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3:48 PM ET, 4/21/06

That Bad Ol' Hockey Song

Posted by Allan Muir
As a hard-boiled, emotionless sportswriter, I've never allowed myself to root for one team over another in a game I've covered. But I think I might be ready to make an exception. In fact, I'll be praying with the religious fervor of the Benedictine Order that the Philadelphia Flyers don't win a single home game in these playoffs.

Sorry, Philly. Nothing against the Flyers, but it's for the greater good. Because if they win at the Wachovia Center, they're gonna play the song. And nobody, not even the Philly faithful, should want that to happen.

The song is called The Orange & The Black, performed by Philadelphia's The Boils. The tune is a typical working-class punk anthem. It's an evil thing, insinuating itself into your brain like one of those Mother's Day commercials for The Outback Steakhouse. And the lyrics? Man, that's where it really starts making you yearn for the previous biggest musical annoyance to come out of Philly, Kate Smith. Here's a sample:

Kick the boards and pound the glass, we are
The Orange and the Black
The Orange and the Black!

And a 1-2-3,
Let the hats to flyin' for a Flyers victory
And a 4-5-6,
Our bold battalion, may they take us all the way!

If you've got a high pain threshold, you can listen to the song here. And remember -- you were warned.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Stars were polled by a local rock station and asked to rank the songs that get them pumped for the game. Check out this list. Memo to Flyers brass: Ranked No. 3 is the Dallas Stars Fight Song by Pantera. That song is how it should be done. Fast, hard rockin' and lyrically succinct, it's easily the third-greatest song to have been inspired by the great game. The first two? The Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connors and O Canada (that's a hockey song, isn't it?)

OK, time for you to weigh in. Got a favorite hockey song? Or a really annoying one? Let me hear it.