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6:59 PM ET, 5/29/06

Roloson's shot at Cup history

Posted by Tom Layberger
Following his trade from Minnesota, Dwayne Roloson acknowledged that being shipped to Edmonton represented an ideal opportunity to secure a leading role between the pipes. After all, Wild GM Doug Risebrough had just inked Manny Fernandez to a three-year deal and the writing for Roloson was on the wall, clear as can be. And it was soon on his ticket out of town.

But in a playoff year in which we have refreshingly come to expect the unexpected, Roloson has made like a brick wall in protecting the Oilers' goal. Now he has a chance to win a Stanley Cup -– when all he wanted was a chance.

Should the 36-year-old Roloson have his name chiseled on the chalice, he would join Patrick Roy as the only goaltenders to author a neat little piece of Stanley Cup history.

Since the Cup became strictly a National Hockey League affair in 1927, Roy is the only goalie to be dealt in-season from another NHL club and backstop his new team to a title. And you thought a No. 8 seed making it to the final round was a novelty?

If you think about it, most every Cup winner has had a goalie firmly entrenched from the start of the season. Jacques Plante, Terry Sawchuk, Ken Dryden, Bernie Parent, Grant Fuhr and Martin Brodeur, to name some, didn't exactly come out of the woodwork.

That's what makes Roloson's situation so unique, not to mention he has gone from holding an unsightly 6-19-2 record at one point (despite playing pretty well) to the Cup round. The author of six playoff wins before this postseason is the little guy playing for the small-market Canadian team that was disposed of at the trade deadline by a team that did not make the playoffs.

It is such stories within the big picture that have made the 2006 playoffs quite memorable even before the puck drops on the Stanley Cup finals.


Posted: 11:59 PM   by Scott
Roli the goalie rocks!!
Posted: 9:23 AM   by Anonymous
Although I am glad Edmonton is coming out of the West, I thought that their team lacked class when they put their "western conference champions" hats on before going through the line to shake hands with the Ducks. Does this happen commonly in hockey? I've never seen or noticed it before.
Posted: 12:53 PM   by Anonymous
I was wondering about that as well. I don't recall any team doing that off the top of my head.
Posted: 1:53 PM   by Anonymous
They have no choice. You see the same thing when the Eastern Conference champion wins. Plus you see it in every other sport where the winners have the 'Champions' hats on seconds after the game is won. The sponsors demand it so it gets done.
Posted: 1:59 PM   by Anonymous
Go Oilers!!!

Lack of class??? What about the San Jose fans booing the Canadian anthem.

Now that in my books is NO CLASS!!!
Posted: 4:32 PM   by dragonshrimp
that being said, i remember oiler fans booing the american national anthem one year too. hey SI: lemme guess: you're taking whoever wins in the east to beat the oilers in five right? thanks!