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10/17/2006 09:51:00 AM

Cardinals' loss will bring change in desert

Matt Leinart walks off the field after the Cardinals' 24-23 loss to the Bears on Monday night. The Cardinals had a 20-0 lead in the third quarter.
US Presswire

Take heart Cardinals fans. Last night's collapse against Bears is the best thing that could have happened to your franchise.

Look at the Giants after the Miracle at the Meadowlands. Their disastrous loss to the Eagles in 1978 forced the Giants to completely rehaul their front office. They even reached out to Pete Rozelle and the NFL for advice on hiring a general manager. As a result, they hired George Young, who brought in Bill Parcells and built a Super Bowl team.

The Cardinals also have to ask for help. They need to tear down and start from scratch. Dennis Green isn't a bad coach, but he's not winning anything in Arizona. Neither is vice president of football operations Rod Graves. They'd be smart to secretly ask the NFL to put together a hiring committee for their next coach and general manager.

On a more positive note, Arizona hit the lottery with Matt Leinart. There's no way the former USC quarterback should have lasted until the No. 10 pick. Leinart reads the field like a veteran and he's put to rest any questions about his arm strength.

Now, the Cardinals need to take a little time and build an offensive line. And no more spending absurd money on talent positions - with the exception of quarterback. You don't build a running game over night by signing a free-agent running back like Edgerrin James. A strong rushing game is the result of the line and the system, not the back.

I see Leinart leading the Cardinals to the playoffs in the future. I don't see Edge or Green by his side. I think it's more likely Parcells makes his final coaching stop in the desert and leads Arizona to the promised land. He did the trick for the Giants after the Miracle at the Meadowlands.

Let me know if you think there will be ramifications from last night's Cardinals-Bears game.

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