ‘promise’ will ensure that Edwards wears a visor and carries a clipboard on an NFL sideline for 10 or so season, though. Nice work if you can get it.
Posted: 4:03 PM   by Anonymous
Why do you have to "knock" Russell because you're so partial to Brady Quinn. Even having the audacity to say that Quinn played with sub par talent. Do you consider Jeff Samrjia, Rhema McKnight, Darious Walker, etc. sub par talent? If my memory serves me correct they'll all be playing on Sundays next season, am I correct? Well with the exception of Samarjia seeing that he choose a career in the majors (baseball). I agree that ND defense may not have been the caliber of LSU's but I counter that by the fact that ND does not play in the brutal SEC week in week out. All I'm saying is this... if you prefer Brady Quinn, fine. But don't go downing J. Russell just because you feel Brady's a better QB. Just state the fact that you think Brady's the better of the 2 without discrediting all that Russell's done over the course of his careet at LSU because quite frankly there have been quite a few "big" games where Quinn didn't quite show himself to be "big"... ala Sugar Bowl 2007 (against you know who).
Posted: 4:06 PM   by Anonymous
Has any one thought the reason why brady had success at notre dame was because he played no body schools and when he faced a mediocre school he lost by about three touchdowns????? my prediction:will b a starter @ beginning and a free agent at the end
Posted: 4:08 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is the second coming of Rick Mirer. Until Weis showed up this guy was an also ran. No one took him seriously and i still don't. he can't beat teams. he's not a threat. what did he do against a michigan team that got exposed by chris leak of all people (nothing), what did he do face to face with JaMarcus Russell, nothing...he sucks ass
Posted: 4:09 PM   by forrest
Brady quinn good:I laugh at any one who says that. He has played no good schools and WON. He will be a free agent by the end of the season
Posted: 4:10 PM   by Anonymous
Arm strength is only needed to a certain point and Brady Quinn is past that point. He has much better mechanics and he even had a faster 40 time, there are barely any reasons why Jamarcus Russel is better than him. SO I think that Russell will bust, not Quinn.

Jamarcus Russell= Marques Tuiasosopo
Posted: 4:11 PM   by Anonymous
i think russell over quinn but quinn will be a bust. i just have this feeling that al davis is going to take calvin johnson #1 he has to because russell at #1 he will be a bust with that o-line and brady quinn i just don't see that fire in his eyes for winning
Posted: 4:12 PM   by Anonymous
Russell will be the biggest bust, He is too much like Byron Leftwich. He will get sacked multiple times again (especially playing in the same division as Shawne Merriman) and the Raiders have too many problems for him to succeed. Also Jarrett will be a huge bust. He is nearly identical to Mike Williams.
Posted: 4:14 PM   by Josh
Brady Quinn... anyone remember Rick Mirer? Another Notre Dame QB that was supposed to be a sure fire hall of famer. This will be a repeat. If Quinn didn't have a 6'5" Jeff Smardjdza (sp?) going up against corners who arent even in the draft, Quinn's #s and ND's record would have been mediocre.
Posted: 4:14 PM   by Anonymous
I think Russell will be a bust. Quinn is also overrated though, his long ball is disgusting, hes a west coast offense quarterback only, so unless he gets into the right offense he'll be mediocre at best.
Posted: 4:26 PM   by Anonymous
In looking at the past few years, it's clear that systems seem to be making athletes successful instead of vice versa. Think Broncos running game, Patriots defense, Steelers defense/power run game, even the Colts offense where they simply plug in backs and a guy like Stokely gets 1000 yds and 10 TDs.

So my argument is that these guys will only be as successful as the teams that draft them. The guy drafted by the Cardinals will probably be a bust, but the guy taken by the Bucs will probably work out. When David Carr is leading the Panthers to the playoffs one of the next few years, that point will be driven home again.
Posted: 4:26 PM   by Anonymous
I honestly believe that both Arkansas players are overhyped and will be overdrafted come April 28th. As a recent grad of Auburn I saw a lot of SEC football including the Arkansas Auburn game last year. Look for Adrian to be the best of the draft class.
Posted: 4:28 PM   by Anonymous
One of the big knocks on Quinn is the long ball, his tendency to just throw it up there and hope his guys come down with it. A counterpoint to that argument is that this is deliberate - Samardzija is a good athlete but he's not outrunning anyone, and same thing for the two guys who are across from him. Has anyone seen what he's done in workouts? In a different scheme he might handle things differently.
Posted: 4:31 PM   by rbpalmer
Whomever the Redskins pick first.
Posted: 4:34 PM   by Anonymous
I am still waiting for Brady Quinn and the Irish to get the commander and cheif award.
Posted: 4:36 PM   by Anonymous
Even though Adrian Peterson is regarded as the best running back in the draft, I don't think he'll have a good pro career. Yes he is a big body with good speed, but he's too fragile. NFL defenses are going to eat him up.
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
JaMarcus Russell = Ryan Leaf
Brady Quinn = Rick Mirer
Adrian Peterson breaks a bone every time he sneezes...

Last year, Mario Williams was the second coming of Reggie White and Vince Young would "never make it as an NFL passer".

Now tell me how you really feel.
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
"Russell is going to be a star. Just wait and see. Russell to Moss is going to be the storyline of the 2007 season."

You are an idiot. Only two QB's in the modern era have been a major impact while starting as rookies: Marino and Roethlisberger.

Both of those QB's went to considerably better teams than where Russell will be drafted. Please dig your head out of your butt and reevaluate your belief that "Russell to Moss is going to be the storyline of the 2007 season.".

Two other notes that prove that you don't have a clue:

1. Calvin Johnson, not Jamarcus
Russell is atop the Raider's draft board.

2. Randy Moss will likely be traded by the Raiders.
Posted: 4:46 PM   by Anonymous
I read this board and just want to laugh. I mean, honestly... football is a team sport. Russell... if he goes to the Raiders, will still have to contend with their O-Line and their bad attitude WR corps. Quinn, if he goes to Detroit or Cleveland, will still be camped out behind questionable O-lines. Thomas... will be one of 5 linemen for whatever team lands him. Too much is being put on these kids as being "saviors". In the defense of all of them, playing at the level any of them have at the collegiate level is still quite an accomplishment that I doubt anyone here has matched.
Posted: 4:47 PM   by McAlister
Jamarcus Russell is going to be a bust. Anytime the biggest thing people talk about with a guy is how much of a freak athlete he is, or long he can throw the ball, that's never a good sign.

Look at history. Guys like Russell fail in the NFL.
Posted: 4:51 PM   by Anonymous
Russell's going to be the next Akili Smith or Kyle Boller....I love it when scouts talk constantly about arm strength and when players do little trick throws like throwing 50 yards on their knees or 40 yards on their butts....he's not that accurate, and he's considered immature and lazy....
Posted: 4:53 PM   by Anonymous
The sleeper pick of the entire draft will be Auburn's Kenny Irons. Everyone has forgotten that he runs like a bowling ball rolling downhill and has quick feet and great vision to match. Whoever drafts AU's sparkplug will be the clear winner in this years draft. He reminds me of Emmitt Smith, excellent gametime player without the "workout wonder" times. Just wait and see.
Posted: 4:53 PM   by Anonymous
How many games has Brady Quinn lost in the last 2 years? None, his defense lost every single one of them, giving up 30-50 points. Give the dude some credit.

I think a team looking for a QB would do quite well if they got Quinn.
Posted: 4:56 PM   by Anonymous
The SEC is overated cause there are cupcakes Ole Miss, missippi state, Vandy,and Kentucky so i think russell gets a little to over hyped. Adams is a little to small to play d end but could play a hybrid D end/olb. Peterson's rujnning style is not so much like the nlf (in between tackles)and college (outside the tackels)
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Anonymous
Only CJ seems a "can't miss".Can u imagine what he would have done at USC?? What if he'd played for Texas Tech or Hawaii? (Man,ur talking Play station numbers).As for the QB'S Non of them are "Certs",all have a bit of upside and a bit of downside so why are they freakin being considered "Top 3" material?? (and mega dough to boot)
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Maxwell
whoever the Browns draft will be the biggest bust. thats just the way it goes. somehow someway they'll figure out a way to screw it up
Posted: 5:04 PM   by h.D
I truly believe that Calvin Johnson will go number 2 to Detroit and from there he will continue the trend of WR's selected by the Lions in the first round. I believe that wide receivers drafted top ten overall never pan out the way they are suppose to. We'll just have to wait and see.
Posted: 5:06 PM   by Anonymous
quinn doesn't play in a "west coast" offense. he did under willingham, no weis. russell is a physical wonder and could be really good or be out of the league in 3 years. quinn will be a back-up at worse. just remember 1998 when it was peyton vs leaf. similar comparisons and look who panned out? brady goes #3 to cleveland and revitalizes a franchise in his home state.
Posted: 5:08 PM   by Anonymous
Why does everyone say that Quinn plays poorly in big games, and then completely overlook Russell's performances in the LSU-Florida and LSU-Auburn games? Am I the only person who saw those games? Also, against USC this year, Quinn had 280 passing yards, 80 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions. That sounds like a good game against a top-10 team to me.
Posted: 5:10 PM   by Anonymous
For a 6'6 QB, Russell has a strong arm and is very accurate (67% completion) in the very tough SEC. He can throw the short, medium and long pass. 67% completion playing against SEC defenses (speed and pro-style blitzes and coverages on the regular). As far as those who disparaged strong armed QBs, have you ever heard of Dan Marino, John Elway, and Brett Farve?
Posted: 5:11 PM   by Anonymous
believe it or not, Calvin Johnson will be a bust. let me qualify that; the expectation of him is so huge, if he does not get 8 touchdowns or more, lead his team to 5 more wins than last year, and not make the highlight reel at least 3 times in his first 5 games, he will be frowned upon.
Posted: 5:15 PM   by Anonymous
Someone from above needs to go back and check the stats from the Capital One Bowl from this year:
Wisconsin only had 206 yards passing (DOESNT SOUND TO HEAVY TO ME)And had -5 yards rushing.
Anderson had 5 (2 sacks)tackles 4 of which were for loss. And Chris Houston had one of the two interceptions. Do some research before spouting off stats from now on.

However, Chris Houston is going to be a huge bust if he goes in the first round.
And Anderson will do just fine he just has to mature a little bit.

The biggest flops are going to be Russell or Quinn, both of these are products of a system.
Posted: 5:20 PM   by Anonymous
Actually it is anyone who the lions take that will be a bust and if they trade the pick, the player select at #2 will be a star. Lions fans will continue to suffer.
Posted: 5:30 PM   by Anonymous
I have yet to hear any legit beefs with Russell; comparisons to Leftwich are bogus, he's bigger, stronger and faster. The talk I keep hearing about him not having some fire for the game and not being committed enough; the guy has won big game after big game at each level he's played at! What more do you really want? He's a winner with freakish measurables, you don't have to go looking for intangibles to pump him up like you do with other college players in the draft. Instead, people are looking for intangibles to tear the guy down.
Posted: 5:33 PM   by Anonymous
Both Russell and Quinn could bust. It's tough for quarterbacks to make the transition to the pro game. Coaching and the talent around them is so important. Both of these guys could get tossed into tough situations.

Can somebody who saw Georgia Tech give me a scouting report on Calvin Johnson. I keep hearing about how he's the safest pick in the draft, but I don't see much in the brief highlight clips on him. Heard he had a poor quarterback working with him. I worry about really big receivers, given the number of big ones that have missed in the pros (most recently Mike Williams, Reggie Williams and Matt Jones).
Posted: 5:38 PM   by Anonymous
Ummm...how could Greg Olsen show any signs of consistent production with horrible quaterbacks throwing to him. I think he didnt have the opportunity
to show his potential at the tightend
position.I think he will do fine in the nfl.
Posted: 5:41 PM   by Anonymous
Who is the only college player last year to skyrocket up the draftboard after one great game? The answer is simply JaMarcus Russell. He will be the biggest bust. He became the choice as top QB draft prospect after beating a bad Notre Dame defense in the Sugar bowl. Before that game the choice was Brady Quinn and after just one game he is now superior to Quinn. I think not. Anyone remember the big arm sure picks of Ryan Leaf and Jeff George. Well now you will be able to say Jamarcus Russell in the same breath as those two other guys big arm big bust
Posted: 5:44 PM   by Anonymous
The success will be more of who goes to the right team for their style of play and who avoids going to those teams with lousy management that have ZERO's for brains. Those management/owner groups couldn't figure a way out of a wet paper bag and they gravitate for hype. The top pick will probably be a BUST if the Raiders retain the pick. On a side note: The NBA is CRAP, but they have done 1 thing right . . . standardized contract value for first round draft picks. Top picks are getting too much money for non proven talent.
Posted: 5:44 PM   by Anonymous
All these things i hear about JaMarcus Russell the scouts and people were saying about Vince Young last year. We see wat happen with that and now everybody is on VY jock and praising him. He has bad mechanics and all of this other crap. Russell is a freakish athlete who i think will silence the critics just like VY did last year. Questioning someone passion is the dumbest thing I ever heard for a player. his passion seemed their on those cbs games i watched on tv.
Posted: 5:45 PM   by Anonymous
I cant believe you think Thomas might be the next Gallery. I think some of the speedy 1st round WR's are going to be busts. Tedd Ginn has peter warrick written all over him.
Posted: 5:49 PM   by bentzi
this years draft is so weak ,might as well not have one
Posted: 5:49 PM   by Anonymous
THANK YOU!!! Your the first person that agreed with me that Russell has a potential to be a bust. I think Quinn should be the No.1 because he can get himself out of a situation like this one.
Posted: 5:49 PM   by Anonymous
First of all, Peterson's injuries were really just accidents that didnt involve the "pounding" he might take in the NFL. His high ankle sprain during his junior year was a result of a sharp cut, and a soft field; not a hard hit. And we all know how he broke his collarbone, it was a "Bone"-headed dive into the endzone that accomplished that injury. Hell any one of us could sustain a high akle sprain while walking up the stairs or on a curb. We could also fall on our shoulder and break our clavicle. I hardly see AD as injury prone. His knees and legs are fine, his shoulder is healed, and his stature is one that INFLICTS the pain, not sustains it. So unless the "wind" blow's a large tree over ontop of him, AD will play a full 16 game season for the team lucky enough to draft him. PERIOD. Oh and Brady Quinn is only one spot higher on my draft board than my 85 year old grandfather.
Posted: 6:00 PM   by Anonymous
Houston is another version of Ahmad Carrol, a total bust for the Packers. Same school, same type of player. Aaron Ross had one good year for Texas, thought their CBs seem to do better in the NFL.

