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4/06/2007 11:28:00 AM

Raiders' Mysterious Ways

JaMarcus Russell has impressed everyone this offseason, but the Raiders may not feel a quarterback can help them win quickly enough.
Bob Rosato/SI

VIDEO: Calvin Johnson | JaMarcus Russell | Brady Quinn

Now that David Carr signed with the Panthers, the list of potential Raiders quarterbacks for next season is even smaller. And SI.com's Michael Silver wrote yesterday that Oakland is strongly leaning toward taking Calvin Johnson with the No. 1 pick, because Al Davis thinks the gifted receiver gives the Raiders a better chance to win now.

Taking Johnson makes sense, but the second half of Silver's report was a head-scratcher. Apparently, Davis is content with Andrew Walter as his starter. The notion of sticking with Walter, who threw 13 picks compared to three touchdowns last year, is either dementia or a smokescreen. Reports also surfaced that the Raiders are trying to acquire QB Josh McCown from the Lions, which indicates even more strongly that they're thinking Johnson at the top of the draft.

If Johnson goes No.1, the next five picks become chaotic. Everyone seems to think the Lions will trade down, so that could mean teams trying hard to move up to take Russell. And then Brady Quinn to the Browns seems like a layup.

All of that makes sense, but over the last couple years quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Matt Leinart have taken nose-dives the week before the draft. It's possible that either Quinn or Russell lasts longer than expected. I don't think that will happen this year, however, especially after a number of teams were burned by passing on Leinart.

Then again, the Raiders are mysterious, so who knows how this will play out? If I had told you at this point last year that Mario Williams would go No. 1 , you would have laughed at me -- even more than usual.

If you think you have a better idea of what's going to happen at the top of the draft, let me know in our comments section.
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Posted: 12:10 PM   by Anonymous
I can't believe the Raiders would pass on Russell. It's gotta be just a ploy. Al Davis thinking he's crafty.
Posted: 12:11 PM   by Anonymous
The Browns are definitely taking Quinn if he's there. I think the Lions should just take Russell. Why are they so happy with Kitna?
Posted: 12:14 PM   by Anonymous
Calvin Johnson is the only guarantee. They have to take him. Now the question becomes, what happens to Moss. I say just cut him.
Posted: 12:16 PM   by Anonymous
I am a big Raider fan and was hoping the raiders would have signed Carr. I hope they draft C. Johnson with the #1 pick and maybe draft a QB in the second round. I was a Walter believer too. Regardless of his stats from last year, I was more upset at his attitude as things were going wrong. He showed no leadership and basically pulled a Randy Moss and gave up many times before the game was over. The Raiders had many problems last year and I really dont blame the players. I think the coaching staff was ridiculous. We had a coach that hasnt coached a game in over 10 years and dont get me started of the bed & breakfast owner who ran the offense. I am really tired of Oakland being the laughing stock of the NFL and Al Davis needs to make some good moves for a change. I think Kiffin was a good move and hopefully we can at least get to .500 this year, in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.
- a frustrated Raider fan
Posted: 12:19 PM   by Patrick
If Al Davis was wise, he would take Brady Quinn and call it a day. So what Russell had a better bowl game? One game shouldn't slant the entire body of work of each player. If Davis is seriously contemplating adding another #1 receiver with no QB, he should be put out to pasture.
Posted: 12:25 PM   by lokinesis
What makes both options a possibility is that the Raiders sucked hard last year and need tons of help, and that Al Davis might be insane making anything possible.

option #1. The raiders want to move down in the draft and this is a ploy to make people think that Johnson won't be available (tampa?). Still get the player they want (Russell), but don't have to pay him #1 draft money.

option #2. The raiders are really ready to deal Moss and/or Porter and want a deep threat WR in camp.
Posted: 12:25 PM   by Wescast Raiders Fan
Being one of the biggest Raiders fans in the world i would love to see them win and win now so i would like to see them trade or sign a QB and draft Johnson. Look at what Brees did in New Orleans. You don't draft a Payton Manning every year! Raiders if you read this go for Harrinton (now that you lost Carr) and draft the best player in this years (maybe ever) draft!
Posted: 12:27 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders stink and will continue to stink!!
Posted: 12:32 PM   by Anonymous
What about the rumors that Miami might consider trading Daunte Culpepper to the Raiders, a Moss-Culpepper reunion? The new regime in Miami doesn't seem high on Daunte and the Dolphins are still interested in getting Green from K.C. and drafting a QB (Stanton?) for the future.
Posted: 12:33 PM   by Anonymous
If the Raiders stick with Walter, they won't win one game. They might not win one game no matter who they take.
Posted: 12:35 PM   by lokinesis
I agree with the frustrated Raider fan, that taking Johnson would be a great move. And that the Raiders need a leader on that team, and I don't know who would be a better leader - Johnson or Russell?
I just wish they could have made a move for a decent QB in free agency, so that taking Johnson would be the logical choice. Harrington is not my idea of a decent QB.
Posted: 12:43 PM   by KillBush
No one in the top five will move out of their perspective draft spots and it will go down like this;

#1 Oakland - Calvin Johnson; Al Davis has a win now attitude and CJ is the type of player he covets

#2 Detroit - Brady Quinn; trading down will be an idea, but the idea of missing out on Quinn will worry them

