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4/28/2007 09:09:00 PM

Five Unpopular Opinions

Ted Ginn Jr. was an exciting playmaker at Ohio State, but he wasn't fully healthy for pre-draft workouts.
John Biever/SI

Enough of this feel-good, let's-agree-on-everything chatter. I've already had issues with several things I've heard here at Radio City today. Here are five items that I imagine some of you will take exception to:

1. Ted Ginn Jr. will prove to be a smart pick for Miami
Starting with the Dolphins fans, everyone seems to hate this pick. Maybe I'm trusting what I saw in college too much. I thought Ginn was playing at a different level, like Devin Hester. Speed wins Super Bowls, and the 'Fins probably knew they'd get the QB they wanted in the second round.

2. Someone missed on Brady Quinn
I heard very few voices questioning the Vikings, Bills, Rams, Panthers and Jaguars decision to pass on the Notre Dame quarterback. Reminds me of the free pass the Raiders, Bills and Lions got last year for not taking Matt Leinart. Quinn isn't a perfect prospect, but sometimes you have to take a risk at the most important position on the field.

3. Stop praising the Redskins
Everyone loves that the 'Skins didn't mortgage their future. And everyone also says LaRon Landry is a slam-dunk. He might be very good, but I worry about Washington's offense in 2007.

4. Kevin Kolb was a smart pick for the Eagles
Several writers I spoke to were shocked Philly took the Houston quarterback with the 36th pick. I wrote earlier this week that Kolb had convinced teams he wasn't just a product of his college offense. And he seems like a good fit for Andy Reid's offense. The Jaguars probably would have jumped on Kolb in the second round if Philly hadn't grab him.

5. Amobi Okoye's going to have a rough rookie year
I think teams got nervous about Okoye's age, and for good reason. The 19-year-old will be on his second contract before he really starts to produce. And the Texans face some very good offenses this year.

Anyone care to disagree?
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Posted: 9:18 PM   by Anonymous
You keep mentioning the Bills missing on Leinert and Quinn. Despite most national opinions they have a good young developing quarterback in Losman. Down the stretch he put together sevral strong performances and come from behind victories. Oh yeah he also was the 11th rated passer in the league (ahead of E Manning and Rothlisberger among others).
Posted: 9:23 PM   by Anonymous
Well here's a Skins fan who agrees... what is there to praise? They took a Sean Taylor clone when they needed to address their defensive line. Now they have two hard hitters in the secondary, but still no ability to cover the pass, no ability to stop the run, and definitely no ability to rush the passer.

And by the way, how could they possibly have mortgaged their future? With what draft picks to trade? With what talent to offer other teams? Personnel management, as long as they refuse to hire a real GM, will always be an absolute fiasco for this team.

Impeach Snyder!
Posted: 9:26 PM   by Anonymous
An offense with both Clinton Portis and Betts running, Moss, ARE, Cooley, and LLoyd catching, and a QB that can actually get the ball to them.......no, as a skins fan, I am still worried about the dline
Posted: 9:27 PM   by Anonymous
Exactly who should the skins have taken on offense when the D was as terrible as it was last season?
Posted: 9:29 PM   by Anonymous
What should the 'skins have done? They obviously didn't have any takers to trade down. And you're worried about the offense? The D finished 31st. I'd have liked to see them go Dline but there weren't any offensive players worth the #6. They're obviously set at RB, T, C, and TE. They drafted a QB in the 1st round 2 years ago who has only gotten one start. #6 is too early to take a guard and there weren't any receivers worth the draft position.

I don't think its the greatest pick, but going offense?!?
Posted: 9:46 PM   by Anonymous
I wanted them to take Okoye... well, I actually wanted them to trade down and either get Lance Briggs or more picks. But #6 was too high to take a guard, same with Okoye. Landry can contribute immediately though, and he is FAST.

What they need on offense is a replacement for Derrick Dockery, and they'll likely try to get that in the 5th round. So long as Portis doesn't get injured again this year, we've got Portis and Betts slugging it out in the ground game, and Campbell should show his experience next year. As for wideouts, well, when we have a QB that can get the ball to them, I think they'll prove more than adequate.

I AM worried about how well Landry will mesh with Taylor, especially after he makes far more money as a #6 pick than Taylor signed for as a #5. I also hope he's a lot better at man coverage than Archuleta was.

At least the Danny is finally showing some discipline. Progress is progress.
Posted: 9:51 PM   by Anonymous
Offense wasn't the way to go for the Redskins, we have to let Jason Campbell show his stuff after a year in Saunders' offense first.