As far as O-lineman, D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold were great picks for the Jets. McNeil only fell to the second round because of injury concerns, not ability concerns.
Posted: 6:04 PM   by Anonymous
Based on the historical odds, both QBs may well be busts. In 1999 5 QBs went in the top 15 picks, including 1, 2, & 3. 3 of the 5 were huge busts (Couch, Akili Smith, McCown) and are out of the league. McNabb and Culpepper have started a total of 1 Super Bowl, losing it, and are both on the downside of their careers.

Russell and Quinn both have huge holes in their games, and I don't believe that EITHER of them would have been picked before Young, Leinert, or Cutler last year.

Other busts in this draft:
Alan Branch is fat and lazy
Jarvis Moss is NOT J. Kearse
Aaron Ross is too short
Gaines Adams is a situational pass rusher
Calvin Johnson (I said it) is going to be very good, but... you have to be REALLY good as a WR to justify a top 5 pick. Larry Fitzgerald is a very good WR, but is he really making the impact a top-3 guy should make? I don't think so, and I wouldn't take Calvin higher than 6 or 7.

Branch will be outperformed by Justin Harrell
Moss will be outperformed by Tim Crowder
Ross will be outperformed by Longhorn teammate Terrell Brown
Adams will be outperformed by Georgia Bulldog Charles Johnson
Calvin J. will be outperformed by Ted Ginn Jr., whose career stats will end up reminding us all of Terry Glenn and Joey Galloway, 2 other very small, very fast Ohio State WR who lived up to their 1st round selections.
Posted: 6:04 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is gonna be a stud because he learned a pro-stlye offense so he'll be ready to start right away. Look who else Charlie Weis mentored. TOM BRADY a future hall of famer. Brady Quinn will be better than that. Mark my word. And Russell will be a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf
Posted: 6:08 PM   by Anonymous
Russell is the biggest risk here by far. He is still very raw and if he starts in week 1 on any team he will surely fail. He needs time to gain experience and then he may be good. Give Quinn some credit he is a hard worker and will try his hardest wherever he gets drafted, alot more than can be said for Russell with some of the lardy weigh-ins he has had. All I want to see is where Troy Smith goes and if he can work in the NFL.
Posted: 6:12 PM   by Anonymous
JaMarcus and Brady are both going to stink it up. Both are proven chokers. If these guys both have so much talent and so much potential, then why didn't either their teams have better seasons over their college careers? And the SEC is a tough division is not a good excuse. The majority of successful QB's in the NFL have been not only proven players, but proven leaders as well. These guys are neither. I believe one of those "mediocre" QB's picked in the later rounds will be a true star, but these guys will compete with the class '02 for Biggest Busts.
Posted: 6:23 PM   by Poochai
In five years fans are going to say: Vick, Who? Young, Who? Russell, Who? Vick is already showing over hyping as a player and it won't take long for the other two. I know this sounds like I am picking on African-American QBs but please show me one that has lived up to his hype! McNabb, Culpepper, etc. Didn't think you could.
Posted: 6:31 PM   by Anonymous
I would hate to have to pick a QB in this draft. Any other draft and these guys are 4 or 5 at best, I'm glad Detroit and the Raiders are picking at the top, this assures them to remain on the bottom of the NFL for years to come.

On Robert Gallery, I'm really curious to see what happens with him when his contract is up and he goes elsewhere (after this year?). The guy has so much ability I wonder if its just the Raiders, moving him to different positions and then back again, I have a feeling he could elsewhere and turn out to be a very cheap pickup.
Posted: 6:32 PM   by Anonymous
Marshawn Lynch=Tim Biakabutka? You obviously never seen Lynch play. He trucks DB's and runs around LB's. He is the real deal!
Posted: 6:38 PM   by Anonymous
the fact that you don't include Brady Quinn shows you what you don't know. You were sure to say the Black QB would be a bust not little boy wonder. Pathetic
Posted: 6:40 PM   by Anonymous
I think Quinn wont be a bust. The reason he dindt win those big games is because his supporting cast wasnt great. He hade an average offense and a mediocre defense.
Posted: 6:42 PM   by Anonymous
It could just be a terrible year for quarterbacks. Russell hasnt done enough, a strong arm shouldnt be the be all and end all, Charles Rogers had the most amazing speed for a WR and look how that turned out. Theres plenty of other things to take into account and Russell just might not have enough of them, we shall see. Quinn really hasnt done anything. He is a smart quarterback and learnt well in the system he was in but has no real tools, especially not for the NFL. I think Russell will be better than Quinn, but i wouldnt take Russell so high just because the guy has a cannon for an arm. I would let them both go and look for somebody else further down the draft. There really isnt that much difference between all the QB's except for the hype (and the money two of them will get) Theres enough questions to suggest at least one of these is going to be a bust. Some team might find that out the hard way
Posted: 6:51 PM   by Tim Hickey
Russell has the high probability to be a bust. A lot of scouts have questioned his dedication to the game, and after you shove $25 mil into his pocket, how will he respond. The knock on Quinn for not being able to win the big game is BS, they said the same thing about Peyton Manning when he went to Tennessee and we all know how that turned out. The people on here that talk about him being a product of Chalie Weis' offense are rediculous. Weis has installed a pro based offense that is a proven winner (how many Super Bowls did the Pats win with his offense? Oh that's right, all 3) and Quinn was able to run it effeicently despite having very little talent around him offensively. Let's be honest, out of Samarijia(?) he had no real running game, no O line and still played at an incredibly high level. Quinn has the fire and passion to get better, I really don't know if Russell has the same.
Posted: 7:03 PM   by Jim. K
Russell is goin to be a bust long before Quinn will. Did everyone remember that Russell wasnt even the starting QB at the start of the season! One good year in college and leaving early for the draft usually adds to a bust tag.
Posted: 7:03 PM   by Anonymous
obviously russel and quinn have the potential to be the biggest busts- but really every years top ten picks are busts if they dont turn out to be awesome nfl players
Posted: 7:25 PM   by Anonymous
Everyone says that Brady Quinn cant win the big game??What about Russel he never even won a divison title let alone conf or national titel he had the benefit of a elite players both on offense and defense...Quinn didnt have the benefit of elite skill players and he def. didnt have a defense like LSU....Russel wasnt the first to tear up ND defense. Remeber this time last year there were whispers about whether or not Russel could ever lead them to a title and were questioning whther Flynn should be the starter. That said last time i heard the criticsm that Quinn is getting and the hype about Russels physical abilitys was when we were having the debat about Peyton Manning and some guy named Ryan Leaf
Posted: 7:30 PM   by Anonymous
Russell has way to much hype going his way. Quinn has already played in a NFL type system. He will end up better than Russell. And I never even heard about half of the players they are predicting in the first round until college football was over and I follow college football too. Draft is way to weak this year
Posted: 7:42 PM   by Anonymous
everyone knows deep down inside that ted ginn is gonna bust...exact replica of troy williamson...might have an impact in the return game or for that matter probably will but when it comes to recieving every corner back in the nfl is just as fast as he is and its a known fact hes not a good route runner...
Posted: 7:43 PM   by Anonymous
Wait a minute! Nobody was talking about Russel until the Bowl game blow out over ND. One big game?!?! Mark my words, accuracy is king in the NFL. That is not Russel's strong suit.
Quinn's drop off in play in '06 had a lot to do with changes in the O-Line after '05. If he is in a west-coast short-middle yargage offense he should be OK.
Posted: 7:43 PM   by Anonymous
Totally agree on Thomas. I can`t get why people keep saying that JR "beat" BQ. But besides that, I think BQ is a bigger bust probability. I have always said he`s the next Mirer. Accuracy and problems against a good D(LSU), would have me worried if I were to draft him. I like the Raiders drafting CJ, but keeping their options open to a trade like the Manning - Rivers.
Lane Kiffin... coach of the year 2007. Wait `n see. I know, he`s got little chance of having a worse season than 06, but the kid will do a good job.
Posted: 7:45 PM   by Anonymous
Russell will be a bust, Quinn will be the better NFL QB. Being a Raiders fan, I'd like them to trade from McNown and take Calvin Johnson. The Raiders O-line will be very much improved this season with the new staff. They have the talent on the line, but the scheme didn't work last year. New coaches and new scheme will work wonders.
Keep Moss, and play Porter and with Curry and Johnson plus one of the other young WRs they will be fine.
The Raiders will surprise many this season............as long as they don't draft Russell.
The new coach likes to roll his QBs and throw shorter passes. I'm sure they will take a shot deep when they can.
Posted: 7:48 PM   by Anonymous
What is everyones problem with Brady Quinn? How can you say he couldnt win in the big games? It's not his fault that his defense was terrible, and if he tried to hand it off Walker would fumble.
Biggest Busts: (in order) Brady Quinn, Ted Ginn Jr., Dwayne Jarrett

Biggest Surprises: (in order) Drew Stanton, Adrian Peterson, Paul Posluszny
Biggest Busts: (in order) Brady Quinn, Ted Ginn Jr., Dwayne Jarrett

Biggest Surprises: (in order) Drew Stanton, Adrian Peterson, Paul Posluszny
Posted: 8:18 PM   by Anonymous
I'm tired of people saying that JaMarcus Russell is going to be the best in the NFL because he's got the big arm and can throw the ball 80 yards on the flick of his wrist.
I'm a BIG TIME RAIDERS fan and i don't want them to screw this pick like they did with Gallery, I think they should go with Brady Quinn because when I was watching film on Brady Quinn I noticed something that looked very familiar during his drop-back and moving away from pressure, he looked like Rich Gannon. When i went back and looked at all the games that i filmed of Rich Gannon and saw the same thing on drop-backs and things like that, none was more clear than the Notre Dame vs Penn State game compared to the Raiders vs Titans in 2002 week 3 they looked almost identical in every way. Another reason is now the scouts are even questioning Russell's work ethic and when you see Brady Quinn's teammates they always compliment his work ethic and his ability to lead his teammates by example and the way JaMarcus Russell leads by just playing, you have got to be kidding me he doesn't lead at all. RAIDERS need to pick Brady Quinn. 23 Years Raiders fan Just Quinn Baby.
Posted: 8:28 PM   by CASEY
How can anybody see the future? That's obvious, look at the past!
So what if Brady Quinn can throw for 350+ yards a game against schools like the Tulsa School of Welding, i watched him and the all mighty irish get destroyed by every top25 team they faced. You don't have to be the head cashier at walmart to figure out that Quinn played like crap in every game that mattered. Every pass he threw in the Sugar Bowl was one more reason not to draft him high.
Russell is going to do well for the complete opposite reasons. Being an Arkansas fan, i grew to hate playing Russell every year. I think that jamaal anderson would be a very solid pick for anybody but cris houston isnt no ty law and i got sick of him getting beat deep every saturday.
I got to watch joe thomas against my hogs in the capital one bowl and
he was probably the best offinsive lineman i saw all year. I know that all of us in the SEC are very bias but you cant argue with stats,
i would take russell over quinn any day of the week and lamaal anderson and joe thomas will be two of the safest picks in the draft. Adian Peterson should not be over looked either, damn he's good. WOO-PIG-SOOIE GO HOGS
Posted: 8:32 PM   by Anonymous
I completely agree with you on your first 3 busts. Russell reminds me of Akili Smith a few years back--had a great final college year, impressed at the combines, then flopped--overrated. What has the guy ever done???
The two Arkansas guys never even appeared as a blip on the radar in 2 games against the USC Trojans. In fact, if I remember correctly, they watched as they got lit up for over 120 point in two games!!!
Posted: 8:33 PM   by Anonymous
I love how the "experts" talk about how Russell didn't perform well against top opponents. The last I checked Quinn lost to LSU, Michigan and Ohio State. His reactions are too slow to be successful.

I also think that Jarrett will do next to nothing.
Posted: 8:34 PM   by Anonymous
To those who think Brady Quinn is a bust, must not know how hard it is to be a quaterback in the NFL. Quinn has two years of the best teaching a person can have, He knows football, he know how to be a quaterback, hes a workout freak, just cuz he can't throw the ball 60+ yards does mean shit. Russell will not stay on his feet long enough to throw the ball that far.
Posted: 8:51 PM   by Anonymous
Anyone who the Detroit Lions pick will be a bust. They are so clueless. They even tried their best to ruin Barry Sanders. Whoever the Lions pick should really consider sitting out the season and re-entering the draft next year.
Posted: 9:02 PM   by Anonymous
I agree with your labeling the two Arkansas players for being workout warriors with lack of production in college. However Russell but up big time numbers in the SEC! And Olsen was Miami's go to guy last year!
Posted: 9:09 PM   by Anonymous
Russell threw a lot higher percentage of interceptions than Quinn. Wait until he gets to the big time. LSU' offense struggled mightily against the best teams in the SEC. Look up their point totals against the 2 good teams they played. THREE points vs AUBURN and TEN Points vs Florida! Prae tell, where are the so called big games against good competition? And for your information....Navy lost by one point to BC in a Bowl game, which came within a whisker of the ACC title game. Lastly, Quinn threw twice as many passes, twice as many receptions and twice as many total yards. Quite fairly, who do think is the bigger risk? Clearly the out of shape underclassmen... Russell.
Posted: 9:11 PM   by Anonymous
Just cut it with the brutal SEC stuff. Yeah Fla whipped OSU a season later but WI beat Ark etc etc. That brutal SEC stuff is reporter fodder. neither Russell or Quinn will make it really big. Peterson is a big bust and I think Gaines as well. This stuff about Thomas is crap.
Posted: 9:18 PM   by Anonymous
i don't know how it's Quinn's fault that ND lost against good teams. LSU, Michigan, and USC all scored more than 40 points against the Irish's terrible defense. How many times would Russell have put up the needed numbers to win if his defense was that bad?
Posted: 9:24 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is a lock for the Pro-Bowl, the kid walked into one of the most complex offenses ever seen in college at Americas premier institution of football with national title expectations placed on a .500 team. Without Quinn, ND is a sub-.500 team. Darius Walker however is another topic. What is he thinking? He might go in 7th round if hes lucky and play in the AFL for the rest of his life. Dude, you could of played another year at ND!
Posted: 9:28 PM   by Anonymous
Russel and Quinn will be busts because they will end up with bad teams. It is too hard for a QB to impress when they end up with a bad team.
Posted: 9:36 PM   by Anonymous
Neither Quinn or Russell should be considered a top 3 draft. Both have strengths,yes,but both have many weaknesses.The biggest busts will be Adrian Peterson (Injury problems),Alan Branch(His coming out early cause he knows his stock will drop by next year),Chris Houston(No one cared about him untill the combine) and Robert Meachem(Just dont see the potential?).While the biggest booms will be Amobi Okoye(Only 20 y.o,very skillful and STILL RAW),Patrick Willis and Lawrence Timmons(Both very capable)and Dwayne Jarrett(Workout numbers arent everything,Production is and I believe he will carry his production into the big league) and.Thats my opinion,i also say watchout for Michael Bush,Justin Blalock,Kenny Irons,Sidney Rice and Drew Stanton.All could've been 1st rounders in my mind but are great value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds
Posted: 9:41 PM   by Anonymous
What is interesting to me is that you doubt Russell but apparently you don't doubt Quinn. Which QB
did you doubt last year.
Posted: 9:42 PM   by Anonymous
i think that russell and quinn are both going to become big time busts, they will have the clipboards their whole careers (i smell tim couch). any of those teams looking for a young quarterback for a future super bowl should talk to the bears about a trade for kyle orton (just watch: a future hall of famer)
Posted: 9:42 PM   by pavlovsfrog
Biggest Busts: (in order) Jamaal Anderson, Paul Posluszny, Reggie Nelson