#3 Cleveland - Jamarcus Russell; the teams owner is in love with the kid and they need another chance to draft their franchise QB

4# Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams; this team won with great defense and Gruden thinks he needs options at QB(he has made that obvious)

...Remember where you heard it here first!
Posted: 12:56 PM   by Eman
This is a tough one. I have been a Raiders fan since my infancy and they never seem to take a quarterback of value in the draft except when they drafted Stabler. It's hard to say if Russell is better than Quinn or vise versa but I think they need to take a QB over Johnson because you need to build around a quarterback, you don't build around a receiver. Plus Porter is showing he is interested again and he is a talented receiver and so is Curry. If Moss has someone throwing him the ball he will be content and make plays again so another receiver just clouds the issue. I'm tired of them signing reject players from other teams and I'm glad they did not get Carr or Garcia and hoepfully won't even consider Harrington. It's time to get a stud QB that will lead this team for a decade.
Posted: 1:02 PM   by Anonymous
The raiders SHOULD trade for McCown, help the O-line out and let he and Walter fight out for a starting job. Walter can be effective if he has protection! So draft C Johnson(since there are rumors of Jerry Porter being traded to the 49ers) and watch you go .500 this year easily. Kiffin is gonna straighten out this offense, guaranteed!
Posted: 1:02 PM   by McRaider
The Raiders have four QB options. One: Take a chance and stick with Andrew Walter and draft a decent back-up. Two: Invest $50m in Jamarcus Russell and pray he isn't the biggest bust since Dolly Parton. Three: Draft Brady Quinn but worry whether he is good enough for a high pick premium. Four: Find a veteran that is more Brees than Brooks. Every one of these option is risky. Russell is definitely big boom or big bust. Quinn is good but looks overpriced. There are no standout veterans left and are Harrington, Rattay and the other possibles really better than Walter? I think the smartest move is to take CJ, stick with Andrew Walter but draft a solid, west-coast-style QB in the middle rounds. Troy Smith and John Beck would both do a good job for Lane Kiffin and would be great value if they fell into the 3rd round.
Posted: 1:06 PM   by Anonymous
Didn't Calvin Johnson state that he did not want to go to Oakland? Why draft someone that could pull an Eli Manning and refuse to sign? I say they go with either Quinn or Russell and trade Moss for a 2nd round pick so they can pick up an extra reciever early in round two
Posted: 1:23 PM   by jakacki
I believe the Browns are smokescreening everybody and are going to take Calvin Johnson. After they pick-up quarterback Trent Green the Browns will be set for two years. This allows for Anderson or Fry to mature. The receivers will deserve attention
on the outside. Thus opening up some running lanes for Jamal Lewis because the safety will have to play over the top on either reciever. There is plenty of running back depth where the browns can pick up a capable replacemenmt for Lewis if they chose not to resign him.
Posted: 1:25 PM   by Anonymous
Ratty is a good QB and would be a viable option to run the Raiders for at least a year or so. Harrington too.

Russell is way overrated and ,if not given some time to mature and learn for a few years, he will be a bust. He is the next Davie (last QB to come out of LSU who was VERY similar to Russel)

Quinn is the best QB option in the draft but throwing him into that mess and he may end up like Carr.

The Raiders need a veteran QB that can handle being on a horrible team while they find some players to re-build the offense and give a younger QB a little help.
Posted: 1:29 PM   by Ben
Johnson never made any statements about what team he wants to play for. In fact, he said just the opposite, that he'd play for whoever drafted him.
Posted: 1:30 PM   by Ben
Johnson never stated that he didn't want to play for the Raiders. He did, in fact, state that he would play for whoever drafted him.
Posted: 1:32 PM   by Anonymous
being a die hard Raider Fan my whole life I've seen Al Davis do some crazy things..but..Iknow he doesn't draft QB's with #1 pick..I see him takine CJ..and picking up Harrington or another QB in the 2nd or 3rd rounds of the draft...
In all fairness to Andrew Walter..to poor kid had zero chance of success i the High school level Offensive system he was thrust into with Tom Walsh and Art Shell.
If they do go with Walter as #1, expect to see them take at least 2-3 O lineman in the draft.
I think the kid can be a winner if he has a solid O line and a Pro system to work with...
Posted: 1:33 PM   by Marty
"The Browns are definitely taking Quinn if he's there. I think the Lions should just take Russell. Why are they so happy with Kitna?"

The thing with the Lions is that they already have two young quarterbacks behind Kitna, so they don't need to draft a third one. They have bigger needs at almost every other position.
Posted: 1:42 PM   by Anonymous
Calvin Johnson did NOT say that he didn't want to play in Oakland. He said he will be happy wherever he goes (even when Oakland was directly mentioned). I have no clue where this rumor came from.

As far as Russell/Quinn are concerned:
They are just as much a risk as sticking with Walter, with the exception that he has one year of experiance and has proven his durability after a year of brutal punishment.

If you want to base your opinion of Walter on one year of inexperianced play behind the worst O-line in football, fine. I would suggest you look at the first year of guys like John Elway or Alex Smith first though. More times than not, a year of exposure to the speed of the NFL can do wonders for a young QB.

