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4/18/2007 03:59:00 PM

Ranking NFL-producing colleges for '07 draft

LSU wide receiver Dwayne Bowe will likely be a first-round selection on April 28.
Bob Rosato/SI

Throughout most of the past decade, the University of Miami has produced the best NFL players, but the U has taken a step back since all the great Butch Davis recruits have moved on. Now the SEC has become the most important conference for pro scouts, and that conference dominates my rankings for the top 10 pro-producing colleges in this year's draft.

1. LSU -- Likely the only school with two top-10 picks -- QB JaMarcus Russell and S LaRon Landry -- and the Tigers' two top receivers, Dwayne Bowe and Craig Davis, will be gone before the end of the second round.

2. Florida -- Two first rounders -- DE Jarvis Moss and S Reggie Nelson -- and two more first-day picks: WR Dallas Baker and DL Ray McDonald (assuming teams aren't scared by his knee problems).

3. Michigan -- Two defensive players could go in the top 12 picks, DT Alan Branch and CB Leon Hall, although I believe they’re both overrated. DE LaMarr Woodley should go in the second round.

4. Arkansas -- Two prospects will likely go in the first round, DE Jamaal Anderson and CB Chris Houston. Offensive tackle Tony Ugoh could go in the first round or in the first part of the second round.

5. Ohio State -- Receiver/returner Tedd Ginn Jr. could be selected in the top 15 picks and fellow WR Anthony Gonzalez could sneak into the first round. RB Antonio Pittman will likely go in the second round.

6. Miami -- TE Greg Olsen has shot up on draft charts and could go in the first half of the first round. LB John Beason will be a steal if he lasts into the second round, and safety Brandon Meriweather is a first-round talent who has fallen because of character questions.

7. USC -- The Trojans are having an off-year as far as top-10 picks, but three players could go in the first round or the early part of the second round -- WRs Dwayne Jarrett, WR Steve Smith and C Ryan Kalil.

8. Penn State -- Two potential first-rounders, OT Levi Brown and LB Paul Posluszny, and intriguing running back Tony Hunt, whose draft status has fluctuated throughout the offseason, but he could still be a first-day pick.

9. Texas -- Two DBs, Aaron Ross and Michael Griffin, should be first-rounders, while DEs Tim Crowder and Brian Robinson and OL Justin Blalock will likely be first-day picks.

10. Tennessee -- Two potential first-rounders - WR Robert Meachem and DT Justin Harrell -- and OL Arron Sears and DT Turk McBride could go in Round 2.

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Posted: 4:22 PM   by Anonymous
dont forget about B Si (brandon siler) from UF...he will go first day
Posted: 5:20 PM   by Anonymous
What about Troy Smith has his stoke follen that much?
Posted: 5:25 PM   by Anonymous
michigan baby.. 5 top 10s next year
Posted: 5:26 PM   by Anonymous
Michigan, the best talent this year. come see it
Posted: 5:50 PM   by Anonymous
What about the Ville. Louisville has a top ten pick in Amobi Okoye, and Michael Bush would have been in the top ten if he didn't get hurt. They also have Nate Harris and Brandon Sharp.
Posted: 6:08 PM   by Anonymous
Isn't it a little odd that Texas' pass defense was below average last year but they have 2 guys likely to go in the first round?
Posted: 6:14 PM   by Anonymous
come see what? what michigan has to offer is nothing compared to LSU or florida. LSU has the most talented team in the land, and if glen dorsey would have gone they would have had 3 in the top 10 for sure.
Posted: 6:48 PM   by Anonymous
stoke follen??? you must be from ohio state
Posted: 6:57 PM   by Anonymous
Montana State?
Posted: 7:17 PM   by Anonymous
Brandon Siler is going back to UF for his senior season.
Posted: 8:04 PM   by Anonymous
Michigan.......dont forget about David Harris. Hall/Branch overrated. This writer is over paid
Posted: 8:23 PM   by Anonymous
Branch may be overrated, but he does have great upside. All the people knocking his work ethic are dumb. If he gets in the right system, he'll be a pretty good player.