Biggest Surprises: (in order) Eric Wright, Aundrae Allison, Tony Ugoh (to carry on the Arkansas theme)
Posted: 9:49 PM   by Anonymous
One thing the raiders could do is draft calvin johnson #1 overall, then take drew stanton 2nd round. If moss is traded like he wants to, then oakland needs a WR. porter is getting too old.
Posted: 9:49 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn he sould be no.1 because he has more expirience than Russell, faster than him and Quinn is as acurate or more acurate that Russel
Posted: 9:57 PM   by Anonymous
I agree with the comment about "whoever Detroit picks" I think that kind of thing has a lot to do with success/failure esp. for quarterbacks. I am surprised the ability to determine what the qualities for success are and who has them isn't a lot better than it is. Don't they have brain scans, computer simulators, effective personality tests, etc.?
Posted: 9:57 PM   by Dan
Biggest surpise is Drew Stanton??? WTF! I am a MN fan and acknowledge that we had one of the worst defenses in the entire country. Oddly enough, we completely shut down MSU when Stanton and his teammates all quit.
Posted: 9:58 PM   by Anonymous
i believe russell is the most overated player...he has size but i just dont see him having the "brains" as an elite QB in the NFL i mean he almost didnt have his job at LSU coming back from injury and i also believe maroney will be a mistake for teams to....Calvin Johnson is the best pick
Posted: 10:02 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn for sure. He is a pretty boy wimp, wait and see.
Posted: 10:04 PM   by MFn G I M P
Hmm, Accuracy is Russell's weakpoint? Well, in his 3 years of playing football his accuracy was 61.8% counting the 50% he had in limited action in 2004. All he has is his arm strength? Longest pass is 58 yards in 797 attempts. He throws a TD for every 2.47 attempts, Quinn does it every 2.44. He was something like 26-4 as a college starter, led numerous 4th quarter comebacks ala the Arizona St. game last year and the Tennessee game this year. To say he is overrated is a bit ridiculous.
Posted: 10:08 PM   by Steve
Here's the thing about the whole bust /surprise element. You can't really tell whether they're a bust or a draft surprise until three or four years down the road. Most anybody, given a talented group of players to work with, can do great things.
For Russell and Quinn, it all depends on the O-Lines they inherit. If Russell goes to Oakland, he will not do well unless they do some serious upgrading to that line, or let him sit on the sidelines for the first couple of seasons, to improve. With Quinn, the same thing. It all depends on the team drafting them, not so much the player themself, that determines how good they are early on.
For QB's, Alex Smith comes to mind whenever I hear bust or surprise. His first year, he was absolutely atrocious, because he didn't know what he was doing and his line couldn't protect him, much like David Carr. Then, SF's line improves, and they get a vet QB to show him the ropes, and he improves greatly. So many factors go into whether or not someone is successful or not.
Though, even with a solid line, Adrian Peterson is still a question mark, in my book. If he can fully recuperate from his injuries and play like he did the season before last at Oklahoma, he will be absolutely fantastic. If not... who knows?
Posted: 10:13 PM   by Anonymous
The guys that are projecting Jamarcus Russell to be a bust have not watched the guy play. PERIOD. I'll be laughing at you guys later this year when he begins to grasp the defenses being thrown at him after the initial struggle. The guy is a PLAYER...not a numbers guy....A PLAYER.
Posted: 10:16 PM   by Anonymous
Branch will be a bust he takes too many plays off and Brady Quinn will be a disaster (see Eli Manning and Joey Harrington) he will hang around too long like those two i also think that whoever drafts Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson will reap the rewards but Okoye will be a bust as well sure he's smart and young but where has that ever gotten anyone? Ginn, Jr. = Kellen Winslow Jr. and Marshawn Lynch has dirty laundry and has the world forgotten what Meriweather did in the Fla International game??? Good picks are Landry, Irons and Kalil the center from USC
Posted: 10:17 PM   by Anonymous
Adrian Peterson is not as injury prone as you may think. he played all season his Freshman year and carried at least 30 times a game. He was out 5 or 6 games his sophmore year because of an anke sparin, nothing serious, and he still ran for over 1000 yards. This last year breaking his collar bone was just a freak accident and doesn't prove that he is injury prone. It was just an unfortunate accident.

Peterson is an elite RB, and will be amazing in the NFL, especially considering he has a great work ethic, loves the game, and has never had any character issues or off the field problems.
Posted: 10:32 PM   by Anonymous
ive known about brady quinn for 4 years now. He was the most talented QB in college and will be a quality starter in the pros. I've known about Russel for 4 months, ever since the Sugar Bowl. I think hes the next Jeff George.

And heres a reminder to all the Notre Dame and Brady Quinn haters. USC scored 40 points against ND, Michigan scored 40 points against ND, and LSU did the same. It's tough to win games when you don't have a defense
Posted: 10:38 PM   by Arkysaw
The two Arkysaw players will be studs...bank it...
Posted: 10:47 PM   by Anonymous
None of the above...all you articles have been brutal, you dont have a clue about football...your the biggest mutt ..please go away!
Posted: 10:49 PM   by Anonymous
Poslusny moves to slow to be an impact player at the next level. He will be a has been by year three. He is not going to do the great tradition of Nittany Lion LB's well....
Posted: 10:53 PM   by Anonymous
The best way to determine whether a qb qill be a bust or not is Completion percentage and games started. Peyton started 40 something, Carson Palmer started in the 30's both had around 60% completion rates. Akili Smith (remember him) started 19 games, Tim Couch only played 24 or so. The list could go on and on. Fact: Brady Quinn started 46 for the Irish and had a 58.6% completion rate (depending on wich site you get your stats from)Jamarcus started 29 games and has around a 60% comepletion rate. I a huge ND fan and I honestly think that Brady wll be a perennial pro bowler. He has the Leadership ability, the physical tools, and most importantly the willingness to get better everyday. Jamarcus is a tremendous talent, but when he signs that 60 million dollar contract, will he have that drive. I don't think so. If he does, then watch out for oppossing secondaries.
Posted: 10:54 PM   by Anonymous
The Russell hype rem,inds me of Akili Smith. One good year and all of a sudden he is a can't miss prospect. People forget that at the beginning of the year most LSU fans did not want him as the starter. Of course, now we have the ridiculous 'head to head' comparisons except for one minor problem, BQ did not go head ot head with JR, he had to play against the LSU team which happened to have a much better D-line than Notre Dame's O-line. JR is waiting to become Oakland's next nightmare.
Posted: 10:59 PM   by Anonymous
Its a toss up between Ginn and Russell. I see shades of Culpepper and Williamson in both these guys
Posted: 10:59 PM   by Anonymous
I am a lifelong Browns fan and I pray that if they have the chance they grab Thomas in a heartbeat!

Have you guys watched him play?
The guy beats the defensive end to the corner EVERY TIME(ask Jamaal Anderson how the Capitol One Bowl went down-he didn't demonstrate a prayer of getting a sack!)!

He blocks in the secondary better than any tight end or fullback. He will give a lucky team an instant ground AND passing game. No one else in the draft at any position can do that.

I see countless Pro Bowls and the Hall of Fame.
Posted: 11:01 PM   by Anonymous
Ted Ginn, Jr. Bust!
Posted: 11:03 PM   by Anonymous
AHHHHH, the Notre Dame haters rear up their ugly anti-Catholic heads again. Brady has Faith, and a QUALITY education to prepare him for it all. He will be fine, and I would welcome him here in North East Ohio, THE HOME OF PRO FOOTBALL.
The Akron Pros were a National Football League team that played in Akron, Ohio from 1920-1925 and as the Akron Indians in 1926. The Pros won the 1920 APFA Championship. The NFL was called the American Professional Football Association until 1922.

The team started out in 1916 as the Akron Burkhardts, named after a local family of brewers that sponsored the team. As from 1917 the team competed as the Akron Pros.The Pros became a charter member of the NFL (then known as the American Professional Football Association) in 1920.
WE KNOW FOOTBALL, we are born with it, I grew up in South Akron,
look up the history, Brady will be one to remember 20 years from now as a great NFL quarterback.
Posted: 11:03 PM   by Anonymous
someone may be jumping the gun a little bit with their "russel to mosss" connection for 2007
Posted: 11:06 PM   by Anonymous
reggie bush no doubt will be the bust of this year.
Posted: 11:08 PM   by Anonymous
I respect both quarterbacks, but those who say Brady Quinn is completely overrated are just ignorant. Time and time again I saw Notre Dame's offensive line break down, even against poor or mediocre competition. It's very tough to put up good stats, let alone win games, when you have no protection. Just ask David Carr.
Posted: 11:09 PM   by Anonymous
i think anybody from the big ten has the possibility of being a bust, be it Alan Branch, or Ted Ginn Jr.
I see Leon Hall as the closest to a sure thing
Posted: 11:10 PM   by Anonymous
bust= CAlvin Johnson
no i kid dont worry, i hope my lions can nab him at no. 2! Kitna to Johnson has a much better ring than Kitna to Furrey.
Posted: 11:13 PM   by Anonymous
Hey dont mess with the big ten
even the sleepers and late rounders (drew stanton) can go and beat any other confrence
Posted: 11:23 PM   by Anonymous
Wow - you didnt' even mention Quinn in your list, the one who has shown without a doubt that he will fold when games are on the line.
Posted: 11:25 PM   by Anonymous
Leon Hall will be a bust since he gave up 205 yards in the biggest game of his career basicaly to Dwayne Jarret. Now giving up 205 yards isn't exactly a shut-down corner now is it.

Ted Ginn Jr. is too small, is one dimensinal, doesnt have great hands, and his speed wont warrant him as much as it did in college. too many players like him are busts. (see chad jackson, sinorice moss, santonio holmes, troy williamson)

And Gaines Adams will be a bust since NFL scouts have an infatuation with overhyping Defensive Ends because everyone wants the next Julius Peppers, but Adams will never be more than an 8-10 sack guy.

Oh and Alan Branch too since he reminds me of Cledius Hunt from the Packers. (Packer fans know what i mean).
Posted: 11:27 PM   by Anonymous
As a browns fan, i really hope they don't pick any QB in the first round. I say say CJ, Thomas, or Peterson. Save your QB pick for my boy Troy Smith....GO BUCKS!
Posted: 11:33 PM   by Anonymous
Chris Houston and Leon Hall

houston was a workout warrior. he did basically shut down jarret but that was becasue it was the very beggging of the year when he was still recovering from injury. jarret actually lit up the "#1 rated" corner leon Hall when he was healthy at the Rose Bowl. I'm not sure why nobody ever mentions that but Jarret destroyed hall in that game
Posted: 11:34 PM   by Anonymous
The problem with O-linemen is how can you really evaluate them? Don't forget, two years ago, Miami's Eric Winston was a potential top 5 pick. Now, he is a back-up for linemen strapped Houston.

I'm an Auburn fan, but I am very suspicious of Kenny Iron's pro potential. It seems to me that he caught the SEC by surprise as a Junior, and couldn't produce as impressively once he was scouted.

He probably shouldn't be selected until the mid-second, but he could be in the first round.

Being an Auburn fan, I wonder about JaMarcus Russell. He picked apart solid teams such as Arkansas and Tennessee, but in the game at Auburn, he struggled pretty badly. Granted he almost won it anyway (and that game set offense back about twenty years), but to score so little in one of the biggest games of the year would worry me.
Posted: 11:41 PM   by Anonymous
Dispite being an LSU fan I do believe that Russell will be the biggest of the draft, but not for the reasons most list. His football intellengence is not high. Many times he lobs it when it needs to be a rocket and rockets it when it needs to lob it. This was seen in his college games.

I also believe Brady Quinn will not be much better. He is not a star quarterback, he is a cog in a machine behind a very good engineer. And all the teams in top 10 have many cogs missing and no coordinator at the level or Charlie Weis.
Posted: 11:47 PM   by Anonymous
I've read most of the posts and all I keep hearing is Brady played verse the 'three academies.' So I take it just because of this claim, he sucks? First off, I'm sure if he had it his way, he would've not played them. Second, like he was supposed to, he tore them to pieces. If he played terrible in ANY of these games, I could see where these so called football fans know what they are talking about. But he didn't, so stop making a stupid point. Let's not forget LSU played Louisiana-Layafette, Tulane and Miss. St(they were all great!!!)
The ones that have posted and have their heads on straight understand Brady is a NFL style QB. Eric Crouch and Tommy Frazier sure had great college careers, but where are they now? You can't always look at what one did in college and automatically say they will prosper or fail in the NFL. They are totally different games. Russell I'm sure will develop into a solid QB because he has the tools to be successful in the NFL. You must look at mechanics, attitude and other little details rather than wins/loses and who through 3 touchdowns against Army or Auburn. If that's the case, then Tom Brady some how was pathetic in college, but magically turned into a all-time great over night? Give me a break. He had NFL qualities and that'd why he is successful.
Brady and Russell will help whatever team needs them, but for all the Brady haters out there, remember what you wrote(because I know I will) and learn REALLY how to evaluate prospects.
Posted: 12:13 AM   by Anonymous
I don't understand how Quinn gets bashed for playing cupcakes, when Russell also played quite a few bad teams.


Quinn played the three service acadamies (Navy was actually decent this year) and UNC.

Russell played Louisiana-Lafayette, Tulane, Kentucky, Fresno State, and Arizona.

None of those teams are very good. So Russell played just as many bad teams as Quinn did.

Good teams:

Quinn: Georgia Tech, Michigan, PSU, UCLA, USC, lSU

Russell: Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas

I will admit, LSU's schedule included teams that were better, but ND still played as many, if not more quality teams, and the gap in strength is not as bad as all the Russell supporters are making it out to be.

Also, before you label Quinn as a QB who can't beat a ranked team, look at what his defense did for him in those games.

ND's Defense gave up an average of 40 points per game against ranked teams.

LSU's Defense gave up only 20.

