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4/28/2007 04:05:00 PM

Top Five Surprises of Day 1

Brady Quinn's drop has been the story of the draft, but there have been other picks that have made jaws drop here at Radio City. Here are my top five so far:

1. Ted Ginn Jr. to the Dolphins over Brady Quinn: Miami must be confident it can get the quarterback it really wants later in the draft. The 'Fins might have had Trent Edwards or John Beck rated higher than Quinn.

2. Lions not trading the rights to Calvin Johnson: Detroit got offers, but apparently none were even close to good enough. But another receiver for the Lions? Matt Millen immediately sent his scouts down to Austin, Texas, to look at stud wideout Limas Sweed, who Detroit will eye at No. 3 next year.

3. Packers taking DT Justin Harrell: Everyone expected Green Bay to give Brett Favre another weapon to play with. And it was surprising Harrell went ahead of Michigan DT Alan Branch. I wonder if teams were concerned about Branch's health and work ethic.

4. Browns passing on QB, RB to take OT Joe Thomas: As the draft approached, I heard differing opinions on Thomas. The offensive tackle appeared to be losing his "slam-dunk" status. But they may have been scared by Adrian Peterson's health and Quinn's potential to be an embarrassing bust.

5. Bills take RB Marshawn Lynch: This move makes perfect sense, but there had been some negative buzz about Lynch, so few had him slotted in the top 12. But you can't argue with his college production.

Which picks have surprised you?
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Posted: 4:27 PM   by Anonymous
WHY did the 'Skins take Landry at #6? I mean, I can understand if they weren't able to trade for Lance Briggs or for more picks, but why would they take ANOTHER safety that high?? They need an experienced veteran back there to balance out Sean Taylor. Should have taken Okoye, the d-line is still a mess.
Posted: 5:04 PM   by Anonymous
Damn it redskins, why did you need a Safety again. You could have taken Okoye and the Falcons could have had Landry. Damn it Gibbs.
Posted: 5:04 PM   by Anonymous
Will someone PLEASE offer some insight into Green Bay picking Justin Harrell?? I understand that they have several more picks..but where's Larry Johnson? Where's Greg Olsen? What's going on in Cheesetown?
Posted: 5:24 PM   by Anonymous
I swear im done with the packers
Posted: 5:39 PM   by Ian
If Brady Quinn turns out to be an "embarrassing bust" for the Browns, won't the embarrassment be compounded by the loss of next year's 1st rounder? I thought the Browns might have their sights on Troy Smith at the beginning of the 3rd round. Guess I was wrong.
Posted: 5:56 PM   by Hampton
Everyone needs to look at the Lions decision as a business decision. Charles Rogers and Mike Williams are what is known as a sunk cost, meaning that they are already written off. Now, if the situation were different and the Lions were still paying for those two (I know they still have Williams technically but he will be gone by the weekend) then it would be hard to justify. But their second reciever right now is Mike Furry. There was no one else at #2 worth the money that was going to come in and make an impact like Calvin Johnson will. He and Roy Williams will be a great duo and John Kitna is not as bad as people seem to think. This is going to open up Williams more, and by proxy open up the running game more. This was not a bad pick.

The worst pick? The Browns taking Brady Quinn at 22 and giving up next years #1. I know the QB class isnt't the best next year, but Jamal Lewis is a stop-gap at RB and with the potential Top 10 RBs next year (Darren McFadden, Steve Slaton, Ray Rice) this will turn out to be a huge mistake. Quinn is the most overhyped, overrated QB to come into the league in a LONG time.
Posted: 6:45 PM   by Anonymous
far and away the chargers definately surprised by taking craig davis, a guy most people hadn't heard of over bigger names like jarrett, rice, gonzalez, and others
Posted: 6:55 PM   by Anonymous
What exactly are the Packers thinking? Justin Harrell? A guy who played 3 games last year.What about a RB, WR, TE. I now consider myself a quitter. I'm done with the Packers.
Posted: 7:41 PM   by Anonymous
Why would the Eagles take Kevin Kolb? It makes no sense. First of all they dont need a quarterback. Second of all he will be there at pick 57
Posted: 8:39 PM   by Anonymous
dolphins come on ted ginn jr is overrated and note even close to the #1 wr the fins need. u could have had steve smith, rice or jarret all potentially #1 wide outs. quinn and one of those guys or the 26 year old beck and an injured return specialist. not even a debate. cam cameron and the rest of the fins front office stinks
Posted: 10:23 PM   by Anonymous
I just hate what the Patriots did. They could have selected David Harris but NOOOOOOOOOO. Wait until next year. Yeah these are business people for sure. Sounds great on paper but what are they going to do when Bruschi goes down--move Vrabel inside and watch the run stop game fail ? Scot Pioli is soooooo overrated.
Posted: 5:42 AM   by Anonymous
New Orleans Robert Meacham I mean didn't they have a pretty prolific offense last year and oh yeah their defense wasn't it pretty bad. Two words Fred Thomas anyone! Enough about Brady Quinn already yeah the guy didn't win the big one but insert Peyton Manning in for Quinn and the Irish still probably doesn't win these games. Their defense gave up an average of something like 46 pts per game in the games in question. Besides that guy Peyton didn't he have a hard time winning the big ones with the Vols and he had a better supporting cast. Quinn is a gamer a leader and their are some weapons at his disposal a lot better then what he had at Notre Dame.
Josh Besse
Posted: 7:24 AM   by Anonymous
Ted Ginn over-rated? I think you stink! He fills two needs after we traded Wes Welker, and he's a significant improvement. The only people who find the Ginn selection as a surprise were those who convinced themselves that the Dolphins had greater holes to fill. I thought they would attempt to trade down and get him. Quarterback is a question mark at worst, and if anything they needed to improve depth. I wouldn't have drafted Beck, and they should have went after Trent Edwards, who was rated as the third best passer in this year's draft. He even had Bill Walsh's endorsement, and he drafted Montana in the third round. Ginn may never be a "superstar" or true #1, but in the league today a dangerous #3 is just as valuable. He will open up the passing game and free up Chris Chambers, and he'll be a threat to return a kickoff or a punt everytime he touches the ball. They filled a need at offensive line, and hopefully it will help improve their pass protection. They need a physical cornerback now, or safety that can help lower their yards per completions on defense, which should also improve their defensive 3rd down %. I don't know why they took Lorenzo Booker in the third. Unless they plan on not keeping Ricky Williams. This might be the best draft post-Jimmy Johnson era. Which isn't saying much.
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