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4/28/2007 02:18:00 PM

Quinn's tumble

If I was a top pick, I would be like Joe Thomas and go fishing. I would hate to be Brady Quinn and have all this attention on my flaws as I sit around Radio City. NFL officials just hid him from view here at Radio City, but he still has to be on many teams' minds.

All of a sudden, we're hearing whispers about how other quarterbacks like Trent Edwards, Kevin Kolb and John Beck are just as good as Quinn. And this is a guy who yesterday looked like a real option to go to the Raiders at No. 1.

Picks 11 through 22 look grim for Quinn, barring a potential trade. I would love to see a team with a solid quarterback under contract take the Notre Dame QB just to shake things up. Think about these scenarios:

No. 13: Marc Bulger still puts up great numbers, but he just turned 30 and has had health issues in the past.

No. 14: The Panthers may be hitting themselves for acquiring David Carr. Why not take a risk and add Quinn into the QB mix with Carr and Jake Delhomme?

No. 16: Quinn could compete with Aaron Rodgers for the heir to Brett Favre's throne in Green Bay. Unfortunately, the Packers need to win now and have too many other needs.

No. 17: Quinn actually makes sense here, but the Jags seem to be convinced Byron Leftwich or David Garrard can get the job done.

No. 22: Ya, I know about the Tony Romo lovefest. But once teams saw film on Romo, his production fell off. I think Jerry Jones will be tempted if somehow Quinn falls this low.

My best guess, Carolina pulls the trigger at No. 14. What do you think?
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Posted: 2:23 PM   by Anonymous
i would weep tears of joy if quinn fell all the way to the cowboys at 22. i honestly don't knog if romo can get the job done and i would love to see quinn playing down in big d.
Posted: 2:24 PM   by Anonymous
I am liking a suprise Rams pick at 13. I mean Bulger has not exactly stopped the sports world with his play. If you add in Quinn with the underated S. Jackson you are looking at a formidable tandom plus in one year how many teams would be willing to give up draft picks for Bulger?? If they are willing for green they will be even more ancy for a quarterback of bulgers capabilities.
Posted: 2:25 PM   by Anonymous
kc baby, although i doubt cuz they have other needs...but still it would be a great value pick
Posted: 2:27 PM   by Kyle
While I could see Quinn being tempting for Carolina, that team has a real shot at going deep into the playoffs this year. I say they better their team by drafting a player who will play this year. I see Quinn to Greenbay. I know they have other needs, most notably at running back, but I don't think Rogers is an NFL caliber quarterback. Quinn to Greenbay, comes in next year as a starter and takes over where Brett left off.
Posted: 2:28 PM   by Brad
Is there any possibility of Chicago trading up into the late teens to try to snag Quinn? Imagine how formidable they would be a year down the road with a talented leader like Quinn solving their QB problem!
Posted: 2:30 PM   by Anonymous
I don't think he will make it to 13, the Bills will take him or trade the pick...hopefully to the J-E-T-S
Posted: 2:30 PM   by Brad
Is there any possibility that Chicago would trade up into the late teens to snag Quinn if he were still available?

Imagine how tough they would be for years to come with a talented leader like Quinn solving their QB dilemma!

It's almost not even fair...
Posted: 2:30 PM   by Anonymous
what about kc? if trent green goes to miami, how about competition at the qb spot? that or the jets...
Posted: 2:30 PM   by Tory
Carl Peterson already said he would snag Quinn at 23 if he falls to the Chiefs. I like Croyle but Quinn might be too hard to pass up
Posted: 2:35 PM   by Alexander
If quinn lasts till 23 I would see KC jump on that pick. They are looking to trade green and you can't tell me that Huard is the long term answer. Quinn would work well in KC as he could learn for a year, would have a great running game and supportive fan base.
However I think a team will trade into the late teens to get him. Don't count out a team like the browns or the dolphins trading a 2 and next year's 1 to get quinn this year. Also the bears have lance briggs as bait- using him with a number two could get them into the late teens.
Posted: 2:35 PM   by Carey
He is going to the Bears at 31 and they look like geniuses for not trading Lance Briggs to move up in the draft.
Posted: 2:36 PM   by Anonymous
bears need him bad i hope that they can grab him.
Posted: 2:40 PM   by Eric
I think the media is in love with Brady Quinn. There was more discussion about Quinn getting possibly picked... than the draft choices that are being picked!!! Show the other draft choices some respect!!! It's there day too!!!
Posted: 2:42 PM   by Anonymous
Definitely would like to see him go to Dallas, but it's a shame he didn't go earlier in the draft.
Posted: 2:43 PM   by Anonymous
Cleveland, round 2. Quinn is just ripe for failure.
Posted: 2:44 PM   by Anonymous
I think he will fall all the way to the Ravens.
Posted: 2:52 PM   by Dirk
Theres no doubt, Quinn will be a Ram and will Beat Bulger for the starteing job in 2009
Posted: 3:00 PM   by Anonymous
I think teams that need a QB passed on Brady Quinn are going to regret it. If he falls all the way down to the Cowboys, Jerry Jones might consider taking a look or use him as trade bait.
Posted: 3:01 PM   by Grant
the idea of Quinn in KC and playing against Russell and the Raiders is too good to be true. That could be a great rivalry between quarterbacks on teams that are already great rivals for the next 10+ years. If he falls to 23 they have to take him.
Posted: 3:01 PM   by Brad
My prediction is that Chicago will be able to use Lance Briggs to swap places with either the Jags or the Bengals if Quinn is still available.