Anyways, I think Quinn will be a better NFL QB than Russell.
Posted: 12:24 AM   by Anonymous
You nailed it with Russell. You have to doubt his passion and discipline when he arrived at the combine over weight. Anderson is a possible, one decent year is not enough to judge first round status. Marshawn Lynch is another one I think may be a bust. Playing in the PAC-10, where defense is optional only hurts his status. I don't think Olsen did enough during the season and the only thing he proved at the combine is that he is a workout freak!
Posted: 12:24 AM   by Anonymous
You know Dog,
I'm not sure why Levi Brown is up there top ten. Bra, he had one decent year this season but got schooled at times. Can throw a day off on ya.
Posted: 12:30 AM   by Anonymous
tedd ginn jr
Posted: 12:31 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn hands down. He is not a leader on the field. Period.
Posted: 12:42 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is going to be the next Joey Harrington. Smart, flashy looking guy with a suprisingly sub-par arm and jittery feet. He would be good if he went to a team like the Bears, Vikings, or Ravens. Teams that like to run the ball and have a good defense that can make up for his mistakes. The only thing is that teams that have those things are usually pretty good football teams. As it is he will go to the Browns, who have no offensive weapons, save Winslow, the Lions, where if you make one mistake the other team WILL score, and the Raiders. I don't need to elaborate on that offense. He will be a hot commodity his first and second year and then we will start wondering, "When is Brady Quinn going to start playing some real football?" Then, all of a sudden, he will be in his 6th year with a backup job and we will wonder what happended.
Posted: 12:48 AM   by Daniel
J. Russell-When he played the best teams (Florida) he didn't look nearly as good. i'm a Notre Dame fan and i'll admit that the defense SUCKED...big deal putting up 40 on the Irish...that defense was pathetic. He has TREMENDOUS talent but that doesn't always pan out
Ginn Jr.-Being fast in the Big Ten not that fast everywhere else...as evidenced by the fact most SEC teams smoke Big Ten teams...Ohio State is a joke. the Big Ten is a joke.
B.Quinn-Could be Matt Leinart...could be Aaron Rodgers
Brady Quinn will undoubtedly be the next bloated ego, over-hyped, stinker QB. Yes, a super bowl winning O-coordinator mentored him but the chance of him becoming the next Brady-like Adonis that sports analysts/machinery are salivating for and pitching like a new McDonald's burger is as likely as John Madden replacing Robert Gallery on the Raider's line.
Posted: 1:02 AM   by Anonymous
Russell was going back to school until LSU shredded Notre Dame and people decided that meant Russell was better than Quinn. Russell had two 1st round receivers to work with in that game and was going against Notre Dame's pathetic defense. Any D-I QB could have succeeded in those circumstances. Watch the Auburn game: LSU's coaches were afraid to put the game in Russell's hands.
Posted: 1:11 AM   by Anonymous
The player I feel has the potential to be the biggest bust is Brady Quinn followed by Levi Brown who is no Joe Thomas. My two sure fire stars are Calvin Johnson and Laron Landry!
Posted: 1:12 AM   by Anonymous
I think that Adrian Peterson has the chance of being a bust. Not because of his talent and athletic ability but simply because of the injuries. A lot of those guys on the Top 25 First round busts just didn't get it done because of injuries and I think Peterson can head in that direction.
Posted: 1:13 AM   by Anonymous
Jamarcus Russell will be the biggest bust of the draft. Have you ever watched a game of his? Im not talking about game film but an actual game. His decision making is sub par at best. Even though he has great arm strength and size, that doesnt mean anything when he throws the ball to the wrong reciever. If you saw any of his games vs Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee you will see how this guy is not built to be the number one pick. His stock skyrocketed because he picked apart an awful notre dame defense that made chad henne look like dan marino.
Posted: 1:24 AM   by Erich
Joe Thomas is a giant amongst a bunch of dwarves in this year's OL class, but that still doesn't diminish his value like the writer suggested. He's a freakish OT who will solidify someone's line for years.

As for Russell and Quinn, I see Russell as another Daunte Culpepper, not only because of the same build, but a player that will have a few good seasons with a good WR (once he escapes the black hole that is Oakland), but won't be anything close to a HOFer by the end of his career. Quinn, I really don't know what to make of. He looked great against JV competition, and he wasn't terrible against the elite teams, but his teams still got blown out (mostly because ND's defense was terrible). I think Quinn is a safer overall bet.
Posted: 1:28 AM   by Harris
Personally I think the biggest bust of this draft could be Adrain Peterson, just because he didn't show himself to be very durable in 04-05 but he woould do well in a two back system. (He and J. Lewis, CLE) Also Russell isn't as good as he is touted to be. He'll find out early that a big arm means nothing without good desicion making. Suprises: A. Gonzales & A. Pittman from OSU.
Posted: 1:29 AM   by Anonymous
Did I miss something in the ND losses? Was Quinn playing defense as well as offense?
Posted: 1:39 AM   by 1310 The Ticket DFW
All this bust talk is crazy. But it is one of the biggest stories of the draft. Where names like ryan leaf and akili smith always pop up. I think Quinn is the solid pick a team like the browns need to make. They have braylon edwards and KW Jr as 2 viable receiving options.I think he can help that offense take another steo forward. The Raiders DO NOT need to pick russel. He has bust written all over him. Size and Arm strength is all anyone ever says about him. Maybe he should pull a rocket ismail and go to Pass happy canada, but in the NFL he wont make it. CJ is the best option for the raiders. Give andrew walter porter moss and CJ. And well, you dont have to think hard about what will happen. i know that was kind of a digression, but anyways the point is this workout warrior Russel isn't gonna be the big time QB you need. Name one big strong long ball trowing QB who has won the super bowl in the last 20 years? Thats all i gotta say.
Posted: 1:45 AM   by Anonymous
dwayne jarrett will be a bust
there is no other prospect i am more concerned about than him

he is far too slow (and I dont mean 40 time either) to get open in the NFL

he has no breaks no quickness and hes gonna be this years mike williams
Posted: 1:48 AM   by Anonymous
People need to do some homework. Russell wasn't the starter at the beginning of the season? Wrong. He was named the starter BEFORE spring practice began. Russell never won his division? Wrong. LSU won the SEC West in 2005. Russell has accuracy problems? Wrong. JaMarcus Russell led the SEC in passing efficiency. And that was playing against elite defenses in the SEC and not service acadamies like Brady Quinn. Don't get me wrong, I like Brady Quinn as a QB but Russell as amazing accuracy, arm strength, and for his size solid footwork. Guys like him don't come along often so it's worth taking a high-risk pick on him. People think Russell's freakish athletic abilities indicate he will be a bust. We'll see, but the irony is Brady Quinn's whining and knocking JR to get people to talk about him again b/c he isn't the "it" kid anymore. Seems a little pathetic to me. Just like his team's past bowl performances... holla!
Posted: 1:48 AM   by woochia
Brady Quinn has a very good potential to be a very big bust considering how high in the draft he is projected to go. I have not seen so much hype for a player that has not performed in very big games. He has been coached up by Charlie Weiss and if you think of recent quarterbacks that have been "coached up"....Akili Smith, David Carr, Joey Harrington. All of which can be argued that they have not had very good NFL careers at this point in their careers.
Posted: 1:56 AM   by Anonymous
Awesome shout-outs to Arkansas there, saying its two top draft entrants will BOTH be busts. I can only hope you are wrong, and that neither of them turn out like Ahmad Carroll from a couple years ago.
Posted: 2:32 AM   by lijuma
Brady Quinn ...... mark my words. He is going to be a bust just like the Carrs, and soon to be Matt Leinart.
Posted: 2:45 AM   by Anonymous
One More:

Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame: Is he the next Montana or the next Rick Mirer? Quinn came into the year as one of the most hyped prospects. In his games against Top 10 competition, he could only complete around 50% of his passes and throw 8 TDs and 6 Ints.
Posted: 2:49 AM   by Anonymous
I think it is Calvin Johnson. In his Bowl game he was held to 2 receptions for 19 yards. Everyone looks at his size and speed and thinks the other team is just going to lay down. While he may pan out to be a good receiver, it is not very likely he will live up to the hype of being a top 3 pick.
Posted: 2:50 AM   by Anonymous
You all act like you know something about the draft on who will be a for sure bust and whta not. Meanwhile, your sitting in front of yoru computer writing this while drinking a beer. Non of you can tell the future.
Posted: 2:59 AM   by Anonymous
You doubting Thomas you
Posted: 3:17 AM   by Anonymous
System, system, system! If the systems don't work for the personnel, they are all doomed. Obviously, the first 5 picks have issues with what they want to do and the folks they have doing them. Whomever the Lions pick is doomed.
Posted: 3:30 AM   by Anonymous
Believe it or not, I would say Calvin Johnson. Calvin is going to wind-up going somewhere that the system don,t match his talent and a quarterback not capable of maximizing his big play potential.

Remember Mike williams

Calvin be cautious of all the hype!!
Posted: 3:37 AM   by Anonymous
I love the majority of these comments....don't just leave your opinion, bash the guy at all costs for having his. Consider this---Andrew Perloff probably cares about as much of your armchair opinion as you do of his.
Posted: 3:41 AM   by Anonymous
I got to agree with you on Joe Thomas. Every year there seems to be some "can't miss" tackle who merely is just the best tackle of the year. I mean Leonard Davis, Robert Gallery, Todd Maronivich, Fatso Williams the ex Bill etc. All can't miss guys who missed. Russell is just a new ryan leaf. It so funny just to look at this draft and see how people can't see it. How many games did ryan leaf start in comparision to russell. Both strong armed athlete juniors with questionable leadership and work ethics.
Posted: 3:51 AM   by RAC
Both Quinn and Russell have the odds against them. Over the last decade, QBs who have busted were drafted by teams with subpar offensive lines and weak defenses. QBs who have succeeded have gone to teams that are established, therefroe not putting all of the pressure on the QB. If Russell goes to Oakland, then the cards will be heavily stacked against him.
Posted: 3:51 AM   by Anonymous
Adrian Peterson...

guy will go in top 10-15 and get injured.
Posted: 5:02 AM   by Anonymous
JaMarcus Russell- Shows you how much he cares by showing up to the biggest job interview of his life, with millions of dollars on the line, overweight. Seems to me that he cares more about the buffet then football.
Posted: 5:18 AM   by Anonymous
this is in response to daniels comment about the big ten conference. on what friggin planet do you live on. for a team that is a joke, ohio state sure seems to always get the better of your irish. (see last years bowl game).
michigan sure kicked nd ass this year. and they damn near almost lost to michigan state (who finshed dead last in the big ten.)
yeah they beat purdue (a basketball school), and penn state, big deal. i admit there are some weak teams in the big 10. minnesota, illinois, and northwestern come to mind. not to mention purdue and indiana which are basketball schools. the big 10 had 2 teams with 12 and 1 record, ohio st and wisconsin (whos only lose was to michigan, a big 10 team). michigan was 11 and 2, and was slighted out of a title shot because they already lost to osu, thats the only reason florida got in anyway. florida was 13 and 1, auburn and lsu went 11 and 2. how do you justify that that the big 10 is a joke when they clearly had the best record of every conference. for you to blast a pillar of ncaa football and a storied power house like osu is ignorant and unjustified. you sir are a completely moronic retard that clearly needs to pick a new sport, because you obviously dont no a damn thing about college football.
as for the topic of draft busts, all prospects are potential hofers and possible busts. there are to many variables for any one to possible know. in certain curcumstances either jr or bq can flourish, and in certain curcumstances they both can bomb. to sit and argue is moot until we see who goes where, and in what scheme, and under what coaching staff. even after all that it will still be a few years before we know. period.
Posted: 7:07 AM   by Anonymous
Thomas will NOT bust ... but Levi Brown will!

The way he was completely schooled by lesser stars such as Erasmus James has landed his QB's in the hospital.

Joe Thomas has the athleticism and intelligence that Gallery lacked.

The rest of the busts include Lynch, Chris Houston, and Dwayne Jarrett.
Posted: 7:09 AM   by Anonymous
who cares what the media says. they said the same thing about vince young while praising matt lienart. They are biased against black quarterbacks. They never played football so who takes them seriously. Russell is going to be good because he had a tougher schedule in the SEC while Quinn played against weak teams with losing records yet he lost against good teams with good records. The media is setting Quinn up to be a failure just like with other quarterback that they praised and Quinn is not helping himself by is cry baby remarks. "I should be number one".
Posted: 7:23 AM   by Anonymous
Russell will be the biggest bust in history, he'll probably come out strong in 07', but will finish the year practically handing out interceptions for christmas, huge bust, nobody should pick him until the second round atleast, you wait and see.
Posted: 7:39 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is the next Joey Harrington.
Posted: 7:53 AM   by Anonymous
the o-line and d-line is the key;the o-line for the colts was the most vauleable in S-bowl,if P Manning played for the Lions; he be hurt most of the time; feel sorry for the first picks no matter who they are!
Posted: 7:54 AM   by Anonymous
Gaines Adams biggest draft bust period....even though its hard to gauge on defensive line prospects
Posted: 8:27 AM   by John
I think Adrian Peterson will be a bust. Too many injuries and anyone that has that many injuries at the collegiate level just won't take the pounding of an NFL season.
Posted: 8:29 AM   by Anonymous
Late in the '06 NFL season I heard Hall of Fame OL Joe DeLamillure comment on Joe Thomas. He was not impressed and cited several technical issues w/ Thomas' game. Now Joe D. is not a scout, but as a Hall of Fame OL and a student of the game, I'd say he's as much an expert as anyone.

Let's just say I will pay attention to Thomas' career to see if Joe D. was correct.
Posted: 8:41 AM   by Justin
I'm weary of Gaines Adams and Brady Quinn. I'm not a fan of high picks except in Calvin Johnson/Reggie Bush-so rare an athlete, on that alone warrants top 10 consideration. And I'm certainly against first round QB's-I think that of everone there, you are most wrong about Anderson. He has tremebdous upside, and for a guy who has little experience in a role to be ranked even in the first 2 rounds is noteworthy.
Posted: 8:48 AM   by Anonymous
What about Troy Smith? Dre Dokes from UNI? All underrated players. The best picks in this draft will be after the first round.
Posted: 8:50 AM   by Anonymous
I think that Calvin Johnson will be a huge bust. He's one of the worst wideouts I've seen in a long time. He's small, slow, and has no hands. He sucks incredibly and should drop to the Colts at #32. Only the Colt's coaching staff can turn this loser into a stud.
Posted: 8:54 AM   by nico
Marcus McNeill joined an already excelent OL, had the greatest running back of all time behind him, and a pretty good QB and one of the best TE to ever play the game.