With LaRon Landry and Sean Taylor in the backfield, NOBODY will want to catch a pass thrown there. If they do, they'll be punished. (I'm looking in YOUR direction, TO)
Posted: 9:52 PM   by Anonymous
oh let's get cheap hits by trying to rile up the redskins fan. so lame pervloff.

but I will play along- they had to go with defense and took the best available. not Dline like we hoped, but we solidified our secondary. go kiss bill belichick's butt like the rest of cnnsi.
Posted: 9:53 PM   by Anonymous
oh callin out the redskins fan base is so...cnnsi.

we needed defense, we took the best available. duh.
Posted: 9:54 PM   by Anonymous
we needed defense so we went defense sweety.

what offensive player would you suggest?
Posted: 9:55 PM   by Anonymous
your so right- redskins stupid, redskins overpay, blahblah.

get off the writers bandwagon- your new nickname should be andy persquelli
Posted: 10:02 PM   by Ken R.
Come’on, Pearl. I know you’ve had a long day, but don’t turn into D. Banks. Let Z, Peter and Don continue to do their regular Skins bashing.

Give the Skins credit where credit is due today; they didn’t mortgage their future and picked up the best defensive player and athlete, bar-none, in the draft.

LeRon and Sean Taylor, havoc up the middle into opposing QBs.

