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4/28/2007 05:59:00 PM

Ready to award Rookie of the Year?

As the first round comes to an end, I'm going to kick off the first Rookie of the Year debate on the Web:


1. Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions (No. 2) -- This one's easy. Johnson and the Lions will rack up yards and points, but they won't stop anyone in 2007.

2. Marshawn Lynch, RB, Bills (No. 12) -- I thought Willis McGahee should have run for a lot more yards in Buffalo. The speedy Lynch will thrive in this system. And he faces the Jets' rush defense twice.

3. Brian Leonard, RB, Not Picked Yet -- I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but I think whoever takes Leonard will use him often as a receiver and put him in around goal lines. Although he won't have the rushing yards, the touchdowns and catches will get him ROY votes.


1. Jarvis Moss, DE, Broncos (No. 17) -- I can't get the image of the former Florida Gator terrorizing the Buckeyes in the National Championship Game out of my head. Defensive ends can be productive as rookies, and Moss will be part of a pretty good defense.

2. Jon Beason, LB, Panthers (No. 25) -- I have little faith in concussion-prone Carolina linebacker Dan Morgan's comeback, but I do have faith in anyone other than Morgan who played in the back seven of the Miami Hurricanes' defense.

3. Reggie Nelson, S, Jaguars (No. 19) -- Nelson, another Gator, is a playmaker and he's in the perfect spot to have lots of opportunities. Nelson's not quite Ed Reed, but he'll have a similar impact as Reed does with the Ravens.

Let me know who you like to win rookie honors this year.
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You didn't mention Brady Quinn. Obviously you don't work for ESPN.
Posted: 7:25 PM   by Anonymous
I think Dan Morgan played in that UM back 7 also so how's that for your faith smart guy
Posted: 8:42 PM   by Anonymous
Maybe things did work out well afterall for Denver. The Denver Post has been speculating all week that the Broncos were hoping to trade up high enough (possibly with Houston)to get LB Patrick Willis. Obviously in your opinion, Moss has a better chance at being rookie of the year than Willis. Hopefully Moss will live upto those expectations. Denver should have a fearsome defense this year.
Posted: 9:54 PM   by Anonymous
Brady Quinn will be ROY. That is, after hell freezes over.
Posted: 10:04 PM   by Anonymous
Patrick Willis, because he'll be a tackling machine in a defense that upgraded its secondary and that has passrushers in Lawson and Banta-Cain. In a division with Edgerrin James, Stephen Jackson, and Shaun Alexander, Willis' ability to run sideline to sideline and chase runners will give him plenty of chances to make plays, force punts, and help his team with what, given their draf-day activity, is a playoffs-or-bust attitude.
Posted: 10:09 PM   by Anonymous
Assuming St. Louis utilizes Leonard properly and not just as a sledgehammer, he will contribute in a big way. He's definitely an instant impact type player with maturity to boot. However, the Rams are solid in the backfield, so he probably won't get the chance to put up the kind of stats necessary to win an individual award. Kind of like what happened at Rutgers last year.
Posted: 10:10 PM   by Anonymous
I think joe thomas should be rookie of the year but he will probably go unnoticed because hardley anyone pays attention to all the hard work that linemen do. Therefore calvin jonson will be crowned with the rookie of the year.
Posted: 10:56 PM   by Anonymous
Patrick Willis is has the ROY wrapped up he is will have over 100 tackles easy. Mike Nolan is salivating over how many different ways he can use this kid. Plus, how are you going to put up Leonard? To even mention him in the same breath as Calvin Johnson is blaspheme.
Posted: 11:01 PM   by Anonymous
The Offensive ROY will be Anthony Gonzales. He will be open all the time due to the coverage on Harrison, Wayne, Addai, and Dallas Clark. Manning will love him as a replacement for Stokely. I think the Colts should have gone defense with that pick, but now that Gonzales is there, he should prove to be very productive.
Posted: 12:31 AM   by Anonymous
I think Patrick Willis has the biggest chance to make the most impact as a rookie on the defensive side of the ball. He's got the moxy of a leader and the skills far beyond any other ILB in the draft. But the biggest reason he'll have the largest impact is because the Niners will be counting on him to produce more than any other defensive rookie in my opinion.
Posted: 12:55 AM   by Anonymous
No adrian peterson eh? you will see that one - two punch with chester and adrian!
Posted: 5:28 AM   by Anonymous
How do you leave Adrian Peterson out behind that Viking line! Besides the fact that the pressure won't be as bad having Chester Taylor to split carries with. It would be nice if they had a passing game to back the safeties out of the box though. Willis for defense as he is really the best backer on the Bills and will be a tackling machine.
Josh Besse
Posted: 6:49 AM   by Anonymous
How can you leave off JaMarcus Russell? IF he provides any consistency and Randy Moss decides that he wants to play again, he could have a monster rookie campaign. Everyone knows he's gonna be the day one starter also. They have no one who can start if they wanted to groom him. Especially, if this team "over-achieves". What about Adrian Peterson? If this guy stays healthy, he should take the reigns from Chester Taylor and easily rush for 1,000 yards. Even if they share the load. Then there's Ted Ginn Jr. Wes Welker was the Dolphins #3 receiver and lead the team in receptions last year. Ginn is much more talented player, and more dangerous in the return game. By no stretch would it be unsafe to assume that he catches a minimum of 50 balls, for 16+ ypc, for 5 TDs, and returns a couple kickoffs or punts for touchdowns. Sportscenter highlights get you ROY honors. He should have plenty, and probably more than Johnson.
Johnson should be great, but are they supposed to stop throwing the ball to Roy Williams? If Williams' production goes down, because Johnson becomes the goto guy, will he be considered a three year wonder for the Lions, and forever be labeled as over-rated by the media for not improving statistically?
Posted: 4:16 PM   by Anonymous
About Ginn going #9 you say, Speed wins Super Bowls. Well no matter how fast Devin Hester was and with his kick return to start off the game against the colts. With a Grossman behind center you not going to win. The fins needed a Qb and to pass on Quinn was stupid just got to wait and see how these two players pan out in the yrs to come
Posted: 8:31 PM   by Anonymous
Calvin Johnson SHOULD have been rookie of the year, except that he was taken by the Lions. After he breaks a bone in some freak accident in minicamp, you'll see what I mean.

Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas should be watching out for the injury bug too. Browns draft picks always get hurt, as do Detroit receivers. (Notable exception: Roy Williams)
Posted: 3:59 AM   by bellanapoli
Obviously it will NOT be the tackles assigned to STOP Moss in the title game!
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