Posted: 8:55 AM   by Anonymous
I pretty much agree with everything you said. There seem to be a lot of Brady Quinn doubters out there though...Personally, I think he will be just fine. Peyton Manning NEVER won the big game in college, remember?
Posted: 9:02 AM   by Anonymous
Calvin Johnson. While I don't think he will be a complete bust, he can't help but disappoint. The expectations are so high he can't possibly live up to them. He is said to be Randy Moss with a good attitude. Look what Moss did early in his career. Do you think Johnson will duplicate that with Oakland or Detroit?
Posted: 9:31 AM   by Anonymous
Quinn is getting a bad rap for playing on a horrible Notre Dame team. No one seems to understand that they had no talent there... hence the reason Zamardja is playing baseball (his best receiver isn't even a football prospect!!) Quinn will win a championship in the NFL (hopefully in Cleveland.)

The biggest busts: JeMarcus Russell, Alan Branch, and Jamaal Anderson. Those are 3 one year wonders that are benefitting from having great athletes around them.
Posted: 9:33 AM   by Anonymous
How can people say Peterson is injury prone?? What running back hasn't sprained an ankle or bruised a shoulder?? The collar-bone thing was a total freak accident (no one else would have even gotten to the end zone on that play.) I'd like to see these doubters run the ball 40 times a game for 3 years and see how they feel. Peterson will be one of the best backs in the league from the get-go.
Posted: 9:35 AM   by B.jammin
Russel will be the biggest bust. It will be because he will be yet another rookie QB behind a semi-transparent offensive line (whichever of the top 3 he goes to). He will spend 4-5 years there with sub 50 passer ratings etc, until he gets traded to a decent team and proves hes a perrenial pro-bowler.
Posted: 9:39 AM   by Anonymous
JaMarcus could be a bust if and only if the Raiders rush his development, considering Al Davis is running the show. I think Branch will be good, but I don't think he, Anderson, or Gaines Adams are top-5 talent.

I think Leon Hall may be good, but I think the CBs in the draft aren't great.
Posted: 9:45 AM   by Anonymous
I'm not buying the line that Brady Quinn was surrounded by inferior talent. He was the QB at NOTRE DAME. Dude, uh, gotta call bull. Over the past two seasons Notre Dame has had these NFL prospects/players: Ryan Harris - OL, Victor Abiamiri - DE, Derek Landri - DT, Travis Thomas - LB/RB,
Darius Walker - RB, Dan Santucci - OL, John Carlson - TE, Tom zibikowski - not really sure what he play, Lambert - DB, N. Chinedum - S, Rhema McKnight - WR, Jess Samardzjia - WR, Anthony Fasano - TE, Dan Fitzpatrick - P, Brandon Hoyte - LB, Mark Levoir - OL, Mike Richardson - CB, Matt Shelton - WR,
Dan Stevenson - OL, Maurice Stovall - WR

Posted: 9:49 AM   by Anonymous
Ah, where would we be without football! LOVE IT! I give
koodos to both J'Russ and Quinn for each being great q'backs in his own right! I wish the best for each regardless of the position he is picked in the draft. I had a feeling last year that the critics were going to be wrong about V'Young....and, well
you know the rest of that story.
I think JRuss will be a terrific NFL q'back
Posted: 9:56 AM   by Anonymous
The most obvious candidate for 'bust' is definately Alan Branch, DT out of Michigan. The words 'potential' and 'upside' are used around this time to help sell shoddy products, like the words 'starter home' or 'fixer upper'. Branch is a good looking house on a cracked foundation, and it wouldn't suprise me to see him turn out to be another Albert Haynesworth or Gilbert Brown.

Some not so obvious 'bust' candidates:

1) Brady Quinn - Desire and football intellect aside, Quinn is more than likely going into a situation where, not unlike his stint at Notre Dame, he's going to have to resurrect a team from the ashes. If he couldn't do it at Notre Dame, with one of the finest coaches in the land, he's not going to fair too much better in the NFL, unless he can be reunited with Coach Weis somewhere down the line. He has the potential to become another Drew Bledsoe.

2) Brandon Mertweather - It's hard to root against Miami defenseive players, especially in the secondary, where so many talented DB's have made it to the NFL, but in the new 'behave yourself' NFL, there will be very little room for a guy like Meriweather. The Miami Midfield Melee is still fresh on owners minds, and they would be remiss to just throw money away on anyone associated with that event.

3) Patrick Willis - Willis was a workout wonder at his Pro Day, but the one mesaureable he couldn't improve on was his size. At 6'2" and 240 lbs, he may be more effective as a hybrid safety than a full time LB in the NFL, where the constant wear of battling 300+ lb linemen, day in and day out, can shorten anyone's playing career. If drafted and played as a LB, Willis will probably not last more than three years; not the kind of longevity you look for in a top 15 pick.
Posted: 9:59 AM   by Anonymous
Greg Oden will be a sure fire bust..that guy is way over rated..!!!
Posted: 10:06 AM   by Anonymous
i don't think russel will be as good as he's as he's hyped up to be but will still be farly productive with randy moss and jerry porter catching his passes. if he goes any were other then the raiders he's definitaly going to be a bust. but i think the biggest bust in this draft will be alan branch. he's been dropping on most draft boards and he had a relativly sub par combine. plus in his time at michigan i really didn't think he played all that well. scouts are just gaga over his size.
Posted: 10:10 AM   by Anonymous
Both Quinn and Russell will be busts unless they get to sit and learn behind another QB. Russell's big selling point seems to be arm strength but I am more impressed with a QB that can lead his team to a TD on a 12 play drive. Plus I don't know if Russell at his size can avoid the rush. Quinn bothers me because he seems to be selling himself very hard to the media about being the best QB. Quinn may have the "QB looks" but everytime he faced a solid defense he folded over the last two years. Both guys will take time to develop and if they get thrown out there day one they may never recover. I guarantee that Stanton from Michisgan State or the QB from Stanford become better QBs.
Posted: 10:15 AM   by Anonymous
Fromo 1970 68 Qb`s have gone in the first round.Out of which 28 have been successfull[Winning season starters].So with a 40% chance i can say one of quinn and russell is going to be bust.Another point of the 28 successfull qb`s 90% have 40+ starts in college.Brady has 46 starts to rusell`s 29[No Qb with less than 30 college start has been successfull].
Posted: 10:25 AM   by Mike
I have too have questions about Russell, but for Perloff not to add an overrated/over-hyped/over-coached Brady Quinn is disastrous. It stinks of an agenda that I have watched unfold in the media, looking to propel Quinn to the top of the draft. He would have ranked 4th behind Young, Lienart, & Cutler last year. So while Quinn brazenly talks about being the #1 pick, he should consider himself lucky to come out a year later. Quinn's smarts, arm, & awareness are no where near "elite". Ask yourself what is really behind the media poking holes in Russell while attempting to promote Quinn.
Posted: 10:40 AM   by Anonymous
I would add Marshawn Lynch to the list. He's mentioned to have attitude problems as well as being lazy.
Posted: 10:42 AM   by Kevin Smith
A recent study showed that the fewer collegiate starts a QB prospect had, ala Russell, the poorer they did in the NFL-particularly if they were a workout wonder (Russell's pro-day). The players that had a good couple of games and then showed off the field that they had all the physical tools included Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith, but the amount of film that exists on these guys in college doesn't allow scouts to begin to poke the holes in what these guys do.

More film exist of Quinn, so its easier for scouts to knock him, or say he has less upside, but the more starts in college (P. Manning, Carson Palmer, P. Rivers), the more successful the QB has been in the NFL. Personally, I think Russell is a bust waiting to happen, but I could be wrong.
Posted: 10:42 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn = Eli Manning
Posted: 10:43 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn will be a bust.
I'm an ND fan and watched him through too many jump balls. You can't get away with that as much in the NFL.
Posted: 10:44 AM   by Chris
Anyone who goes in the top 7 is usually a 'bust' in my mind as very few cointribute right away. For QB's, O and D lineman you usually end up paying them huge money to pretty much learn the first couple of years.

If I was a GM, I would not want a top 10 pick--but would trade down to get more value
Posted: 10:50 AM   by Anonymous
Greg Olsen's lack of production at UM was caused by several reasons. The ofense (Rich Olsen)had no game plan, the line play was poor(young)which caused him to stay in and block most to the time, quarterback play was terrible. Olsen when he did go out for a pass was wide open 90% of the time a ball never thrown his way. It often seemed like Kyle Wright didn't want Olsen to score any touchdowns.Olsen was wide open in the end zone and the quaterback would op to run the ball.
Posted: 10:52 AM   by Anonymous
Im definately seeing Ted Ginn being a bust. I always thought he was overrated in college anyhow. Okoye's soft side reminds me of Dwayne Robertson.
Posted: 10:53 AM   by Anonymous
Does anybody like anyone in this draft, or should the NFL just cancel it?
Posted: 10:55 AM   by Neb
Yeah, okay. The Buc's pick will pan out but the Card's pick will bust. Meanwhile, the Bucs pick ahead of the Cards. Not to mention that the Bucs will get their tail kicked by the Cards this year.
Jamarcus Russell is for real. Seen him play in person and hes got what it takes.
Biggest bust IMO is Olsen. Hes nowhere near the class of Zach Miller as a football player, but he has all these measurables that don't count if you can't play. Dude was barely on the radar and now he had a few god workouts and all of a sudden hes an elite prospect. Good luck to whatever team drafts him. Nothing is worse than a disgruntled, Miami TE coupled w/ the natural, unjustified arrogance inherent in all Miami players.
Posted: 10:57 AM   by Anonymous
I hate to say this but I think Jamarcus Russell will be the biggest bust. all the hype surrounding him reminds me of the peyton manning vs ryan leaf scene of a few years ago. Russell like Leaf rode the hype from their junior season into the draft. Both players had subpar years prior to their breakout season. The knock on peyton coming out of college was that he could not win the big one. Isnt that what they are saying about Quinn?

I am not trying to knock Russell or anything but I just think that Quinn will be a bigger star than Russell. Quinn has thrown for more yards or touchdowns than Russell and I think Quinn is ready to step in from day one to take over the QB position where Russell will need a year or two to learn the system.
Posted: 10:59 AM   by Anonymous
While I agree that too many people think Joe Thomas is a can't miss LT for me to feel comfortable you have a short memory on Marcus McNeill. He didn't fall to 50 because peole doubted his talent. He fell because people were worried about his bad back.
Posted: 10:59 AM   by Anonymous
If LSU did not play ND in the bowl game, Russell would not have been in the spotlight. I dont get all the ND haters or the Quinn haters putting the guy down. I am not a ND fan but I love the game of football and honestly think that Quinn has more skills needed to be a successfull QB in the NFL.

It just seems that Russell is riding a wave of hype into the draft. I just hope my Raiders make the right choice and select Quinn or Johnson as the number 1 pick. I just dont see Russell being the top quarterback in the draft.
Posted: 11:03 AM   by Anonymous
Chris Houston is like Ahmad Carroll maybe? I watch a lot of Razorback games. I would not draft Chris Houston very high. I think King got that one right.

Posted: 11:10 AM   by Anonymous
Chris Houston-CB

I think he will have more difficulty in the NFL. You can't teach size. NFL WR are bigger and faster. His speed neutralized bigger WRS in college. NFL guys are a little faster and the trend in much bigger. I know size is not the top trait of a CB yet the best in the NFL hover around 6'0.(Champ Bailey, Mathis)I am an Eagle fan hoping the Birds say NO to Houston at 26.
Posted: 11:10 AM   by Anonymous
The BCS is the biggest Bust in the history of competition. No Playoffs?? Even the Ancient Greeks could figure that out, and the BCS Committee can't? What ultimate losers. So why don't you publisize the ultimate incompetence of the BCS Committee?? Tell it like it is, until they turn the bowl system into a playoff system. The BCS Committee redefines the meaning ulitmate busts and ultimate losers.
Posted: 11:11 AM   by Brad Gentry
Why does everyone assume the raiders picking Russel is a lock? Why couldn't/wouldn't they pick Calvin Johnson #1 and then take a QB in round 2. Keep in mind no one is talking about Troy Smith or Chris Leak, both are good QBs and both will likely be available in Round 2 or later.
Posted: 11:11 AM   by Anonymous
And you are the second biggest bust in the history of competition. Because you refuse to confront the BCS Committee with their ultimate loserisms.
Posted: 11:21 AM   by bigfat55
Without a doubt Adrian Peterson , explosive and gifted as he is , will fall well below expectations . No way does he stay healthy long enough to make an impact . Love the kid , but , until he adds some NFL muscle its not going to work out .
Posted: 11:22 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quin...now they're saying that it wasn't his fault they lost every big game they were in...he didn't do anything to help them win either so he bares as much responsibility as anyone else, especially being the QB.
Posted: 11:28 AM   by Anonymous
I am kind of tired of this "lack of intesity" argument placed on Alan Branch. I am sure these are the same people that said the same thing about Haloti Ngata last. Who had a legitamate change to be R.O.Y. Branch is a must have
Posted: 11:32 AM   by Anonymous
I've got three things to say regarding the QB debate:

1) Brady Quinn cannot read a defense. He's damn accurate in regards to his WRs but he acts like linebackers are invisible and drag routes don't exist. He often misses wide open receivers right in front of him due to locking on to deep routes. Unless an NFL quarterbacks coach beats this tendency (looking for the longball is common in college ball but this is a kind of exaggerated case, especially when combined with the linebacker blindness) out of him the second he gets to training camp, Quinn will be holding a clipboard for at least half of a season (at the very least) unless you want to see him doing the deer-in-headlights double take on every snap. Read: If Brady Quinn starts on day one he will quickly become a shellshocked and ruined product. He couldn't read college defensive fronts too well (hell of an arm, though) so why anyone would think that he could read NFL defenses is beyond me.

2) JaMarcus Russell loves the game of football, and anyone who questions that is really stretching for a reason to knock on him. He's no #1 pick but with time to develop he could be a very good quarterback. Throw him behind a swiss cheese style pass blocking scheme and he'll be out of the league in three years.

3) I cry for Troy Smith. I really do. I also envy and congratulate whatever team picks him up.

Aside from QBs (the most debated position) I really only have one comment: Congratulations, your WR ran a 4.45s 40. Greg Olsen is an oversized WR, not a TE. He doesn't block nearly as well as he should, doesn't seem to like getting hit and goes down really fast when he is hit. Right now I consider him to be one of the bigger busts coming into the draft.
Posted: 11:38 AM   by Anonymous
Comparing Joe Thomas to Robert Gallery is ridiculous. Gallery was a workout wonder who was stronger then opposing DE's. His footwork was terrible. Thomas has amazing footwork and great speed. Not to mention he is a team first kind of guy. In the Capital One bowl, Anderson was on the opposite side of Thomas and beat the RT off the snap more often then not. NFL tackles are very quick and usually 20-30lbs heavier then Anderson. He would do well in a 3-4, but will be mediocre in a 4-3.
Posted: 11:40 AM   by Anonymous
HMMM. what other QB never won the "big game" in college? I guess you never heard of Peyton Manning.