If Andrew Walter doesn't pan out this year, at least you can say he was given a fair chance. Not to mention there will be QB's of JR and BQ's potential next year as well.
Posted: 1:44 PM   by marcomar
I think the Raiders draft CJ, then pull a trade ala Chargers/Giants and trade him for Russell or Quinn. They end up not paying their QB #1 money and they get picks + players in this swap. It helped the Chargers and it was a positive thing for them because Rivers is actually the better QB.
Posted: 1:53 PM   by Bo_Knows34
Johnson may in fact be the answer that Davis is looking for in the draft. He would seem to be capable of the jaw dropping plays that the Raiders had hoped to get from Randy Moss.

I am not trying to say that Andrew Walter is necessarily the answer at QB. But when you look at the disaster that was last season, Moss was Walter's first read on many of the passing plays run by the Raiders. And on many of those plays Moss was seen casually jogging down the field or giving up on a route. How is any QB expected to succeed when the players around him (team captains at that) are giving up in the heat of battle?

The Raiders certainly need to address their depth at the QB position, whether Walter is the starter or whether the Raiders hand the reigns to a vet like Josh McCown or Tim Rattay (still on the market). One of these vets being signed would certainly seem to open the door for drafting Calvin Johnson at #1, who on most draft boards is the best player in the draft regardless of position.

Al Davis's track record with drafting QB's would lead me to believe that if a vet can be signed before the draft, the Raiders will draft another young QB after the first round. Someone like Drew Stanton, Kevin Kolb, Trent Edwards, or Troy Smith would fit the bill. Any one of those men could have the time to develop behind Walter and a veteran.

One thing that I have learned by being a Raider fan for the past 20 years is that Al Davis will not draft a QB with the #1 pick just because everyone else in the league thinks that he should. He may in fact decide that Russell or Quinn is the player he desires. If he makes that decision it will be on his terms. And in the past, his terms have dictated that drafting a QB in the first round and waiting for him to develop is not what Al Davis likes to do. He likes for his first round draft picks to contribute immediately. For the money that will be paid to the #1 pick, who wouldn't want an immediate impact player? Calvin Johnson certainly looks to be such a player.
Posted: 1:55 PM   by Anonymous
I have been a Raider fan for over 30 years, which happen to be some of the worst years. I feel there is way too much "hype" around a raw athlete. Just look at the true leaders and stars of the league.. Who are they? Favre, Brady, Manning, Hasslebeck... Why not go for the player of their mold in Brady Quinn? 6-4 235 lbs. weight room freak who pushes himself, not a soft 6-6 265 QB who had a good game against a weak defense on national television and can throw the ball 70 yards from his rear end. Give me Brady Quinn! A true leader and winner with character to be the face of the Raiders for the next 10 years. CJ is great but time to put a "franchise" QB behind center. I have allready told everyone I know, if the Raiders pass on Brady Quinn I will burn all of my Raiders gear and not watch another Raider game for years. Look at the past six or seven years of our drafts, how many corners and absolute busts can one organization make before they understand that how they evaluate, scout, and draft is embarrasing and a joke around the league. Mr. Kiffin please get Al to draft Quinn, I'm begging you!
Posted: 1:57 PM   by surferdad
I've been a Raiders fan since 1968. If they cannot get a VERY GOOD Quarterback before the draft they HAVE to get Russell - a leader and a cannon of an arm. If they get that QB then it would be great to draft C. Johnson, but without a good qb he'll be cheated of a great career while the Raiders continue to lose.
Posted: 2:06 PM   by Anonymous
Which QB fits Kiffin's system better? Russell or Quinn... seems like Quinn based on Palmer & Leinart. In my dreams, Raiders, Lions & Bucs do a 3way deal. Bucs get the 1st pick to take C Johnson. Raiders drop to second and pick Quinn. Lions drop to 4th and take Joe Thomas or the DE of their choice... of course extra picks would be involved. Did anyone else notice that when Kiffin discussed Russell & Quinn at the meetings in Arizona that Russell's part was filled with "buts" and "however"? Didn't have that when he talked of Quinn though...
Posted: 2:15 PM   by Anonymous
If Russell doesn't fall to #3, Peterson is a lock for the Browns. They have had no running game at all since their return, and Lewis is only on a 1 year deal and is on the back end of his career. They won't pass on Peterson after passing on Tomlinson a few years back.
Posted: 2:20 PM   by Anonymous
i say go with calvin johnson because he's 6-5 jumps 42 inches and runs a 4.35 40. It would be stupid not to take him. Walter would not be a bad choice at quarterback. He can get it done. If that dont work wait til next year when we can pick up someone like Nate Longshore from California.
Posted: 2:31 PM   by Paul
Calvin Johnson appears to be worth the $$ contract that a #1 overall pick commands and can start catching the easy TD's that Moss dropped last year. CJ IS A DAY ONE IMPACT PLAYER. Bringing in a rookie WR to embarass Moss would be a godsend. Might be the only way to motivate Moss (make him a 2nd string receiver being shown up by a rookie) Oakland will never be able to get a receiver with this much potential in free agency and that is why they'll take him. Moss and Porter have garbage cans with their names on them. I'd trade them both for a can of expired chili. Walter's numbers reflected a lot more than bad QB play last year and people forget that he was the Pac10 all time leading passer when he came out of college and can gun the ball a mile himself. He has a few years under his belt and would probably start over Russell next year anyways. If I were Al Davis: I would pick Calvin Johnson #1 overall. Then Oakland can package some of their 10 picks (maybe next years #1 or #2) and get Russell too? Russell might slide and be available at #6 or #7 pick. Then you don't have to pay a rookie QB #1 overall type salary. That or just get Drew Stanton or another top prospect in the 2nd round. Stanton or Walter to Calvin Johnson will be more effective than Russell to Moss or Porter since these receivers are only there to pick up their paychecks. Whoever said the Raiders should get Carr is delusional. Did they see the game in Oakland last year when Carr threw for like 30 yards? FINAL NOTE: Maybe Oakland will get Russell - in 5 years when his initial contract is up and he's a free agent!
Posted: 2:37 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders need to draft Calvin Johnson; he's the best athlete in the draft and will have an immediate impact. He will help make up for the tired duo of Moss/Porter. Then draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.
Posted: 2:46 PM   by Anonymous
I say the Raiders draft Johnson, and gamble that Walter or maybe Josh McCown can drag the team through the season. I've read that next year's crop of QBs is better than this year's, so why not take a year for the team to learn Kiffinball, and grab a franchise QB next season?
Posted: 3:08 PM   by Anonymous
Can CJ really throw the ball to himself? Picking up other Qbs in the draft is a good idea. But what about other receivers Ted Ginn jr, Dwayne Bowe, Robert Meachem, Sidney Rice, Dwayne Jarrett, Craig Davis. Raiders need to make up for last years goof for not getting Cutler or Leinart.
Posted: 3:15 PM   by ARRENTHENY
All of you who think B. Quinn is better than J. Russell must don't watch football. Russell is a proven winner in the SEC which is considered to be the hardest conference in college football. Quinn is a producet of a system and great coaching nothing more. Whenever he had to play a school on his level he choked. OAK should go with Russell or Johnson. If they get Johnson who is going to throw him the ball? The current QB's on the roster are nothing more than a bunch of world league back ups.
Posted: 3:20 PM   by Anonymous
All of you who think B. Quinn is better than J. Russell must don't watch football often. Quinn is nothing more than a product of the system and good coaching. He will be nothing more but a backup in the NFL. Look at all the games he played. Whenever he played a team on his level he choked every time. Russell played in the SEC and was a winner. OAK should draft Russell or Johnson. If they draft Johnson who will throw him the ball? All the current QB's on the roster are nothing more than a bunch of world league back ups. The smart choice would be Russell.
Posted: 3:41 PM   by Anonymous
I think they'll take CJ not only because he's got a higher chance to succeed off the bat, but the Raiders have been oddly quiet this offseason. Usually they are spending like crazy on a bunch of washed up super-stars.