Hall is definitely not overrated. If anything, he's finally getting the credit he deserves. He's a technician, his skills and instincts are fantastic and people who didn't think he was fast are quiet now too.

Woodley is a great player with great technique, he will be a great value pick in the second round and will be a solid player in the NFL.
Posted: 9:20 PM   by Anonymous
Is Michigan still a state?
Posted: 9:57 PM   by Anonymous
Troy Smith didn't even get mentioned there. What gives? Smith is clearly good enough to at least be mentioned as a first-day pick. I'm sick of all this combine measurement stuff. He can play.
Posted: 10:24 PM   by Anonymous
Alan Branch will prove a lot of people wrong. Jamarcus Russell has horrible footwork, watch him drop back, he looks like a fat retarded kid.
Posted: 10:37 PM   by Anonymous
Troy smith is not nfl material
Posted: 10:47 PM   by Anonymous
dont forget about marcus thomas and earl everett from UF
Posted: 10:50 PM   by Anonymous
NORTE DAME ??????????
Posted: 12:21 AM   by Joshua
Notre Dame, yeah right...just because pretty boy might go #1 doesn't mean you produce consistent NFL players. Yeah Notre Dame, let's see...Rick Mirer, Jerome Bettis, and that's about all. Oh I'll be nice and give you Joe M. Michigan? Tom Brady. Ty Law. Cato June. Ian Gold. Charles Woodson. Steve Hutchinson. John Runyan. Jon Jansen. We'll see you golden domers at the big house and it just might be worse than last year
Posted: 1:00 AM   by Anonymous
Michigan couldn't even beat poor man's USC last year. Where's the talent?
Posted: 1:22 AM   by Anonymous
Michigan, 5 top 10s next year and you'll still probably lose to OSU and whoever you play in your bowl.
Posted: 1:37 AM   by blackertai
Georgia's produced a number of good running backs (including one Super Bowl MVP), a number of good wide receivers (ANOTHER Super Bowl MVP), one of the best QB's in NFL history, some amazingly good defensive linemen, some great defensive backs (Champ Bailey anyone?), and has sent tight ends to some of the best programs in recent history (I don't doubt you've all heard of Ben Watson...). Give Georgia the credit it deserves.
Posted: 1:38 AM   by Anonymous
Sure Troy Smith can play... Just look at the results of the BCS title game.
UM still gots three players going in the first round. Granted there's not going to be a top 10 pick out of the U, 3 is still more than any other team. Ranking them 6 is a slap in the face.
The University of Miami has 3 first round picks. Sure they've taken a small step backwards, but that step is still two floors on top of the next college team. Granted that none of them will be going in the top 10 picks, three is still more than any other college team. Ranking them 6 is a slap in the face.
Posted: 1:59 AM   by Anonymous
yeah, this draft might not be strong for Oklahoma players this year, but when you go back and look at all the greats that have come from there in the past 5 years it kills all these colleges. Then again all the schools in this top 10 might produce 4-5 good players, but none can compare to Adrian Peterson or compare to as far as he is going to succeed in the NFL.
Posted: 3:11 AM   by Anonymous
Sadly, Michigan is no longer a state. The only part we maintain with the Michigan name anymore is University of Michigan. We're now officially another province of Canada. We're also going to be French, like Quebec, eh. Michigan State will be changing from the Spartans to the Saints, with a fleur-de-lis, eh.
Posted: 7:16 AM   by Anonymous
Go "THE U".....They will be back this year. And Olsen is a Stud, look for Merriweather to make the probowl in year 2.
Posted: 8:31 AM   by Anonymous
Norte Dame is garbage..... It's all about LSU!!!! The SEC is the toughest conference in college football. Teams like USC and Norte Dame would look like Jr Colleges playing in the SEC. (REN)
Posted: 8:50 AM   by Anonymous
Norte Dame is trash. It's all about LSU!. You saw how we served them up so good ole Gumbo in the Bowl game. We will put the top prospects out in the first round. Quinn will be a bust.
Posted: 9:08 AM   by MARK FIELDS
Posted: 9:09 AM   by Anonymous
Michigan and Ohio State need to join the SEC. That will improve their programs by giving them more than the one competitive game they have now.
Posted: 9:46 AM   by Eric
Why am I not surprised that all these Michigan people show up? So many last year were going on and on about the upcoming season and USC spanked them.
Posted: 9:57 AM   by hawg
Maybe not this year, but FSU has produced the most consistent NFL players. Maybe not this year, but I would not give it to LSU or UF.
Posted: 9:57 AM   by Anonymous
"Michigan couldn't beat a poor man's USC?"