If that is the only bad thing you can say about Quinn then apparently he does alot of things right. He can't help it that his O-line and defense stunk.
Posted: 11:44 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn enough said!!!!!
Posted: 11:47 AM   by SailorIke
I agree with all you guys who said Russell has a high bust factor. But I don't think this has anything to do with the strong arm. John Elway and Brett Favre both had rocket arms; one is in Canton and the other will be if he ever retires.

The potential problem here is the same one that befell David Carr. He was thrown into an impossible situation, and now we may never know if he could have been an upper-tier NFL starter.

If the Raiders draft Calvin Johnson, then they've got all these speed burners with no one consistent to throw them the ball. I think they HAVE to draft Russell, then try to make some moves to protect him. You can't complete passes from your back.

I think the most likely bust is Peterson. He looks great when he's healthy, but he was injury-prone in college, and there's nothing to indicate he won't have the same problems in the pros, where everybody is bigger, stronger and faster.
Posted: 12:00 PM   by Anonymous
Do some research on Russell and see how well he did aganst good defenses. His games against Auburn and Florida weren't stellar. Don't question his competiveness, he took his high school squad to the state finals as a sophomore.
Posted: 12:06 PM   by Anonymous
Wow I am an LSU fan I admit.. But I cant believe how many of you know jack about Russel and try to knock him. He didnt start the first game last year?? Huh? Then who did? Never won a division title?? Uhh? How did LSU play in the SECCG last year?? Brady is faster? Hmmm lets see both ran a 4.8 40.. And JR is MUCH MUCH bigger. Only threw the long ball in college?? Huh? Most LSU fans WANTED us to throw it but we played in a very conservative RUN FIRST style offense. Lazy?? Doesnt want to play? The guy had more 4th quarter comebacks than any other QB I can think of in the past few years. Just because the media hasnt been on his jock the past few years they want to knock him. The kid was the at the top of the QB eff ALL last year! Not just one game. He put up MUCH better numbers than Quinn and the eventual Heisman winner but wasnt on the ballot because he didnt play for ND. My only knock on him is that he didnt know when to throw it away but he has definitly developed past that. But everytime LSU was down in the 4th qtr I was glad to have him under center. And Im also tired of hearing about the number of starts he has when he split time his FR year at QB. Most of you should due some research before degrading someone.
Posted: 12:09 PM   by Anonymous
Russell was not a one game wonder. Only knuckleheads who do not pay attention to the whole season or fall for the ND/ESPN hype machine believe that. Jamarcus Russell is a huge guy with a cannon arm, who just happens to be a very accurate passer. He stands tall in the pocket and wins games by delivering in the final two minutes. He also has improved substantially every year. Quinn might be a good pro, but I saw a guy with happy feet in the pocket who is not very accurate when he goes down field. Tough kid and smart but did he improve from his jr. yr to his sr. season? Improvement would have been performing better against good defenses and we did not see that.
Posted: 12:16 PM   by Anonymous
Good points but Olson suffered from bad QB play. So I don't believe he will fail. Russell has got the tools but he is much like Culpepper and probably will fail due to Oaklands terrible line and supporting cast. Vicks got a big arm too but he is no Drew Breeze. Quinn's big game faults lead me to believe he is not worthy of RD 1 but 2nd or 3rd and could be good if given time to develop. If he goes in right away he will get eaten alive see David Carr. Browns are Quinns best bet to succeed due to their line. Don't think Thomas is mean enough. Ted Ginn to small will flop in the NFL.
Posted: 12:19 PM   by Anonymous
I think your right all of those guys have downsides which you should never have with top five picks. I have watched russell play for years he makes very poor decisions with the balland skates by with athletic ability,which wont happen in the league.I like adrian peterson, CJ, Amobi Okoye
Posted: 12:26 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders can't miss with Russell. Either he'll become an elite QB, or they'll move him to a guard spot. He's only about 4 Big Macs away from 305 anyway. That guy's gonna be a turd.
Posted: 12:30 PM   by Anonymous
Here are my potential busts. The Lions Joey Harrington, The Lions Charles Rogers, the Lions Mike Williams... Oops, I'm sorry. I just had a bad flashback from the past that made me look into the immediate future.
Posted: 12:33 PM   by Anonymous
mike vick will be a total bust, mark my words... wait, i've been in a coma for how many years?!
Posted: 12:34 PM   by Anonymous
You basically have a choice between Duante Culpepper(without the running threat), Tim Couch, and the future Jerry Rice.

Is there even a debate?
Posted: 12:34 PM   by Anonymous
Jamarcus Russell = Ryan Leaf
Brady Quin = Peyton Manning
Posted: 12:38 PM   by Anonymous
Oakland - Jamarcus Russell
Detroit - Trades picks with Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay- Calvin Johnson
Cleveland - Brady Quinn
Detroit - Gaines Adams
Posted: 12:39 PM   by Anonymous
College football is a joke. The football factory schools choose their own schedules and usually play creampuffs for the most part that would make anybody with average talent look good (ie. JaMarcus Russell). So you really can't base anything about a players skill on college ball, its all a crapshoot. You pick a guy that runs fast, and is strong and hope for the best.
Posted: 12:40 PM   by Anonymous
alan branch definately is tim crumrie can slap you around and make you look like grap that is pretty sad
Posted: 12:46 PM   by Anonymous
Joe Thomas screams bust. His technique isn't great and he's not aggressive enough.
Posted: 12:46 PM   by Anonymous
The biggest bust of the first round wil be...whoever the Detroit Lions select.
Posted: 12:51 PM   by Anonymous
Most top ten picks do not live up to the hype. So if that is what qualifies as a bust probably 8-9 of the first ten picks will be busts.
Immediate Impact, I would say J. Russel might be the best choice because he is going to a team who is dire need of a QB. They had little more than a talented smurf playing QB last year. The problem with that long term is that as these "freak" athletes age and get banged up they loose that "freak" portion. So long term I think Brady Quinn will be the better QB. He might not make as many highlight reels as a rookie, but when he is winning a SB, Russel will be a slow, strong armed, target for a blitzing defense
Posted: 12:54 PM   by Anonymous
The one I'm most worried about is JaMarcus Russell. He was very inconsistent in college and struggled against the top competetion (four TDs, seven picks against Florida, Tennessee, and Auburn. Considering the talent around him, a top quarterback should never lose a game 7-3. Ever. With all the talent in baton rouge, I feel like if JaMarcus Russell is worth what people think he is, he would have won the title. You can't blame Brady Quinn for not winning big games when his defense couldn't stop anyone. LSU shut people down defensively, provided Russell with a solid line, star recievers, and good runningbacks, and yet they weren't dominant offensively, and failed to win a title with him as a starter. I'm just afraid when he gets to the league, he's gonna struggle.
Posted: 12:56 PM   by Anonymous
First of all, more than half the players taken never make any significant impact in the NFL. What I have noticed is that it is a bad idea to draft a WR in the first round. Just look at the past 6 or 7 years and you will see the majority of WR taken don't pan out. I think Calvin Johnson warrants the top pick but Ted Ginn Jr is not a first round talent. He is too small and one dimensional. If you are looking for a speedy receiver that is barely 6 feet tall and weighs 175 lbs, I would rather take a chance on Yamon Figurs in the 4th or 5th round.

This is also a very weak TE class overall and that fact plus a good combine has driven Greg Olsen's stock way up. He doesn't have the production or the experience to justify a first round selection. I think Zach Miller will do just as well if not better.

In my opinion Dwayne Jarrett and Robert Meecham are going to be drafted too high, and Dwayne Bowe will be chosen too low.

Also, although some of the DB's mentioned earlier are being over-hyped, they are safer picks because they can contribute as the nickel back and on special teams right away.
Posted: 1:04 PM   by Anonymous
I must have seen 15 people talk about how Russell played a tough SEC schedule.

FACT: against good teams (Auburn, Florida, Tennessee & Arkansas) Russell the franchise savior threw 6 touchdowns- 6 INT's.

FACT: He spearheaded and offense that scored exactly 1 touchdown against the 2 elite programs on the slate (Auburn & Florida)

FACT: That ultra tough SEC schedule included tough matchups such as Tulane, Louisiana Lafayette, Fresno St, Mississippi St, and the football Giant Kentucky.

I am a SEC fan and I know it has some very strong teams. But, one player didn't win all those games. LSU was a stacked team in 2006. They would have won just as many games with Dale Ernheart Jr. under center.

Russell might go first in the draft to the Raiders and that's excatly why the Raiders pick in the top 5 every year and will again in 2008.
Posted: 1:05 PM   by Anonymous
This may be a cop out but every single player slated for the first round has more of a chance to not work out than be a star. If I had to focus on two I would say Quinn and Russell. The QB position is impossible to predict. There are lots of question marks regarding both and the odds are against them.
Posted: 1:07 PM   by Anonymous
Haters relax. Anyone who thinks Peterson is a bust is crazy - best player in the draft. Also, I am a ND hater myself, but Quinn is going to be a very good QB - pains me to say it because of the idiot ND fans....I think you have a very good chance of beating Navy this year.
Posted: 1:10 PM   by Anonymous
The Ticket DFW.....Ever heard of John Elway?
Posted: 1:18 PM   by Anonymous
I think Brady Quinn will be the biggest bust of the 2007 NFL Draft.I don't see what's so special about the guy.To be honest he reminds me alot of Tim Couch and Drew Bledsoe.I would happily take Jamarcus Russell over him anytime.Russell is mobile and he's got a strong arm,but Quinn is not mobile and his arm strength is'nt anything to boast about.If the Raiders are smart they will take Russell and let the Browns take Quinn.
Posted: 1:23 PM   by Anonymous
why are poeple hating on russel by saying he has no love for the game.How do they know that as a fact...he simply won most of his games at LSU and plays even when he is hurt. Most people just look for reason to discredit him. As for quinn, HE SUCKS...lost every big game in his career and did not get better until charlie weis entered the picture. the old coack of nd was pretty good (willingham), why couldn't he win any under him....PURE PRODUCT OF A SYSTEM, i hope he finds that system in the nfl unless he is going to become a career backup.
Posted: 1:25 PM   by Anonymous
Whoever said Quinn is a "pretty boy wimp" needs their head checked. He spent the first two years of his career on his back, and was sacked more than any top QB the last two years (due to severely inconsistent line play). And those who say he couldn't win the big game are the same ones that were probably saying how terrible ND's defense has been the last two years. Sorry Quinn couldn't play defense too, but to call him a whimp is ridiculous.
Posted: 1:52 PM   by Anonymous
Personally I feel there are several good QB prospects in this draft, but there are definently NO locks. Quinn and Russell included, they belong in a group with T. Smith, Stanton, Edwards, Kolb and Beck. Russel is probably going to be the biggest bust because he will be drafted high. I saw a 'highlight' clip of him and of the say 10 passes all were thrown after about 4 seconds (an eternity in the NFL) and 7 were behind the reciever, 2 were diving catches and one the dude was wide open on a long bomb. Basically if you get to Russell in 3 secs hes done(see the ND game fumble, JR is completely oblivious) Quinn's deep ball is TERRIBLE, but if he knows his limitations he can succeed(ala Chad Pennington). Personally I thought Smith was the best looking QB, even including the FLA game in which his team was abysmal (2 months off certainly didnt help). He also has limitations but he plays with passion and puts the ball into the hands of his playmakers. I also really liked Kolb, thought he was very impressive, especially when overall your team is weaker. Look at MAC QB's, good coaching + decent skill players - good lineman = NFL readyiness. I think he will probably end up as the steal of the draft if he gets into the right opportunity.
Posted: 2:25 PM   by Anonymous
You wanted Anderson and Houston to be disruptive against Wisconsin in the Cap One Bowl? How's seven straight punts? How's seven sacks? Good lord, watch the freakin games.

You wanted production? Anderson led the SEC in sacks.

Houston definitely varied according to matchup. He was great against Russell and LSU's receivers, not against South Carolina. But don't call him another Ahmad Carroll. Carroll never went through spring practice instead working with the track team. Houston was much better coached. Carroll should have been a safety, but he wasn't prepped for it.
Posted: 2:28 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn will not be a bust. He had 2 years of playing the West Coast style under Willingham and then another 2 years of experience under a great QB coach like Charlie Weis. A lot of very good QBs have come into the league having not won the "big" game in college. Russell had more talent around him and a much better defense than Quinn had at ND. Russell has a cannon for an arm, but so did Jeff George. I think Quinn is a better leader and he prepares much like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady do. The preparation is what wins in the NFL. The 80 yard throws look good at the combine and the pro days, but it's skill, preparation, reading defenses and leadership that wins in the NFL.
Posted: 3:34 PM   by Paul
Quinn sucks and will be a huge bust. The only reason he is even in the discussion is because of Notre Dame and Charlie Weiss. Without those two factors going for him he will end up being every bit the player we saw in the Sugar Bowl - scared, dazed, confused and not able to make decent throws or good reads.
Posted: 4:06 PM   by Anonymous
First of all...I thing Andrew Perloff is the biggest bust.

Russell is close to another Vince Young.

Chris Houston is a little over-rated...he should have stayed in school one more year, however he did pretty-much shut down the best receivers for the opposing teams.