Not this time.

They are saving what few pennies they have for a #1 pick and CJ will be the man.

This is an organiziation fully committed to the wayward QB: Plunk, Gannon, Collins, George, Hostetler, Klingler, Pastorini, etc. They got burned with Marinovich and I don't think Al cares to repeat.

That said, I think the Raiders should build their franchise around a young QB, but not while Al is in charge. He'll never "rebuild."
Posted: 4:03 PM   by Anonymous
Why are Lions happy with Kitna?

Kitna in '06: 372 of 596 for 62.4%. 4,208 yards or 263 a game. 21 TDs, 22 INTs, and 63 sacks for a QB rating of 79.9.

The key stat in there? 63 sacks.

It stands to reason if you improve the o-line to give him better protection, his completions, yards and TDs all go up in '07. While INTs and sacks both go down.

Not to mention, it was Kitna's first year in Martz's offense. You're bound to see improvement with a year of experience under his belt.

Suffice it to say, the Lions definitely have bigger needs,...O-line, DE, CB, MLB.
Posted: 4:09 PM   by Anonymous
The raiders should take Calvin Johnson the best player in the draft.They need help now. Next trade Moss this equals addition by subtraction. Get good people and talent and build a team. A potentially great QB is not enough. THis ship will take more than one year to fix. Look at John Beck in later rounds
Posted: 4:20 PM   by Anonymous
Some fair insight, but I'm not sure the McCown trade would shift the thought from JR to CJ any more than from what it is now. If we were serious about CJ we would have gone harder at Schaub, gotten Garcia, or even have wooed Carr more. McCown, IMO, is to the south of all three and to say McCown to CJ sounds better than AW to CJ is hard to swallow.

I almost see McCown as a barrel scrapping effort to work a deal that we failed at up to this point. The same as looking at Fiedler from TB. I would rate McCown in between an AW and a Tui right now and I am not at all happy with AW in making that assessment. AW does get a little leeway because of the disaster that was last year. His performance, outside of mobility, was no worse than Brooks was. QB would still be as big of a hole as it is right now.

Bringing in JR is bringing in a jr. QB who will need time and fostering. Walter is highly suspect, so I have always thought that to take JR and to take next year serious then we would be trying to bring a vet QB that could tutor JR and/or give us a viable 3rd option for a suspect AW and a our future rookie. We sign him to a Brooks style contract and turn him out the door or keep him depending on need.

Getting Schaub would have been the closest hint to a CJ pick, but we didn't get him so it could be said that we were looking to get him on the cheap like Garcia, instead of looking for a serious future QB to hook up with CJ. No vet QBs that we get will give much certainty to what we will do right now as I could see it as I have always seen it. A vet as part of the JR equation.

Right now I see
JR, BQ, AP, then CJ as the first 4.