And, what is it about the Skins O that you don’t like? Decent wideouts, a smart QB who's learning and has a great arm, and a decent O Line. Derek Dockery?? We didn't lose anybody from the offense this year. I just think you had to find something you didn't like ...
Posted: 10:16 PM   by Anonymous
Thank God for Snyder and Millen. They make me a cringe a little less everytime JJ makes another dumb pick, or trade, for the 'Boys. But it only helps a little. I heard JJ tried to pick his nose the other day - but he missed and poked himself in the eye. The way JJ likes to stockpile picks watch out, Dallas might own the entire 7th round (but none in the 1st 6!) before this is over!!
Posted: 10:30 PM   by Anonymous
Fins - Well Im not saying it was a bad pick, but yet there was so much more on the table than Ginn .. Hes fast yes, but will he produce ??? porbably not... I would have gone for leon hall !!
Posted: 10:35 PM   by Anonymous
Kevin Kolb may very well turn out to be a good quarterback in the future, but the Eagles have two solid #2 QBs on their team - QB depth is not a problem this year or next. However, they seriously need safety help, and for everyone who said that they had the luxury of sitting there and just taking the best player, since they have no pressing needs - does anyone else remember how the Saints ran all over them in playoffs, and they gave up something like 1000 rushing yards over 5 or 6 games mid season? I think that would be a much bigger concern than picking Kevin Kolb.
Posted: 10:35 PM   by Chris Woods
All the teams who passed on Brady Quinn this year will pay. Thats right you all heard it from me Chris Woods from Pittsburgh, PA. I say it now and stand it later. Watch just watch!
Posted: 10:37 PM   by Matthew
The question with Ginn at #9 isn't whether he will be good, but whether Beck can play up to the same or better level than Quinn. If Quinn outperforms Beck, the Dolphins will never live it down. I expect Ginn to contribute in special teams, but his production as a reciever will be limited because he lacks toughness. Here's betting he will be injured more often than productive.
Posted: 10:59 PM   by Anonymous
I think the Boys also had a good day. Trading down and then back up, in the process acquiring a first rounder next year and the pass rusher they needed, was classic. For a tenth of a second the thought flashed through my mind at 22 that the Boys' would take Quinn.
Posted: 11:01 PM   by Anonymous
The Skins should have taken Quinn or Peterson. These guys are 'franchise' players and can't miss offensive stars. Jason Campbell isn't the answer and neither is Portis. BAd times ahead in 07 for the Skins. What we need is more co-ordinators!
Posted: 11:09 PM   by Greg
Rams didn't miss by passing on Quinn. Bulger has been to the Pro Bowl a couple of times and he's clearly a high caliber QB. For the Rams it would have been an obvious wasted pick on Quinn given the defensive needs they have and the players that were available to them, like Carriker or their choice of any CB in the draft.
Here's my opinion: Why is Brady Quinn the front page boy on every single sports webpage right now? And before you say his story was the most "newsworthy" one, was Aaron Rodgers a front page boy when he fell. Shame on all of you. You all owe JaMarcus Russell an apology on his big day.
Posted: 12:21 AM   by Anonymous
Amobi Okoye has done absolutely everything that every player in the draft has done, he even graduated. Why is it such a stretch that he may be ready for the NFL. Don't count him out yet.
Posted: 12:51 AM   by Anonymous
Bills missing on Leinart and Quinn? I can see the argument last year with Leinart, because JP Losman hadn't proven himself as a viable NFL QB yet. There was no reason for the Bills to even dream of drafting Quinn this year. JP Losman was a good QB last year and constantly progressed as the season went on. I know the Bills are a small market franchise and aren't as well known, but it gets old hearing people criticize them when the you're not even familiar with the team.
Posted: 12:57 AM   by Anonymous
Adrian Peterson on articial turf for at least 9 games. ROY with 1500+ yds and minimum 15 Tds.
Posted: 1:02 AM   by Anonymous
How can you say that Okoye will disappoint us. He could be totally in over his head, or he could be a ROY candidate. He is big, athletic, and he is playing with Mario Williams.
I also wouldn't say that teams were getting scared of him. If Washington wants the best safety in the draft, more power to them. Safties adapt best to the NFL. Minnesota's strength is their DTs, Atlanta desperatley needed a DE, and Okoye is not really a 3-4 lineman.
It seems dumb that if Brady Quinn falls, it is about the teams not needing a QB, but when Okoye isn't selected, it is because teams are scared of his age. Seriously, if you told a team you could have two identical players, but one was 19 and the other was 23, who do you think they would take?
Posted: 1:29 AM   by Anonymous
Ginn was a bad pick at that spot by the Dolphins because they could have traded down and gotten some picks for the 9 slot. Look at what Cleveland gave Dallas for 22. And I'm sorry, but why draft a guy who is basically Wes Welker's replacement at 9? Ginn is an average route runner at best, and given the Fins current QB situation, that's not going to get it done when it comes to helping Chris Chambers.
Posted: 2:43 AM   by Anonymous
Picking up Landry was the right move. Landry and Taylor in the backfield will mesh perfectly, addressing the 'Skins need to cover the deep pass adequately, AND allowing Taylor to slide confidently into proper field position and make less mistakes (something he's had trouble doing since the 'Skins allowed Ryan Clark to leave and blossom elsewhere). It will also allow Taylor to shine using his best abilities - playing closer to the line to help with stopping the run and the pass rush. He'll be able to do something he hasn't done in a long time: intimidate the QB with fierce blitzing. It's no secret Taylor can be a menace with the blitz, and it's something the 'Skins desperately want to see more of in order to help address their league low sack figures from last season (of course, they'll need some more help for the aging D-line next). Gregg Williams would love that kind of versatility from his players once again to keep offenses on their toes. Taylor's been a pitbull on a leash for too long now. The addition of Landry should let him loose and allow both players to shine.
Posted: 5:20 AM   by Anonymous
Why on earth would the Colts trade a future 1st round pick plus this years 4th rounder for the 10th pick in the 2nd round this year? This just seems stupid.
Posted: 5:42 AM   by Giourkas
Sorry, i just wanted to reply to the first moron who compared J.P. Losman to Super Bowl-winner Roethlisberger. Are you kidding me? How you watched a full football game in your life?? Big Ben might not be the best QB in the world, but he's a SB Champ. J.P. will never reach 9 wins, forget the playoffs!
Posted: 6:12 AM   by Anonymous
I'm a Dolphins fan, and I was lobbying for Ted Ginn Jr. I wish they traded down to get in a lower spot, but you have to do what you got to do. The team lost it's #1 and 2 leading receivers in receptions last year, and their kick returner. They also ranked among the worse in the passing game. I'm not sold on Culpepper, because he coughs the ball up almost everytime he gets hit. Aside from that, the guy is proven in the league. This team had too many holes in it's passing game to use a 1st rounder on a question mark at quarterback. Ted Ginn will stretch defenses, and he could wind up being as valuable to the Dolphins, as Brandon Stokley was for the Colts. They improved their depth at QB with the 2nd pick, which was good. I actually was hoping they got Trent Edwards instead. Then improved their offensive line depth. They need to strengthen their secondary though, with some of their later picks. They gave up a ton of yards per completion last season. Among the leagues worse in that department. In fact, that was the only negative thing you could say about their defense. I'd grade them at B to B+ so far. They lost points for not trading back to get Ginn, and for taking Beck over Edwards.
Posted: 7:58 AM   by Anonymous
Oh how simple most skins fans are... Let an above average safety leave last year, sign a below average safety for big bucks, spend the #6 pick in the draft on someone that is similar to Taylor. Name one healthy player that can cover in that secondary. Rogers gets tackles after his receiver gets open for the catch, Smoot is a nickle, and neither of the safeties play the ball. Didn't this team have the least number of sacks ever for a skins team? So great pick of safety, even if he was BPA. BPA is a joke when you can't get to the QB and there's DE-Anderson and DT-Okoye on the board. I'm sure Tony, Eli, and Donovan are happy with your pick.
Posted: 10:09 AM   by rashaad
I'm also a redskins fan. And a person who played D-tackle at the college and high school level. Question? How many defensive lineman in the league are really dominant? maybe 10-12 incluing tackles and ends. How many are good, get the job done take up space, and get some pressure? alot. the Redskins did good by getting Landry. D. lineman are too hit and miss. there arent many Reggie white's or Julius Peppers, or shawn merriamn's. you can get a decent tacle and end and surround them with good players(London Fletcher, Marcus Washington, Landry, S. Taylor, Smoot) and improve. Did you forget we have upgraded our defense alot albeit not along the line? Our offense is fine too. There will be no stopping Portis and Betts! Bow before the REDSKINS! BOW!
Posted: 10:16 AM   by Anonymous
how long has losman been a "developing young quarterback"...? and byron leftwich's body has aged 20 years in the league. I think those two teams might second guess passing at the end of the season.
Posted: 10:35 AM   by Patrick
Its not so much that Kevin Kolb is a bad QB or a bad player as much as it is about what the Eagles needed. This team is still one of the better NFL teams but has a few holes on the defensive side of the ball. Instead of addressing these with guys like Posluszny who where on the board at #26, or Houston who was on board at #36, or even taking a guy like Leonard who would be a great fit and help this team's offense, Andy Reid takes a quarterback!!!
Posted: 11:41 AM   by Anonymous
I like the Ted Ginn Jr. pick at 9 by the Dolphins. Few have taken into consideration the havoc it would cause in their organization if they had taken "the anointed one" in Quinn (that, it appears, NFL execs were not as enamored with as the media was). Cam Cameron doesn't need Dol-Fans and the media screaming to see Brady while he's trying to find a productive quarterback to move the ball in the here and now. Speed kills in sports, and every team that faces the Dolphins is going to have to spend valuable time determining how to not get burned by Ginn.
Posted: 11:46 AM   by Anonymous
You worry about the Skin's offense? If you had said defense I agree, but great O-line, promising young qb, two solid rbs, a great wr, a great te, and passable wrs. That doesnt sound like an offnse to worry about.
Posted: 12:55 PM   by Anonymous
Well, I disagree Andrew. The Texans defense is young and now pretty disruptive. The front 4 of Mario Williams, Travis Johnson, Amobi Okoye, and Jason Babin could mold into a scary group. Then Demeco Ryans is only going to get better, and Duntae Robinson is a solid cover corner. I think that Amobi Okoye is in pretty good shape for next year.
Posted: 1:04 PM   by Anonymous
Leinart won the big games.. Quinn failed in all of them.. unless you consider, army, navy, airforce and mich st top tier games.
Posted: 1:28 PM   by Anonymous
I think the Redskins should've taken Okoye, and I'm a Giants fan. I don't think you can get on Okoye for possibly having a rough rookie season since he a boy among men. But I think this next to the Andre Johnson pick could be one of the smartest picks the Texans have ever done.