Jamaal Anderson is still a work in progress, but deserves a 1st round selection. He was a dominating force in the SEC at the DE position, and remember he was a 200 lb. wide-receiver out of high school.
Posted: 4:18 PM   by Foster
Russell= Akili Smith. Watch the Florida and Auburn games to see how easily confused Russell is when he and his WR's do not have clear physical superiority over opponents defensive backs. I'm a LSU alumni and fan and I come not to praise Brady Quinn who has similar question marks, but Russell has bust written all over him.
Posted: 4:34 PM   by time
Olson will not be a bust. Miami had nobody to get him the ball and there was nobody else on offence that had his talent so every team could put two guys on him.
Posted: 4:39 PM   by Anonymous
Russell almost lost his job last year at LSU AND was certain to return to school before he strung together 4 good games to end the season. B-U-S-T! Russell will be one of those guys that throws more picks than TDs his first 3-4 years in the league.
Posted: 6:03 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn will by far be the biggest bust, especially if he is drafted in the top five. He has never played well against good teams. His only good stats come against awful teams. The only reasons that people like him is because he is "America's Boy" coming from Notre Dame, and that he's fairly tall and fits the physical profile of a good QB. I am a Cleveland Browns fan and I would be extremely upset if we picked him up.
Posted: 6:56 PM   by Anonymous
BRADY QUINN is gonna be a bust. If you look at his whole college career he never stood out as a big time quarterback. Notre Dame as a team won those games not Quinn. Also of note; he didn't do anything in any of their big games.
Posted: 7:52 PM   by Anonymous
I think the biggest bust possibility is Brady Quin. He couldn't come through in the big games. He just bullied the weak teams. On the Lions he will get bullied.
Posted: 8:28 PM   by Anonymous
First of all, I do agree that it is hard to rate elite tackles in this league but if Thomas lands in a place like Arizona then he would learn from Leonard Davis and probably wouldnt be a bust. Same with Detroit he could learn from Foster. I think either would be a good fit but he is needed a lot more in Arizona. I'm surprised Adrian Peterson isnt listed here. He's a great player but his aggressive style got him injured a lot and he could be like Cadillac who had one good year and is uncertain right now.
Posted: 8:44 PM   by Anonymous
I am quite sure that all of you Brady Quinn haters have never actually seen him play. He is tough as nails, a tireless worker, and a fiery leader who almost single-handedly beat "the team of the decade" in 2005 (is it his fault the D couldn't stop anyone? He DID put up 31 on them!), beat Michigan in '05, a good GT team in '06, Tennessee a couple of times....It's funny how it is only a "big game" if the team lost. If they won, it wasn't a "big game". Oh yeah, and he has been running a pro-style offense to freakin' perfection. Get a clue before you post or, maybe, just maybe, come up with an original thought once in a while, rather than just regurgitating what the other haters have spewed.
Posted: 9:00 PM   by Anonymous
I would say to everyone knocking Brady to go back and look at the box scores of some of the tougher games on ND's schedule. Quinn actually had decent games statistically against most of those teams (USC, Penn State in particular).

The thing people need to consider is look at the Michigan and Michigan State games. The Wolves defens was FAR superior to the Irish in 2006, and that showed yet Quinn still had decent numbers, and against Michigan State he threw 5 TD's yet his defense was horrid. You really can't blame Quinn for the Irish's woes last year and him not winning the big game...
Posted: 9:01 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is a farce. He seems to possess all the attributes for a star player, but his inability to deliver in big games and make the right decisions during game time will lead to his downfall. His football IQ is equivalent to Forrest Gump. He will bounce around team to team for years to come....
Posted: 9:04 PM   by Anonymous
Russell is going to have only 1 solid season. Can anybody say Daunte Culpepper?
Posted: 9:17 PM   by Anonymous
Biggest potential bust of the 2007 draft will be: *drumroll*.....Calvin Johnson!!

If he goes to a team that cannot utilize him properly and TB may look like that team, he will fall short of everybody's expectations and be labeled a bust!
Posted: 9:29 PM   by Anonymous
Ok, I'm tired of this idea that Russell will be a bust because the only thing going for him is his arm strength. Anyone who says that obviously has not taken a look at stats over the past few years. Let me educate a few of you who, for some reason, seem to have this idea (particularly ones that site his "lack of accuracy"). HIS COMPLETION % WAS 67.8% LAST YEAR. That's 6th in Div IA. He was 3rd in passing efficiency with a 167.0 rating. His career long is 58 yards!! I believe he is 22-4 as starter the past two years.

And, as far as this thought of "he had only one good year", well, if I'm not mistaken Carson Palmer didn't light the world on fire until his senior year and he's doing just fine in the NFL.
Posted: 9:51 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn. He made a name for himself by beating up on the weak teams on Notre Dame's schedule the past two seasons. He's never shown me that he is an elite quarterback.
Posted: 9:59 PM   by Anonymous
watch troy smith be the best quarterback come out of this draft ... just wait and be amazed.
Posted: 10:17 PM   by Anonymous
It is amazing to me that two out of your five both happen to be from Arkansas. These two guys will be great NFL players. They both were part of the SEC West Champion defense and will prove you WRONG!!
Posted: 10:22 PM   by Anonymous
You Russell doubters are too funny. Check out this highlight reel and come back and tell me something you don't like about JR...I don't expect a reply.

Posted: 11:02 PM   by Anonymous
Quinn is a bust. He struggles when playing athletic defenses who can rush the passer and jam receivers. Guess what? NFL defenses do that all the time. He looked completely lost against Michigan and LSU. Who cares if he beat Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Also, I hope people pass on Alan Branch. He is going to make people wish they drafted him. Not many 300+ grown men under 5 secs in the 40. Big Ten is a rugged run conference as well.
Posted: 11:10 PM   by Anonymous
I think Ted Ginn Jr will be a bust. Just because you can run a 4.3 in a straight line doesnt mean it will translate into NFL game speed. He is injury prone and does not merit first round consideration. He reminds me of Troy Williamson of the Vikings.
Posted: 11:38 PM   by Anonymous
brady quinn will be the next joey harrington. troy smith will have a far better career than that choker.
Posted: 11:50 PM   by aaron
Many people have said that the biggest reason for Brady Quinn's success is Charlie Weis. And that without Weis Quinn will fail in the NFL. Does this mean that there aren't any NFL coaches as capable as Weis? Quinn may not succeed in the NFL but it will have nothing to do with losing Weis as his coach.
Posted: 12:01 AM   by Anonymous
I'd stay away from Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson. They can't win big games.
Posted: 12:17 AM   by Anonymous
I've watched all of Joe Thomas' games @UW. That said I'm a true homer. However, Thomas was a man among boys. He can do whatever he wants to do on the playing field. He will be a consummate professional @ a time when the NFL needs him. Celebrate his coming to the league no matter where he is picked.
Posted: 12:40 AM   by Anonymous
Can't we all just get along?
Quinn and Russell both will be busts.
Adrian has the eye of the tiger and he will power through it all!
Posted: 1:28 AM   by Anonymous
Who ever the TRaiders pick will be a bust, because they don't have an offensive line to protect the QB. If they select Calving Johnson, he won't be that good because the QB's they have will not be able to get him the ball, no protection. Both Russell & Quinn could be good if not great in the right system. Marshawn Lynch is a bust. Alan Branch sounds like a bust. Dwane Jarrett who every one says is better then Mike Williams will be a bust because he drops too many balls. I watched every single game he played, 1-3 drops minimum per game. Tim Couch wasn't a bust because he wasn't good or ok, he was a bust because he played for the Brown's who sucked then and suck now. Some teams become better and help that young QB by signing people around him that can make him better. The TRaiders did not do that this year so which ever player they draft will be a bust!
Posted: 1:30 AM   by bobdole442003
Brady Quinn.. guarenteed bust. His numbers against legit defenses such as USC, LSU and Michigan were terrible. And dont give the excuse that he played with an average offense.. he missed plenty of wide open recievers. Yes they said Peyton Manning could not win the big game (Florida) but at least he beat competetant competetion such as facing tough SEC teams every year. Quinn's competetion is no where near as tough as Peyton Manning's was. Bottom line any average qb can have great numbers against Army, Navy and any other bad team. He'll be working in Wall street in 4 years.
Posted: 1:32 AM   by Anonymous
Both QBs have bust all over them, at least as a top 5 pick. Neither had the college career to justify a top 5 pick. People are just desperate for QBs, that's all.
Posted: 1:46 AM   by Anonymous
Biggest bust? How about Justin Harrell, who had four whole sacks during an injury-plagued five years at Tennessee yet is being slotted in the middle of the first round.

And all you JaMarcus doubters will be proven wrong. He might start slowly -- any qb that gets drafted onto the wretched Raiders will be at a disadvantage -- but he has the accuracy and poise to go with the howitzer of a right arm. He'll be fine, and he will win despite working for Al Davis.
Posted: 1:55 AM   by Anonymous
I cannot believe that Thomas is on this list. Being from Wisconsin I have been able to see Thomas play every Saturday and all I have to say is that he didn't just play well, he dominated everyone he went up against. If he had not been injured playing defense last year he would have declared for the draft and been the 1st left tackle taken.
Posted: 2:03 AM   by Anonymous
Quinn, Russel, Thomas, Olsen, Branch
Posted: 3:03 AM   by Anonymous
I think Russell has the most potential to be a bust simply because hes probably going to the raiders and their porous O-Line. The run game isnt going to help much either as the line cant run block at all either, so pretty much any QB is going to be screwed there, much less a rookie QB who is not exactly polished. If he goes to another team or the Raiders significantly revamp their O-Line I think he can succeed if he is not forced to start immediately and has a good vet QB to mentor him. Anyway when will the consistently bad teams figure out that a solid O-line is worth more than any stud position player? (Not anytime soon I say)
Posted: 7:37 AM   by Anonymous
Based on where I think they'll be drafted in the draft.

Busts: Quinn, Branch, Jarrett, Ginn, Ross, Woodley

favorites: Okoye, Willis, Revis, Bowe, Nelson, Blalock
Posted: 8:34 AM   by Anonymous
Each player's success will depend on how well he fits into the system that drafts him. Montana wouldn't have been Montana with the Cardinals. He "fit" into Walsh's system. Russell and Quinn's success will be based on their supporting cast on and off the field.
Posted: 9:33 AM   by Anonymous
Anybody Miami Picks
Posted: 9:51 AM   by Tommy
I don't agree with Greg Olsen, Tight Ends drafted in the 1st round in recent years have been stars in the league.

I'd say Ted Ginn is overrated because of his speed. I don't think the kid is has polished a receiver as Santonio Holmes or Anthony Gonzalez.
Posted: 9:53 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn = Rick Mirer
Posted: 9:54 AM   by Tommy
I don't see Olsen has bust, recent tight ends drafted in the 1st round of the U have become stars in the NFL. Olsen is a stud.

Ted Ginn Jr. could flop and is overrated because of his speed. He is not as polished a receive as Santonio Holmes or Anthony Gonzalez.
Posted: 10:08 AM   by Anonymous
Russell by far has the biggest bust potential in this draft. No one was even considering him a lock to come out until his play in the Fiesta bowl. ND's defense over the past 2 years has made qb's with far less surrounding talent than Russell look like world beaters. Heck if OH ST played ND to end the season, Troy Smith would be a can't miss first rounder. It amazes me that NFL scouts have not factored that into their evaluation of Russell. In contrast to Russell, Quinn played behind a mediocre line and with good but not elite talent at the skill positions. He will be a stud for years to come. - Bill Walsh
Posted: 10:18 AM   by Anonymous
I actually kind of agree on the Joe Thomas evaluation. Gallery played at Iowa, which ran an essentially identical offense to the one that Thomas played in at Wisconsin, because most of Wisconsin's coaching staff came from Iowa (Alvarez and Bielema along with Ferentz all worked under Hayden Fry at Iowa). It seems as if the zone blocking, two tight end sets these two teams use produce tackles who don't necessarily have a skill set that transfers well to the NFL. This seems especially true of systems that need lots of pass protection for long progressions such as Oakland or Martz in Detroit. I don't think Detroit should take Thomas.
Posted: 10:21 AM   by Anonymous
For all of you who are knocking on Adrian Peterson for being injury probe, look at Frank Gore. He was definitely injury prone in college. I know he wasn't a top 5 pick, but he has put up top 5 numbers. AP's collarbone injury was a freak accident and shouldn't be attributed to him not being durable enough.

I also don't know how anyone can kock on Daunte Culpepper and Donovan McNabb. Culpepper was the co-MVP a few years ago, and McNabb took his team to 3 straight NFC championship games, and 1 Super Bowl.
Posted: 10:32 AM   by Diego
Russel did not almost lose his job. There was a bit of hype in Baton Rouge among the LSU faithful due to Flynn's better decision making and lead of an utter romp of Miami, but there was never a question among the coaching staff. JaMarcus is gifted and his only fault is he is a little too cocky. He came in looking like the next Michael Vick but then stopped running to become a better QB (showing maturity). His cockyness hurts him in deciding whether or not to throw an iffy pass. He sometimes expects to rip the ball through the defender's hands (he used to rip it through our reciever's hands too) and can against average teams. The only time he got into trouble was against SEC heavy-weights Georgia for the SEC title, Florida who won the National title, and Auburn who beat Florida. The Tennesse loss in '05 was not due to a lack of offense but coaching. Les Miles learned the hard way that you can't sit on a big lead in the SEC.
Posted: 10:32 AM   by Anonymous
The steal of the draft will be Troy Smith. He is getting knocked for his size, and his not great workouts, but look at his production. He will make some team very happy. Like say the Bears for instance.
Posted: 10:41 AM   by Anonymous
Quinn has great experience under charlie weiss including great schooling. russell will not do well in the nfl because he isnt ready for that style offense and quinn is. also russell went from shotgun a lot and hes not going to be able to do that much in the nfl
Posted: 11:09 AM   by Anonymous
"To be honest [Quinn] reminds me alot of Tim Couch and Drew Bledsoe"

Of all the dumb things I've seen posted on this topic, this one takes the cake. If you told every team that Quinn (or anyone else) would be as good as Bledsoe was in his prime, he would be the hands-down #1 pick. Bledsoe threw for nearly 45,000 yards and 250+ TDs in his career.