Some options may be to either get JR and build on him or we get CJ and look to swap him and still try to pick up BQ or JR or at least a windfall of picks.

Our leverage options don't always look solid though so trades are too speculative for me to assess right now. Det and Clevs need for a QB does hurt us in trading behind them as we could miss out on JR or BQ.

CJ is always a possibility to draft and keep. I like him a lot, but I worry that to pass up on a franchise QB for a franchise WR without a serious QB option in the wings would be a mistaken strategy. Of course these teams, including mine(Oak), have made worse mistakes. It's part of what got us here.

So wrapping up my view of our picks in order of importance of what we may be looking to do are JR, BQ, CJ. CJ only if we don't assess the first 2 as top tier prospects for whatever reason. Then maybe a later QB to take a look at if we keep CJ or using CJ to leverage trade value.
Posted: 4:33 PM   by Anonymous
For all of you people who think Russell is going to be a bust, read Silver's article that was posted on 4/5. There are legitimate opinions from NFC Scouts who say this guy is the real deal. I would trust those quotes & opinions more than people who are posting on this chain!!
Posted: 4:38 PM   by Anonymous
Common football sense would lead you to believe that Davis is putting up a smokescreen, but why? He has the #1 pick, he doesn't need to do that, unless he's trying to drum up interest in the pick and looking to move down. A stud WR does you no good if you don't have a QB to get him the ball. Kiffin has worked on mending fences with Moss and Porter. Draft Russell and go with the vertical passing game that Davis loves. Right? But Davis is impatient...too impatient to groom a QB?
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders are the worst team in the NFL by far. They couldn't beat several college teams on their best day. The have far too many holes in their lineup to think that one player will allow them to win now. The best thing for the Raiders is for Al Davis to hang it up, trade out of the first pick for multiple selections, and pray that they can win a division game.
Posted: 4:44 PM   by Anonymous
What the Raiders ought to do is trade some lower round picks to New England for Matt Cassell and draft Calvin Johnson with the first pick. Cassell has spent the past seven seasons with Pete Carroll and Bill Belicheck's staff, has looked very impressive when he played and has a high QB intelligence.
Posted: 5:00 PM   by Yev
This is typical Al Davis and Raider mentality. Johnson is the replacement for Tim Brown, who played with several different QB's, and that never let slowed him down. Andrew Walter is better than last year's mess. No one could play QB in that system, ifit even was a system. Kiffin, Knapp, and Cable will make sure Walter is protected and has a target to throw too in Johnson. And that also allows the raiders to get rid of that cancer Randy Moss. Let him ruin someone elses team!
Posted: 5:11 PM   by brad
How would this have looked for the Raiders?
Sign David Carr.
Draft Calvin Johnson.
Trade Randy Moss (draft offensive linemen with the picks they receive).
They would have had an entire new look and attitude on offense.
Letting Carr slip through their hands was a mistake.
Now they have to draft a QB.
Poor planning
Posted: 5:26 PM   by jmc712
There are no guarantees in the draft-ever.

I doubt a rookie qb can straighten out the mess that is the Oakland O. In fact I doubt any qb can fix it becuase they need to get lots of help for their OL so the qb and other skill players have a chance. They should have grabbed a vet qb (I'm not a Walter fan), traded down and grabbed the OT but recent history argues against that-once burned, twice shy-and then a young qb in the second. I'm a Jets fan who remembers that it was the Raiders the Jets beat on the way to SBIII and I've been enjoying watching the self proclaimed genius run his franchise into the ground the last decade or so. What a blow hard.

One good thing comes out of this-all the accountants in Oakland can stop wearing their kids' halloween costumes for the foreseeable future.

Posted: 5:27 PM   by Anonymous
The bust rate on first round quarterbacks is too high. For a franchise on the edge of disaster, Oakland should not take that risk. Go with the sure thing in Johnson. Afterwards, get what you can for Moss, and, if he can't be traded and proves to be a bad influence on the stud rookie, cut him, and send a big message to the rest of the team. Then pick up a veteran to compete with Walter.

For once, Oakland fans should be glad that Al Davis is calling the shots. He'll go with Johnson, although I bet the young coach would rather have a quarterback, since that would lower expectations, if that's even possible.
Posted: 5:28 PM   by Anonymous
What rumor is out there that Jerry Porter is going to be traded to the 49ers? this is the first I've heard of it and quite honestly, this is a dubious source of information. And honestly, any "information" about the Raiders and their intention is of questionable authority at best. More likely than not, any information about the Raiders draft intentions consists of nothing more than carefully crafted smoke signals to try to confuse everyone else. Simply put, NO one knows what the Raiders are going to do except Al Davis. Period.
Posted: 5:30 PM   by Craig
I haven't heard tis one a lot but here is what I think Raiders should try doing. Trade it to someone who wants Russel or Calin Johnson. Browns love Russel and everyone loves Johnson. Raiders need a lot more than Qb. So Russel who has big arm but needs lots of work is not the answer. Trade down get more picks and draft Joe Thomas. Cause one thing I saw last year is they can't block anyone so it doesn't matter who is the Qb. It all starts up front on O and D line
Posted: 5:32 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders should take CJ,pick up Josh McCowan and draft Kevin Kolb out of Houston. This seems like a great idea. Then let Walter,and McCowan battle it out while Kolb sits and learns the offense. Believe me this is what needs to go down.The Raiders got to draft a player who wont end up as a bust. As for Moss trade him or cut him soon.
Posted: 5:35 PM   by Anonymous
If the Raiders take Johnson they will remain at the bottom of the standings. They need a good QB to run the show - Walters is not it. I thought he would be last year, but after watching him it's evident that he should be holding a clipboard on the sidelines. Regardless of any other moves they need to trade or cut Moss - he is not Raider material. He's a whining loser.
Posted: 5:39 PM   by Anonymous
Andrew Walter wasn't the problem last year. It was an O-line that couldn't block The Golden Girls!
I hope the Raiders take Calvin Johnson, get rid of Moss, and make those guys on the o-line earn their paychecks.
Posted: 5:56 PM   by Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
draft calvin johnson #1.