I'm sorry, but USC was one of the top teams in the country playing at home in the Rose Bowl. They are also likely the pre-season #1 team in college football this year.

I will admit that Michigan got their butts kicked, but if you think USC wasn't that good last year, you don't know anything about college football.
Posted: 10:06 AM   by Anonymous
This year is all good my VOLS come in at number 10 but let's look all-time no program has produced more pro players then The University of Tennessee!!! Good Ole' Rocky Top
Posted: 10:10 AM   by Anonymous
Tennessee should be higher than 10th. The Vols consistently stock the pros-other than Miami, no other school has sent more players to the nfl. Along with the 4 players already listed, Bret Smith and Jason Swain should be drafted as well.
Posted: 10:13 AM   by Anonymous
Whoever said Miami will have 3 first rounders and that's more than any other school needs to take a closer look at the draft boards. In addition to the two top 10 picks from LSU (Russell, Landry), Dwayne Bowe is also a first rounder on most boards.

And a slap in the face is what the thugs at Miami need anyway.
Posted: 10:15 AM   by Anonymous
I'm so sick of the same debate. SEC dominates-the rest of you sit back in awe and get fired about the michigan/oh. state or notre dame/usc matchup. None of those schools matchup with the elite SEC schools. DEAL WITH IT!!! Stick to lacrose.
Posted: 10:18 AM   by Anonymous
In most years, Michigan/OSU would be competitive for the 4th to 5th ranked team in the SEC. In good years (like last year) they could probably make it through the SEC with only 3 losses.
Posted: 10:27 AM   by Anonymous
wonder if the guy giving michigan fans directions knows how to get to gainesville?
Posted: 10:29 AM   by Anonymous
Are you forgetting about the greats that Nebraska has produced and still are DE's, OL, S's, DT's!!!!!!
BIG 12 Dominance. NFL Coach!
Posted: 10:34 AM   by Kenny J.
TENNESSEE should be higher. Jonathan Wade will be drafted on the first day, and most mocks have him in the middle of the second round.
Posted: 10:38 AM   by Anonymous
Troy Smith's stock dropped as soon as he stepped on the field against Florida. Darren McFadden was a better quarterback than Smith was by the end of the year. SEC RULES.
Posted: 10:46 AM   by Anonymous
I'm a Big XII fan(Nebraska) and even I can humbly say that the SEC is by FAR the toughest conference and produces the best pro's. And these five top 10's that the overrated Michigan fans keep talking about are who? Chad Henne blows..Mike Hart is too little to be top 10..Manningham maybe..All in all..BIG 10 SUCKS
Posted: 10:52 AM   by Anonymous
I dont know how the Cornhuskers could be ignored. 34 Current NFL Players, "Safety U", How could you over look the following Nebraska and NFL Greats!: It Makes No Sense

