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12:20 AM ET, 5/11/06

Enough of the fairy

Posted by Allan Muir
The biggest shock of Wednesday night's contest between New Jersey and Carolina?

Not the sloppy play by the Devils in the first. Not the failure of Carolina to launch a shot in the first 14 minutes of the second. And certainly not the ability of the Canes to protect a one-goal edge through the third period and skate off with a 3-0 series lead.

No, the biggest shock of the night was that the Dodge Caliber "silly little fairy" commercial ran just three times over the course of the three-hour OLN broadcast.

If you've spent any time tuned in to America's Hockey Central, you know the ad I'm talking about. A fairy flits about a major city, turning it into a children's wonderland of gingerbread houses and toy trains with a flick of her wand until she runs across a Caliber, a car apparently "too tough" to be affected by a little pixie dust.

I actually enjoyed at first. It's a great concept with eye-catching effects. Of course, I've always had a thing for chicks with green and orange hair, too.

But after three weeks of Dodge's generous sponsorship of the OLN broadcast, I feel like I've seen this ad more often than I have my own kids. It's been more overplayed than Hey Ya was last year. Up until tonight, it's been inescapable -- 10 airings in one broadcast, nine in another.

Seriously, I give up. I'll buy a Caliber, if that's what it takes. Just make it stop.

Apparently overdosed hockey fans aren't the only ones having trouble with the ad, either.

According to a story on the CBC, an online poll by an American gay news Web site found 45 percent of respondents were offended by the ad.

Another group, Commercial Closet, gave the ad thumbs down because "it directly finds humor with the term fairy, referring not just to the type that flies around with a magic wand, but also the universally recognized gay stereotype of an effeminate gay man."

Maybe I'm just an insensitive straight guy, but I didn't see it that way. I just figured the "tough" guy who gets zapped at the end for mocking the "silly little fairy" was turned into something actually worthy of derision: a preppy.

Perhaps the criticism from these gay advocates led to Dodge taking the spot out of heavy rotation on the NHL broadcast. If so, my sincere thanks to them.

Now if only some farmers' rights group would speak up and spare us two more rounds' worth of that clueless doofus belting out "vegetable med-leyyyy."

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