trade for the Lions' #2 pick, giving them:
2007 2nd and 3rd round picks
2008 1st and 2nd rnd picks
2009 1st and 3rd round picks

draft jamarcus russell #2.

theyve got the best defense in the league (assuming the offense can keep opposing offenses off the field a little longer). Dominic Rhodes will help the running attack with a healthy Lamont Jordan. Lane Kiffin will keep the recievers happy and productive. Jeremy Newberry (if healthy) will bring leadership to the offensive line, which should finally help these high potential linemen start reaching it.

you add to all this calvin johnson AND jamarcus russell, and really, who cares if you lose all those picks? assuming the defense doesnt go backwards, you should only need 13 points from the offense to win each game. those first round picks no longer are future top 10 picks, theyre future 30th (or 32nd) overall picks.
Posted: 6:11 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders are taking Russell - They just want it to seem like they will take Johnson to gain leverage in contract negotiations. If they don't take Russell I might just quit being a Raider fan, a man can only take so much.
Posted: 6:16 PM   by Anonymous
Raiders have so many needs on offense its hard to know were to start. First off the Offensive line needs a complete overhaul which doesn't mean rookies but solid free agents which the Raiders have completely ignored. Walter was a total bust last year and so would just about any QB except Vince Young. The new coach has so much to learn in particuliar how the players just go around the coach and visit with big Al directly, look for the typical Raider players to do their acting out. If the Raiders take a QB with the number one pick it doesn't mean much for the coming season without a significantly improved O line and the coaching staff having control over the players.
Posted: 6:18 PM   by Anonymous
They should draft Russell. What value does a talented receiver have if there's no quarterback to get him the ball?
Posted: 6:19 PM   by Anonymous
I dont think the Raiders would pass on Russell either. It just doesnt make sense, especially in that division. For them to even stand a chance they need someone who can throw and move. Obviously choosing between a great QB and WR is almost impossible. But like the article says, everyone passed on Leinart last year and the Cards are quite happy with that. Simply put, they need a QB now, and WR's later. Jerry Porter is still there too, people forget that. Not that he's a high caliber player right now, but new coaching staffs can bring new philosophies...right?...
Posted: 6:21 PM   by Anonymous
I believe taking Calvin Johnson is not a bad idea. Here's why, they could work out a trade where Randy Moss goes to the Packers and get Aaron Rodgers. To me it is about the only logical way pass on JaMarcus Russell.
Posted: 8:30 PM   by Anonymous
Calvin Johnson may be a better pick for the Raiders, but if they want a quarterback I can't believe that they would take Brady Quinn over Jamarcus Russell. Russell not only dominated in the Sugar Bowl against Quinn's Fighting Irish, but he played tougher teams during the regular season and still managed to have really good stats. He is more than a strong arm and any team will be very lucky to get him.
Posted: 9:11 PM   by the duellist
Why not give Walter a chance? A 3/13 TD-INT ration beats Alex Smith's 1/11 in 2005. Also, has anybody seen the Raiders' offensive line?
Posted: 9:52 PM   by Anonymous
I'm not sold on Russell or Johnson, workouts be damned. Doing long jumps, bench presses, 40's and free standing throws with no D on the field doesn't mean a thing. I say the Raiders should trade the pic - send it to NE for both their #1's. Now THAT would shake things up! There's a bunch of talented QB's in this year's draft, but there's so many Man crushes on Russell and Brady that no one else gets any ink. Neither one of them will have any impact. U heard it here first.