Mike Brown Safety
Correll Buckhalter Running Back
Daniel Bullocks Safety
Josh Bullocks Safety
Toniu Fonoti Offensive Guard
Ahman Green Running Back
Richie Incognito Offensive Guard
Sam Koch Punter Baltimore Ravens
Mike Minter Safety
Dominic Raiola Center
Cory Ross Running Back
Mike Rucker Defensive End
Barrett Ruud Linebacker
Cory Schlesinger Running Back
Kyle Vanden Bosch Defensive End
Fabian Washington Cornerback
Zach Wiegert Offensive Guard
Posted: 10:58 AM   by Anonymous
People People People, Ohio State, ran thru teams. In the past two years, they only lost to Texas, National Champ, Penn State, Bowl Champ, and Florida National Champ.
And Ohio State would be the third ranked team in the SEC? Florida lucked up against South Carol, Tenn, Vandy, and FSU. Don't forget about the Mighty UCF or Western Carolina. Now there are 2 football Powerhouses. Now name a player from Florida, that is good in the NFL. Now name 5? As for Ohio State, watch Monday night Football, and listen for the names.
Posted: 11:21 AM   by Anonymous
Oh well, looks like an average year for the SEC with 3 of the top four and 4 of the top 10 in NFL-producing colleges in this year's draft. Of course, it should be no surprise when you look and see how NFL rosters are filled with SEC talent. In fact, the SEC leads all conferences with number of players in the NFL. I guess we all know now why the SEC is called the "minor leagues" of the pros.
Posted: 11:21 AM   by Anonymous
Go Northern Arizona University...oh wait...
Posted: 12:02 PM   by Anonymous
As I recall, The Big Ten had a winning record in bowl games against the SEC this year. Just because you won the national title does not change the fact that the SEC was weak this year. If anything, college football had a very weak year. Ohio State did not show for that game period. Yes Florida won and I will give kudos, but do not sit there and say that the Big Ten has nothing on SEC football.
Posted: 12:02 PM   by Anonymous
...dont forget about Penn State. SEC and what speed? PSU will surprise people this year.
Posted: 12:08 PM   by Anonymous
Everyone needs to face it the SEC is running college football right now. Teams like O State and Michigan are so over rated. If they were in the SEC they would be 5-5 every season. The weakest teams in the SEC would give them problems. LSU will sever anyone some. we're goign to put Vandy in the Big 10 and they probley would win the conference.
Posted: 12:22 PM   by Mike
Here we go with the lame name calling of UM players.It's just like Randy Shannon said in his interview, every other college recruits the same Florida players (Including LSU) and when they decide on "The U" they're thugs. But at any other program, they're respectable young men? Get a life, haters!!
Posted: 12:42 PM   by Anonymous
WOW there is alot SEC people here. I guess you guys are the gods of College football. It’s hard to argue that. HOWEVER U of Michigan? Who are they? Oh wait they are the guys that no can seem to remember when they last won a Bowl Game. Ha ha Id hate to be them. Hook Em Horns!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 12:48 PM   by Anonymous
Michigan! best class this year. Yeah right.
Posted: 1:00 PM   by Anonymous
You could practically make an all-star team with players out of Miami right now. (oh and to the guy who said they're dissing the Cornhuskers, not all the players you listed are even starters not to mention stars in the NFL - compare your Cornhusker list to the Miami list below).

Ed Reed
Sean Taylor
Ray Lewis
Devin Hester
Clinton Portis
Santana Moss
Andre Johnson
Reggie Wayne
Jeremy Shockey
Jonathan Vilma
D.J. Williams
Willis McGahee
Frank Gore
Edgerrin James
Kellen Winslow Jr.
Antrel Rolle
Phillip Buchannan
Kelly Jennings
Vince Wilfork
Warren Sapp
Roscoe Parrish
Dan Morgan

