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9/26/2006 06:00:00 PM

Who will get the No. 1?

Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson is a junior, but most experts believe he'll enter the NFL draft this year.
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Who will get No. 1? It sounds crazy to write a team off after three weeks, but only three teams since 1990 have climbed out of an 0-3 hole to reach the playoffs. That means that five 0-3 teams are already playing for little more than a draft choice, and two 0-2 teams are about to join the club.

Let the Adrian Peterson watch begin. (See today's column by SI.com's Tony Pauline to see why it's not the Brady Quinn watch.)

I've handicapped the seven winless teams' chances of landing the top overall pick, along with a thought on what they might do with it:

1. Raiders (0-2): Their season was over by the second quarter of the opener against the Chargers. Even though the Raiders desperately need a QB, Al Davis would salivate over a guy like Peterson.

2. Texans (0-3): I'm not buying David Carr's brilliant numbers until the Texans win some games. Defenses lie back against Houston because they have a lead. The Texans have a chance to make up for passing on Reggie Bush.

3. Titans (0-3): Imagine if they gave Vince Young a year to get his feet wet and then added Peterson for next season.

4. Lions (0-3): Their recent drafts are coming back to haunt them, and you have to figure someone other than Matt Millen will make next year's pick, which could land Quinn.

5. Buccaneers (0-3): Chris Simms is a free agent this offseason, and QB Bruce Gradkowski, a sixth-round pick last April, is being thrown into a tough spot given Simms' injury. The defense will win a few games, but the Bucs could still be in position to land their QB of the future in April.

6. Chiefs (0-2): The disintegration of the offensive line in the offseason started a chain of events that will result in many losses. Maybe they'll take another running back, like when they drafted Larry Johnson behind Priest Holmes.

7. Browns (0-3): Quarterback Charlie Frye had an inspiring first half against the Ravens last week, so I think the Browns will win a few … too many to get Peterson, whom they could use.

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