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10/09/2006 12:55:00 PM

Will the Bears go undefeated?

Brian Urlacher and the Bears defense has allowed just 7.2 points per game this season.
Tom Dahlin/SI

There are three undefeated teams left -- Chicago, Indianapolis and Baltimore -- but the 1972 Dolphins need worry about only one of them matching their perfect season: da Bears.

Baltimore could easily lose tonight at Denver -- the Broncos haven't lost a regular-season home game since November 2004. And the Colts still have to travel to Denver, New England, Dallas and Jacksonville and host the Eagles and Bengals. The Bears have only three games remaining against teams that made the playoffs last year, and one of those is Tampa Bay.

With Arizona, San Francisco and Miami on tap, Chicago will almost certainly enter Week 10 at 8-0. Then the Bears face a difficult (but not impossible) stretch with road games against the Giants, Jets and Patriots. If they come out of that East Coast trip unscathed, they have relatively smooth sailing.

With their ferocious defense and suddenly dangerous offense, it's impossible not to compare this year's team to the '85 Bears. That group lost to the Dolphins on Monday Night Football when it was 12-0. If the current team reaches 12-0, it will be at least a touchdown favorite in each of its remaining games.

Imagine if the Bears went 15-0 and their only remaining obstacle was the Packers in Week 17. Combining Favre's last game and a chance at history would give NBC a pretty nice Sunday-night game. Write in and let me know if you think it could happen, or if you think the Bears' growl is worse than their bite and think they'll lose at least one game and maybe more.

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