and that's not even mentioning about 15 other solid starters/backups (William Joseph, Najeh Davenport, Sinorice Moss, etc.)
Posted: 1:07 PM   by Anonymous
Until Lloyd Carr beats Ohio State and wins a bowl game, can we stop talking them? Aren't they really irrelevant?
Posted: 1:25 PM   by Anonymous
Midwest football is terrible. The teams are slow and boring. All the talent is in the South, Texas, and the West. Whenever these fat slwo midwest teams play teams from speed states they get dominated... It is comical what USC, Texas, UF, and LSU do to these supposedly juggernaut midwest schools. Not even competitive...
Posted: 1:27 PM   by SHAWN
"The U" is "The U" IN th-U-gs GEAUX TIGERS
Posted: 1:32 PM   by SHAWN
"The U" is "The U" in thUgs GEAUX TIGERS
Posted: 1:33 PM   by Anonymous
Vandy would win the big ten???If I remember correctly Wisconsin 3rd in the big ten beat Arkansas who played in the SEC championship game. Michigan creamed Wisconsin and the buckeyes beat michigan. Outside the top 2 (Gators, LSU) the SEC was garbage. So maybe LSU and Florida were better than Ohio State and Michigan this year, it takes alot more than 2 teams to make a conference. Plain and simple USC, Ohio State, Florida, Texas, LSU clearly the top 5 PROGRAMS in college sports
Posted: 1:35 PM   by Anonymous
Yea, Florida did get lucky against S.C. But Ohio State and Michigan got lucky too. Lucky that their conference is the Big 10. The only competition they have is each other save Wisconsin. Even the wimy PAC 10 has more competition tham the Big 10. SEC is a tough conference, if you make it through with only 2 losses then you have had a great year. A 1 loss or less SEC Champ is in the title game. Its just as easy as that and the voters know it. This year is going to be just as tough as it is EVERY YEAR in the SEC.----Prediction: 08 Nat'l Champ game is between a PAC 10 (USC) team and whoever is the SEC Champ, just hide and watch SEC haters.
Posted: 1:36 PM   by Anonymous
How about them Gators?!
Posted: 1:44 PM   by Anonymous
the problem with this column is that it compares schools like, Notre Dame, for example, where athletes go to school, recieve degrees and go on to be productive members of society(including the NFL) to schools, in say the South East, where, well that just isn't the case. All under headline "Ranking NFL-producing colleges for '07 draft" underline "07". Look at history my friends, not just one year, no School in the world has produced better NFL athletes than the University of Notre Dame.
Posted: 1:52 PM   by Anonymous
No surprise, since people always ignore the O-Line anyway, but Wisconsin traditionally produces at least 1-2 NFL linemen every year. Joe Thomas is just the latest and best of a long line of solid guards, tackles and centers.
Posted: 1:58 PM   by Anonymous
USC should be number 1!!! Look at all the talent thats come out of that school. OJ Simpson... anyone?
Posted: 2:17 PM   by Anonymous
Ohio State "Didn't show up"? That's an understatement. But - to be fair - they really had nothing to show up with. Had they been firing on all cylinders, they would have lost to Florida by 14. The SEC has been ranked 1 or 2 in conference strength every decade since 1930 (this research is available on-line if you care to dig) with the "Big" 10 ranking 1 or 2 only two or three times. As a Gator fan living in Columbus, Ohio, I get to listen to a lot of this regurgitated stuff, leaning on a "tradition" of football that includes ONE national title in my lifetime (born in '69). Ohio State is 0-for-always against the SEC in bowl games. They have never "shown up".
Posted: 2:27 PM   by Anonymous
I love the 1:44pm post, it typlifies the arrogance of Notre Dame and is a poor (and obvious) attempt to deflect the real issue: Notre Dame is an average college football program that has lived on its past glories for WAY too long. LSU proved that earlier this year -- they were embarrassed by a far superior team and would have been by at least four other SEC teams. Arkansas, Auburn, and Florida would have put beaten them like a rented mule last season.
Posted: 2:41 PM   by Guru
Wow, what a bunch of sensitive people we have here!

Oh by the way, this article is ranking teams for only this year's draft not for drafts as a whole.....hello!
Posted: 3:51 PM   by Anonymous
I have to agree the Big 10 sucks, there are only 3 good teams ohio state michigan and wisconsin. but ohio never plays wisconsin. the other 8 schools might as well be East carolina. it is a wonder why big 10 schools have trouble winning national titles, the regular season is like spring training, so they only got a couple difficult games a year.
Posted: 11:31 PM   by Anonymous
That look on Brady Quinns face when Cleveland didndt pick him "priceless"
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