Trade the pic.
Posted: 9:36 AM   by Anonymous
Al Davis loves USC guys & he passed on Leinart because of Andrew Walter so he could draft Michael Huff. Calvin Johnson is way too tempting to Davis & he must have faith that Lane Kiffin can make Walter into something special. Of course, as a Broncos fan, I am quite happy to see senile Al Davis keep acquiring receivers with no one to get the ball to them. Just win, baby!
Posted: 12:37 PM   by Anonymous
I would take Calvin Johnson or A. Peterson in heartbeat. Quinn has backup qp written all over him. Russell same thing. If Russell is so good why was he not even mentioned in the race for college player of the year? B/c he had a couple good games. Look, take C. Johnson, A. Peterson, M. Lynch, D.Jarrett, D.Hughes, A.Branch, R.Khlil, and D. Revus. You can have everyone else...
Posted: 4:16 PM   by Pedro Pinto (from Brazil)
Al Davis is probably doing the right thing in drafting Calvin Johnson with the number one pick. He is without a doubt the best player in the draft. He is flawless. But drafting a receiver makes no sense at all when you don't have a quarterback. If the Raiders do stick with Johnson, they sould, and might take a qaurterback in the second round, or maybe even the third round, and pick completly underrated Heissman Trophy winner, Troy Smith? This would probably be the best move for the Raiders if they do select Johnson with the number 1 pick. Smith is completley underrated, and to say that he is to short for a quarterback? That's ridiculous. Drew Brees was by far the best QB statistically this past season, and I am sure we all remember Ryan Leaf, a 6-foot-5 wonder in college, said to be a great NFL quarterback, and turned out to be a huge bust.
I say the Raiders pick Johnson with the first pick, maybe trading down to Clevelend and getting some extra picks late in the draft to help restructure the team, and also look to trade either Moss or Porter, preferbly Moss, for either some good picks, or maybe even a young back-up quarterback, say Aaron Rodgers of the Packers.
Posted: 7:29 PM   by Anonymous
Raiders will swap picks with Tampa for one of their QBs...Plummer might unretire for a chance to play the Broncos 2x per season.
Posted: 8:27 PM   by Anonymous
I hate how people believe that Russell's hype is from one bowl game.If you look at mock drafts from before the bowl, you'd see he was usually in the top 10. ESPN analyist Todd McShay said that Russell's pro day was the most impressive pro day by a qb that he had ever seen. People also say Russell has a cannon and no accuracy, but Russell had a way higher completion percentage than Quinn. Russell is probably a better leader also because he actuall led his team to 4th quarter comebacks against real teams.
Posted: 9:21 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders should trade Randy Moss to anyone that'll give them a 2nd & 4th or 5th round picks. With the first pick take C.Johnson, then draft offensive line w/ 2nd rounders and in the 3rd round draft Trent Edwards (STANFORD) or John Beck (BYU. With this blueprint the Raiders will be competitive in 2 yrs. The Raiders have a great defense that is young their problem was O-Line. P.S. make Gallery a guard he's a horrible tackle regardless of side.
Posted: 9:41 PM   by Anonymous
Here is the CORRECT PLAN for the 2007 draft, and the next ten years!

Trade MOSS for Rodgers.
Draft CJ, but entertain trading him for Russell and extra picks. (for OL)

IF YOU DO NOT GET VALUE, keep CJ and draft WR with the 2nd round pick, then OL the rest of the draft. Bring in AT LEAST one other free agent QB to press the others. (I prefer Culpepper) This leaves Rodgers, Walter, and Culpepper to work with, no MOSS, and a solid WR core and plenty of fresh OL. NICE.

IF YOU DO GET VALUE, Take Russell, and the picks, move up from round two in the draft to PICK 24 with NE, and take Russell's teamate ROWE and pair them up for the next ten years! (WATCH their VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS, the kids are for real!) Then focus the remaining draft on OL, OL, OL. Then pick up Culpepper to push QB's. This plan gives you no MOSS, Russell, Walter and Culpepper, another solid WR core, and plenty of fresh OL, OL, OL. Also NICE.

It's a JUST WIN BABY scenerio either way!
Posted: 12:03 AM   by BKapur
Johnson is the best overall player, there is no doubt about that. However, the Raiders have Moss and Porter. Yes, moss cant run a route (aside from the fly) and porter, has been ,more mouth than play. Both are more than capable, if you have three wideouts and no quarterback what good does that do? Ask the Lions, it keeps your GM around, but not much else. The Raiders need to pick a quarterback, if they take a wideout, as good as johnson is, they are making a bad pick
Posted: 2:43 AM   by Anonymous
i don't think that davis will pass on a talent like Russell because theres been no one like Russell ever in the NFL. And it will be a great compliment to davis's love for throwing it down field
Posted: 5:40 AM   by Anonymous
Calvin Johnson may be what is needed to jump start Randy Moss. The Raiders can get a quality QB elsewhere than the draft. One can only imagine having both those weapons working together in tandem for the team. How soon we forget Cris Carter and Randy Moss. Maybe the Raiders can bring Culpepper there. Kiffin will be looked upon as the next wunderkind. That is frightening.
Posted: 7:02 AM   by Peter
You gotta be out of your mind to draft a receiver with the #1 pick. You can always get a quality receiver later in the draft and you CAN NOT build a franchise around a receiver.

Russell ratings after the combine were literally off the charts. One scout went so far as to say that he has never seen a player get ratings that high, EVER. He is also being coached by Tom Brady's QB coach, has great character, as seen by him letting 20 Katrina victims stay at his house last year, and he is a winner.

CJ is a phenomenal talent but who's to say Moss won't return to form now that he is playing for a real coaching staff. It always amazes me how after one bad season people will write off an athlete only to be surprised when they return to form in a new environment. It happens every year in every sport, and I could really see that happening with Moss.

