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4/13/2007 12:31:00 PM

Will Ginn fall in draft?

Ted Ginn Jr. may be falling down draft boards because of injury concerns..
Damian Strohmeyer/SI

Ted Ginn Jr.'s sub-par performance at a workout in Columbus on Wednesday may be a stroke of luck for some team in the middle to late part of the first round. The Ohio State receiver/returner is recovering from an ankle injury and ran 40s between 4.38 and 4.42 on a historically fast track at Ohio State. He was expected to run closer to a 4.2. Even worse, he couldn't perform the typical receiving drills.

I think Ginn might end up on everyone's draft bargain list in a couple of years -- unless, of course, the NFL ignores his workout and he still goes in the top 10.

Teams can't necessarily afford to pass on players because of concerns about lingering injuries. Guys are coming back from everything these days and recovering faster than ever. Just look at Frank Gore. He was so injured at the University of Miami, they almost declared him officially dead. A third-round pick in the 2005 draft by the 49ers, Gore ran for 1,695 yards last season. And obviously the 40 is limited as an indicator of success. The player Ginn has often been compared to, Devin Hester, ran a 4.51 at the combine, and then ran a 4.27 in a private workout. If you saw Hester at Miami, he was faster than everyone, so it shouldn't have made that big of a difference what he ran. The same can be said for Ginn.

Three head coaches were reportedly at Ginn's workout: the Dolphins' Cam Cameron (No. 9 pick), the Rams' Scott Linehan (No. 13) and the Bengals' Marvin Lewis (No. 18). I don't see the 'Fins taking him, but the Rams are a real possibility, even though there are reports Ginn could even fall to the later part of the first round.

If Ginn does fall past Cincy, he'll be a strong value pick, even if a team doesn't need a receiver. Drafting a receiver is tricky this year because there's a lot of depth at that position and teams likely think they can get a first-round caliber WR in the second or third rounds. Still, I think Ginn is worth the risk.

Let me know where you think Ginn will go and if he'll be a good pro.

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4/11/2007 04:00:00 PM

Five Hardest Schedules

Tom Brady's Patriots face the Colts on Nov. 4 in Indy.
Damian Strohmeyer/SI

Team-by-team 2007 schedules

Teams turn around quickly in today’s NFL, so it’s hard to predict how schedules will ultimately play out. But here are the five teams I think face the toughest roads in 2007:

1. New England: Except for home games against Cleveland and Washington, there are no out-of-division softies for the Pats. New England also faced a very tough schedule in 2005 and finished 10-6. With a restocked lineup, the Pats will probably wrap up the AFC East easily. But it will be a challenge to secure homefield advantage in the playoffs.

2. Buffalo: The Bills face a similar schedule to the Patriots and may get off to a rough start this year. They start at home against Denver, then go to Pittsburgh and New England.

3. Jacksonville: In the middle of the season, the Jags face a three-game road trip, which is sandwiched between home games against Indy and San Diego. Yikes.

4. Pittsburgh: The Steelers, who compete in what I feel will be the toughest division in '07, play three of their last four on the road, including trips to New England and Baltimore.

5. Indianapolis: The defending champs will have a target on their backs. They face every team they beat in the AFC playoffs last season (Kansas City, Baltimore and New England) as well as San Diego and New Orleans.

Let me know which teams you think have the hardest schedules.
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4/10/2007 02:41:00 PM

This Year's Mario Williams?

Gaines Adams, who was impressive at the combine, is moving up draft boards.

VIDEO: Gaines Adams

Gaines Adams is starting to remind me more of Mario Williams every day.

Like Williams, who went No. 1 overall to the Texans last year, Adams appears to be making a late run toward the top of the draft. The Clemson defensive end has shot up to No. 2 in some mock drafts. And like Williams, Adams has drawn attention because of his combine workout and because he was much better in the second half of his senior season.

At 258 pounds, Adams ran a 4.66 40, a 4.36 20-yard shuttle (that's a great time) and had a 35-inch vertical in Indy. He is the all-time sack leader at Clemson, so it's unfair to label him just a workout wonder. But eye-popping combine numbers seem to be a red flag for potential busts.

You would think if the Lions really wanted Adams, they'd try to trade down and take him at No. 4 or lower. But as Peter King pointed out on Monday, teams are afraid to move up this year.

I know Detroit has been burned by drafting skills' positions, but can you imagine if Calvin Johnson goes No. 1 to the Raiders, quarterback JaMarcus Russell is availabe and the Lions still go with Adams? If Detroit's Matt Millen is motivated by saving his job and thinks a veteran QB like Jon Kitna has a better chance of winning this season, then this franchise is in trouble.

If the Lions did go with Adams, then some weird things could happen at the top of the draft. Say Johnson goes first, then the Browns take Ohio native Brady Quinn. The Bucs at No. 4 can't take another quarterback and the Cardinals at No. 5 have Matt Leinart. Barring a trade, Russell could fall to 'Skins, who already have a young QB, at No. 6. A doubtful scenario, but we've seen top-rated QBs plummet in recent years.

A great pass-rusher is invaluable, but I'm not sure Adams is the right guy to lead the Lions back to respectability. Let me know what you think will happen at the No. 2 spot.

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