This would be a dream situation for Chicago.
Posted: 3:06 PM   by Dave
Eagles 26 pick...betchya
Posted: 3:09 PM   by Anonymous
Dallas wont take quinn as For Romo, he will be there qb for years to come! Miami blew it ..biggest losers in this years draft so far!
Posted: 3:17 PM   by Ajit
I think Quinn will still go to the browns. I started this prediction at pick # 13.

#14: Panthers — Panthers have Jake as their QB. I don’t think they need a QB right now

# 15: Steelers — Steelers have Big Ben

#16: Packers — Although this might be Favre’s last season, they have Aaron Rodgers waiting. The only if, is if they trade like next yrs #1, this yrs #2 and Aaron Rodgers for Randy Moss. Then they sit and pick Brady Quinn

#17: Jaguars — Byron Leftwich and David Garrad.

#18: Bengals — Palmer rules

#19: Titans — Vince Young’s the man here

#20: Giants — although shaky, Eli’s still the apple of NY

#21: Broncos — Jay Cutler

#22: Cowboys — Tony Romo

#23: Chiefs — second yr QB Brodie Croyle getting the call… ok the chiefs might snag Quinn. I hope they pass him.

#24: Patriots — whoa . Brady Quinn is still available. And guess who calls the best coach of all time. Coach Belichick gets a call from his former def cood Romeo Crennel. Pats trade this pick for Cleveland’s #1 next yr, #2 this yr and maybe a #4.
Posted: 3:18 PM   by eaglejoe
how about andy reid pushing donovan mcnabb a little bit and taking brady quinn? donovan has missed 3 of the last 5 years. and reid has never pushed him with a backup who could actually play.
Posted: 3:20 PM   by Salem
Why the hell would the dolphins pick Ted Ginn Jr. over Brady Quinn? It makes no sense! Quinn was perfect for them. That pick was so obvious that Helen Keller herself would have drafted Brady Quinn. In my opinion, this is one of the worst picks in recent draft history.

Posted: 3:23 PM   by Anonymous
Cleveland will probably give up a 2nd and 3rd soon and try to move up to get him. To all the domers crying today, just remember that you thought it was justified that ND got 10 first place votes in the AP poll in the preseason. They finished at a generous 17th to end the year. Now you're seeing the same free fall happen with the golden boy. People, rightfully, just don't buy the hype anymore.
Posted: 3:24 PM   by John
Chicago may not even need to trade up, Quinn could fall to #31. Kansas City and Baltimore are the only other viable candidates for his services in the first round
Carolina did the right thing and traded down and added a second round pick. If the Browns want in the first round to get Quinn, the Panthers should trade No. 25 for the Browns second round pick plus their first round next year. That way the Browns get Quinn and the Panthers end up with three second round picks and a first rounder next year that will be top 15 for sure.
Posted: 3:44 PM   by Ajit
One can almost feel that the Fins will try to go for it too. Although i dont think this will happen cuz the Fins dont have many picks to play with. If the cowboys take him , ND hype machine + jerry jones Hype machine = umm.. Romo is still the starter. I think Coach Bill will trade out of #24 to browns for a #1 2008, #2 2007, #4 2007
Posted: 4:10 PM   by Anonymous
Please, Cleveland, don't give up anything for Quinn. Keep building the running game, as that is what wins the AFC North. Troy Smith will be there in the 3rd or 4th anyway round anyway, and there are other quarterbacks comparable to Quinn who will be there at the top of the 2nd.
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