Did the Patriots need a great WR to win any of their Super Bowls? Not at all. What about Baltimore, Pittsbugh, or Tampa Bay? The Colts have Harrison but what would he be without Manning. Same could be said for Bruce and Holt without Warner.
Posted: 7:27 AM   by Irish2
My wife & I have maintained all along that Green Bay - despite current back-up - may trade up to take Brady Quinn to be Farve's back-up & successor. It is NOT because Brady's brother-in-law plays for them, but because the situation would be Win-Win for the Packers with a year for Brady to be groomed by Farve as his successor. As for Russell, note all the press caveats about him: tremendous upside, QB project, great potential IF, etc. Perhaps the most telling factor in this entire argument was the combine - Brady Quinn showed up IN SHAPE but Russell waited until AFTER the combine to START to get in shape - interesting. The only problem we see with Brady that will effect him in the pros will be his perfectionism - can he shrug off a mistake & get back the yards on the next series like Peyton Manning or Joe Montana? THAT is the ONLY question to be answered about Quinn. Food-for-thought.
Posted: 8:31 AM   by Dan Hunter
Being a raider fan i believe they should take Calvin Johnson with the first pick of the draft. Then they can draft a quarterback in a leter round (Troy Smith). CJ is the best athlete in the draft, that is why he should go first. If they choose to take a QB with the first draft i hope it is Brady Quinn, he is the better quarterback with leader qualities.
Posted: 12:25 PM   by Anonymous
Anybody that watched a Raiders game last season should know that Peyton Manning couldn't even have done anything behind that line and with that offensive scheme. It was like open season on which ever QB was in there. I say take the sure thing in Johnson and give Walter another chance with some time to fire the pigskin.
-the most electrifying raiders fan
Posted: 12:32 PM   by Anonymous
I believe they will draft Russell and then go after a veteran QB. My first thought is Drew Bledsoe. Al Davis has always had a spot for the veteran QB (ie Gannon or Plunkett) that likes to go downfield. They need a field general and that is NOT Walter
Posted: 12:48 PM   by mike
even if the raiders draft russell, the raiders arent going to start winning many games next season.
so what if russell can throw the ball 80 yrds. whos to say he'd even have the time to sling it down field with the O-Line he has?

Al Davis, draft CJ or trade the pick for more picks and get Joe Thomas.
Posted: 1:13 PM   by Chet
If the Raiders are going for Johnson, they better move their feet a little quick in getting a veteran QB (Even if just to help teach Walter, or a later round draft QB). Harrington just went off the market to Atlanta.

Of course, the Raiders could continue on their present course, and my dreams of seeing an 0-16 season could finally come true.
Posted: 1:58 PM   by Anonymous
The Raiders shouldn't pass on Johnson. This isn't the last year there will be quarterbacks in the draft, with Brohm from Louisville being available next year, to name one. The Raiders aren't in a position to win this year, and they'd best look to the future and pick the best player available. Their offensive line is a mess, so they might be better off getting a mobile guy like a Seneca Wallace type from Seattle who can evade pass rushes and get the ball out to Johnson.
Posted: 2:47 PM   by Anonymous
I love all the Win now comments followed by draft CJ. Someone has to get CJ the ball and having to get rid of it in 2 seconds (cause that's all the time the QB has behind that JV offensive line) isn't going to amount to winning now.

No matter who the Raiders draft it won't help them Win Now, it will take a couple of seasons to be able to compete in the toughest division in football.

PS Harrington signed with the Falcons today.
Posted: 3:44 PM   by Anonymous
If anyone remembers, Andrew Walters broke John Elway's PAC-10 records while at Arizona State. If the Raiders can get an offensive line then he will be able to perform just fine in the NFL.
Posted: 3:54 PM   by Anonymous
Maybe the Raiders should draft Johnson and take Trent Green from the Chiefs. Last time the Raiders got a QB from the Chiefs (Rich Gannon) it worked out fine.
Posted: 3:07 PM   by U.K. RAIDERS FAN
We all know that most of the quaterbacks and other players out of any draft will be busts. We also know you can't build a team through the draft alone. So the Raiders may as well take a chance on Russel. If he's a bust, he's a bust. No biggy. There are lots of other tallented QB'S in the league and college. Personaly, I think the Raiders should have gone after Matt Schaub.
Posted: 11:21 AM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn is going to be a bust. He did nothing in big games, but this Notre Dame hype makes him the steal. He didnt beat anybody. Russel, J. Thomas and C.Johnson are sure bets. GO BROWNS. DRAFT WINNERS!!!!!!!!
Posted: 6:10 PM   by Anonymous
I think that the Raiders should draft Calvin Johnson 1st overal then take Troy Smith or another Quaterback who can run to compete with Andrew Walter because the oline of the raider can't block any one at this point
Posted: 12:29 PM   by Anonymous
I believe you have to take Johnson #1. Quarterbacks are a better value (in my opinion) in the later rounds.
I'd love to see Oakland take the Boise State kid when the time is right.
And who in the heck is Josh Booty, and why did they sign him?
I don't feel comfortable with Walter, McCown, or Booty for goodness sakes. WAKE UP AL, ..you sure you're not in a walking coma?
Posted: 10:26 PM   by Anonymous
Draft Calvin Johnson first up, his the type of player Oakland need's. Secondly try trade a late rounder for the Patriots Matt Cassel,his kind of like Tony Romo,but smarter.Then try trade Moss for atleast a 2nd rounder,in my opinion his such a cancer i would do it for a 3rd or 4th actually.With the second round pick draft an OL,and with the pick from the Moss trade,draft another OL.If they dont pursue Cassell,or any other QB,i suggest they use one of their 2nd rounders on Troy Smith.His draft stock is falling for his one bad performance in the national championship game and his height? If he was 6'4 i gaurantee he would be a top 15 pick! So why not use a 2nd rounder on him?
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