Since his retirement, many writers may say he probably won't make it to the HOF but they also say he was still a very good QB.
Posted: 11:11 AM   by Anonymous
I just love it--- you ND/Brady Quinn fans can't just prop up your own guy, you have to smear someone else.
Biggest potential bust? Quinn. Why? his mouth and attitude- he already sounds more like TO- "ME! ME! I'm the BEST!" - than anyone else in the league, and he hasn't even been drafted yet. I wouldn't take him in any circumstance or round; look what effect TO has had on any team he's been on. He sounds like a team-killer
Posted: 11:18 AM   by Anonymous
Russel almost lost his job last year???? PLEASE, obviously you did not follow LSU football...if JR goes to the Raiders he WILL bust you know why, they have the worst offensive line in the NFL...period
Posted: 11:21 AM   by Anonymous
Mark My Words:

Quinn and Russell not in top 5.
Big run on CB's and safety's
Al Davis will take the WR.
The RB's will all go in round one.
Many Trades - first round takes 2.5 hours.
Posted: 11:21 AM   by Anonymous
Russel= Healthy Daunte Culpepper. They are clones of eachother
Posted: 11:26 AM   by Anonymous
I see a list comparing LSU's and Notre Dame's schedules (part of the Quinn hype) and listing the cupcakes LSU played. I agree, a bunch of those teams are weak, but get it straight, OK? A couple of people are laughing about Kentucky being on schedule- ask Clemson how weak Kentucky was last year. Listing a bowl winner as a cupcake is NOT demonstrating how knowledgeable of football you are...
Posted: 11:27 AM   by Anonymous
Does anyone know how often Russell was pressured or sacked in his 2 years? That video shows play after play of him patting the ball and getting all day to throw it. Won't happen in Oakland, Detroit or Cleveland.
Posted: 11:57 AM   by Anonymous
Thomas will be a bust if he goes to a team that doesn't know how to use its O-line. If he goes to a team like Detroit, where he'll be forced to be the "star", he won't thrive. He needs a team like Denver or Pittsburgh to be able to make a Pro-Bowl-type impact. Seeing as how Denver drafts 21st, it's not gonna happen. They don't have guys that would make trading up seem logical for Thomas...
Posted: 12:19 PM   by Ninerfan
Allan Branch should be in your list. Please Niners, don't draft another Reggie McGrew. He is fat and that is it. He doesn't have the drive nor the skills to make even a significant impact. Stay away from him
Posted: 12:22 PM   by rehartr
The problem with the Raiders-Russell marraige is that the Raiders (a.k.a. the "Al Davis Lackies") do not have consistency in coaching on the offensive side of the ball. If big Al would give his goddamn staff time (3 years), this team would be perrinial contenders. Look at the defense: Same coaching staff for three years - Ranked #3 overall in defense last year. The Raiders have talent and needs like every team. But changing offensive schemes, blocking schemes, and team philosophies three times in three years leads to 2 - 14... Period. All of the successful teams in the league (Indy, Philly, NE, Denver, Pitt) have one thing in common: long term CONSISTENCY IN COACHING. If Russell is the choice, he'd better hope like hell that Big Al will have the patience to give Kiffen 3 years.
Posted: 12:30 PM   by tek
jamarcus russel will be a bust.. mark my words. if you look at previous "busts" over the years, look at their pre-draft reports it probably said something like "passion for the game questioned"...if something like that pops up, thats an automatic red flag. just look at him, 6'6" 260 quarterback, whats not to love, hes a physical specimen but not your quarterback of the future. if he was such a golden boy, his interception numbers would have and should have been lower than 21. if he had passion for the game, how come lsu didnt play in the rose bowl, the defense was i think the strength of the team. nick saban i believe assembled that team and saban was a defensive minded coach, which leads me to believe that LSU was carried by its defense and not on the shoulders of jamarcus russell. he will be ripped apart in the nfl, i say he'll have more interceptions than touchdowns in his nfl career.
Posted: 12:32 PM   by Anonymous
College career stats:
Larry Fitgerald - 161 for 2,677 yds and 34 tds
Calvin Johnson - 178 for 2,927 yds and 28 tds

Oh btw... Larry played 2 seasons and CJ played 3!

My point... Larry had 780yds his first season and simply was a better college player and prospect. CJ is inflated due to this year's draft being weak at the top. CJ will take some heat because its super rare for even the best WRs to go over 1k as a rookie (Randy Moss).... that being said, he'll be a stud down the road.
Posted: 12:45 PM   by Anonymous
The Biggest BUST will be Cleveland "The Clowns" first round pick! Put your money down it's a sure bet.
Posted: 1:10 PM   by bryan
3 major bust risks:

1. Brady Quinn- when the competition is good, he is very bad

2. Ted Ginn- just ask Troy Williamson what it's like in the NFL when you have straight-line speed but average hands and limited moves

3. Adam Carriker- he would be a fine 2nd oe 3rd round pick, but is NOT a top-half of the first round guy. He is too small to be a true DT and too slow to be a true DE- that is a bad combination, and he will end up being a rotational backup guy, nothing more.
Posted: 1:19 PM   by Anonymous
Here's the difference with Thomas. His position coach, coached in the NFL for 12 seasons and believes he's the real deal. I don't know about the other guys who busted, but having a league guy watch him everyday and think that highly of him says a lot.
Posted: 1:48 PM   by Anonymous
I would draft CJ at #1, and then pick up D. Culpepper when he becomes a free agent. Russell and Quinn aren't franchise QB's.
Posted: 2:09 PM   by Anonymous
I would rather the browns end up with Quinn over Russell, we need a leader not a gunslinger.......ever since our beloved team came back to Cleveland in 99 we have not been blessed with a durable, effective, uninjured, franchise quality quarterback yet, we have suffered through Couch, Garcia, Holcomb, Dilfer, and now Frye, We desperately need a QB that will stay longer than two years, Be a leader, and Lead us back to the Playoffs!!!!
Posted: 3:11 PM   by Anonymous
Being a Badger fan and having watched Thomas play, I agree with others who are surprised with your choice. He's huge, move very well and smarter than the average bear. He's a pro-bowl player in a few short years.
Posted: 3:18 PM   by Anonymous
You're crazy if you don't draft CJ. Best player the draft...by far! Wait and see. If I were the Lions, I'd draft CJ and pick up Drew Stanton in the 2nd round. They compared Quinn to Stanton before last season. Not Drews fault MSU doesn't have an O-Line!
Posted: 3:22 PM   by Anonymous
Dwayne Jarrett looks to me to be a possible bust. He dominated some subpar DBs at the college level but his lack of speed and strength will show up against NFL talent.
I believe he'll still make a decent 3rd reciever. Russell is getting too much credit for one big game and I would expect him to take a few years to pan out for any team. Brady Quinn, on the other hand is a sure fire NFL starter and possible star. He not only has the physical and mental tools but that certain leadership ability that can't be taught. If he played at an LSU, USC or Ohio State he would have had no questions about his ability because of the supporting players.
Posted: 3:37 PM   by Anonymous
I think Quinn will be a bust based mostly on the fact that even though Weis coached him, they play in C-USA and annually get patsies galore on their schedule. Also, when they actually do play a real football school, they usually get embarrassed.

I don't want anyone to forget either that Zmardja was a freak of a receiver and when he said he was playing baseball instead of football, I recall people being dissappointed. I think a major reason for quinn's production was the fact that it was very tough to D up Zmardja, thus creating both direct and indirect mismatches and opportunities.
Posted: 3:55 PM   by alannowell
I completely agree on Russell and Houston... What about Ginn Jr? Most consider him a top 20 pick and I see him as nothing more than a special teams player. Do you really spend a first round pick on a guy that will return kicks and maybe be a 3rd WR?
Posted: 4:27 PM   by Anonymous
JaMarcus Russell. I saw quite a few of his college games. I saw him make some really bone-headed throws. His stock went up when LSU beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. What quarterback wouldn't look good playing against the Notre Dame defense?
Posted: 4:38 PM   by Anonymous
Darelle Revis has shot up draft boards because of his incredbly fast 40 time. Unless they install a track in the middle of the field, that time is just getting him moeny, but not a solid job in the NFL.
Posted: 4:40 PM   by Bry Mo'el
Which draft boards are guys like Houston "Shooting" up? The mock's? Because everything I read/hear from NFL people say they don't move people that dramatically based on work-out's in shorts. Yet the writers act like these guys lose all common sense.
Posted: 4:42 PM   by Anonymous
Russell is going to be the man. Too many haters hatin' on the man. He has the strongest are in the NFL and College. So the physical gifts are there. If I am picking number one, I am taking a chance to see if he's there mentally. If he is... the NFL better look out. Vince Young was dogged before he got drafted now he's the offensive rookie of the year and is on the cover of Madden.

Let's go JR!!
Posted: 4:42 PM   by Anonymous
Russel will not be a star, not in Oakland anyway he would have no oline and two grumpy old men at WR
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
I'm a Raiders fan and ND hater but have to admit that Quinn is the better QB of the two. In the NFL it's the ability to process information quickly, game study and leadership that win games (see Manning, Brady). A big arm doesn't mean squat if you don't know what to do with the ball. Russel will be the bust.
Posted: 5:09 PM   by Anonymous
I don't think there will be a single pro bowler from this year's quarterback class, period. I think Russell will be the biggest bust, as he will be the higher pick. He made some seriously boneheaded decisions at LSU.

Not far behind on the bust scale will be Ginn. As a Panther fan, I was thrilled to see Steve Smith develop from a special teamer to a reliable receiver. Most however, ala Dante Hall, can't make that jump.
Posted: 5:36 PM   by Anonymous
I love the Ted Ginn is not fast comments. How is Ted Ginn not fast in any other conference other than the Big Ten? Last time I checked he was a National Champion high hurdler and on the short list for the US Olympics but turned it down to concentrate on football. I don't care what level of football you are talking about, Ted Ginn has elite speed. He could be a bust, but to say the guys is slow is retarded. And to call Holmes and Jackson busts after one year is jumping the gun a little. I guess by that reasoning if your first year is bad, then John Elway will forever be a bust. His first year sucked so bad he almost quit. And we all know how bad his career turned out to be.
Posted: 5:40 PM   by Anonymous
Some of you could really stand to dust off a spelling or grammar book. Yikes. The best player to come out of this draft will be Adrian Peterson. Four years ago, people were asking if he was good enough to go preps to pros. Now people are questioning if he will ever be a productive NFL back. You gotta be kidding me. Does anybody remember how he absoultely dominated college football after his freshman season? He lost the Heisman to USC golden boy Matt Leinart. Peterson will run through and past defenders in the pros. And he's not fragile like so many are afraid of. Almost every player has an ankle sprain or two in their career. And the broken collarbone was because he wanted to put an exclamation point on the first touchdown he scored with his dad there in person. Anybody would have been excited to have their dad see them score a touchdown for the first time. Peterson is a future Hall of Famer. I guaran-damn-tee it. As for the biggest bust, the bit on Joe Thomas could be legit. Nobody thought Gallery would be a bust either. It just goes to show that a lineman put in the wrong situation can lead to disaster. But Thomas could also be the guy who revitalizes a line. That is what is so hard about all of this. The most overrated player in this draft is Greg Olson. He reminds me to much of Jeremy Shockey, and that is not a good thing. Shockey is already the most overrated tight end in the NFL, and he will soon be joined by Olson. As for the biggest bust, I can't help but say Alan Branch. I have seen way too many big, uninspired defensive tackles fail in the last few years, most notably Ryan Sims, Wendell Bryant, DeWayne Robertson(who is still playing decent, but not well enough to garner being a top 5 pick), Junior Siavii, Jonathan Sullivan and William Joseph. Those guys get the big paycheck, and then become lazy.
Posted: 2:26 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn will be an NFL bust. Hell, he was a bust in college. If Cleveland was smart(which they aren't) they would pass on Quinn and take Calvin Johnson. While Charlie Frye is no Joe Montana, when you have the likes of CJ, Winslow and Edwards to throw the ball to, you don't need to be a very good QB.
Posted: 1:30 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn in my mind is no doubt a bust. Also I have some serious sleepers that I feel I need announce and have been waiting for the chance to "scream them out to the world"
1. LaMarr Woodley Woodley was a beast for Michigan and got a ton of national attention, and now people have just forgotten about him.
2. Rufus Alexander I saw him play for Oklahoma, the fans loved him constantly chanting Ru when he made a play which was often, as he was all over the place.
3. Michael Bush He was a star for Louiville, then got injured, but would have been a first round pick had he stayed healthy.
Posted: 2:35 PM   by Anonymous
Definitely Brady Quinn. Never impressed me when I watched him. Couldn't win the big ones in college. Big games in college are your average NFL game any day of the week.
Posted: 10:20 PM   by Anonymous
There is so much ignorance about Russell circulating... perhaps because he's a black QB, perhaps because he is so physically gifted... btu put all of that aside.

1) He's a flat out gamer - 9 come from behind victories in 4th quarter or overtime including the first time he ever set foot on a college field.

2) He is praised as much - if not as loudly - for his touch on passes, his ability to throw the out and come back routes effectively.

3) His 'commitment to the game' is questioned by no one who knows him - he just isn't as verbal as Quinn who is going EVERYWHERE pimpign himself as Tom Brady or Joe Montana to whoever will listen.

A few quotes from people who have actually worked with him:

QB guru Tom Martinez who works regularly with Tom Brady (to who Quinn often compares himself) - "I used to work the Elway quarterback camps [at Stanford] and Elway could bring it," said Martinez. "But not like this kid. I've been in the Bay Area for 40 years and I've seen some of the best such as Joe Montana. Russell is better than anyone I've ever seen."

Jimbo Fisher, former OC - "We did all the same things as Notre Dame as far as responsibility on the quarterback and maybe more," said Fisher. "He called all the protections at the line, made all the checks and called all the sight adjustments [receiver routes vs. the blitz]. I can count on one hand the times I've had to teach him something twice." On comments abotu his commitment to the game or lack of smarts - "Whoever wrote that should be fired," said Fisher. "It's a total joke. He loves football, he just doesn't love the media attention."

Browns GM Phil Savage who has known him since highschool - "He has great vision, knows where the pressure is coming from, and he can take it from the board to the field." ; "Personally, I don't have a question about his work ethic," said Savage. "I know there's been a concern in terms of his weight. I don't think this is the first time it's fluctuated. But I have no concerns."

Meanwhile, Brady Quinn extends ND's record streak of bowl losses (blowouts) and I think has yet to even defeat a team in the top 25...
Posted: 12:11 AM   by Anonymous
I have to say that the wide-out that impresses me the most has to be Robert Meachem because he is a good sized receiver that demands the ball in the crunch. I think he has the potential to be big in the NFL.
Posted: 12:05 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn

Troy Smith and Brandon Merriweather
Posted: 10:19 PM   by Anonymous
adrian peterson probably will be a bust but since chester taylor is there to help him through his rookie season he will probably do fine
Posted: 1:59 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn = 2007 bust.
It's why so many teams passed on him. He's an overrated kid who was lucky to play for the Irish so they could prop him up ahead of a few other better QB's. Browns picked him out of mercy. He's put up mega stats in NCAA ball against tow mata cans.
He's your '07 Bust.
Posted: 8:03 AM   by Anonymous
I love Calvin Johnson pick to Detroit. This team is in a desparate need to get the fans excited. Calvin may not win the Super Bowl by himself, but can win some games, that may be enough to keep Matt Millen for the next decade :-) God bless Detroit Lions!
Posted: 7:58 PM   by Andy
Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, Kyle Boller, Joey Harrington, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, What do all of these guys have in common besides being busts? They all had ONE good year in college. I'm looking for multiple years of good college football in all of my players especially QB. JaMarcus Russell had ONE good game, against a terrible ND defense. Guess who's name you can add to that list? Russell's.
Posted: 4:05 PM   by Anonymous
the situation a player ends up in has a lot to do with their production. look at randy moss' production in oakland. put charles johnson on a team that can't protect the qb and you'll see something similar. i won't go so far as to say cj will bust in detroit, or tag any of the top draft picks of '07 busts; but i will say i didn't like the detroit pick of yet another receiver, when they so clearly need help on the o-line. cj ended up in a bad place for a player with such high expectations. he can't save that team from the position of wideout, so he has the most daunting task of any of these guys. i don't expect much from him this season; but i won't blame him either if he doesn't shine like a star on a bad team.
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