Now back to the Redskins. I like Landry but I don't think he was worth a top 10 pick, few safeties are. They should've traded down to get more picks and maybe get a safety who can be just as good like a Michael Griffin or even a Eric Weddle in round 2. But they should've taken a somebody for their defensive line like Anderson or Okoye. I guess though it was better than what Dan Snyder originally wanted, which was taking Ted Ginn Jr. with the 6th overall selection. BTW, I think Ginn is another Desmond Howard.
Posted: 8:46 PM   by Anonymous
I agree with on the 19 year old out of Louisville. The kid has tremendous upside but it will take a few years for him to be able to truly dominate. Why risk that much gauranteed money when you will not see the benefits if the player leaves after the expiration of the contract?
Posted: 3:43 PM   by Anonymous
In response to Giourkas. I'm the "moron" referring to Losman. I have watched plenty of football. Big Ben was lousy in the Super Bowl and was awful last year. He played on a great team and won a Super Bowl. So has Hostetler (ouch Bills fans) and Dilfer. Big Ben has not proven to be an elite QB yet. I wasn't comparing Losman, just pointing out that very queitly last year he developed into a competent starter on a very average, young team. The national media seems to miss this.
Posted: 5:21 PM   by Anonymous
I think that, at this point, it is tough to criticize the Buffalo Bills for passing on Brady this year. JP Losman started playing very well at the end of last year and showed some definate progress. With new running back Marshawn Lynch and a new offensive line, hopefully he gets to show something more and continue to progress in Steve Fairchild's offense.
Posted: 5:50 PM   by Anonymous
62.5% comp 19 TD 14 INT
Passer rating 85
No 1000yd rusher

59.7% comp 18 TD 23 INT
Passer rating 75.4
Posted: 11:37 PM   by Anonymous
whoa whoa let's stop hating on the mids, this is the year they beat notre dame!!

ps. go skins, landry-taylor = i don't want to be an opposing receiver on a crossing pattern
Posted: 1:28 PM   by Anonymous
Please examine the Redksins record since Mr. Greedy, Daniel Snyder, took control of the franchise. The Redskins, who were once the pride of the NFL, were turned into a team with no direction or discipline, plus they lack a long term plan to reuild the franchise.

Having said that, as long as almost 90,000 fans continue to pay outrageous prices to attend every game, Daniel Snyder will be happy, but Redskin fans will suffer.
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