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12/26/2006 12:34:00 PM

Handicapping NFC's chances to win a Super Bowl

Bears quarterback Rex Grossman has floundered against three of the four AFC teams he's faced this season. It's hard to imagine Chicago's shaky quarterback winning a Super Bowl.
Al Tielemans/SI

I have an idea for how the NFL can deal with the obvious imbalance between the two conferences and the potential for a mediocre Super Bowl matchup. The league should extend flexible scheduling into the playoffs. Simply move two or three teams from the AFC into the NFC to even out the field.

I would say five AFC teams -- New England, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and San Diego -- would be prohibitive favorites to capture the NFC if they could compete in the lesser of the two playoff pools. The Bengals would have breezed through the NFC and they can't even reach the postseason in the AFC.

Somebody has to come out of the NFC, but it's hard to imagine it has a good shot at winning it all. Let's handicap each of the conference's playoff contenders' shot at not just reaching the Super Bowl, but winning it.

Bears -- 10/1: The Bears are the best the NFC has to offer and they would be middle of the pack or worse in the AFC. Their 13-2 record has a lot to do with the collection of woeful NFC teams they've faced, and quarterback Rex Grossman was no match for three of the four AFC defenses he faced this season.

Saints -- 15/1: I've said all season that the Saints are overrated. And they've made me look like an idiot for most of the year. Too late to go back now. New Orleans is 1-3 against the AFC and will be severely outmanned if it reaches the Big Game.

Eagles -- 20/1: It's not pretty to imagine how the NFL's 26th-ranked rushing defense would hold up against an AFC powerhouse.

Seahawks -- 30-1: Seattle has broken the Super Bowl-loser jinx by reaching the postseason, but that's a mere technicality. The 'Hawks don't belong in a serious playoff discussion.

Cowboys -- 40/1: Finally, we can trust Bill Parcells when he tells us Tony Romo isn't that good. Parcells also should have mentioned Terrell Owens can't catch the ball.

Giants -- 100/1: For pure comedy purposes, this is the team everyone has to be rooting for. Hey, the Cardinals overcame a late slump to win the World Series. Maybe the Giants can come out of their nosedive if they make the postseason.

Packers -- 250/1: Brett Favre riding off into the sunset with his second Super Bowl ring. Ah, if only this was a movie.

The Field (Falcons, Panthers, Rams) -- 10,000/1: The Panthers blew it. This could have been their year ... if they were actually good.

If you disagree or think I was overly generous, let me know.

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